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permitted, or whose pursuits have not led them to consult larger works. The author's observation, during a residence of seven years in India at military stations, and during an unreserved and extensive intercourse with officers of His Majesty's, and of the Honourable East India Company's service, has led him to judge that a publication of this nature would be neither unacceptable, nor without its use.

Any merit that may be attached to the present work, must depend on the manner in which its design has been executed, and on the motive with which it is published; the former, the author must leave to the judgment, and the latter, to the candour of the reader.

Bangalore, January 1, 1824



Grotius De Veritate Religionis Christianæ.

Stillingfleet's Origines Sacræ.

Leland's Deistical Writers.

Leslie on Deism.

Bp. Newton on the Prophecies.

Addison's Evidences of the Christian Religion. Paley's Evidences.

Paley's Hora Paulinæ.

Bp. Porteus on the Truth of the Christian


Beattie's Essay on Truth.

Doddridge's Evidences of Christianity.

Scott's Essay on the Internal Evidences of


Campbell on Miracles.

Bp. Douglas's Criterion of True Miracles. Gregory's Letters on the Evidences of the Christian Religion.

Bp. Tomline's Introduction to the Study of the Bible.

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