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American Optometric Association.-

360 Anderson, Rear Adm. Stanley J., USN, the Naval Inspector General.--- 481, 511 Arentzen, Vice Adm. W. P., MC, USN, Surgeon General of the Navy- 88, 482, 511 Barwick, Gregory B., treasurer, Benefits Assurance Association.

418 Beard, Hon. Robin, Representative from Tennessee..

495 Bhaskar, Maj. Gen. S. N., D.C., Assistant Surgeon General/Chief, Army Dental Corps, Department of the Army ---

219, 223, 253 Brinkley, Hon. Jack, a Representative from Georgia----

456 Burton, Hon. John L., a Representative from California---

583 Cocklin, Maj. Gen. Robert F., USAR, executive vice president, Association of the United States Army--

354 Cox, Rear Adm. William J., MC, USN

511 Daniel, Hon. Robert W., Jr., a Representative from Virginia.

415 Dowling, Richard J., director, Governmental Affairs Department, American Speech and Hearing Association.--.

361 Downey, Hon. Thomas J., a Representative from New York-

474 Elliott, Rear Adm. Robert W., Jr., Assistant Chief for Dentistry, Bureau

of Medicine and Surgery and Chief of the Navy Dental Corps, Department of the Navy-

226, 253 Freedman, Samuel A., commander, Orange County Chapter, Disabled Officers Association.-

359 Harlow, Donald L., Director for Military and Legislation Liaison, Air Force Sergeants Association.

319, 539 Hennrikus, Col. George F., Jr., USAF, chief legislative counsel, the Retired Officers Association.-

308 Henson, Dr. Allison H., D.C., National Chiropractic College_

655 Hillis, Hon. Elwood H., a Representative from Indiana--

464 Holt, Hon. Marjorie S., a Representative from Maryland--

608 Kenrick, Edwin M., D.C., president, American Chiropractic Association--- 644 Ketchum, William M..

530 Keys, Hon. Martha, Representative from Kansas.

529 Laurents, Robert B., senior legislative counsel, National Association for Uniformed Services.-

314 Long, Dr. Earl D., president Illinois Chiropractic Association --

657 McKenzie, Hon. Vernon, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs, Department of Defense_

3 McKinney, C. A. "Mack", director of legislative affairs, Noncommissioned Officers Association...

324 Mollohan, Hon. Robert H., a Representative from West Virginia.

528 Moxley, Hon. John H. III, M.D., Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)

610 Nichols, Hon. Bill, a Representative from Alabama.

444 Nolan, Robert W., national executive secretary, Fleet Reserve Association

291, 294, 531 Pendleton, Donald A., president, Retirees Earned Military Benefits Organization

460 Powell, James P., Jr., Benefits Assurance Association..

421 Reilly, Walter J., chairman, National Legislative Committee, Disabled Offcers Association --

357 Roberts, Maj. Gen. J. Milnor, USAR (ret.), executive director, Reserve Officers Association of the United States --

322 Schafer, Lt. Gen. George E., USAF, MC, Surgeon General of the Air Force- 92 Schroeder, Hon. Patricia, a Representative from Colorado..

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Smail, Annette Klang, national representative of the Special Interest

Group on Older Women's Political Caucus, also representing Equality Page for Dependents --

585 Smith, Dr. Oliver R., member, Texas Chiropractic Association

659 Smith, Dr. Robert N., Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. 3,

14, 21, 402, 549 Sonnenborn, Charles B., vice president, Blue Shield Association, Washington, D.C.--

339 Stark, Hon. Fortney H. (Pete), a Representative from California ------- 467 Stroud, Marion M., president, Benefits Assurance Association.-

424 Taylor, Lt. Gen. Richard R., USA, MC, Surgeon General of the Army---- 69, 74 Thompson, Brig. Gen. Robert L., Jr., USAF, Assistant Surgeon General for Dental Services, Department of the Air Force --

229, 253 Tobey, Capt. Raymond, MC, USN

511 Whitehurst, Hon. G. William, a Representative from Virginia..

597 Wilson, Hon. Bob, a Representative from California.--

448 Appendix

685 Committee actions concerning the military health care delivery system enacted into law----

685 Committee actions reported but not enacted into law.

696 Other committee actions...

696 Staff reports on medical care library

697 Trip report----

698 Visit to Air Force and Navy interns and residents--


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