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This study was conducted and prepared under the general supervision of Gerald L. Parsky, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs.

James Griffin coordinated the various inputs to the study and was responsible for the final text.

Frederick Cutler served as Director of the special project group assembled to undertake the benchmark survey. He was assisted initially by Margaret Hovell, and subsequently by Larry Hays, as Deputy Directors. Other members of the group were: Richard Baird, Robert Boyke, Mark Freidlin, Jay Glasser, James Holt, Penelope Korb, James Leatherberry, David Maslin, Diane Mazur, Robert Morse, and Martin Nover.

Robert Brown provided computer support and developed procedures and methods for assembling and processing the data. The Economic Analysis Systems Division of the New York Federal Reserve Bank developed the computer programs and provided the computer facility to produce statistical tables.

David Klock was responsible for soliciting bids and reviewing the reports on the outside contract work, done by R. Shriver Associates.

Chester Callander prepared the section on reporting requirements and Walther Lederer prepared the sections on effects on the balance of payments and the international investment position.

Dennis O'Connell drafted the regulations for the reporting requirements, reviewed the contractor's report on legal aspects and supplied counsel on various aspects throughout the study.

Robert Sammons, a private contractor, reviewed and edited the overall report and drafted the summary, as well as parts of other sections of the report. Allen Clapp also assisted in the preparation of the report.

The Treasury Department is particularly indebted to the many thousands of American companies and their employees who expended substantial amounts of money, time and effort in filing the reports for the benchmark survey and to the representatives of the financial community, abroad as well as in this country, who generously supplied their time to R. Shriver Associates.


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Note: Report by R. Shriver Associates on Institutional Aspects (Appendix

F) and Legal Aspects (Appendix G) is Reproduced as a separate


14. U.S. Stocks Listed on Foreign Exchanges End-1974

15. Phases in Foreign Private Purchases of U.S. Stocks .




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