Nanny's treasure; or, Trials and triumphs. From the Fr. of madame de Stolz

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Page 2 - Look at it as we may, the book is a marvel, and its cheapness is not its least noticeable feature.
Page 4 - The Little Flower-Seekers ; or, the Adventures of Trot and Daisy in a Wonderful Garden by Moonlight. By ROSA MULHOLLAND, Author of "Puck and Blossom," " Eldergowan, " &c. With Twelve Chromographs of Flowers, by various Artists. Foolscap quarto, cloth extra, bevelled boards. "A charming volume.
Page 4 - Newspapers who do not daily meet with paragraphs, notices, or advertisements, which they would gladly cut out and retain, but, not having any convenient means of preserving them, they are passed over and lost ; or, even if cut out, are so carefully put away that they cannot be found when wanted for reference. By the use of the NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS SCRAP BOOK all such inconveniences are prevented, as the cuttings can be readily fixed in order, and, by means of the Index, may be referred to in a moment...
Page 6 - Strange Story,' but one full of exciting interest. The author writes in a vigorous, manly style, and the book is one which most English boys, with their love of daring and adventure, are likely heartily to relish.
Page 7 - Frontispiece. Small octavo, cloth extra, 2/6. Where the Rail Runs Now: a Story of the Coaching Days. By F. FRANKFORT MOORE. With Illustrations. Small octavo, cloth extra, 2/6. Animals of the Farm : their Structure and Physiology. A Handbook for Agricultural Students and Farmers. By JOHN F. HODGES, MD, FCS, &c. Second Edition, revised by the Author. Numerous Illustrations. Small octavo, cloth, 2/6. Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Bible History for the Little Ones. By CM YONGE.
Page 4 - Puck and Blossom: A FAIRY TALE. By ROSA MULHOLLAND, Author of "The Little Flower-Seekers," " Eldergowan," &c. Six Illustrations, in Gold and Colors.
Page 9 - With Full Page Illustrations, Colored Frontispiece, and Illuminated Title-page. Small 8vo, cloth, gold and black. [New Edition. "Really enchanting, and will enthral the young reader." — Edin. Courant. "Well illustrated." — Daily News. Pollie and Jack: A SMALL STORY FOR SMALL PEOPLE. By ALICE HEPBURN. With Full Page Illustrations, Colored Frontispiece, and Illuminated Title-page. Small 8vo, cloth, gold and black. [New Edition. ' ' Capitally written down to the level of little folks." — Morning...
Page 15 - Sunday. 5. Daily Engagement Record. 6. The Writing is Indelible. The CONCISE DIARIES are made both in "Upright" and "Oblong" form, and in Three Sizes of each form.
Page 12 - Vere Foster's Complete Course of Drawing. Handy Volumes of Drawing Copies on a Good Scale, in a free manner, with Blank Paper to draw on, and Simple Practical Lessons for Teaching or Self-Instruction. In Paper Wrappers, 1/6 ; Cloth, 2/6 ; Popular Edition, 6d.
Page 15 - Only one Part (Three Months) need be carried in the pocket at once. Extra pages are given for "Cash Account" and "Memoranda Forward," to be transferred, according to date, when changing to the following Part. Covers are made to take Two PARTS, so that Part II., commencing April, may be carried in same Cover as Part I., towards end of March, for making prospective entries. When March is ended, the Cover can be lightened of Part I., and so on ; the abrupt break between Old and New Year is thus overcome....

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