Pattie Durant; a tale of 1662, by Cycla

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Page 6 - VITRUVIUS'S ARCHITECTURE, translated by J. Gwilt, with Plates. 5s. 130. GRECIAN ARCHITECTURE, Principles of Beauty in, by the Earl of Aberdeen. Is. 132. ERECTION OF DWELLING-HOUSES, with Specifications, Quantities of Materials, &c., by SH Brooks, 27 Plates. 2s.
Page 1 - ... Four Gospels harmonized into one continuous Narrative. 2. The Acts of the Apostles, and continuous History of St. Paul. 3. An Analysis of the Epistles and Book of Revelation. 4. An Introductory Outline of the Geography, Critical History, Authenticity, Credibility, and Inspiration of the New Testament. The whole Illustrated by copious Historical, Geographical, and Antiquarian Notes, Chronological Tables, &c.
Page 11 - COLA MONTI ; or, the Story of a Genius. A Tale for Boys. By the Author of "How to win Love.
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Page 6 - Is. 43. TUBULAR AND IRON GIRDER BRIDGES, including the Britannia and Conway Bridges, by GD Dempsey. Is.
Page 2 - Le Page, sufficiently prove the public approbation of his plan of teaching French, which is in accordance with the natural operation of a child learning his native language.
Page 3 - THE ENTIRE SERIES IS FREELY ILLUSTRATED ON WOOD AND STONE WHERE REQUISITE. The Public are respectfully informed that the whole of the late ME.
Page 16 - WATTS'S (DR.) DIVINE AND MORAL SONGS FOR CHILDREN. With Anecdotes and Reflections, by the Rev. INGRAM COBBIN, MA With Frontispiece and Fifty-seven Woodcuts. New Edition, cloth, Is.; gilt, edges, 1s.

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