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are rays of light-Enlighteners, (if I might use such a word, and it is the literal sense of the Hebrew) hymns intended tomanifest the glory of the person, and to shew forth the praises of the work of God Jesus : For light in its various uses in nature is the appointed emblem of the Lord Christ. He is distinguished by this game throughout the old testament; and he applied all the passages to himself in the new, when he declared I am the light of the world -“ I am not only the

creator of light in the material world, “ but also in the spiritual world

dark“ ness covers the earth and gross dark“ ness the people, until I the light of life " arise upon their souls : And when I

come with healing in my rays, in that “ day shall the deaf hear my words, and “ the eyes of the blind shall see out of “ obscurity and out of darkness.”

Jesus gives eyes to see with and, light to see by: He opens the eyes of the understanding and makes fpiritual objects visible : so that, whoever is enlightened with saving knowlege, has it all from him, and it should all lead to him. He is the bright day star - which shines throughout the volume of revelation ; but in no part with clearer rays than in the book of psalms. Here he is exalted


10 G

in his meridian glory : For the whole fcripture does not give greater light into what he was to be, and to do, and to fuffer, his life, his temper, his employment from his tender age until his crucifixion, than is to be found in those divine hymns: Nor are there any more full descriptions of his passion, death, resurrection, ascension, and his kingdom which ruleth over all. In the psalms he himself read and meditated day and night, while he was growing in wisdom and stature. And in them will every true believer meditate, that he may have more of the light of the knowlege of the glory of God, as it shines in the person of Jesus Chrift. ' As the

As the eyes of his understanding are more enlightened with this saving truth he will more happily enjoy in his heart the benefits of the humiliation, and exaltation of the incarnate Jehovah. May this, reader, be thy happy case : may every psalm be as the shining light, leading thee to a growing knowlege of Jesus, and shining on clearer still unto the perfect day.

Zemer is another Hebrew word which the Septuagint translates Psalms ; as a verb it signifies to cut and prune trees, as a noun it is a branch cut off and pruned, and by way of eminence the branch, the

man whose name is the branch, who was known and distinguished by this title in the scripture. He was the ecernal God, and he was in the fulness of time to be made fiesh, and to be cut off, but not for himself.

This was the great transaction in the everlasting covenant " Thus faith the Lord of hosts, Zech. • iii. 7, 8, Behold I will bring forth my « fervant che BRANCH," the promised branch, which was to spring from the root of Jeffe ; and again, Zech. vi. 12, 13 “ Thus fpeaketh the Lord of hosts, « Behold the man whose name is the

BRANCH, and he shall grow up out of " his place and he shall build the tem

ple of the Lord, (in which the God“ head shall reside) even he shall build " the temple of the Lord, and he shall “ bear the glory, and shall sit and shall “ rule upon his throne, and he shall be

a priest upon his throne, and the coun“ sel of peace shall be between them

both," between Jehovah and the branch : For the branch having grown up in his place was in the temple of his body to ratify the counsel of peace : He was to establish it in his life, and to fulfil it in his death, and having by dying conquered death, and him that had the power of death, he was to rebuild the



temple of the Lord, as he said unto the Jews


Deftroy this temple, and in " three days I will build it up."

% Which he fulfilled by building up the temple of his body natural, and thereby he demonstrated that he will in due time perfectly complete the temple of his body myftical, which is his church: For he is a head to all his members. He quickens them by his grace, and actuates them by his influencé. By union with him they live, by communion with him they grow. His Spirit breathes through the church, which is his body, and enables the members to grow up into him in all things, who is the head, even Christ; whereby he teaches them, and it is a great part of their growth, how to acknowlege their obligations with increasing humility to their glorified head. He renders the salvation of Jesus finished upon the crofs the sweet subject of their spiritual song. His dying love they would keep ever in mind; they would have it always warm upon their hearts, and always upon their tongues. His passion on the tree is their never ceasing theme: God forbid, say they, that we should glory, ex, cept in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this they glory, and in this alone, with their voices, and with every musical in


strument, but chiefly with the melody of their hearts, they endeavor to praise him, who was nain and hath redeemed them unto God by his blood. It becometh them well in the house of their pilgrimage thus to sing the triumphs of the worthy lamb: For it is to be in their Father's house the most blessed subject of their endless song, The ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angels, and the great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds, and people and tongues, harping with their golden harps in full concert join in praising the crucified Immanuel. Worthy is the * lamb that was sain to receive power “ and riches, and wisdom and strength, " and honor and glory, and blessing. “ Amen. Hallelujah."

There is another Hebrew word SHER, which the Septuagint conftantly render a song, frequently applied to the psalms It" signifies rule and government, and is used for any principality among men, . Hence it is very properly spoken of him whose kingdom ruleth over all. The prince of peace is one of his high titles. He is called the prince of the kings of the earth-a-prince for ever-of whose government and peace there shall be no end, To this empire he had an unalienable and B 2


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