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The 1970 Edition

This replaces the 1964 Edition and its 14 Revisions.

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Part 8-Termination of Contracts

Subpart 1-Definition of Terms
Subpart 2—General Principles Applicable to the Settlement of Fixed-Price

Type Contracts Terminated for Convenience and to the Settle

ment of all Terminated Cost-Reimbursement Type Contracts Subpart 3—Additional Principles Applicable to the Settlement of Terminated

Fixed-Price Type Contracts
Subpart 4–Additional Principles Applicable to the Settlement of Terminated

Cost-Reimbursement Type Contracts
Subpart 5—[Reserved]
Subpart 6-Termination for Default
Subpart 7-Clauses
Subpart 8—Forms

Part 9Innovations, Inventions, Patents, Data, and Copyrights

Subpart 1—Innovations, Inventions, and Patents
Subpart 2~Data and Copyrights

Part 10—Bonds and Insurance Subpart 1 Bonds Subpart 2Sureties Subpart 3—Insurance General Subpart 4-Insurance Under Fixed-Price Contracts Subpart 5—Insurance Under Cost-Reimbursement Type Contracts Subpart 6—Insurance of Industrial Facilities Under Leases or Facilities


Part 11-Federal, State, and Local Taxes

Subpart 1-Federal Excise Taxes
Subpart 2—Exemptions From Federal Excise Taxes
Subpart 3-State and Local Taxes
Subpart 4—Contract Clauses
Subpart 5—Tax Exemption Forms

Part 12-Labor

Subpart 1–Basic Labor Policies
Subpart 2-Convict Labor
Subpart 3—Contract Work Hours Standards Act
Subpart 4-Labor Standards in Construction Contracts
Subpart 5—[Reserved]
Subpart 6—Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act
Subpart 7–Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
Subpart 8-Equal Employment Opportunity
Subpart 9Nondiscrimination Because of Age


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