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of the holy Ghost. He is the Lord and giver of life; without him all men are dead in trespasses and fins. He only can quicken and make the soul alive to God. It requires his almighty power, and it belongs to his covenant office. And when he the Spirit of life makes any one free from the law of fin and death, then he is a child of God. He is made to know it, and to believe it: For he has received the Spirit of adoption, whereby he cries Abba, Father. In the sense of this love shed abroad in his heart by the holy Ghost, he begins to rejoice in God, as his God. Trusting to what Jesus is to him, that he has fatisfied for his fins, has wrought out his righteousness, and is now standing in the presence of God for him, he fees himself accepted in the beloved, an heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ. Hereby his heart becomes reconciled to God, and he finds the truth of what is written - We love him, because he first loved

us.". Now he has David's affection, and he can join heartily in singing with him-Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name: Bless the Lord, O my foul, and forget not all his benefits : Who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases: Who redeemeth thy life from de


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struction, who crowneth thee with loying
kindness and tender mercies.

Thus the right singing the praises of
God comes from the Spirit, and it also in-
creases the fruits of the Spirit. It is one
of the appointed means of improving them.
True grace is always operative, and grows
by the fruit which it bears. If the be-
liever be rejoicing, singing will add to his
joy, as it is written “ Is any in a happy
" frame? Let him sing psalmıs;" and that
will make him happier. It is the divine
promise, and cannot fail : he shall increase
his joy in the Lord. Is any amicted?
Psalms will refresh and comfort him :
Paul and Silas fore whipt and put into the
stocks sung a psalm at midnight. The
fulness of the Spirit in the sweet singer of
Israel went out much this way.
most; and praised best of all the saints of
God. He lang in all frames and upon
all occasions : Let us follow his example,
and be speaking much and often to one
another in psalms and hymns and spiritual
songs, seeking thereby to be filled with:
a growing measure of the holy Spirit.

If thou enquirest, how shall I obtain this
inestimable blessing? The command is-
ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye
shall find--whoever is made sensible he
stands in need of the asistance of the holy

He sang

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Spirit is only required to ask, and the promise isi Every one that asketh re“ ceiveth, and he that seeketh findeth : « If a fon shall afk bread of any of you " that is a father, will he give him a 16 stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a 66 filh give him a serpent ? or if he ask an

egg will he give him a scorpion ? If ye " then, being evil, know how to give good

gifts unto your children, how much “ more shall your heavenly Father give 66 the HOLY SPIRIT to them that aik “ him?” How gracious are these words! How encouraging are they to every one, who has any concern about his salvation, to desire the holy Spirit may be given to -him, to enable him to trust in Jesus, and to find the Father's love in him: And they leave every man without excuse, who lives and dies without those blessings, which God has promised to give to every one that asketh.

Whoever is a partaker of the Spirit has a new nature in Christ Jesus, and has a new understanding given him, whereby he is inabled to discern and to judge of spiritual things : For thus runs the proInife“ He shall lead you into all truth :" And the apostle prays for the fulfilling of it to the Ephesians - “May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ the Father of


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“ glory, give unto you the spirit of wisdom " and revelation in the knowlege of him, " that the eyes of your understanding may “ be enlightened." The holy Spirit acts upon men as rational creatures. He does not treat them, as if they were stones or brutes ; but he makes the truths of the gofpel clear to the mind, and desireable to the will. He opens the eyes of the understanding to see the object, and then presents it in its glorious beauty and attracting loveliness. The renewed mind beholds, admires, and loves it, and then animated with this love can sing its praises. Holy men of God in the old testament sung with knowlege. Ignorance was not the mother of their psalmody. They were well acquainted with what they sung The royal prophet says, he employed his understanding in this devout exercise, as well as his harp, and his voice. : Hear him how earnestly he call upon others to extol his beloved Jesus-“ Sing praises to God, “ fing praises; sing praises unto our king,

sing praises : For God is the king of all “ the earth, sing ye praises with under“ standing.” He would have them to mind what they were about, and to understand what they sung; least they should utter lies unto the Lord, or offer to him a facrifice without a heart : Consider


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whom you have to deal with how great and good a God obferve, how you praise him : Engage all your mental powers in this delightful work, that it may be holy, acceptable to God, and a reasonable fervice.

The apostle agrees in fentiment with the pfalmift: For thus he speaks to the Corinthians: “ If I pray in an unknown “ tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my un“ derstanding is unfruitful : What is it “ then? I will pray with the spirit and I 66

will pray with the understanding allo: “ I will fing with the fpirit, and I will

sing with the understanding also.” Singing is unfruitful, unless the understanding go with it. Unless the mind be profited, and God be honored, it is only empty found.

But when we sing by the Spirit, then he will teach us to fing with the understanding also. He will open the subject to us, will give a fixt attention to it, will bring the mind into tune, and will keep us looking at the sense, more than at the found.

Is it fo with thee, O my foul? Enquire carefully. Art thou led by the Spirit in thy singing ?: Does he enlighten thy mind, and guide thee into the knowlege of the subject, in which thou art engaged ? Take heed, and be often examining thyself



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