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To be used in Families, Meetings for Prayer, and on other occasions. lighten and comfort those who are too fearful of thy terror, and distrustful of thy mercy. The bruised reed thou wilt not break; a broken and contrite heart thou wilt not despise. May all who mourn in Zion find thee a God of refuge; may they dwell in peace, feeling thy pardon, supported by thy Spirit, absolved by thy sentence, and saved by thy mercy. O may we not, for any troubles of life, or for any allurements of the world, cast away our confidence in thee, or place it in any other. We offer these our supplications and prayers in the name of Jesus Christ; and conclude them with the words which he has taught us:

Our Father who art, &c.


ALMIGHTY and everliving God, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid, behold in mercy thy dependent creatures, who desire, with all humility and adoration, to approach thy gracious throne. We beseech thee to hear our prayers, and pardon our sins. Create and make in us new and contrite hearts, and give us such sincere repentance, that we may obtain of thee, the God of all mercy, perfect remission and forgiveness.

We adore thee, O God, for thine infinite perfections; we bless thee for thy great and manifold mercies. With hearts united, we would render unto thee humble and hearty thanks, for all thy goodness and loving kindness to us and to all mankind. We thank thee for our life, and for all the blessings which add to our comfort: that our lives, so unprofitable to thee, are still continued; that we have been preserved, through various perils, and conducted, by unnumbered mercies, safely to the present time. We thank thee for this present op

To be used in Families, Meetings for Prayer, and on other occasions.

portunity and privilege of assembling in thy name and presence; and for the comforting doctrines of life and peace contained in thy holy word. We praise thee, O God, that thou hast laid help on one who is mighty; that thou hast so loved the world; hast had such compassion upon the fallen race of men, as to give thine only Son to be our Savior; that through the merits of his sacrifice thou canst be just, and yet be the justifier of those who believe in Jesus Christ; and that we are called to a knowledge of thy grace and faith in thee. Make us sensible of thy goodness in giving us such gracious means and frequent opportunities of religious improvement. Blessed be thy name for thy forbearing mercy; for thy patient goodness to creatures so undeserving: for the invitations of thy word, and for thy promises of salvation and eternal life in Jesus Christ. We beseech thee to impress thy saving truth upon our minds; grant us that lively, holy faith which renews the heart; and whilst we live, may we live to thee. Do thou, the Lord of all power and might, the author and giver of all good things, graft in our hearts the love of thy name; increase in us pure and undefiled religion; nourish us with the lively truth of thy holy word, filling our soul with goodness; and of thy great mercy dispose our hearts, and direct our ways, towards the attainment of everlasting salvation.

Give us grace, O Lord, to love thy statutes, and to walk faithfully in the way of thy commandments. Incline our heart unto thy testimonies. Turn away our eyes from all sinful vanities, and quicken us in the way that we should go. Assist us in all we do with thy heavenly grace, and dispose our ways towards the attainment of everlasting salvation, that among all the perils of this changing world, our hearts may be steadfastly fixed upon the unchanging glories of the world to come. May we follow

To be used in Families, Meetings for Prayer, and on other occasions. the steps of our blessed Savior who once came into this world to visit us in great humility; like him be unwearied in well doing; that when he shali come again, in his glorious majesty, to judge the quick and the dead, we may be found acceptable in thy sight, and receive the blessing which he shall pronounce to those who love and fear thee.

And accept, O Lord, of our intercessions for all our fellow-men. Extend, we beseech thee, the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and the saving truths of thy blessed word, through all the nations of the earth. May thy gospel be spread till it is preached to every creature, and in an honest and good heart by all received. O may thy kingdom come and its power increase, till thy will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Awaken in the impenitent a just sense of thy power and of thy mercy. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; may they return unto the Lord, who will have mercy upon them, and to God, who will abundantly pardon. May we and all men seek thee while thou mayst be found, and call upon thee while thou art near, and partake in the benefits of thy everlasting covenant, even the sure mercies of David.

Give us hearts, O Lord, to feel, and to pray for all the sons and daughters of sorrow. May they remember the exhortation. not to despise the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when rebuked of him; and, knowing that whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, may they trust in thy mercy and be resigned to thy will. Behold, O Lord, in mercy them who are visited with sickness. May they bow with submission under thy rod, knowing who hath appointed it, and be enabled, through thy grace, to see wisdom and goodness in all thy dealings. May they know, in a holy, lively faith, that to live is Christ, to die is gain.

To be used in Families, Meetings for Prayer, and on other occasions.

We commend ourselves, O heavenly Father, to thy holy, protecting providence. Wilt thou watch over us for good, and direct and bless us in all we do.

O thou blessed Savior of a sinful world, who for us men and for our redemption came down from heaven; lived for our example; was delivered for our offences, and raised for our justification, help us to walk in thy steps, and to serve thee as our Lord and Master, doing the things which thou commandest.

O thou Holy Spirit of the Father, and Spirit of the Son, Sanctifier of the faithful, visit us, we pray thee, with thy love and favor. Open our understanding, that we may know and receive the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. Dwell in our hearts, and sanctify our desires and all our affections.

O blessed Lord God and Savior, who hast given us grace at this time to make our common supplications unto thee, and dost promise, that when two or three are gathered together in thy name, thou wilt grant their requests; fulfil now, O Lord, we humbly beseech thee, the desires and petitions of thy servants, as may be most expedient for them, granting us in this world knowledge of thy truth, and in the world to come life everlasting, through Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Redeemer. Amen.

O ETERNAL God, whose wise and unfailing providence orders all things in heaven and on earth, who hast compassion upon the sons of men, and hast graciously promised to hear the prayers of those who ask in the name of Jesus Christ, we desire, with reverence and adoration, to present before thee our humble supplications. Let thy merciful ears be open to our petitions, and that we obtain our requests, help us, we beseech thee, to ask for

To be used in Families, Meetings for Prayer, and on other occasions. such things, and with such hearts, as shall please thee. We are unworthy, through our manifold sins, to offer unto thee any sacrifice. We have daily offended against thee, who art holy, just and good. We have sinned and done wickedly in departing from thy precepts and thy judgments. We have erred and strayed from thy righteous ways, and have followed too much the evil devices and desires of our own hearts. We have left undone what our duty required, and have done those things which thy law forbids. Do thou, O heavenly Father, who hast promised forgiveness to those who confess and forsake their sins, have mercy upon us; pardon our offences, and deliver us from the condemnation and the power of sin. Sanctify our hearts, and, by thy Holy Spirit, work in us to will and to do what is pleasing in thy sight.

We bless thy holy name, that to the Lord our God belong mercies and forgiveness; that through the merits of a righteous Savior thou art ever ready to receive a returning, penitent sinner. We praise thee for thy adorable attributes of power and wisdom, benevolence and mercy. We thank thee for unnumbered favors vouchsafed to us and to all mankind; for the gospel preached to sinful creatures, and for the day and means of grace and salvation. We thank thee that our lives are still preserved; and that we are permitted, once more, to lay aside our worldly cares; to meet here in thy presence; [to read thy word;] to talk of thy mercies, and to address thee in prayer and praise. Grant, O Lord, that we may pass this time of our being together as becometh weak and dependent creatures, in the presence of a righteous, holy, and heart-searching God. Sanctify all our affections; give us right views of thy character, of the Savior's merits, and of our duty. Preserve us from all selfrighteousness, vanity and pride. May it be our

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