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Shoreham, September 30, 1839.) Sir:

Since my report to you of Sept. 29, 1898, I have received of the U. States and deposited in the Arsenal in Vergennes, six hundred and eighty two, (682) common rifles complete, and in good order, being the amount due from the U. States at the close of the year 1837, under an act of Congress for arning the militia of the several Slates, passed Apuil 1508. Besides these, ihe State has sixty-five rifles, making the whole number, seven hundred and forty seven. (747)

Since the date of that repori, I have completed the cleaning and repairing of the arms at Vergennes belonging to the State. The number of muskets, cleaned is fifiy seven hundred and three, (5703) and of rifles sixty-five (65)-atan expense of twenty-one hundred sixty-five dollars and ninety cenis. Four hundred and five of the muskets repaired, were those collected last year by Mr. Slade. The balance, being fifty-six, I believed not worth repairing, and have sold them for ninety-five (95) doilars.

of the arms collected on the east side of the mountain by General Phelps, seven hundred and seventy-two, (772) he caused to be repaired and put them into the possession of Mr. W. E. Trask, of Windsor. These, and the 5703 repaired at Vergennes, are all the muskets belonging lo the state of which I have any knowledge, making sixty-four hundred and seventy-five (6475.)

I have loaned to Capt. Partridge, as reported to you last year, and distributed to the militia of the State, in obedience to your several orders, six hundred and sixty (660) rifles, and thirteen hundred and seventy (1370) muskets. To wit:

MUSKETS. To Capt. Partridge

Col. S. B. Hazletine of 121h Reg't

R. Page, 19th
James Morse, 16th
Nathaniel Davis, 18th
W.J. Shepherd, 20

J. P. Denison, 15th
L. H. George, 21st
J. M. Potter, 1st
R. Smith,
P.J. Washburn, 25th

R. Hickok,

H. Sampson, 6th



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Amounting to 5104 muskets, and eighty-seven (87) rifles, also at Vergennes.

There is likewise at the Arsenal at I ergcnnes, three pieces 6 ponn der iron cannon, 61 powder-horns, aud 60 cartouch boses and belts.

I am unable to make any return of the Ordnance and other military property of the State heretofore distributed to the militia ; nor the amount of monies received for fines or otherwise, or how it has been disposed of, noʻrelurns having been made to me.

I am, Sir,
Very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

DAVIS RICH, Qr. Master Gen. To His Excellency, S. H. Jenison,

Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Vermont.

20 the House of Representatives, now in session :

Your committee on Military Affairs, to whom the report of the Quartermaster General was relerred, having had the same under consideration, beg leave to report, that they find nothing in said report but what is strictly correct, and in accordance with the duties of said Quartermaster General, and in their opinion, ought to be accepted.

J. C. SAWYER, for Commttce.



To His Excellency, Silas H, Jenison :

The undersigned, Bank Commissioner of the State of Vermont, respectfully repor!8, that he has inspected the banks of this State, subject to the provisions of the act regulating the chartering of banks, and finds the condition of those banks to be as follows:


Bills discounted .

89,917 66
Domestic bills or drafts .

45,632 57 Deposites in New-York Banks

45,671 51 u Boston .

3.000 90 Banking-house .

2,442 98 Bank stock .

4,200 00 Bills of other banks,

2,800 00 Specie

9,869 50 Ư. S. Treasury Notes,

5,606 27

--- 209,140 49

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LIABILITIES. Capital stock

30,000 00 Bills in circulation

45,561 00 Due other Banks .

587 00 Profit and loss

1,126 31

77,274 31 Sep,ember 26, 1839.


RESOURCES. Bills discounted

95,013 61 Domestic bills or Drafis

24,984 96 Deposites in Boston Banks

44,274 48 Due on Book

4,047 95 Bills of other Banks .

489 50 Real Estate

1,700 00 Specie

11,239 04

- 181,749 54 LIABILITIES. Capital stock

50,000 00 Circulation

108,958 00 Due Depositers

11,954 54 " Treasurer

453 06 or Safety fund

214 58 “ School fund

200 00 Dividends unpaid .

2,709 00 Profit and loss

7,260 36

181,749 54 October 3, 1839.


RESOURCES. Bills Discounted .

76,215 82 Domestic bills or Drasts

60,238 31 Bills of other Banks

10,157 00 Safety fund .

2,700 00 Deposites in Boston Banks

15,791 78 'Troy City Bank

30,505 48 Due from other Banks

15 07 Specie

5,061 78

- 200,685 24 LIABILITIES. Capital stock

60,000 00 Circulation

118,620 00 Due Depositors .

9,691 18 Dividends unpaid

150 55 Due other Banks

3,567 78 Profit and loss

8,665 73

-- 200,685 24 September 23, 1899,

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