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quirer!, Representative from Virginia, during the Session of Congress 1837-8, proposed that a quantity of land equal to that bestowed upon the new States for the promiotion of Education, should be distributed to the old for a similar purpose. Even this poor boon was not gran. ted. In the opinion of your committee, Vermont should not thus lower her claim. She should insist upon her right, andher whole right.

One of our sister States bas, through her legislatu re, expressed the opinion that "the appropriation of the proceeds of the public lands to the support of the Federal Governinent best effectuates their true pur. pose as a common fund.” It is believed that under a prosperous state of our commercial affairs, the revenjes derived froni customs alone, even after the final reduction which will soon take place, will be more than sufficient for the economical administration of the government. No friend to our agricultural and manufncturing interests can desire to have !hese duties still farther reduced-an increase may be required for their protection. If therefore we would preserve the country from the evils of an overflowing treasury, and preserve the expenses of government within reasonable limits, we must dispose of the proceeds of the public lands. Either the price must be first lessened and the whole be finally surrendered to the States in which they are situated, or the proceeds be divided equally among all the States.

It being therefore in conformity with thie letter and the spirit of the deeds of cession, no: repugnant to the provisions of the constitution, and sustained by considerations of expediency, your committee believe it to be the duty of the Representatives of the people of Vermont to instruct their Senators and request their Representatives in Congress to urge the distribution of the proceeds of the public lands among the States, doing equal justice to all. They accordingly recommend the adoption of the following resolutions.

R. GOWDEY, for Committee.

Resolved, by the Senate nnd House of Representatives, that our Sepators in Congress be instructed and one Representatives requested to use their influence to procure the passage of a law which shall provide for a just distribution among the several states, of the proceeds of the public lands, agreeably to the terms of the deeds of cession," which provide that the lands so ceded, shall be considered as a common fund for the 11ee and benefit of all the United States, meinbers of the Federal alliance" and shall be faithfully and bona fide disposed of for that purpose, and for no other use or purpose whatsoever",

-and to oppose any measure calculated to promote the eventual sur. render of these lands to the Sites in which they are situated, which would be entirely repugnant to the condition of these grants and contrary to that principle of equal and exact justice which should characterize all the dealings of the general government with the several Siales of the Union.

Resolved, by e Senate and House of Representatives, that the Governor be requested to transmit copies of the foregoing tesolution to each of our Sepator3 anil lepresentatives in Cinigrex, anid to each of the Governors of ile States, with the request ibat ibey present it 10 the legislatures of their respective States.



T'o His Excellency, Silas H. JENISON, Governor of the State of Ver.

mont :


The undersigned, Auditor in the Treasury Department, agreeably to the provisions of an aot passed October Soth, 1797, has atiended in the duty of auditing and examining the accounts of Henry F. Janes, Esg. Treasurer of Vermont, from the time he entered on ihe duties of Treasurer, on the 13th day of October last to this 301h day of Septem. ber, A. D. 1839, and reports the following to be a correct statement of the fiscal operations of ihe Department for the time aforesaid.

September 30th, 1339.



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To cast paid Debenture of General Assembly,

$14,468 50 constable of St. George over payment of taxes, 1 00 town of Glastenbury surplus money,

140 82 Supreme and County Coun orders other than to

state's attornies, . . . 17,828 97 trustees of Insane Hospital,

2,000 00 auditor's orders,

8,921 95 Supreme and Co. Court orders to state's atty's 2,576 97 fox certificates,

1,195 75 bears do.

151 00 wolf do.

280 00 crow co.

14 80 cocoon do.

54 66 Judges of Supreme Court in part of 11eir salaries,

$5,214 09 deduct fees in civil suits, 1,293 84----- 3.990 25 on several acts of Legislature,

1.441 99 on military orders,

4,818 40 superintendent of state's prison,

5,000 CO Gov. Jenison balance of last year's salary, 950 CO

" towards this year's salary. 375 00 C.L. Knapp, Sec. of State, half year's salary, 150 CO Geo. B. Manser, Sec. of Civil and Military affairs, one year's salary,

200 00 G. B. Shaw, Law Reporter, balance of salary up to his resignation in July,

641 66 To cash paid'N.Williams, Sec. of Senate, two half year's salary, 275 00

W. Weston, Assistant Sec. two half year's salary, 150 00
F. F. Merrill, Clerk of House, half year's salary, 137 50
J. L. Buck, Assistant Clerk, hall year's salary, 75 00
Oel Billings, Engrossing Clerk, half year's salary; 87 50
for assistance,

62 50 J. A. Vail, Librarian's salary,

75 00 D. Pierce, Auditor's salary,

150 00 « attendance on Legislalure, postage, &c. 58 12 Commissioners of Deaf, Dumb and Blind, 3,416 37 Treasurer and Com. of School Fund salary, 500 00 J. R. Langdon, interest on money borrowed, 459 00 Bank of Burlington, int. "

300 00 Bank of Montpelier, interest on advances,

15 32 Bank of Woodstock, “

4 04 Bank of Bellows Falls,“

12 51 Vergennes, interest on Surplus,

19675 Concord,

203 05 Canaan,

73 46 Williston,

316 69 Lemington,

36 04 St. George,

26 58 Woodford,

77 79 Glastenbury, "

11 62 Marlboro',

174 46 loss on $94 Windsor Bank bills sold,

18 80 Mr. Merrill, tor Vermont State Bank bills, A. L. Miner, clerk, half year's salary,

137 50 panther certificates,

40 00 To balance in the Treasury,

6,238 31 $77,863 86

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Cr By cash rec'd of A. Wardner, former Treasurer,

$12,853 36 of Pike Davis,

9 00 for safety fund,

3,175 26 of several State's Attorneys,

2,749 11 of Clerks of Supreme and County Courts, 83-2 91 for taxes, principal,

45,967 39 for interest on arrearages of taxes,

587 32 of A. B. Young, Sup. State House, balance, 301 11 of Farmers' Bank,

603 56 of Bank of Vergennes,

624 00 of Bank of Caledonia,

222 00 of Bank of Rutland,

240 00 of Bank of Orange County,

1,140 00 of Bank of Burlington,

732 16 of Farm. and Mech. Bank,

840 00 of Bank of Middlebury,

592 50 of Bank of Montpelier,

594 92 of Bank of St. Albans,

120 00

By cash rec'd of Bank of Brattleboro',

632 76 of Bank of Woodstock,

400 00 of Bank of Manchester,

620 00 principal of school fund noler, 1,750 05 interest on school fund notes, . 2,041 45 for pedlars' licences;

484 00 11,557 40 By Bank Commissioner's fees included in Auditor's orders, transferred to Safety Fund,

180 00 By cash received of quartermasters in milita,

151 00

$77,869 86 The Auditor further reports, that the amount of taxes now in arrear, exclusive of $1,016 of old arrearages, supposed to to be unavailable, and exclusive of interest, to be thirty-nine thousand three hundred and thirty-five dollars and seventy cents. Your Excellency's most obedient servant,




SAFETY FUND, 30th Sept. 1839.

Rec'd from each Bank as follows, viz: Bank of Middlebury,

$2,700 00 Bellows Falls,

2,035 42 Woodstock,

2,036 46 Orleans,

1,172 00 Newbury,

2,023 96 Manchester,

2,465 21 Essex,

825 00 Brattleboro',

1,012 50 Farmers' Bank,

1,755 05 Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank,

1,418 75

-- $17,444 85 Interest rec'd on notes previous to Sept. 30, 1838,

$621 69 Interest rec'd on notes the past year. 357 34

$979 03. Interest charged the State, Sept. 30, 1887, 521 71

1838, 575 67
1839, 839 92
- 1,997 95 2,916 38

20,361 28 The charges upon the Fund up to the 30th Sept. 1838 amount to

048 50 Since that time,

180 00

1,128 50

19,232 73 or which sum there is on loan to individuals 3,219 42 To the State of Vermont,

16,013 31

- $19,232 78 HENRY F. JANES, Treasurer.

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