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The foreign licensing program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration serves to promote and utilize foreign patent rights vested in the Administration. The objective of this program is to extend the patent coverage on valuable NASA-owned inventions to various foreign countries in order to further the interests of United States industry in foreign commerce, to enhance the economic interests of the United States, and to advance the international relationships of the United States.


Listed in this booklet are abstracts of various NASA-owned inventions which are available for foreign licensing in the identified countries in accordance with the NASA Foreign Patent Licensing Regulations, published on August 18, 1966, in 31 Federal Register 10958-10959, now 14 CFR 1245.400 et seq., and are reproduced on page 1. Requests for additional information of the invention or information regarding applications for license for a specific invention should be directed to the NASA field installation address printed on the page on which the invention appears. Please be sure to include the title and NASA Case Number of the invention when making your inquiries. Application for a foreign license should be made by completing NASA Form 1531, “Application For Patent License in Countries Other Than the United States”.


Licenses will be individually negotiated and may be granted to any applicant, foreign or domestic, on a nonexclusive or exclusive basis for royalties or other considerations and on such other terms and conditions as are deemed appropriate to the interests of the United States. Preference in the granting of foreign license rights will be

shown to those applicants who have previously been granted a license under the corresponding U.S. patent or patent application.


This publication includes abstracts of those inventions in which NASA owns the principal or exclusive rights and which have been made available for patent licensing in the countries indicated. The corresponding U.S. patent number is also listed. Copies of the U.S. patents may be purchased directly from the U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C. 20231 for fifty cents a copy. Some of these inventions have been licensed by NASA in one or more of the indicated countries.

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