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Prayers, Thanksgivings, 8c. selected from the Old

and New Testament, and from the Apocrypha. Selected from Jeremiah.

.Page 2 A Prayer of Solomon.

3 A Prayer of the Son of Sirach

5 From the Prayer of Agur...

8 From the Prayer of Judith.

.. 9 From the Song of Judith

..10 From the Prayer of Esther.....

..11 The Prayer of Asa ....

..12 Selected from Ecclesiasticus.

ib. From the same

13 From the same


VOL. 1,


From Tobit.....

Page 18 From the same

.19 The Thanksgiving of Tobit. The Song of Moses.

..22 Selected from Deuteronomy.

...24 The Song of Hannah. ....

...26 The thanksgiving Prayer of David after hav

ing received the gifts which were offered for building the Temple. ..

...27 The Thanksgiving Prayer of David after

Nathan had prophecied to him concerning the establishment of his Throne and the glories to be derived by his posterity from the birth of the Messias who should

spring from his seed..... The Prayer of Solomon at the dedication of the Temple.....

...30 Solomon's Blessing after the dedication of the Temple.

...35 The Prayer of Mordocheas .

..36 Selected from 2 Esdras...

.37 The Prayer of Ezra...

.38 The Prayer of Nehemiah....

.40 The Confession of the Levites...

...41 Daniel's Confession of Sin, and Prayer for the restoration of Jerusalem..

...46 Jonah's Prayer Selected from Isaiah.




The Thanksgiving of Hezekiah on his recovery from sickness ,

Page 50 Selected from Baruch

.52 From the same ...

.53 The Prayer and Confession of Azarius in the midst of the Flames ....

...54 The Song of the Three Holy Children. ......56 Selected from Habakkuk

.59 From the same ...

.60 The Prayer of Mannasses, King of Judah,

when he was captive in Babylon...... .62 Selected from Jeremiah.

...64 From the same ....

.......ib. From the same

...65 Selected from the Lamentations of Jeremiah..67 From the same

.ib. Selected from the book of Job.

.70 From the same.....

..72 From the same

...73 From the same ...

...74 From the same ...

...75 From the same

From the same
From the same
From the same

..83 From the same

...84 Selected from the Book of Wisdom. ...85 Selected from Isaiah....





giddy may, nay doubtless have, moments of devout and religious sensation; but these are transient; they fly off with the first breath of temptation, and are quickly dissipated in more gay and frivolous pursuits ; such occasional feelings, therefore, are of little avail, unless they can be arrested, confirmed, and rendered habitual.

Reflexion and meditation do not find an easy access to the youthful mind; and even those who are further advanced in life are too apt to consider themselves sufficiently informed upon a subject if they discover its general tendency, and conceive that they have derived every possible benefit from it, if they are able partially to discuss its merits, or assent to a general eulogium on its beauties. This may be of little consequence on topics uninteresting in them, selves, or unimportant in their result; but when the principle involves a higher consideration, when it concerns our moral duties, or the claims of religion, it is not by simply admitting their excellence, or concurring in their efficacy, that the errors of mankind will be dispelled, or our own

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