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The port of Wilmington is separately described in Port Series No. 8.

Pennsgrove, N. J., is on the left bank of the river about 27 miles below

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and about 2 miles northeastward of the entrance

to the Christina River.

An unused ferry slip, a passenger landing, and a gov

ernment-owned pier constitute the water front terminal facilities.

Claymont, Del., lies on the right bank of the river immediately below the

Pennsylvania State line and about 23 miles below Chestaut Street, Philadelphia.

The city is the site of petroleum and chemical works.

Marcus Hook, Pa., on the right bank of the river, approximately 21 miles

below Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and about 82 miles from the sea, is an

important oil refining center at which large quantities of crude oil are re

ceived and refined. A quarantine station of the United States Public Health

Service is located at the lower end of the water front. On the east side of

the main ship channel opposite Marcus Hook there is an anchorage ground of

337 acres, in which a preferential area is designated for vessels awaiting

quarantine inspection.

Bridgeport, N. J., is located on Raccoon Creek which enters the Delaware

River about a mile southward of the lower end of Chester, Pa.

The city is

about 1 3/4 miles above the entrance to the Delaware River. There is a pas

senger ferry landing on Raccoon Island, fronting on the Delaware River from

which there is cross-river service to Chester. This ferry landing is con

nected with the town of Bridgeport by a highway.

Chester, Pas, lies on the right bank of the river about 18 miles below

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia and approximately 85 miles from the sea.


is an important manufacturing center and many of its industries use the wharf

facilities on the port's four-mile water front. The Sun Shipbuilding & Dry

Dock Co., one of the largest shipyards and ship-repair plants on the Atlantic

seaboard, is located at Chester.

Eddystone, Pa,, has about 12 miles of water front on the right bank of the

Delaware River about 16 miles below Chestnut Street.

Thompson Point, N. Je, on the left bank of the river about 14 miles below

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, is the site of a chemical plant belonging to

E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. An anchorage ground of the same name located

off Thompson Point, has an area of 87 acres.

Paulsboro, N. Je, is situated on the left bank of the river at the mouth

of Mantua Creek, about 10 miles below Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. The bor

ough has a frontage of about 6,600 feet on the Delaware River below the mouth

of the creek and a frontage of about 15,000 feet on the west side of the creek.

The portion of the borough fronting on the Delaware River is sometimes knom

as Billing sport. The Mantua Creek anchorage ground lies off the mouth of the

creek. It has an area of 164 acres.

Ports above Philadelphia

Andalusia, Pa., is situated on the right bank of the Delaware River, about

13 miles above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and about 19 miles below Trenton,

N. J.

It is a suburban residential community, with a few industries located

along the river.

Burlington and East Burlington, N. J., are on the left bank of the river

about 18 miles and 19 miles, respectively, above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,

and about 14 miles and 13 miles, respectively, below Trenton. Part of the city

fronts on the 25-foot channel authorized in the Delaware River and part on the

20-foot auxiliary channel extending along the east side of Burlington Island.

A highway toll bridge connects the city with Bristol, Pa., on the opposite

shore. Several industries are located at Burlington and at East Burlington,

the latter being a suburb of the former. A plant of the United States Pipe &

Foundry Co. is located at East Burlington.

Bristol, Pa., is located on the right bank of the river, about 20 miles

above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and about 12 miles below Trenton, N. J.,

and fronts on the 25-foot channel authorized for the upper reaches of the Del

avare River. It was the termins of the Delaware and Lehigh Canal when that

waterway was in operation. Several industrial plants are located in and near


Florence, N. Je, on the left bank of the river about 23 miles above Chest

nut Street, Philadelphia, and about 9 miles belov Trenton, N. J., is the site

of the plant of the Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Co.

Roebling, N. Je, is a privately-owned port of the John A. Roebling Sons

Co., which operates an extensive wire-cable plant. The town is on the left

bank of the river about 25 miles above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and about

8 miles below Trenton, N. J.

Penn Manor, Pa., is on the right bank of the river, opposite Roebling, N.J.,

where sand and gravel is handled at the two facilities of the Warner Co.

Fieldsboro, N. J., is located on the left bank of the river, about 28 miles

above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and about 4 miles below Trenton. It is

chiefly a residential locality of the suburban type.

Trenton, N. Je, lies on the left bank of the Delaware River at the head of

navigation, the Trenton Marine Terminal being 32 miles from Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and 135 miles from Overfalls Lightship outside of the Delaware

Capes. It is the capital of New Jersey and is an important manufacturing center,

being noted for its production of iron and steel products, sanitary vare, pot

tery, rubber goods, textiles, and other manufactures. A 25-foot river channel

is authorized to the upper end of the Trenton Marine Terminal, and a 12-foot

channel thence to the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at Ferry Street, Trenton.

Table of Mid-Channel Distances

From Overfalls Lightship (outside Delaware Capes) to:



Brandywine Shoal Light
Miah Maull Shoal Light-----
Elbow of Cross Ledge Light-
Ship John Shoal Light------
Upper end of 1,000-foot channel---
Mouth of Delaware River (near Liston Point)
Entrance to Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (Reedy Point).
Delaware City, Del. (near Pea Patch Island)
New Castle, Del.
Pennsville, N. J.---
Deepwater Point, N. J.-----
Entrance to Christina River (Wilmington, Del.)
Pennsgrove, N. J.-
Claymont, Del.---
Marcus Hook, Pa. (center of water front)
Bridgeport, N. J.
Chester, Pa. (center of water front)
Eddystone, Pa.-
Thompson Point, N. J.
Paulsboro, N. J.
Mouth of Schuylkill River-
Gloucester, N. J. (center of water front)
Camden, N. J. (lower end)
Foot of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia-

13.7 24.5 29.6 39.9 42.8 52.5 62.0 63.7 68.9 70.0 72.6 74.0 75.9 80.3 82.1 83.9 85.0 86.8 88.9 92.8 95.6 99.6 100.3 103.2

From foot of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia to:

Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia
Andalusia, Pa.--
Burlington, N. J.----
East Burlington, N. J.-
Bristol, Pa.--
Florence, N. J.
Roebling, N. J.---
Penn Manor, Pa.
Fieldsboro, N. J.-
Trenton, N. J. (Trenton Marine Terminal).
Trenton, N. J. Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge (head of navigation)

3.13 13.4. 18.3 19.2 19.5 23.2 24.5 26.0 27.5 32.3 33.5

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The Delaware River is tidal to the head of navigation at Trenton, N. J.

Ordinarily the water is not brackish above New Castle, Del., 34 miles below

Chestnut Street. Following prolonged dry periods, however, salinity has been

known to extend upstream to Chester, Pa. The following table showing the mean

813917 0.48 - 2

range of tide at various points in the Delaware Bay and River, is based on in

formation published by the Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce

for 1948:

Mean range in feet

Points below Philadelphia:

Cape May Point, N. J.--
Cape Henlopen, Del.--
Breakwater Harbor of Refuge---
Liston Point, Del.
Reedy Island, Del.--
Reedy Point, Del.----
Salem River, N. J.---
Pea Patch Island, Del.--
New Castle, Del.-----
Deepwater Point, N. J.----
Christina River entrance, Del.-
Oldmans Point, N. J.---
Marcus Hook, Pa.-----
Chester, Pa.--

Paulsboro (Billingsport), N. J.
Philadelphia Harbor, Pa,

U. S. Navy Yard, Broad Street-----
Washington Avenue---
Pier 9, North--
Pier 80, North--
Bridesburg, Pa.
Torresdale, Pa.---
Localities on left bank, opposite Philadelphia:

Gloucester, N. J.---

Camden, N. J. at Cooper Point-
Points above Philadelphia:

Burlington, N. J.
Bristol, Pa.
Florence, N. J.---
Trenton, N. J.--


5.3 5.4 504 5.5 5.6 5.7


5.9 5.9 6.1 6.2

As shown by the preceding table, the tidal range in the Delaware River at

Paulsboro (Billingsport) is 5.3 feet. The mean range of tide on Mantua Creek

is 5.4 feet at the mouth, 5.0 feet in the vicinity of the highway bridge at

Paulsboro, about 1.7 miles above the mouth, 4.6 feet at Mount Royal about 5

miles above the mouth, and 3.5 feet at the head of the navigation project about

7 miles above the mouth.

The mean tidal range on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal is 5.2 feet at

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