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Second Week. Monday Morning.

bodies, and inwardly in our souls; preserve us from all adversities and evil thoughts, and grant that we may rise refreshed, and be strengthened and disposed to do thy will, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Second Week. Monday Morning.

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, who dost govern all things in heaven and on earth, mercifully hear our supplications and prayers. Make us truly sensible of our wants and of thy goodness, and may thy Spirit help our infirmities and make intercession for us. Grant us, we beseech thee, the spirit to think and to do always such things as are right, that we, who cannot do any thing good without thee, may, by thy aid, be enabled to live according to thy will.

We would draw nigh, in full assurance of faith, unto thee, who hast graciously promised that they who ask through faith in Christ shall receive; that they who seek shall find. We approach thy gracious throne, not trusting in our own righteousness, but in thy manifold and great mercies, beseeching thee to behold us in love, not weighing our merits, but pardoning our offences. We approach thee in the name of our High Priest, who gave himself a sacrifice for our sins.

If thou shouldst mark iniquities, O Lord, who should stand? but there is mercy with thee, that thou mayest be feared, and with thee is plenteous redemption. We beseech thee to wash us from our iniquity, and cleanse us from our sin. Enter not into judgment with thy sinful creatures; for in thy sight shall no man living be justified. Being justi

Second Week. Monday Morning.

fied by faith, may we have peace with thee our God, through Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge, O Lord, that of ourselves we are not able to walk according to thy will; that from thee all holy desires, good counsels, and just works proceed. Grant us the constant assistance of thy Holy Spirit, that we may please thee both in will and deed. May we ever be found in the way of duty, fearing God and working righteousness. O may thy truth shine in our hearts and give us the light of the knowledge of thy glory, in the face of Jesus Christ. Whatever may be our state or occupation, help us to walk in the way of thy commandments, and preserve us from all sinful affection for worldly things. Strengthen us with mig by thy Spirit: raise our hearts and desires to heavenly things, and dispose all our ways towards the attainment of everlasting salvation. In all the changing scenes and the various perils of this mortal life, may we put our whole trust in thy providential care.

We beseech thee, O God, to keep constantly in our minds a lively remembrance of thy mercy to us in Jesus Christ, who came into this world to seek and to save that which was lost; who made himself of no reputation, took upon him the form of a servant, and became obedient unto death, to obtain for us eternal life. Make us humble after the example of his humility. May the spirit of love which was in him be also in us. May we die to sin and rise again unto righteousness, continually mortifying all our evil and corrupt affections, and daily proceeding in all virtue and godliness of living.

And wilt thou, O Lord, receive our supplications and prayers for all for whom we ought to pray. Bless our rulers and magistrates, giving them grace to execute justice and to maintain truth. We

Second Week. Monday Morning.

pray for those who are visited with sorrows, and all who are afflicted in mind, body, or estate, beseeching thee to comfort and relieve them, according as they have need. May it please thee to preserve all who travel by land or by water: may thy presence be with them to shield them from danger and all manner of evil. Be thou in all things their conductor and guide, making their way prosperous and their business successful.

We ask thy blessing upon our neighbors, relatives, and friends, and for those especially who desire our prayers. Do thou, the God of all mercy and grace, who knowest what they desire and what they need, do for them, and work in them whatever is best for their present comfort and for their final good. Help us, O Lord, to love and to do good unto all men, and especially may we love those who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and for his sake delight in doing them good.

Give us hearts to sympathize in the joys and the sorrows of our brethren,-to weep with them who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice. May we feel compassion for all who need the blessings which we enjoy. Though silver and gold we have none, such as we have, our prayers, and sympathy, and love, may we gladly give. Wilt thou, O merciful God, succor, bless, and comfort all who are in danger, necessity, and tribulation. May they who are visited with sorrow despise not thy chastening, nor faint under thy rebuke; may their affliction, through thy blessing, work in them a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

Let thy grace, O Lord, and thy blessing be with us through the day on which we have entered. Preserve us from sin and from all manner of danger. Vouchsafe, we beseech thee, to direct, sanctify, and govern, both our hearts and bodies, in the ways of thy laws, and in the works of thy commandments, that, through thy most mighty protec

Second Week. Monday Evening.

tion, we may be preserved in body and soul through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Second Week. Monday Evening.

ALMIGHTY and immortal God, the aid of all who need, and the helper of all who flee to thee for succor, let thy merciful ears be open to us, thy unworthy creatures, and hearken to the supplications which we would offer in the name of Jesus Christ. May we come unto thee duly sensible of our unworthiness, relying on his merits for pardon and acceptance. We have erred and strayed from thy righteous ways: we have followed too much the evil devices and desires of our own hearts, and have often offended against thy holy laws. Thou hast taught us, O heavenly Father, that when the wicked man turneth away from his wickedness that he hath committed and doeth that which is lawful and right, he shall save his soul alive. Help us, O Lord, to turn from our evil ways, and to do all those good works which thou hast ordained that thy people should walk in them. Hide thy face from our sins and blot out all our iniquities. The sacrifices acceptable to thee, our God, are a broken spirit; a contrite heart thou wilt not despise. O make us truly contrite, and grant us repentance unto life. Give us grace to resist temptation, and to mortify every evil desire. Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts, by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit. Give us hearts, O Lord, to be thankful for thy manifold goodness to us and to all men. Make us thankful that we live in a land where thou art known and worshipped: that the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ is taught amongst us, and that we have the great privilege of searching the Scrip

Second Week. Monday Evening.

tures, and knowing the certainty of those things. wherein we have been instructed. We thank thee, O God, for the ordinances of religion, for the means of grace, and for all the privileges of thy sanctuary. Give us grace, we beseech thee, so to use them, that we may be truly members of Christ, children of God, and inheritors of thy heavenly kingdom. Give us the comforting assurance of thy favor and goodness towards us; that we are members incorporate in the mystical body of thy Son, which is the blessed company of all faithful people, and are also heirs. through hope of thy everlasting kingdom, by the merits of the most precious death and passion of thy dear Son. And we humbly beseech thee, O heavenly Father, so to assist us with thy grace, that we may continue in that holy fellowship, and ever live to thy glory and praise.

We beseech thee, O God, to raise our hopes and our desires above the things of time and sense, to the high and holy place where the Lord our Savior reigns. By patient continuance in well doing, may we seek for honor, glory, and immortality in the world to come. Give us that faith which is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Increase in us faith, and hope, and charity; and that we may obtain what thou dost promise, make us to love that which thou dost command. Grant us the influence of thy Spirit, to convince us of sin, to awaken us to righteousness, and fit us to enjoy thy presence in thy heavenly kingdom. Put away from us all hurtful things, and give us those which are profitable. Grant that we may be diligent and faithful in searching the Scriptures. Open our understanding, that we may know and receive what they testify of Christ, and dispose us to hear and receive the doctrines of eternal life.

Grant that we may do all in our power to ex

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