A History and Revision of the Roses of North America

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1885 - 55 pages
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Page 322 - Lois usuelles, décrets, ordonnances et avis du Conseil d'État, qui les complètent ou les modifient, conformes aux textes officiels, avec une conférence des articles basée principalement sur la jurisprudence...
Page 344 - ... the last; leaflets 5 or 7 (very rarely 9), oblong to oblong-obovate, more or less cuneate at base and often petiolulate, usually glaucous, very finely pubescent beneath or glabrous or somewhat resinous, the teeth usually simple : flowers small, often solitary, the short pedicels, receptacles, and sepals glabrous, or the last subpubescent : fruit globose or broadly ovate, with little or no neck, about four lines broad. — Bull. Soc. Bot. Belg. 15. 452.
Page 322 - Traité de la compétence des juges de paix dans lequel la loi du 26 mai 1838 et toutes les lois de la matière sont développées et combinées avec les principes de droit qui s'y rattachent et les règles de la procédure civile et criminelle.
Page 358 - ... or rarely sparingly toothed, 2 or 3 inches long, on a stout usually reddish petiole 4 to 8 lines long : flowers in dense closely panicled spikes a half-inch long or less, the rounded bracts and sepals purplish ; petals light yellow : fruit compressed-ovate, 2 or 3 lines long, viscid-pubescent. — On hills and mountains, away from the coast, from San Diego to Los Angeles County, the Camillas Mountains in Lower California, and in Southern Arizona ; also on Santa Catalina Island (WH Lyon).
Page 345 - Q to 3 feet high), with slender straight or recurved spines, and sometimes with scattered prickles, or unarmed above : stipules narrow or dilated, entire ; leaflets 5 or 7 (sometimes 9), obovate to oblong or lanceolate, rounded or acute at the summit, obtuse or usually cuneate at base, glabrous or subpubescent above, villous or finely pubescent or glabrous beneath (with the rhachis and stipules), simply toothed often only above the middle, sometimes resinous and serrulate-toothed, sometimes glaucous,...
Page 368 - Cespitose, the short branches of the rootstock covered with the crowded remains of dead leaves, glaucous, rough-puberulent : leaves pinnate with 4 or 5 pairs of short (3 to 5 lines long or less) subequal leaflets, which are pinnately divided...
Page 322 - Traité de la législation des mines, des minières, des usines et des carrières en Belgique et en France...
Page 324 - Virginiensis ; the Virginia Bryer Rose," with "divers as great stemmes and branches as any other Rose, set with many small prickles and a few great thornes among them, the leaves very greene and shining, small and almost round.
Page 369 - Rather slender, 1 to 3 feet high, glabrous or nearly so ; stem simple : radical leaves biternate, the lanceolate leaflets 1 or 2 inches long, sharply and finely serrate, acute or acuminate, the terminal one sometimes deeply 3-cleft ; cauline leaves (1 or 2 or none) similar: umbel solitary, conspicuously involucrate with numerous foliaceous lacerately toothed bracts nearly equalling the rays ; involucels similar: rays short (about an inch long): fruit glabrous, 2^ lines long; vittae solitary in the...
Page 370 - Perennial, very much branched and woody, low (4 to 6 inches high), canesceut : leaves finely silky-tomentose both sides, fascicled and more or less revolute, oblanceolate, acute, attenuate to a short petiole, 2 to 4 lines long: peduncles simple or sparingly dichotomous, an inch long or less, bracteate, the bracts small and foliaceous, linear; involucres herbaceous, solitary, turbinate-campanulate, 6-cleft to below the middle, the lobes erect: flowers few, small (a line long), glabrous, pinkish, the...

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