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ties reaching God. All taken in hand by Him who is there for us. All that is of His own creating He presents. All that is ours, He provides against, by ever being in the presence of God—what indeed we in ourselves are not-" Holiness to the Lord."

Let me name two points in which, as to holy things, there is special failure. We fail in our worship. We fail in our service. As to our worship, have you never in moments of communion heard the Lord's voice, but failed in obeying it. Or have you never professedly breathed desire into His ear and soon after, your soul being out of communion, have you not forgotten your request ? And have you never, being in worship, having joy, love, delight, before Him, so forgotten with whom you were, that your thoughts have gone from Him, and He has been left alone in the place in which you have worshipped ? Ah ! little is there of our worship which, like the fire of the burnt-offering, ascended upwards with acceptance! But how much of “iniquity" is consumed by the fire, and as mere ashes, goes downwards ! All that is not of God-all that is


of self, must be burnt up. When one is singing precious words, and the heart does not respond oh, what ashes! The same with our service-doing anything for the approval of self, or of others, and not as to the Lord, it will all be burned up, and will not stand in that day. Nothing will stand then but what is of God. For the sins of our vice, happily, beloved, there is this crown, this mitre on the brow of our High Priest. But for the service, where acceptable, there are special rewards. There are three crowns spoken of. The crown of glory, the crown of righteousness, and the crown of life. The crown of glory is connected with elders, and evidently has special reference to those who feed Christ's flock. When the chief Shepherd shall appear, they are to receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.

And there is the crown of life, which is connected in Rev. iii. with martyrdom, with those who are "faithful unto death." And then the crown of righteousness, for all who love His appearing. Each one bears a relation to our life, our affections, and our service.

These three crowns remind me of three things far different, connected with service, viz: wood, hay, and stubble. “If any man build upon

this foundation, gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; every man's work shall be made manifest, for the day shall declare it.” Mark, Paul speaks of the wood, hay, and stubble being built on the foundation, as having reference to what we do, as believers. Only the silver and gold, only that which is divine, which is of God, will stand. Stubble speaks of that. which is evidently bad, fit only for the fire; but hay is lovely and beautiful ; how refreshing in life, and how sweet in death; ripe for use, beautiful and lovely apparently-reminding us of merely natural gifts, eloquence, natural affection. All these are of nature ; and if the service consists in these only, it will, like the hay, be fit only for the burning. And then there is the "wood," that which is more than beautiful, something for ornament or use; but however apparently useful, if our services be not of God, they will be burnt up. Oh! when one looks at Him, and sees Him yonder bearing all the iniquity of persuade you, that you are too great a sinner ; but remember, that it is a faithful saying, “that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners-sinners, of whom,” adds the apostle, “I am chief.”

He took the place of the chief of sinners, and he took the place of less than the least of all saints, and he would have added to these that he was, as to himself, an unprofitable servant. He called himself the chief of sinners, because he would magnify the readiness and efficacy of atoning blood ; and he reckoned himself as less than the least of all saints, to magnify the riches of the grace of God. How sweet for you and me to say, “I am all emptiness; but this is all my fulness"; faith takes the fulness which God gives. “Be it unto you according to your faith.” The Lord, beloved, pour richly into your soul the treasures of His peace and love; the Lord give you to know what is His estimate of you, how precious you are in His sight, and how blessed is the scene to which, in Christ, He brings you; for you are where He is, holy before God, righteous, accepted in the Beloved.

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Rise, my

soul! behold 'tis Jesus, Jesus fills thy wondering eyes ; See Him now in glory seated,

Where thy sins no more can rise. There in righteousness transcendent,

Lo! He doth in heaven appear,
Shows the blood of His atonement,

As thy title to be there.
All thy sins were laid upon Him,

Jesus bore them on the tree,
God, who knew them, laid them on Him,

And believing, thou art free.

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