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I. Secretaries of State.....

II. Counselors for the Department of State.

III. Assistant Secretaries of State.....

IV. Second Assistant Secretaries of State.

V. Third Assistant Secretaries of State.

VI. Chief Clerks of the Department of State.

VII. Officers and Clerks of the Department of State.

VIII. Organization of the Department of State.

IX. Diplomatic Service of the United States.

X. Clerks in the Diplomatic Service of the United States:

XI. Classification of Diplomatic Secretaries.

XII. Consular Districts......

XIII. Tariff of United States Consular Fees..

XIV. Disposition of fees and compensation of Consular Agents and Vice Consuls.

XV. Consular Service of the United States....

Consuls-General at Large...

Consular Officers in Argentina, 41; Austria-Hungary, 42; Belgium, 42; Brazil, 42;

Bulgaria, 42; Chile, 43; China, 43; Colombia, 44; Costa Rica, 44; Cuba, 44;

Denmark and Dominions, 45; Dominican Republic, 45; Ecuador, 45; France

and Dominions, 45; German Empire, 46; Great Britain and Dominions, 47;

Greece, 52; Guatemala, 52; Haiti, 52; Honduras, 53; Italy, 53; Japan, 53;

Kongo, 54; Liberia, 54; Mexico, 54; Morocco, 55; Netherlands and Dominions,

55; Nicaragua, 55; Norway, 56; Panama, 56; Paraguay, 56; Persia, 56; Peru, 56;

Portugal and Dominions, 56; Russia, 57; Salvador, 57; Serbia, 57; Siam, 57;

Spain and Dominions, 57; Sweden, 58; Switzerland, 58; Turkey and Domin-

ions, 58; Uruguay, 59; Venezuela,

Consular Assistants....

Interpreters (promoted from Corps of Student Interpreters).

Student Interpreters in China...

Student Interpreters in Japan.

Student Interpreters in Turkey...

Consuls assigned temporarily, unassigned, or assigned to the Department of State...

XVI. Classification of Consuls General and Consuls..

XVII. Biographical Statement Respecting Persons Serving Under Appointment of the Depart-

ment of State, at home or abroad, and the names and last posts of service of Diplo-

matic Officers and Consuls General, Consuls, Consular Assistants, Interpreters, Mar-

shals, and Student Interpreters, who have died or retired from the Service since

January 1, 1906.....

XVIII. Regulations Concerning Precedence of Diplomatic Agents..

XIX. Acts for the improvement of the foreign service, and for the reorganization of the Consular

Service of the United States...


XX. Regulations Governing Appointments and Promotions in the Diplomatic Service

and for the Improvement of the Personnel of the Department of State...

Executive Orders, 149; Information for Applicants Desiring Appointment to

Secretaryships in the Diplomatic Service, 152; Posts in the American

Diplomatic Service, 152; General Information Regarding Secretaries in

the Diplomatic Service, 152; Information Regarding Clerical Appoint-

ments in the Diplomatic Service, 153; Sample Examination for the

Diplomatic Service, 153.

XXI. Regulations Governing Appointments and Promotions in the Consular Service.....

Executive Orders, 157; Regulations Governing Examinations for the Con-

sular Service Promulgated by the Board of Examiners December 13,

1906, 159; Informatiɔn for Applicants Desiring Appointment in the Con-

sular Service, 160; General Information Regarding Consular Officers, 161;

Duties of Consular Officers, 161; Vice-Consular Officers, 161; Consular Agents,

162; Consular Assistants, 162; Clerks in Consular Offices, 162; Student

Interpreters, 162; Marshals for Consular Courts, 162; Compensation of Con-

sular Officers, 163; Traveling Expenses, 163; Examinations, 163 (see also

sample examinations, pp. 153, 163); Sample Examination for the Consular

Service, 163.

XXII. Regulations Governing Interpreters and Student Interpreters in China, Japan, and


Information for Applicants Desiring Appointment to the Student-Interpreter

Corps, 170; Sample Examination for the Student-Interpreter Corps, 163.

XXIII. Board of Examiners for the Diplomatic Service...

XXIV. Board of Examiners for the Consular Service.

XXV. United States Court for China.

XXVI. Despatch Agents....

XXVII. Alaskan Boundary Delimitation Commission and Canadian Boundary Delimitation


XXVIII. International Joint Commission, United States and Canada, under the Treaty of

January, 11, 1909..

XXIX. St. John River Joint Commission.

XXX. Pecuniary Claims, Arbitration Commission, United States and Great Britain.

XXXI. International Fisheries Commission.

XXXII. International Prison Commission.

XXXIII. International Institute of Agriculture at Rome, Italy.

XXXIV. International Office of Public Health at Paris.

XXXV. International Geodetic Association...

XXXVI. Pan-American Committee of the United States.

XXXVII. International Tribunals of Egypt.....

XXXVIII. Permanent Court of Arbitration Provided for by the Convention signed at The Hague

July 29, 1899. ......

XXXIX. Foreign Embassies and Legations in the United States.

XL. Foreign Consular Officers in the United States.




Agt.-Consular Agent.

Com'l Att.-Commercial Attaché. Agt. & C. G.-Agent (Diplomatic) and Consul- E. F. & M. P.-Envoy Extraordinary and MinGeneral.

ister Plenipotentiary. Amb. E. & P.--Ambassador Extraordinary and Int.-Interpreter. Plenipotentiary

Mar.--Marshal. Att.--Attaché.

Mil. Att.-Military Attaché. C.-Consul.

Nav. Att.--Naval Attaché. C. A.-Consular Assistant,

Stud. Int.-Student Interpreter. C. G.-Consul-General.

| V. C.-Vice-Consul.


a Born of American parents residing abroad.
6 Entered the service after examination under Executive order of September 20, 1895.
c Entered the service after examination under Executive order of November 10, 1905.
d Entered the service after examination under Executive order of June 27, 1906.
e Appointed from the Department of State under the provisions of Executive orders.
f Entered the service as Consular Assistant, after examination.
g Entered the service as Student Interpreter, after examination.
h Incomplete returns.
i Entered the service after examination under Executive order of November 26, 1909.
k The Consul-General is also Minister Resident.

I The Consul-General is also Agent (Diplomatic).
m Accredited to Greece and Montenegro.
n Naturalized citizen.
o Accredited to the Netherlands and Luxemburg.
p Appointed by Executive order.
9 Accredited to Roumania, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
7 Date of appointment as Consular Clerk; appointed Consular Assistant July 1, 1908.
s Is also a Consular Assistant.
t Temporary recognition.
u Provisional recognition,




1.-SECRETARIES OF STATE (1789–1916).


Secretaries of State.

Date of commission.

George Washington.....

September 26, 1789.


January 2, 1794.


Do... John Adams,

December 10, 1795.



May 13, 1800.


Thomas Jefferson.......


March 5. 1801.

James Madison..

March 6, 1809.


April 2, 1811.


Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia.

Entered upon duties March 22, 1790. Retired December 31, 1793.
Edmund Randolph, of Virginia...

Entered upon duties January 2, 1794. Retired August 19, 1795.
Timothy Pickering, of Pennsylvania (Secretary of War)..

Ad interim August 20, 1795, to December 9, 1795.
}Timothy Pickering, of Pennsylvania.....

Entered upon duties December 10, 1795. Retired May 12, 1800.
Charles Lee, of Virginia (Attorney-General).

Ad interim May 13, 1800, to June 5, 1800.
John Marshall, of Virginia.....

Entered upon duties June 6, 1800. Retired February 4, 1801.
John Marshall, of Virginia (Chief Justice of the United States).

Ad interim February 4, 1801, to March 4, 1801.
Levi Lincoln, of Massachusetts (Attorney-General)..

Ad interim March 4, 1801, to May 1, 1801.
James Madison, of Virginia...

Entered upon duties May 2, 1801. Retired March 3, 1809.
Robert Smith, of Maryland..

Entered upon duties March 6, 1809. Retired April 1, 1811.
James Monroe, of Virginia..

Entered upon duties April 6, 1811. Retired September 30, 1814.
James Monroe, of Virginia (Secretary of War)..

Ad interim October 1, 1814, to February 28, 1815.
James Monroe, of Virginia...

Entered upon duties March 1, 1815. Retired March 3, 1817.
John Graham (Chief Clerk).....

Ad interim March 4, 1817, to March 9, 1817.
Richard Rush, of Pennsylvania (Attorney-General).

Ad interim March 10, 1817, to September 22, 1817.
John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts...

Entered upon duties September 22, 1817. Retired March 3, 1825.
Daniel Brent (Chief Clerk)....

Ad interim March 4, 1825, to March 8, 1825.
Henry Clay, of Kentucky..

Entered upon duties March 9, 1825. Retired March 3, 1829.
James A. Hamilton, of New York..,

Ad interim March 4, 1829, to March 27, 1829.
Martin Van Buren, of New York..

Entered upon duties March 28, 1829. Retired May 23, 1831.
Edward Livingston, of Louisiana,

Entered upon duties May 24, 1831. Retired May 29, 1833.
Louis McLane, of Delaware,

Entered upon duties May 29, 1833. Retired June 30, 1834.
}John Forsyth, of Georgia..

Entered upon duties July 1, 1834. Retired March 3, 1841.

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