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Lath. & Calv. From many texts
Mof. Nanie your scripture.
Luib. & Calv. From many texts.

Mos. This is folly. How many covenants has Almighty God promised ?

Luth. & Calv. Two.
Mof. Both from the seed of Abraham ?
Luib. & Calv. This cannot be contested.

Mos. From what tribe of Israel are Luther and Calvin ?

Luth. & Calv. Luther from the German, and Calvin from the French tribes.

Mof. What were they and their ancestors before they set up your covenant ?

Luth. & Calu. They were Roman Catholics, and Luther and Calvin were both priests.

Mo. Which of the two do you acknowledge your Messiah of the new covenant ?

Luth. & Calv. Neither; Jesus Christ is our Messiah, as you observed before.

Mos. You acknowledge Luther and Calvin to be the two first protestants and apostles of your religion, and that they established the covenant of protestantism 1500 years after Jesus Christ had established his. At the same time you profess but two covenants, you grant the Jews one, and Jesus Christ the other, which is the accoinplishment of the scripture?

Luth. & Calv. Luther and Calvin were re. formers,

Mos. What do you mean by reformers?

Luib. & Cału. The protestant creed, or faith, is, that presently after the apostles age, the whole christian world, men, women, and children

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(6) were drowned in idolatry and in a state of dam. nation; so that there was no salvation in the world until Luther and Calvin restored life by setting up our new religion.

Mos. If Jesus Christ be the true Messiah, as you believe, and is the ground of your faith, you must agree with me that your protestant religion is an apostacy and violation to the ve. racity and honour of God and disbelief of the whole scriptures.

Luib. & Calv. We mean to do neither.

Mos. Madness has no meaning, in this; you speak truly.

Lutb, & Calv. We hold forth the doctrine of truth.

Mof. That blafphemes and reprobates the true God, and his holy scriptures.

Luth. 3 Calv. You speak like a papist.
Mof. I am a Jew, and speak as a Jew.
Luth. & Calv. Our war is not against the Jews,

Mofi All blafpherny against God and the scriptures is aginft us.

Luth. & Calv. We are only against popery.

Mos, Believe me, your darts are pointed against none, being blunted with folly.

L. & C. We feed and live by the scriptures.

Mof. Whenever you would be despised, mencion scripture.

L. & C. Scripture is the food of a christian.

Mos. Your ignorance can never extend so far as to persuade yourselves that you who contemn Chrift, can be christians.

L. & C. We do not contemn Chrift; it is the Jews that are his adversaries; we honour and adore him as our Lord:


(9) Mos. In what degree of Lordship?

Luib. & Calv. Lord of Truth and Justice, and Prince and Head of his Church.

Mos. Of what church is Christ Head and Prince ?

Luth. & Calu. Of the chriftian church which he founded,

Mos. This is the mystery of mysteries.
Luib.& Calv. All are reconcileable with faith.

Mos. You will allow truth and falsehood are two oppofites which cannot be reconciled ?

Luth. & Calv. This would be childish to deny:

Ms. You will allow that a Creator may act according to his will on the thing he creates ?

Luth. & Cval. This also is as clear as the sun.

Mof. You will allow that justice and power cannot be injustice and weakness?

Luth. & Calv. We cannot deny this truth.

Mos. You will allow that goodness and mercy cannot be wickedness and unmercifulness?

Luth. & Galv. Opposites never coincide together.

Mof. You allow, in God, infinite power, truth, knowledge, foresight, and goodness, and infinite in whatever is his will, and that nothing can happen or be in his creation but what is his will to order or permit.

Luth. & Calv. To this we affent, both heart and foul.

Ms. You acknowledge and believe, that this God founded and established his second and last covenant in the person of Jesus Christ with the christian church, which covenant, or church, by the assistance and most positive and folemn


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promises of Jesus Christ himself, that it should be kept, taught and fanctified by his fpirit, and nourished by himself until the general judgment or end of the world, which is the promise of our fcriptures also to the second covenant? i Luth. & Calv. Every protestant will lay down his life and property to attest this truth.

Mof. Are you earnest and sincere?

Luth. & Calv. We answer for the whole reformation..

Mof. That you would lay down your lives and properties for Jesus Christ and his church?

Lütb. & Calv. This hour, if required, and oppose every adversary who dare contradict, or gainsay, this great truth.

Mof. We are, at length, arrived to the unfolding of the mystery of mysteries.

Luth. & Calv. We will be happy to give you every inlight into our great mysteries.

Mof. Almighty God guards, rules, governs, fan&tifies, and keeps the new covenant, or christian church, holy and undefiled, until he Shall translate her into heaven, and there to be happy with him for all eternity.

Luth. & Calu. This truth is the promise of both your's and our scriptures, as also our three christian creeds, which all christians profess. and believe; without this, we believe there is no salvation. This is the firm Rock, which is Chrift, that we stand upon.

Mos; And, according to your fcripture, Christ made a Rock of Peter and appointed him Chief Bifhop, or Pope, and invested him with ample power for hearing and determining causes, and


authorising and granting himn and the priesthood the plenitude of spiritual power.

Luth. & Calv. They presently abused the bounty and goodness of God; and before the third century, a most woeful thing to ruminate upon, brought in and mixed their heathen and idolatrous worship, with the christian, and fell into every disorder detestable to God and hateful to man; so that they were left and abandoned by God, as our protestant creed or homily testifies, that all christendom, men, women, and children, were drowned in damnable idolatry, for about 1000 years, which was about 300 years from the birth of Christ, and that during that time none were saved. It was the only means left for Luther and Calvin, who were brought up in this synagogue of Satan, and wore his mark, the priesthood, until they turned their backs upon them, and drew thousands out of the mire of iniquity : that was a bright day.

Mof. What creeds did Luther and the rest of the protestants say, during these contests, and what other devotions?

Lutb. & Calv. There was, as soon as conveni. ent, several synods held to determine upon fome proper system of worship, and articles of faith, to confirm and establish our raw and new Sion, and restore the new covenant to its first state and fimplicity.

Mof. By your rule of faith, heaven is more indebted to the Reformation than to christianity for its inhabitants.

Luth. & Calv. The Reformation is chriftianity restored.


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