Film History: An Introduction

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The invention and early years of the cinema, 1880s-1904 - The international expansion of the cinema, 1905-1912 - National cinemas, Hollywood classicism, and world war i, 1913-1919 - France in the 1920s - Germany in the 1920s - Soviet cinema in the 1920s - The late silent era in Hollywood, 1920-1928 - International trends of the 1920s - The development of sound cinema, 1926-1945 - The Hollywood studio system, 1930-1945 - Cinema and the state: the ussr, germany, and italy, 1930-1945 - France: poetic realism, the popular front and the occupation, 1930-1945 - Leftist, documentary, and experimental cinema, 1930-1945- American cinema in the postwar era, 1946-1960 - Postwar european cinema: Neorealism and its context, 1945-1959- Postwar european cinema: france, scandinavia, and britain, 1945-1959 - Postwar cinema beyond the west, 1945-1959 - Art cinema and the idea of authorship - new waves and young cinema, 1958-1967 - Hollywood's fall and rise, 1960-1980 - Politically critical cinema of ...

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