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calendar year under review.

An aggressive campaign to promote increased commerce on the Delaware River,

as authorized by legislation enactod by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the

State of New Jersey was initiatod by the Delaware River Joint Commission in Octo

ber, 1947, when a preliminary survey of the Delaware River Port was inaugurated.

The results of this survey, along with definite recommendations, were incorporated

in a report to the Commission in early 1948. Included in the subject matter of

the report were: an inventory of structures and facilitios usod or usable for

bandling waterborno commerce; a study of past, present, and prospective commerce

through the port; an analysis of freight rates and freight charges; port admin

istration and operation; and conclusions and recommendations.

This report recommended that immediate action be taken to draft legislation

to the end that the Delaware River Joint Commission be converted into an effective

Port Commission.

It further recommended that, through coordination of maritime

interests, a plan be developed for adequate promotion of increased commerce at

the Delaware River Port; and that a "Master Plank be established to provide for

an effective program for the installation and improvement of essential facilities.





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