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Davis' Memoirs of Burr. 2 vols. New York. 1837.
Dawson's Life of Harrison. Cincinnati. 1824.
De Hass' History of Western Virginia.
Discourse of Hon. Wm. R. Smith, Wisconsin.
Duboison's Report of Siege of Detroit. 1713.
Documents relative to laws of Mississippi Company.

Expedition of Braddock ; being extracts of letters from an officer. Lond. 1735. Enquiry into the causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawaue- In

dians from the British interest. Taken from Public Documents.

London. 1753.
Ellicott's Journal, &c. Philadelphia. 1803.
Executive Journals of the Senate. 3 vols. Washington. 1828.
Early Jesuit Missions.
Erie Directory for 1853.

Ford's History of Illinois.
Fremont's Exploring Expedition.
Florida of the Inca, by de la Vega. Madrid. 1723.
Foster's account of Fire in Pittsburgh, 1815.
Filson's Account of Kentucky. London. 1793.
Findley's History of the Whisky Insurrection. Philadelphia. 1796.
Filson's Account of Kentucky in French. Paris. 1785.
Flint's Recollections of Last Ten Years in Mississippi Valley.
Flint's Geography. Cincinnati. 1832.

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Gayarre's Spanish Domination of Louisiana.

Gazette, Missouri. St. Louis. 1811.
Gibbs' Memoirs of the Administrations of Washington and John Adams.
Greene's Facts relative to the Mormons. Cincinnati. 1839.


Hennepin's Louisiana. Paris. 1684.

New Discovery. Utrecht. 1697. Hall's Sketches of the West. Philadelphia. 1835. Holmes' Annals. 2 vols. Cambridge. 1829. Hall's Statistics of the West. Cincinnati. 1836. Histoire General des Voyages. Paris. 1757. Harrison's Address, 1837, in Ohio Historical Transactions. Heckewelder's Narrative. Philadelphia. 1820. Hull's Trial. Boston. 1814. [This volume does not give the evidence.] Hull's Memoirs. Boston. 1824. Hull's Defense. Boston. 1814. Historical Register of United States. Edited by T. H. Palmer. Philadel

phia. 1814.

History of Louisiana. By M. Le Page du Pratz. 2 vols. Paris. 1758.
Historical Collections of Pennsylvania. By Sherman Day.
Hutchins' Geographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, &c.

London. 1778.
Hutchins' Historical Narrative and Topographical Description of Louisiana,

&c. Philadelphia. 178-1.
History of the Conquest of Florida by De Soto. Paris. 1685.—Lond. 1686.
Hall's Memoir of Harrison. Philadelphia and Cincinnati. 1836.
Hunt's History of the Mormon War. St. Louis. 1844.
Hesperian. (Periodical.) Columbus and Cincinnati.
Hall's Wilderness and War-path, in Wiley and Putnam's Library. N. Y. 1846.
Harris' Tour in the West, 1803.
Hildreth's History of the United States,
History of Western Pennsylvania.
Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio.
History of Louisville.
Historical Collections of Louisiana. By B. F. French.
Hunter's Account of Lochry's Expedition.

Indian Wars.
Indiana Gazetteer. Indianapolis. 1850.
Irving's Conquest of Florida.
Independent Chronicle and General Advertiser. Boston.
Imlay's Topographical Description of the Western Territory of N. America.
Indian Treaties from 1778 to 1837. Washington. 1837.

Jefferson's Memoirs and Correspondence.
Notes on Virginia. London.

London. 1787.
Journal of the Federal Convention. Boston. 1819.
Jacob's Life of Cresap.

Keating's Narrative of Long's Expedition.
Kercheval's Valley of Virginia.
Kentucky Resolutions of 1798. Richmond, Va. 1832.
Kilbourn's Gazetteer of Ohio. Columbus. 1837.

La Salle, Spark's Life of. Boston. 1844.
Land Laws of United States. Washington. 1828.
Lettres Edifiantes. Paris. 1781.

Original edition published from year to year.
Lanman's History of Michigan.
Letter to a Friend, giving an account of Braddock's Defeat. Boston 1755.
Letters from an American Farmer, &c. By Hector St. John de Crevecæur.
Loskiel's History of Moravian Missions. London. 1791.
Land Laws affecting Ohio. Columbus. 1825.

Latrobe's Rambler in America. New York. 1835.
Laws of Missouri. Jefferson City. 1842.

Indiana, revised.

Columbus. 1841.
Law's Historical Address at Vincennes. Louisville. 1839.
Life of John Heckewelder, by Rev. Ed. Rondthaler.
Life of Tecumthe.
Lloyd's Steamboat Directory.
Life of Bishop Flaget.
Lapham's Sketches of Wisconsin.
Letter of De Soto to Authorities of St. Jago de Cuba.

Map published by authority of the Lords Commissioners of Trade in 1755.
Magazine Almanac. Pittsburgh.
Mormon History, by Gunnison.
Monette's History of Mississippi Valley.
McBride's Sketch of Miami University,
Map published in London, February 13, 1755.
Marquette's Journal in Thevenot. Paris. 1681.
Marquette, Life of, by Sparks. Boston.
Marshall's History of Kentucky. 2 vols. Frankfort. 1824.
McClung's Western Adventure. Cincinnati. 1839.
Morehead's Address. Frankfort. 1841.
Memoires Historiques sur la Louisiane. Paris. 1753.
Massachusetts Historical Collections. 29 vols. 3 series. Boston. 1806 to

1846. Mante's History of the War of 1754–63. 1772. Probably published at

London. Minutes of the Treaty of Carlisle in 1753. No date of publication. McAfee's History of the War of 1812. Lexington, Ky. 1816. Memoirs on the Last War in North America. Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania. Published by the State. Marshall's Life of Washington. 5 vols. Philadelphia. 1804 and 1807. Martin's History of Louisiana. 2 vols. New Orleans. 1829.

. McDonald's Sketches. Cincinnati. 1838.

1811. 1814. 1821.

Nicollet's Report to the Senate. Washington. 1843.
North American Review. Boston.
New York Historical Collections. 3 vols. New York.
Nile's Weekly Register. Baltimore.
Narrative of the Expedition of De Soto, by Vacca.
Naufragros a Alyar Nunez Cabeza de Vacca.

Ohio Gazetteer.
Observations on the North American Land Company, &c. London. 1796.

Old Journals of Congress, from 1774 to 1788. 4 vols.
Ohio Journals, published yearly.
Obio Canal Documents. Columbus. 1828.
Orr's Narrative of Lochry's Disaster.

Perkins, James H., Assistant Compiler of First Edition Western Annals.
Peck, J. M.,

Second Edition
Pioneer History, by Dr. S. P. Hildreth.
Pollock's, Dr. I., account of Moravians.
Pownall's Memorials on Service in North America. London. 1767.
Present State of North America. London. 1755.
Proud's History of Pennsylvania. 2 vols. Philadelphia. 1797.
Plain Facts. Philadelphia. 1781.
Proofs of the Corruption of James Wilkinson. By Daniel Clark.
Plea in Vindication of the Connecticut Title to Contested Lands West of New

York. By Benjamin Trumbull. New Haven. 1774.
Present State of Virginia, &c. By Hugh Jones. London. 1724.
Present State of European Settlements on Mississippi. By Captain Philip

Pittman. London. 1770.
Pitkin’s IIistory of the United States. New Haven. 1828.

Revised Statutes of Virginia. Richmond. 1819.
Report of the Committee to inquire into the conduct of General Wilkinson,

February, 1811.
Review of the Military Operations in North America, from 1743 to 1756. By

Governor Livingston, of New Jersey. London. 1757.
Ramsay's History of the War, from 1755 to 1763. Edinburgh. 1779.
Relations de la Louisiane, &c. 2 vols. Amsterdam. 1720.
Rogers' Journals, London. 1765.
Renwick on the Steam Engine. New York. 1839.

Silliman's Journal, Vol. 31. New Haven. 1837.
Spark's Washington. 12 vols. Boston. 1837.

Franklin. 10 vols. Boston. 1840.

Life of Morris. Boston. 1832. Stuart's Memoirs of Indian Wars. Stone's Life of Brant. 2 vols. New York. 1838. Smollett's History of England. Stoddard's Sketches of Louisiana. Philadelphia. 1812. Set of Plans and Forts in North America, reduced from actual survey. 1763.

Probably published at London. State of British and French Colonies in North America. In two letters to a

a friend. London. 1755. St. Clair's Narrative of his Campaign. Philadelphia. 1812. Smyth's Travels in America. 3 vols. London. 1784.

Secret Journals of Congress. 4 vols. Boston. 1820.
State of the case relative to United States Bank in Ohio. Cincinnati. 1823.
Sparks' Life of La Salle.

Tarver's Western Journal.
Travels in Minnesota.
Thatcher's Lives of the Indians. 2 vols. N. Y. 1832.
Transactions of American Antiquarian Society. Worcester, Mass. 1820.
Tonti's Account of La Salle's Discoveries. Paris. 1687. [Spurious.]
Todd & Drake's Life of Harrison. Cincinnati. 1810.
Travels in North America in 1795, '96 and '97, by Isaac Weld. 2 vol.

London. 1799.
Travels in Louisiana. By Bossu. Translated by J. R. Forster. Lon-

don. 1771. Transactions of Ohio Historical Society, containing Burnet's Letters. Cincin

Dati. 1839.

Universal Modern History. London. 1763.
United States Gazette, edited by John Fenno. Published at New York.

Volney's Views of the Climate and Soil of the United States. London. 1804.
View of the Title to Indiana, a tract of country on the river Ohio.
Voyages, &c., relative to the Discovery of America. Paris. 1841.

Western Reserve Register. 1852.
Whittlesey's Discourse on Lord Dunmore's Expedition. Cleveland.

Cleveland. 1842.
Life of Fitch. (In American Biography, New Series.)
Withers' Chronicles of Border Warfare. Clarksburg, Va. 1821.
Western Monthly Magazine. Cincinnati. 1832, &c. Periodical.
Washington's Journal. Published at Williamsburg, Va. Republished Lon-

don, 1754, with a map. Wetmore's Missouri Gazetteer. St. Louis. 1837. Wilkinson's Memoirs. 3 vols. Philadelphia. 1816. Western Messenger. Periodical. Cincinnati. Western Garland. Periodical. Cincinnati.

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