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The Federal Farm Loan Act and other acts of Congress relating to farm mortgage loans, together with general provisions of law relative to the Farm Credit Administration, as compiled

in chapter 7 of title 12 of the United States Code

Issued by the

February 1934





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This circular contains all general provisions, by acts of Congress and Executive Order, relating to the establishment and operation of the Farm Credit Administration.

This circular also contains all provisions of the Federal Farm Loan Act and amendments thereto relating to Federal land banks, joint stock land banks and national farm loan associations; together with the provisions of the Emergency Farm Mortgage Act of 1933 relative to loans to farmers by the Land Bank Commissioner, and the provisions of the Federal Farm Mortgage Corporation Act of 1934.

The provisions of the acts of Congress and of the Executive Order contained herein are set forth in accordance with the codification thereof in chapter 7 of Title 12 of the official Code of Laws of the United States of America in Force December 26, 1926, and supplements thereto. Through the courtesy of the Editor in Charge of the Code, it has been possible to include herein the provisions of an Act of January 31, 1934, in the form which will be used in the next supplement to Title 12, of the Code.

In the right margin of this circular, opposite each section which was incorporated in the Federal Farm Loan Act, either originally or by amendment thereto, is printed the number of the Federal Farm Loan Act section in which the provisions are contained. At the end of each section is a parenthetical reference to the act of Congress from which the provisions were derived and to any subsequent amendatory acts. Wherever a section has been affected by the Executive Order which is set forth at the beginning of this circular, reference to the Order is made in the parenthetical statement and note at the end of the section.

The sections and subchapters into which this circular is divided are numbered to correspond with the same material in the 7th chapter of Title 12 of the Code.


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