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1512. Ponce de Leon discovers Florida.

1516. Diego Miruelo visits Florida.
1530. Vasquez de Ayllon kidnaps the natives for slaves.

Pamphilo de Narvaez goes to Florida.
1535. Jacques Cartier enters and explores the St. Lawrence.
1538. De Soto asks leave to conquer Florida.
1539. De Soto reaches Tampa Bay.

De Soto reaches Appalachee Bay. 1540. De Soto in Georgia.

De Soto reaches Mavilla on the Alabama. 1541. De Soto reaches Mississippi.

De Soto crosses Mississippi and rambles westward.

De Soto changes his course westward and southward. 1542. De Soto travels eastward toward Mississippi.

De Soto reaches Mississippi and dies. 1543. His followers attempt to reach Mexico by land, and fail.

They arrive on the coast of Mexico by water. 1544. De Biedma presents his account of De Soto's expedition to the King of Spain. 1562. Florida settled by French colonists. 1565. Pedro Melandez de Avilez establishes St. Augustine.

Avilez, by order of the King of Spain, exterminates the Huguenots of Florida.

Dominic de Gourges, a French catholic, avenges his countrymen. 1608. Quebec founded by S. Champlain. 1613. Montreal Island settled. 1616. Le Caron explores Upper Canada. 1630. Charles I. grants Carolana to Sir Robert Heath. 1634. First Mission founded on the eastern shore of Lake Huron.

Brebæuf, Lallemand and Daniel, Missionaries, arrive at Lake Huron. 1635. Missionaries visit the Sault Ste, Marie. 1636. St. Joseph, St. Louis and St. Ignatius missions established. 1640. Raymbault and Pigart follow to the West.

envoys first meet North West at the Sault Ste. Marie.

1641. Canadian

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1647. Sieur de Longneville, with a small company, it is said, was at Fox River Rapids.

(doubtful.) 1654. Father Simon Le Moine discovered the Onondago Saline.

Fur traders from Montreal penetrate the Western Lakes. 1659. Two French traders passed the winter on the shores of Lake Superior. 1660. Rene Mesnard coasts the Southern shore of Lake Superior.

Mesnard establishes the missions of Ste. Theresa and Chegoimegon. 1661. Mesnard perished in the forest, of cold and hunger. 1663. Colonel Wood's alleged travels. 1665. Tracy made viceroy of New France.

Allouez founds first permanent station on Lake Superior. 1667. La Salle first arrives in Canada from France.

1668. Claude Dablon and Jacques Marquette plant mission of Ste Marie. 1670. N. Perrot is ordered West by the Intendant to propose a congress of Lake Indians.

Alleged travels of Captain Bolt. 1671. Grand council at the Sault Ste. Marie.

French take formal possession of the North West.

Marquctte establishes permanently the mission of St. Ignatius. 1672. Allouez and Dablon visited Green Bay and all the Western shore of Lake Michigan. 1673. Marquette and his companions leave Mackinac to seek the Mississippi.

Marquette and his companions cross from Fox river to Wisconsin.
Marquette and his companions reach Mississippi.
Marquette and his companions meet Illinois Indians.
Marquette and his companions reach Arkansas.
Marquette and his companions leave on return to Mackinac.
Marquette and Joilet at Des Moines, (as supposed:)
Marquette at and alone about Chicago.

1675. Marquette dies on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

La Salle returns to France. 1676. La Salle again in Canada and rebuilds Fort Frontenac. 1677. La Salle visits France a second time.

1678. La Salle and Tonti sail for Canada.

La Salle and Tonti arrive at Quebec.
La Salle and Tonti cross Lake Ontario.
Persons from New England said to have explored the South West.

1679. La Salle loses his stores in Lako Ontario.

The Griffin sails up Lake Erie through the straits to Huron.
La Salle and his party encountered dreadful storms on Lake Huron.
The Griffin miraculously saved, arrives at Mackinac.
The party weigh anchor and sail to Green Bay.
The Griffin laden and sent back to Niagara.
La Salle with part of his men commences voyage up Lake Michigan.
They reach the head of Lake Michigan and discover the St. Josephs river.
During November build Fort Miamies at mouth of St. Josephs river.
Reinforced by Tonti, they ascend the St. Josephs and cross to Kankakee.

1680. La Salle and his party in Peoria Lake.

La Salle, under great depression of mind, builds and names Fort Crerecaur.
Hennepin sent to explore the Mississippi.
La Salle commences his journey, returning to Canada.
M. Hennepin on the Upper Mississippi.
Tonti commences building Fort St. Louis.
Hostility of the Iroquois obliges Tonti to leave the country.
La Salle returns to Illinois.
Hennepin returns to Canada.

1681. La Salle and Tonti meet at Mackinac.

La Salle a third time goes westward.
La Salle at St. Josephs again.
La Salle goes by Chicago to Illinois river.
La Salle finds Fort Creveccur in good condition.


La Salle goes from Chicago westward
La Salle on banks of the Mississippi.
La Salle descends Mississippi.
La Salle discovers mouths of Mississippi.
La Salle takes possession by process verbal.
La Salle returns to St. Josephs, of Michigan.
La Salle intends to ascend the Mississippi with a colony.

1683. La Salle leaves Illinois for Quebec.

La Salle immediately sails for France, at Rochelle, in December. 1684. La Salle sails from France for mouth of Mississippi.

La Salle reaches St. Domingo.
La Salle sails from St. Domingo for mouth of Mississippi.
La Salle discovers the main land.
The Iroquois place themselves under England.

1085. La Salle in the Gulf of Mexico.

La Salle sends party on shore to go eastward for mouth of Mississippi.
La Salle reaches Matagorda Bay.
Beaujeu sails for France, leaving La Salle in great distress.
La Salle building in Texas; unfortunate.
La Salle in person searches for the Mississippi.

1686. La Salle returns to Matagorda Bay.

La Salle goes again to seek the Mississippi.
Tonti goes down Mississippi to meet La Salle.
La Salle returns unsuccessful.

1687. La Salle leaves for Mississippi the third time.

La Salle sends men to look for stores.
La Salle follows and is killed by those men.
His murderers quarrel and slay one another.
Seven of La Salle's best companions leave the main body.
The seven proceed toward Mississippi, and reach Arkansas.
They reach Fort St. Louis, on the Minois river.
La Salle's death was not published until next year.

1688. La Salle's former companions leave Fort St. Louis, for Quebec.

Thence they sail for France, and arrive at Rochelle, in October.
Population of all French North America, about 12,000.

1689. War of the European alliance.

D'Iberville victorious on Hudson's Bay.

1690. D’Iberville invades English Colony of New York.

1693. Rev. Gravier, a Missionary at Kaskaskia, Illinois.

Kaskaskia founded by Gravier; date unknown.
Cahokia settlement prior to Kaskaskia ; date likewise unknown.

1697. Treaty between France and England, and peace of Ryswick.

1698. D’Iberville appointed Governor of Louisiana.

Bienville appointed Intendant of Louisiana.
Dr. Coxe sends two vessels toward the Mississippi.

1699. D’Iberville at the Bay of Mobile.

D'Iberville enters the Mississippi.
D'Iberville sails for France.
Bienvillo sounds Mississippi and meets English.
Fort L'Huillier built on Blue Earth river, Minnesota.

1700. D’Iberville returns from France.

D'Iberville goes up the Mississippi to Natchez.
D'Iberville sends Le Seur to St. Peter's, in search of copper mine.

1701. De la Motte Cadillac founds Detroit.

D'Iberville founds a colony on Mobile river.
Iroquois again place themselves under England.

1702. Fort built on the Bay of Mobile.
1705. Colony much reduced by sickness.
1706. D’Iberville at Havana on a voyage to France.

Bienville Governor, pro tem.
1707. First grant of lands at Detroit.
1708. D'Artaguette in Louisiana.
1710. Governor Spottswood, of Virginia, explores the Alleghenies.

1712. War between the French and their allies, and the Ottogamie and Mascoutens

Monopoly of Louisiana granted to Crozat.
Tuscaroras admitted in confederacy with Iroquois.

1713. Treaty of Utrecht, leaving boundary between colonies unsettled.

1714. Fort Rosalie (Natchez) commenced.

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