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20-21861-R-12-19-52 USA -93-379-06-201-3048 31

RA189KN 2U

EXHIBIT 2-Continued


Revised, November 24, 1950

1. APPLICATION: These General Conditions are applicable to contracts for the furnisaing.0: materials, supplies and equipuent, including accessories, componeats, spare parts, etc. Where there is a conflict between the stipuler tions set forth in these general conditions and specific concitions set forth in the contract, those of the contract shail govern.

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2. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: All equipneat or supplies furnished under this contract shall comply with tile requirements or the specifications set forth in tie contract and shall be of Manufacturer's 008t noc.ern design, equivalent in 21 respects to products supplied elsewierc. Spare parts (if furnished), shall bo identical to original parts. Points not adequately described by the contracts specifications shall be in accordance with the best commercial practice. Castings, if furnished, c.all be sound, true to patterns, and free from injurious dafects such as warps, twists and blowholes.

3. GURUTY: me Contractor gacrantees that at the time or delivery thereof the Articlus pzoriced under t518 contract will be free frog ang defects in material or workowanship and wiii coaforn to the requirements of this contract. Ptice of any such defect or aonconformance shall be given by the Government to the Contractor one year of the delivery of the defective or nonconfiring article to the Governiunt. If required by the Governnent withia reasonable time after such notice, t'ia contractor sell, with all possible speed, replace or refurnish the defective or nonconforming article or part thereof, and make delivery of such replacing or refuraished article or part thereof F.A.S. Any continental port of the U.S.A. designated by the owne:(.) of the defective er nonconforaing article or part thereof, all at the expense of tho Contractor. This guaranty shall then continue as to refurnishod or replacing articles or parts tereo: until one year after date of delivery. If the Govern:102t does not require replaceacat or refurnishing of a defective or nonconfomag article, the Contractor, 1f required by the Contractini 0710er witain a reasonable tige after the nutice ci deiect or no contornance, shall repay such portion of the contract price of tre article as 18 equitable in the circumstances,

4. TRANSPORTATION TAX, me contractor hereby certifies that no amount for the transportatiou tax 1.posed by Section 3475 0: the Internal Revenue Code, as epended, or trasportation charges Incident to dollvery uplier the coatract, has been included in the prices quoted herein. (See Article 1 (c). c Special Protas Contract merms (7715/49). Tais certi?ication 18, applicable only to shipaents moving iron Contractor's point of skipulen: to destination 2681 med by the General Services saisistration.

5. II:SPECTION 4D TEST: Inspection details will be fur..165cd Contractor by the Inspection Branca, Standards Division, General Services Adainistration, Federal Supply Service, 7th & D Streete, S.X., Washington 25, D.C. All material will be laspucted at Coatractor's plant, prior to and after completion of packing for 6:1pment, and to suc.: standarde, specifications and spacific instructions as appear within tk18 contract. Contractor shall furnish at least onc copy of an invoice, packing 118t, shipplag nemorandum or equally suitable document to the Inspector for certification as to acceptance.

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EXHIBIT 2–Continued

(Inspection and mest, Cont'd.)

GEXERAL CONDITIONS (Revised 11/24/50),

Invoices will not bo paid unless supported by such cortified document.
If a charge for inspection 18 made a part of the cost of articles or ser-
vices and 18 80 stipulated in tho contract, such charges shall govern in
lieu of are statement to the contrary potwithstanding as may be locluded
in Article 6 ož Special Program Contract Terms (July 15, 1949). If the
article be an item of machinery or equipment, the Contracto: sbali, at his
om expense, conduct a complete test of each type of completed article,
including performance test, 18 and whenever required by the Inspector,
and 11 so stipulated in the contract.

6. PAIN ILG I PROW.CSIVE CCATING: (If type of equipment furnishod roguiros

1t). Bright surfacesand surfaces machined to insure precision fit, finished appear ance, or 8000tinness, shall not be painted but aball be protected against corrosive action by a suitable protective coating. ul other metal surfaces which are not normally painted shall be protected ia the same manner.

Protective coating materials shall be 0? types and formulas which will insure quate protection to the surfaces in transit to the final destination. All other equipment parts shall receive one coat of high quality paint before assembly and a second coat after assembly. Parts not accessible for painting after final assembly sball receive two coats of paint prior to assembly. No painting shall be performed prior to inspection unless specificallo approved by the Inspector,

7. OVERSEAS PACKING: ul material furnished under this contract shall be packed for export. Such packing must be sufficient to secure safe arrival at the foreign destination, fully covering such overseas shipping hazards as, rough bandling and possible corrosion due to exposure to salt atmosphere, salt spray, or opez storage. The bidder 18 requested to indicate on separate sheet attached to his bid, a detailed description of the packing he proposes to use, including such items as the type of outer and inner containers, barriors, corrosion resistance, etc., where applicable. These packing provisions, if approved, will form a part of the contract. Befcre any additional charges are incurred for packing requirements, they must be justified by the Inspection Branch and approved by the Contracting Officer, Purchase División, Immergency Procurement service. If 80 approved, an amendment to the contract will be 1ssued.

8. IDINTOICATION: ul parts, 11 shipped unattached or soparately from the basic equipment, also all spare parte, must be identifiod legibly by tags, labels, or Inscription in indelible ink, strictly in accordance with the referenco warks or part numbers of the basic equipment or on the assembly drawings, 1 such are required to be furnished.

9. KARTONS: On vood, plywood, and veneer cases, barrels or kege, .all
warlos wall to applied by atencil with waterproof inks or oil paints, and
those marbo protected against weathering by cloar water-resistant várnish.
On botal or metal containers, marks shall be applied with waterproof oll
paints, Characters ahall be legible and not les8 than l" high, unless ro-
stricted by 1so of package. Vhon motal tags are used they must be rust-
proof. in or terne-coated tags and uncoated steel tage are not considerod
rust-proof and must not be used. Then paper tags are used, they must be from
of rope stock with a minimun thickness of 0.020", meeting the requirements

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EXHIBIT 2-Continued

Markings (Contid.)

GARRAL CONDIMONS (Revised 11/24/50)

of Tag Manufacturer', Instituto Specification No. 20WR or Federal Specification for Tags Out 820. After marks baro been applied to the tag, they sball be coated with cloar varnish. All tags must be #double-eyelet" tags and fastepad at bach end.

Marking requiroments shall be furniabad promptly to the Contractor by Storago and Transportation Division, Imorganoy Procuromont Service, and may or may not include the application of an ICA Eudlon of an appropriate type; shipments wapackaged or in bulk will in no caso roquire the use of such emblem. In addition to the foregoing, applicablo marking loformation may be provided in the contract.

10. SHIPPING EYSTRUCTIONS AND DOCUGNATION: for abipping instructions
and details of docwente required, application wall be mado by the Contractor

Storage and Transportation Division
Thmergency Procuroment Service
General Servicos Administration
7th and D Streets, 8.V.
Yashington 25, D.C.

Documents required shall be distributed as instructed by above, and the minimum requirements will be as follows:

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& Packing 118t or Siripping Memorandum, shall be prepared for each shipment, in the required number of copies, indicating contract identification and Item number(8), contents, gT088 weight and cubic measurement of each saparate container, package, bundle or bulk lot.

ll. INVOICE: Daca original invoice and copies thereof sball show the com-
modity code number specified on the face of the contract.
Each original invoice and two (2) copies therent shall bo forwarded to
Examination Branch, accounts and Reports Division, General Services Adminis-
tration, 7th and d Streete, S.W., Vashington 25, D.C.

Lach original invoice shall have printed, stamped or typed thereon the follow ing certification to be signed by the Contractor's duly authorized representetive with his title indicated. The firm name must be identical to taa: 8a0W on the contract and must appear under the cortification:

"I certify that the above bill 18 correct and just
And that payment therefor has not been received."



TSignature and ritie)

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00. oop n your lavoloe must boar certification of a doporul Sorrows
Adanalıtration Laspootor - to monptando umalrod by Articl. 5 boroof,
or modu panied by a sualdas 100t, abelping memorandon, or equally suitable
doomont bearing such oartilisation. Tor the purpose of dotormining the
data al content portod bagtas, the un mode or vonobor properly cortified',
appoartas in Article 4 of spool Progra Contract Tormi, wang an 11901,
proporly certified by contractor and accompanied by a document doarting to be
oortirioation of a Gonon Berrdcos Atinistration Inspector.


do promptly as possible, and la an event prior to accoptasso by to bolo
Governoat, the Contractor sball fomnard to the proper recolvor troos
Dahod ostbor in the contract or so sapplanontary correspondence or door
mento, Tour (4) copios saab of the following, so far as they apply to
the contract machinery or oquipment:

1. Conoral arrangement Drontaa.
2. Assembly and subsamen bis dramag,
3. Installation drariage abowlag widto and

dimensions of the boardest parts,
4. Blootrio wiring circalt dlagrant and list

of electrical specifications.
5. Lubrication syuton circuit diagrams.
6. Instructions for assembly, orection, oporation

and maintenanc. of the equipment.
1. Cortified tost reports (won required la contract)
8. Performanco curves (wbon roqalred 10 contract)
9. Joundation drawings moving tho load distribution.
10. List at Spare Parts inoluded in this contract.

Tuo onpias mach o. tbo abovo shall be bound, wrapped in waterprnot paper
and phaland with each comploto lot of equipment ahipped. 411 above-mentioned
documents abipped with equipment shall be listed on the packdos list for
the package in which they aro shippod.
13. SUBCONTRACTS: Toroo (3) copies of any unpricod Purchau Ordor for
* Plained prodaot or component issued to a sub-supplier, shall be forwarded
lamediately' to this conoral sorricos Administration, Inspection Division, la
the Region to waloh this contrast to assigned; and cne copy shall be for
mardod imediately to the Storago and Transportation Division, Imorgonoy
Procurement Service, 7th and D Stroete, 8.8., Washington 25, D.C.

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Purchase Branch 2 (DQ) (N) (Code S)

Contract No. GS-OOP-16491 (EC)

Req. No. MSA-93–370–201-2201-3 (Partial) To: General Services Administration, Emergency Procurement Service, Seventh

and D Streets SW., Washington, D. C. The undersigned offers to furnish, at the prices stated, the following:

Recipient country and code: Thailand 93.

Commodity Class Code: 370. Medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations, as specified on continuation sheet No. 2, $392.50.

"This contract has been entered into pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1948 (62 Stat. 137), as amended, Executive Order No. 9943, dated April 9, 1948, and the Mutual Security Act of 1951 (Public Law 165, 82d Cong.).”

“The contractor warrants that the prices quoted herein are not in excess of applicable ceiling prices established by the Economic Stabilization Agency or

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