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To all the list'ning world thy works,, {.: A

Thy wond'rous works, declare.


The thought of them shall to my soul
Exalted pleasures bring;

Whilst to thy name, O thou most high!
Triumphant praise I sing.

All those who have his goodness prov'd,
Will in his truth confide;

Whose mercy ne'er forsook the man
That on his help rely'd.

Sing praises, therefore, to the Lord,

From Sion, his abode,

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Proclaim his deeds 'till all the world

Confess no other God.

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WITH heart and mouth, to thee O Lord, Will I sing laud and praise;

And speak of all thy wond'rous works,

And them declare always,

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I will be glad, and much rejoice
In thee, O God most high,

And make my songs extol thy name
Above the starry sky.

Thou hast avenged all my wrong,
My grief and all my grudge;

Thou dost with justice hear my cause,
Most like a righteous judge.

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SINCE I have plac'd my trust in God,
A refuge always nigh,,.!.!

Why should I, like a tim'rous bird, A

To distant mountains fly?

The Lord hath both a temple here,

And righteous throne above; Where he surveys the Sons of Men, . And how their counsels move.



The righteous Lord will righteous deeds

With signal favour grace;

And to the upright man disclose

The brightness of his face.


How long wilt thou forget me Lord?
Must I for ever mourn?

How long wilt thou withdraw from me;
Oh! never to return?

How long shall anxious thoughts my soul,
And grief my heart oppress?
How long mine enemies insult,
And I have no redress?

Since I have always plac'd my trust
Beneath thy mercy's wing,

Thy saving health will come, and then
My heart with joy shall spring.

Then shall my song, with praise inspir'd
To thee, my God, ascend,

Who to thy servant in distress
Such bounty did'st extend.


"I SET the Lord before my face,
He bears my courage up;
My heart and tongue, their joys express,
My flesh shall rest in hope.

My spirit, Lord, thou wilt not leave
Where souls departed are;

Nor quit my body to the grave

To see corruption there."

Thus in the name of Christ, the Lord,

The holy David sung,
And Providence fulfils the word

Of his prophetic tongue.

Jesus, whom every saint adores,

Was crucified and slain;

Behold, the tomb its prey restores,
Behold he lives again!

When shall my feet arise and stand
On heaven's eternal hills?

There sits the Son at God's right-hand,
And there the Father smiles.


No change of times shall ever shock
My firm affection, Lord, to thee,
For thou hast always been a rock,
A fortress and defence to me.

Therefore to celebrate his fame,

My grateful voice to heav'n I'll raise; And nations, strangers to his name,

Shall thus be taught to sing his praise:

"God to his King deliv'rance sends, Shews his anointed signal grace;

His mercy evermore extends.

To David, and his promis'd race."

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