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ed thou wast under guilt and in great

danger? Waft thou convinced of the exceeding sinfulness of sin, how abominably filthy it made thee in the fight of an holy God-how guilty in the fight of a just God, and how utterly helpless it has left thee in thyself? Did this conviction follow thee? Waft thou made deeply and thoroughly sensible, that thou canst do nothing for thyself, but hasten on thy ruin ? Such is thy captivity to sing all the powers and faculties of thy soul and body are in such bondage to it, that thou canft do nothing but serve it, yea thou art such a willing Nave, that it God leave thee to thyself, thou wilt go on sinning through time, and sinning through eternity.

Didst thou never see thyself in this state? The scripture declares, that thou art by nature a child of wrath-and doft not thou believe the word of God? Are its threatenings an idle tale? What! art thou still aneep in the arms of sin, in the midst of the thunder of the vengeance of God-still dreaming of happiness in the ways of sin, which God assures thee in his word will lead thee to destruction. O desperate delusion! May God deliver thee from it. May the eternal Spirit accompany his own message and send it to thy

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heart-“ Awake thou that sleepest, and " arise from the dead, and Christ shall

give thee light.”

If thou haft been made sensible of 'thy danger, what thinkest thou of Christ? If thou hast seen thyself a loft sinner, who is to fave thee? To whom, or to what doft thou look for help? To man, or to God; to thyself, or to Christ? To thy works, or his ? Is Christ become thine only object ? Examine with care : for there is but one right way to the city of habitation. “ I am the way,” says Jesus. Be assured, there is falvation for thee in no other. Nothing can wash thee clean, but the atoning blood of Jesus. Nothing can justify thee, but his righteousness. His all-fufficient grace alone can keep thee in the way to heaven. He alone can present thee spotless there before the throne. Every other hope will disappoint thee but hope in Jesus. One day all the rest will prove refuges of lies. If thou buildest on them now with confidence, they will fail thee at the bar of God. Thou wilt then find, that other foundation can no man lay, than that is laid, which is Jesus Chrift.

If thou art enabled to build upon this rock, happy art thou. Hail, thou that art highly favored: The Lord is with


thee. He has encouraged thee to place the whole weight of thy salvation upon the work of Jesus, who is Immanuel, the creator and the supporter of all worlds, visible and invisible. Trust in him, and be not afraid : For he is almighty to save. And he has given thee his infallible promises to satisfy thee, that in him thou art safe from all thy fins and from all thine enemies. O how establishing are his own words! Thus he speaketh to thee" Whosoever comech unto me, and hear“eth my sayings, and doeth them, I will “ fhew you to whom he is like : He is " like a man, who built an house, and

digged deep, and laid the foundation " on a rock, and when the flood arose, “ the stream beat vehemently upon that “ house, and could not shake it : For it “ was founded upon a rock.” How happy is thy state! Thou art come to him at his bidding, thou hast heard his sayings, and art doing them in faith : Survey thy fafety and bless the Lord. - Thou art the wise man, who builds on a foundation contrived by infinite wisdom, and supported by almighty power : Tc says the Father, I lay in Sion for a “ foundation, a stone, a tried stone, &c.". The Father chose his co-equal Son, on G


6 Behold,

whom he would build his whole church; he is therefore called an elezt foundation; and sure, as sure as God can make it, his will and word, his arm and love fecure the foundation and every thing built upon it. Try it again and again, and thou wilt find how sure it is. This is another of its divine excellencies it is a tried foundation, none ever built on it and were confounded. Believers have made trial of it in every age, and it always answered their hopes : Indeed how could it fail them! For the divine architect has so strengthened every part of his structure, that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. How precious then is this foundation! «. To them that believe he is pre

cious.”. All the beauties and pleasures in heaven and earth are to be found in his fulness, and in the creature only as a drop out of the ocean. Unsearchable riches are his : So are eternal glories. Bleffed is the man who is living upon this fulness: While he is receiving out of it grace for grace, o how precious is Jesus ! efpecially while he is hoping to receive out of the same fulness the glory that is to be revealed : For he shall not be difappointed of his hope;. because the se righteous hathan everlasting founda

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“ tion.” He is built upon the rock of ages, and is kept there by the power of God. O happy, thrice happy believer. Again survey thy mercies-- see how many—how great they are—to thy body-to thy soul -family, church, national merciesfure and covenant mercies. Who is like unto thee saved by the Lord ? The Father is thine with all his love. The Son is thine with all his salvation. The holy Spirit is thine in all his offices, to comfort, to strengthen, and co fanctify thee, to lead thee fafe by his council, till he bring thee unto glory. And this is also thine with its richest blessings eternal life is the free gift of God to thee through Jesus Christ thy Lord. O what has God done for thee! saved from deserved destruction, and saved with such a falvation, fo wrought out for thee, so secured to thee, and for ever, what could God do more? Now thou hast learned the subject of praise, and canst make sweet melody with these words-" I waited pa

tiently for the Lord and he inclined “ unto me, and heard my cry : He « brought me up also out of the hor“ rible pit

, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings : And he hath put a new G 2


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