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Title 10-Energy

(This book contains Parts 0 to 199)




CHAPTER 1-Atomic Energy Commission


Conduct of employees.

Statement of organization and general information.

Rules of practice.

Rules of procedure in contract appeals.

Nondiscrimination in federally assisted Commission programs-effectua-

tion of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Security policies and practices relating to labor-management relations.

Advisory boards.


Public records.

Criteria and procedures for determining eligibility for access to restricted

data or defense information.

Environmental statements operations.

Grand junction remedial action criteria.

Administrative claims under Federal Tort Claims Act.

Notices, instructions and reports to workers; inspections.

Standards for protection against radiation.

Permits for access to restricted data.

Rules of general applicability to licensing of byproduct material.

General licenses for byproduct material.

Specific licenses to manufacture, distribute, or import certain items con-

taining byproduct material.

Specific licenses of broad scope for byproduct material.

Licenses for radiography and radiation safety requirements for radiographic


Human uses of byproduct material.

Export and import of byproduct material.

Radioisotope research support program.

Licensing of source material.

Licensing of production and utilization facilities.

Licensing and regulatory policy and procedures for environmental pro-


Operators' licenses.

Domestic uranium program.

Special nuclear material.

Packaging of radio-active material for transport and transportation of radio-

active material under certain conditions.

Physical protection of special nuclear material.

PART 0-CONDUCT OF EMPLOYEES Subpart D-Restrictions Imposed by AEC Admin-

istrative Decision on Conduct of Employees

Subpart A-General



0.736-1 Policy.

0.735-40 Outside employment and other


outside activity.

Program objective.



Misuse of information.

Responsibilities and authorities.

0.785 4 Definitions.

0.73542 Gifts, entertainment, and lavors.


0.736-5 Basic requirements.

Use of Government property.

0.786-6 National emergency application.

0.735-44 Scandalous conduct.

0.735-45 Employee indebtedness.

Subpart B-Conflict of Interest Restrictions 0.735–46 Gambling. betting, and lotteries.

0.736-20 General.

0.735.47 Handling of funds entrusted by

0.735-21 Acts affecting a personal financial

fellow employees.

interest (based on 18 U.S.C. 208).

0.735-48 Ex parte contacts.

0.735–22 Future employment (based on 18

0.735-49 Employment of persons on ex-

U.S.C. 208).

tended leave of absence from a

0.735–23 Activities of officers and employees

previous employer with reem-

in claims against and other mat-

ployment rights or other benefits

ters affecting the Government

with the previous employer.

(based on 18 U.S.C. 205).

0.735-49a Other proscribed actions.

0.735–24 Receiving salary from source other

Subpart E-Ethical and Other Conduct and Re-

than the United States Govern-

sponsibilities of Special Government Employees

ment (based on 18 U.S.C. 209).

0.735-50 Use of Government employment.

0.735–25 Compensation to employees in

0.735-51 Use of inside information.

matters affecting the Govern-

0.735-52 Coercion.

ment (based on 18 U.S.C. 203).

0 735-53 Gifts, entertainment, and favors.

0.735–26 Disqualification of former officers

0.735–54 Miscellaneous statutory provisions.

and employees in matters con-

0.735-55 Applicable standards of conduct.

nected with former duties or offi-

Annex A-Concurrent Resolution.

cial responsibilities (based on 18

Annex B--Position Categories Requiring

U.S.C. 207).

Statements of Employment and

0.786–87 Appearances by former employees

Financial Interests By Incum.

before AEC.


0.786–28 Confidential statements of employ-

Annex C-Criteria for Determining Positions

ment and financial interests.

or Categories of Positions Listed

0.735-29 Restrictions against owning certain

in Annex B.

security interests upon Regula-

tory staff and other related per-

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part o


Issued under E.O. 11222; 3 CFR, 1964-1965

Comp., 5 CFR 735.104.

Subpart C-Other Restrictions Imposed by Statute

SOURCE: The provisions of this part O ap-
on Conduct of Employees

pear at 31 F.R. 4502, Mar. 17, 1966, unless
0.735–30 Description of statutory provisions. otherwise noted.

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