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Chap 65.




68. 69. 70. 71.

Wheat and Wheat Foods Research and

Nutrition Education. Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclo

sure. Implementation of International Sugar

Agreement, 1977. Agricultural Subterminal Facilities. Swine Health Protection. Animal Cancer Research. Agricultural Trade Suspension Adjust

ment. National Agricultural Cost of Production

Standards Review Board. Farmland Protection Policy. Floral Research and Consumer Informa



73. 74.


TITLE 8-ALIENS AND NATIONALITY 1. General Provisions. 2. Elective Franchise. 3. Civil Rights. 4. Freedmen. 5. Alien Ownership of Land. 6. Immigration. 7. Exclusion of Chinese. 8. The Cooly Trade. 9. Miscellaneous Provisions. 10. Alien Registration. 11. Nationality. 12. Immigration and Nationality. 13. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Chạp. 33. Appointments in Regular Components. 34. Appointments as Reserve Officers. 35. Temporary Appointments in Officer

Grades. 36. Promotion, ration, and Involuntary

Retirement of Officers on the Active

Duty List. 37. General Service Requirements.

Active Duty. 40. Leave. 41. Special Appointments, Assignments, De

tails, and Duties. 43. Rank and Command. 45. The Uniform. 47. Uniform Code of Military Justice. 48. Military Correctional Facilities. 49. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. 51. Reserve Components: Standards and Pro

cedures for Retention and Promotion. 53. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 55. Medical and Dental Care. 57. Decorations and Awards.

Separation. 60. Separation of Regular Officers for Sub

standard Performance of Duty and for

Certain Other Reasons. 61. Retirement or Separation for Physical


Retirement for Age. 65.

Retirement of Warrant Officers for

Length of Service.
Retired Pay for Non-regular Service.

Retired Grade.
71. Computation of Retired Pay.

Annuities Based on Retired or Retainer


Death Benefits. 77. Posthumous Commissions and Warrants. 79. Correction of Military Records. 80. [Repealed). 81. Civilian Employees.

PART III-TRAINING 101. Training Generally. 102. Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. 103. Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. 104. Uniformed Services University of the

Health Sciences. 105. Armed Forces Health Professions Schol

arship Program. 106. Educational Assistance for Enlisted Mem

bers of the Selected Reserve of the

Ready Reserve. 107. Educational Assistance for Persons Enlist

ing for Active Duty. 108. Granting of Advanced Degrees at Depart

ment of Defense Schools.


67. 69.


TITLE 9-ARBITRATION 1. General Provisions. 2. Convention on the Recognition and En

forcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.



POWERS 1. Definitions. 3. General Powers. 4. Department of Defense. 5. Joint Chiefs of Staff. 7. Boards, Councils, and Committees. 9. Regular Components. [No present sec

tions) 11. Reserve Components. 13. The Militia. 15. Insurrection. 17. Arming of American Vessels.

PART II-PERSONNEL 31. Enlistments. 32. Officer Strength and Distribution in


PART IV-SERVICE, SUPPLY, AND PROCUREMENT 131. Planning and Coordination. 133. Facilities for Reserve Components. 135. Encouragement of Aviation. 137. Procurement Generally.

Chap. 407. Schools and Camps.




Chap. 138. North Atlantic Treaty Organization AC

quisition and Cross-Servicing Agree

ments. 139. Research and Development. 141. Miscellaneous Procurement Provisions. 143. Production by Military Agencies. 145. Cataloging and Standardization. 147. Utilities and Services. 149. Issue to Armed Forces. 151. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than

to Armed Forces. 153. Exchange of Material and Disposal of Ob

solete, Surplus, or Unclaimed Property. 155. Acceptance of Gifts and Services. 157. Transportation. 159. Real Property; Related Personal Proper

ty; and Lease of Non-Excess Property. 161. Property Records. 163. Military Claims. 165. Accountability and Responsibility.


PART IV-SERVICE, SUPPLY, AND PROCUREMENT 431. Industrial Mobilization, Research, and

Development. 433. Procurement. 435. Issue of Serviceable Material to Armed

Forces. 437. Utilities and Services. 439. Sale of Serviceable Material. 441. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than

to Armed Forces. 443. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 445. Inquests; Disposition of Effects of De

ceased Persons; Captured Flags. 447. Transportation. 449. Real Property. 451. Military Claims. 453. Accountability and Responsibility.


PART 1-ORGANIZATION 301. Definitions. 303. Department of the Army. 305. The Army Staff. 307. The Army.

PART I-ORGANIZATION 501. Definitions. 503. Department of the Navy. 505. Secretary, Under Secretary, and Assistant

Secretaries of the Navy. 507. Office of the Comptroller of the Navy. 509. Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. 511. (Repealed). 513. Bureaus; Office of the Judge Advocate

General; Office of Naval Research. 515. Commandant of the Marine Corps; Head

quarters, Marine Corps. 516. (Repealed). 517. (Repealed). 519. Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.

PART II-PERSONNEL 331. Strength. 333. Enlistments. 335. Appointments in the Regular Army. 337. Appointments as Reserve Officers. 339. Temporary Appointments. 341. Active Duty. 343. Special Appointments, Assignments, De

tails, and Duties. 345. Rank and Command. 347. [Repealed). 349. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. 351. (Repealed). 353. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 355. Hospitalization. 357. Decorations and Awards. 359. [Repealed). 360. (Repealed). 361. Separation for Various Reasons. 363. Separation or Transfer to Retired Re

serve. 365. (Repealed). 367. Retirement for Length of Service. 369. Retired Grade. 371. Computation of Retired Pay. 373. Civilian Employees.

PART III-TRAINING 401. Training Generally. 403. United States Military Academy. 405. (Repealed).

PART II-PERSONNEL 531. Strength of Naval Reserve and Marine

Corps Reserve. 533. Distribution in Grade. 535. Grade and Rank of Officers. 537. Enlistments. 539. Original Appointments. 541. Running Mates for Reserve Officers. 543. [Repealed). 544. Temporary Appointments. 545. (Repealed). 547. [Repealed). 549. Reserve Promotions. 551. Officers in Command. 553. Special Assignments and Details. 555. Administration. 557. Rations. 559. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. 561. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 563. Hospitalization and Medical Care. 565. Bands. 567. Decorations and Awards. 569. Discharge of Enlisted Members. 571. Voluntary Retirement. 573. Involuntary Retirement, Separation, and

Furlough. 575. Recall to Active Duty.



869. Retired Grade.
871. Computation of Retired Pay.
873. Civilian Employees.

PART III-TRAINING 901. Training Generally. 903. United States Air Force Academy. 905. (Repealed). 907. Schools and Camps. 909. Civil Air Patrol.

PART IV-SERVICE, SUPPLY AND PROCUREMENT 931. Industrial Mobilization, Research, and

Development. 933. Procurement. 935. Issue of Serviceable Material to Armed

Forces. 937. Utilities and Services. 939. Sale of Serviceable Material. 941. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than

to Armed Forces. 943. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 945. Inquests: Disposition of Effects of De

ceased Persons. 947. Transportation. 949. Real Property. 951. Military Claims. 953. Accountability and Responsibility.

577. Death Benefits; Care of the Dead.

PART III-EDUCATION AND TRAINING 601. Officer Procurement Programs. 603. United States Naval Academy. 605. United States Naval Postgraduate School. 607. Retirement of Civilian Members of the

Teaching Staffs of the United States
Naval Academy and United States Naval
Postgraduate School.

PART IV-GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 631. Secretary of the Navy: Miscellaneous

Powers and Duties. 633. Naval Vessels. 635. Naval Aircraft. 637. Salvage Facilities. 639. United States Naval Oceanographic

Office and Naval Observatory. 641. Naval Petroleum Reserves. 643. Civilian Employees. 645. Procurement of Supplies and Services. 647. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 649. Quarters, Utilities, and Related Services. 651. Ships' Stores and Commissary Stores. 653. Claims. 655. Prize. 657. Stay of Judicial Proceedings. 659. Naval Militia.


PART 1-ORGANIZATION 801. Definitions. (No present sections) 803. Department of the Air Force. 805. The Air Staff. 807. The Air Force.

PART II-PERSONNEL 831. Strength. 833. Enlistments. 835. Appointments in the Regular Air Force. 837. Appointments as Reserve Officers. 839. Temporary Appointments. 841. Active Duty. 843. Special Appointments, Assignments, De

tails, and Duties. 845. Rank and Command. 847. (Repealed). 849. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. 851. (Repealed). 853. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 855. Hospitalization. 857. Decorations and Awards. 859. (Repealed). 860. (Repealed). 861. Separation for Various Reasons. 863. Separation or Transfer to Retired Re

serve. 865. (Repealed). 867. Retirement for Length of Service.

TITLE 11-BANKRUPTCY 1. General Provisions. 3. Case Administration. 5. Creditors, the Debtor, and the Estate. 7. Liquidation. 9. Adjustment of Debts of a Municipality. 11. Reorganization. 13. Adjustment of Debts of an Individual

with Regular Income. 15. United States Trustees.

TITLE 12-BANKS AND BANKING 1. The Comptroller of the Currency. 2. National Banks. 3. Federal Reserve System. 4. Taxation. 5. Crimes and Offenses. 6. Foreign Banking. 6A. Export-Import Bank of the United States. 7. Farm Credit Administration. 7A. Agricultural Marketing. 7B. Regional Agricultural Credit Corpora

tions. 8. Adjustment and Cancellation of Farm

Loans. 9. National Agricultural Credit Corpora

tions. 10. Local Agricultural-Credit Corporations,

Livestock-Loan Companies and Like Organizations; Loans to Individuals to Aid in Formation or to Increase Capital Stock.


Chap. 15. 17.

[Repealed). Administration.

PART II—COAST GUARD RESERVE AND AUXILIARY 21. Coast Guard Reserve. 23. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 25. General Provisions for Coast Guard Re

serve and Auxiliary.

Chap. 11. Federal Home Loan Banks. 11A. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corpora

tion. 12. Federal Savings and Loan Associations. 13. National Housing. 14. Federal Credit Unions. 15.

Federal Loan Agency. 16. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 17. Bank Holding Companies. 18. Bank Service Corporations. 19. Security Measures for Banks and Savings

and Loan Associations. 20. Credit Control. 21. Financial Recordkeeping. 22. Tying Arrangements. 23. Farm Credit System. 24. Federal Financing Bank. 25. National Commission on Electronic Fund

Transfers. 26. Disposition of Abandoned Money Orders

and Traveler's Checks. 27. Real Estate Settlement Procedures. 28. Emergency Mortgage Relief. 29. Home Mortgage Disclosure. 30. Community Reinvestment. 31. National Consumer Cooperative Bank. 32. Foreign Bank Participation in Domestic

Depository Institution Management In-

terlocks. 34. Federal Financial Institutions Examina

tion Council. 35. Right to Financial Privacy. 36. Depository Institutions Deregulation and

Financial Regulation Simplification. 37. Solar Energy and Energy Conservation

Bank. 38. Multifamily Mortgage Foreclosure.


TITLE 15-COMMERCE AND TRADE 1. Monopolies and Combinations in Re

straint of Trade. 2. Federal Trade Commission; Promotion of

Export Trade and Prevention of Unfair

Methods of Competition. 2A. Securities and Trust Indentures. 2B. Securities Exchanges. 2B-1. Securities Investor Protection. 2C. Public Utility Holding Companies. 2D. Investment Companies and Advisers. 2E. Omnibus Small Business Capital Forma

tion. 3. Trade-Marks. 4. China Trade. 5. The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic

Commerce. 6. Weights and Measures and Standard

Time. 7. The Bureau of Standards. 7A. Standard Reference Data Program. 8. Falsely Stamped Gold or Silver or Goods

Manufactured Therefrom. 9. National Weather Service. 9A. Weather Modification Activities or At

tempts; Reporting Requirement. 10. War Finance Corporation. 10A. Collection of State Cigarette Taxes. 10B. State Taxation of Income from Interstate

Commerce. 11.

Caustic Poisons. 12. Discrimination Against Farmers' Coopera

tive Associations by Boards of Trade. 13. Textile Foundations. 13A. Fishing Industry. 14. Reconstruction Finance Corporation. 14A. Aid to Small Business. 14B. Small Business Investment Program. 15. Economic Recovery. 15A. Interstate Transportation of Petroleum

Products. 15B. Natural Gas. 15C. Alaska Natural Gas Transportation. 16. Emergency Relief. 16A. Emergency Petroleum Allocation. 16B. Federal Energy Administration. 16C. Energy Supply and Environmental Co

ordination. 17. Production, Marketing, and Use of Bitu

minous Coal. 18. Transportation of Firearms. 19. Miscellaneous. 20. Regulation of Insurance.

[blocks in formation]

Page XV



Chap 21. National Policy on Employment and Pro

ductivity. 22. Trade-Marks. 23. Dissemination of Technical, Scientific,

and Engineering Information. 24. Transportation of Gambling Devices. 25. Flammable Fabrics. 26. Household Refrigerators. 27. Automobile Dealer Suits Against Manu

facturers. 28. Disclosure of Automobile Information. 29. Manufacture, Transportation, or Distribu

tion of Switchblade Knives. 30. Hazardous Substances. 31. Destruction of Property Moving in Com

merce. 32. Telecasting of Professional Sports Con

tests. 33. Brake Fluid Regulation. 34. Antitrust Civil Process. 35. Seat Belt Regulation. 36. Cigarette Labeling and Advertising. 37. State Technical Services. 38. Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety. 39. Fair Packaging and Labeling Program. 39A. Special Packaging of Household Sub

stances for Protection of Children. 40. Department of Commerce. 41. Consumer Credit Protection. 42. Interstate Land Sales. 43. Newspaper Preservation. 44. Protection of Horses. 45. Emergency Loan Guarantees to Business

Enterprises. 45A. Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee. 46. Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Sav

ings. 47. Consumer Product Safety. 48. Hobby Protection. 49. Fire Prevention and Control. 50. Consumer Product Warranties. 51. National Productivity and Quality of

Working Life. 52. Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, De

velopment, and Demonstration. 53. Toxic Substances Control. 54. Automotive Propulsion Research and De

velopment. 55. Petroleum Marketing Practice. 56. National Climate Program. 57. Interstate Horseracing. 58. Full Employment and Balanced Growth. 59. Retail Policies for National Gas Utilities. 60. Natural Gas Policy. 61. Soft Drink Interbrand Competition. 62. Condominium and Cooperative Conver

sion Protection and Abuse Relief. 63. Technology Innovation. 64. Methane Transportation Research, Devel

opment, and Demonstration. 65. Product Liability Risk Retention.

Chap. 1. The National Parks, Military Parks,

Monuments, and Seashores. 1A. Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, and An

tiquities. 1B. Archaeological Resources Protection. 2. The National Forests. 3. Forests; Forest Service; Reforestation;

Management. 3A. Unemployment Relief Through Perform

ance of Useful Public Work. 3B. Soil Conservation. 3C. Water Conservation. 4. Protection of Timber, and Depredations. 5. Protection of Fur Seals and Other Fur

Bearing Animals. 5A. Protection and Conservation of Wildlife. 5B. Wildlife Restoration. 5C. Conservation Programs on Government

Lands. 6. Game and Bird Preserves; Protection. 7. Protection of Migratory Game and Insec

tivorous Birds. 8. Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish

Refuge. 9. Fish and Wildlife Service. 9A. Preservation of Fishery Resources. 10. Northern Pacific Halibut Fishing. 10A. Sockeye or Pink Salmon Fishing. 10B. Fish Restoration and Management Proj

ects. 10C. Fish Research and Experimentation Pro

gram. 10D. State Commercial Fisheries Research and

Development Projects. 11. Regulation of Landing, Curing, and Sale

of Sponges Taken from Gulf of Mexico

and Straits of Florida. 12. Federal Regulation and Development of

Power. 12A. Tennessee Valley Authority. 12B. Bonneville Project. 12C. Fort Peck Project. 12D. Columbia Basin Project. 12E. Niagara Power Project. 2F. Pacific Northwest Consumer Power Pref.

erence; Reciprocal Priority in Other Re

gions. 12G. Pacific Northwest Federal Transmission

System. 12H. Pacific Northwest Electric Power Plan

ning and Conservation. 13. Regulation of Transportation in Inter

state or Foreign Commerce of Black

Bass and Other Fish (Repealed). 14. Regulatid of Whaling. 14A. Whale Conservation and Protection. 15. Predatory Sea Lampreys in the Great

Lakes. 15A. Great Lakes Fisheries. 16. Tuna Conventions. 16A. Atlantic Tunas Convention. 17. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries.

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