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664. Sewer at Fort De Russy, Honolulu, Hawaii.

665. Sale of real estate at Fort Jackson, Ga.

666. Reconstruction and production, preliminary report. 2 pts.

667. Merchant marine medal act.

669. Bridge across Alabama River, Ala.

670. Bridge across Withlacoochee River, Ga.

671. Bridge across Sulphur River, Tex.

672. To extend time for bridge across Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, Pa.

673. To extend time for bridge across Newark Bay, N. J.

674. To amend law providing civil government for Porto Rico.

675. Vocational rehabilitation.

676. Enlistments in Army.

677. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1922.

678. Additional district judge in southern district of West Virginia.

679. To refer claims of Osage Indians to Court of Claims.

680. Bridge across Mobile Bay, Ala.

681. Bridge across Lake St. Croix near Prescott, Wis.

682. Drainage of Indian allotments of Five Civilized Tribes.

683. Emergency tariff legislation.

704. Extension of Osage trust period.

705. Extension of nonalienation period of certain Quapaw Indian lands.

706. Suspension of war-time laws.,

709. Disarmament.

710. To extend time for bridge across Columbia River near Cascade Locks, Oreg.

711. Bridge across Delaware River between Philadelphia, Pa., and Camden, N. J.

712. Destitute American ex-service men abroad.

713. Reduction of Army to 175,000 men.

716. Residence for American ambassador in London.

717. Amending Federal reserve act relative to notes, etc., of factors.

721. Post Office appropriation bill, 1922.*

722. To place Albert Hamilton on retired list, Marine Corps.

723. Credit for retired Army officers recalled to active duty.

724. Clerical assistance, etc., for Federal Power Commission.

725. Disposition of sugar imported from Argentina.

726. Rural post roads.

727. Payment for homestead entries on Standing Rock Reservation.

728. Exchange of lands by A. A. Bruce.

731. Clerks of District Courts.
732. Declaring Platte River in Missouri nonn

nnavigable stream.

733. Right of way over Government lands for Columbia River Highway.

734. Jurisdiction over boundary waters of certain States.

735. Leasing of coal lands in Alaska.

736. Disposition of certain trust funds by General Land Office.

737. Disposition of boron deposits.

738. Taxable status of lands received in exchange for Oregon grant lands.

739. Redistribution of taxes in District of Columbia.

740. Conveyance of lots on low grounds in Washington, D. C.

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