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1602. Increasing limit of expenditures for hearings before Public Works Com-

mittee, Senate.
1603. Conveyance of lands in Park County, Wyo., to Wyoming.
1604. Making Virgin Islands eligible for grants under hospital construction pro-

visions of Public Health Service act.

1605. Providing for establishment of Fort Vancouver National Monument in


1606. Providing for suspension of annual assessment work on mining claims held

by location in Alaska.

1607. Issuance of stamp commemorative of William Allen White.

1608. Supplemental Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill,


1609. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1949.*

1610. Establishing Navajo-Hopi Indian Administration.

1611. Issuance of patent in fee to Pearl 8. Loukes.
1612. Sale to Crow tribe of interests in estates of deceased Crow Indian allotteos,


1613. Disposition of lands on Cabazon, Augustine, and Torres-Martenez Indian


1614. Federal works administrator to lease for commercial use space in Lafayette

Building in D. C.

1615. Extension and improvement of post office facilities at Los Angeles, Calif.

1616. Making appropriations for Government corporations and independent ex-

ecutive agencies, 1949.
1617. Survey of space leased by Federal Government.
1618. Issuance of patents for lands in Monroe County, Mich.
1619. Amending Trading with the enemy act relative to return of heirless un-

claimed property.
1620. Revision and enactment into law of title 18 of United States Code, entitled

Crime and criminal procedure.

1621. Navy Department appropriation bill, 1949.

1622. Establishment of Independence National Historical Park.

1623. Codifying and enacting into law title 3 of United States Code, entitled The


1624. Transfer horses and equipment owned by Army to 4 military institutions

for use in ROTC programs.

1625. Federal antilynching act.

1626. Foreign aid appropriation act, 1949.

1627. Issuance of stamps commemorative of 300th anniversary of Annapolis, Md.

1628. Conveying land in Ouachita National Forest to Oklahoma.

1629. Authorizing Canadian vessels to service Hyder, Alaska.

1630. Relief of Alfonso Felici.

1631. Relief of Jose Babace.

1632. Relief of certain Basque aliens.

1633. Relief of Gracy Mariluch.

1634. Relief of Engebert Axer.

1635. Relief of Wisis Paryzenberg.

1686. Relief of Milo Jurisevio and othen.

1637. Relief of Chung Kwai Lui.

1638. Relief of Frantisek J. Pavlik.

1639. Relief of Edmund Huppler.

1640. Relief of Elsie P. Light.

1641. Amending sec. 332 (a) of Nationality act of 1940, rel. to application for

naturalization, to correct error.

*Corrected print.


1642. Relief of Growers Fertilizer Co.

1643. Relief of George C. Williams.

1644. Relief of William R. Ramsey.

1645. Relief of Dennis Stanton.

1646. Relief of Sumner County Colored Fair Association.

1647. Relief of Petrol Corporation.

1648. Relief of William J. Burns International Detective Agency.

1649. Relief of sundry residents of Alaska, veterans of World War II.

1650. Relief of Anthony Arancio.

1651. Relief of Kam Fong Chun and others.

1652. Relief of Hiro Higa and Kana Higa.

1653. Relief of estate of Vito Abarno.

1654. Relief of James W. Adkins and Mary C. Adkins.

1655. Relief of legal guardian of Rose M. Ammirato.

1656. Relief of estate of Rudolph M. Goepp, jr.

1657. Relief of Loraine Thomsen.

1658. Relief of Jenness C. Thomas.

1659. Relief of Sarah L. Cregg.

1660. Relief of Rosella M. Kostenbader.

1661. Relief of Joseph M. Henry.

1662. Relief of Aubrey F. Houston.

1663. Relief of William C. Reese.

1664. Relief of Douglas L. Craig.

1665. Relief of Gerald S. Furman.

1666. Relief of John Watkins.

1667. Relief of Horace J. Fenton.

1668. Amending Civil service retirement act to provide annuities for law enforce-

ment personnel.
1669. Amending act regulating salaries of teachers and other employees of D. C.

Education Board.
1670. Increase in salary rates of teachers, school officer, and other employees of

D. C. Education Board.

1671. Cost-of-living increase in salaries of policemen and firemen in District of


1672. Increased pensions for widows and children of members of Police and Fire

Departments of D. C.

1673. Reimbursement to District of Columbia by private enterprise requiring

special police and fire assignments.

1674. Amending act to regulate practice of optometry in D. C.

1675. Amending act to provide for insanity proceedings in D. C.

1676. Additional inspection fees for Barber Examiners Board for District of


1677. Issuance of license to practice chiropractic in D. C. to Samuel O. Burdette.

1678. Investigate matters relating to District of Columbia parking lots.

1679. Amend act of July 6, 1945, rel. to postmasters' salaries.
1680. Civil service benefits for certain disabled veterans of World War II.
1681. Issuance of stamps commemorative of Juliette Low, founder of Girl Scouts

in U. S.
1682. Loan to United Nations to finance construction of permanent headquarters

in United States.

1683. Continuing authorization for appointment of 2 additional Assistant Secre-

taries of State for 1 year.

1684. Transfer to United States Section, International Boundary and Water Com-

mission, portion of Fort Brown.


1685. Amending Civil service retirement act relative to annuities for surviving


1686. Issuance of stamps commemorative of 50th anniversary of organization of

Rough Riders.

1687. Amending act of June 19, 1934, providing for establishment of National


1689. Relief of Richard T. Charett.

1689. Relief of Alamo Irrigation Co.

1690. Relief of Adney W. Gray.

1691. Relief of James D. Sigler and Frederick P. Vogelsand, 3d.

1692. Relief of Winona Machine & Foundry Co.

1693. Relief of guardian of Robert L. Threatt.

1694. Relief of Frank A. Constable.

1695. Relief of estate of David J. Janow.

1696. Relief of Thomas A. Hanley.

1697. Relief of Carroll C. Garretson.

1698. Relief of Mary H. Overall and Thomas I. Baker.

1699. Relief of E. Brevard Walker, trading as E. B. Walker Lumber Co.

1700. To refer to Court of Claims bill for relief of Elizabeth R. Pendleton,
1701. Amending Servicemen's readjustment act so as to establish secondary mar-

ket for veterans' loans.

1702. Assistance to schools overburdened with war-incurred or postwar national-

defense-incurred enrollments.

1703. Assistance to Republic of the Philippines in providing medical care and

treatment for certain veterans.

1704. Amending Public Health Service act with respect to minimum allotment to

States for hospital construction.

1705. Amend sec. 11 of act approved June 5, 1942, relative to Mammoth Cave

National Park.

1706. Correct error in act establishing Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial


1707. Prohibiting mailing of propaganda disseminated by foreign agents unless

source is identified.

1708. Reclassify salary grades for clerks in air-mail field railway post offices.

1709. Making imported beer and similar imported liquors subject to internal-


1726. Delaware River Joint Bridge Commission to fix tolls for transit over bridges

across Delaware River.

1727. States to disregard certain income received by blind persons in determining

need for assistance.

1728. Coordination of emergency and relief activities of Federal agencies in dis-

aster areas.

1729. Relief of Chester 0. Glenn.

1730. Relief of G. C. Hedrick.

1731. Relief of Otto Kraus, receiver of Neafie & Levy Ship & Engine Building Co.

1732. Relief of Moore Dry Dock Co.

1733. Imposing time limitation upon filing of claims under sec. 17 of Contract

settlement act of 1944.

1734. Veterans' Administration to convey land to Washington County, Ark.

1735. Issuance of stamps honoring Moina Michael, originator of Flanders Field

memorial poppy idea.

1736. Reimbursing James & Phelps Construction Co.

1737. Relief of Ellen Hudson as administratrix of estate of Walter R. Hudson.

1738. Relief of Gabel Construction Co.

1739. Reimbursing Luther Bros. Construction Co.

1740. Attorney General to adjudicate claims resulting from evacuation of persons

of Japanese ancestry.

1741. Stimulating exploration, development, and production from domestic mines

by private enterprise.

1742. Amending Trading with the enemy act, creating War Claims Commission,

and providing relief for certain internees.

1743. Amending Reconstruction Finance Corporation act relative to disaster


1744. Relief of Pauline Holland, widow of Robert V. Holland.

1745. Extension of time for claiming credit or refund with respect to war losses.

1746. Marital deduction, for estate-tax purposes, in case of life insurance or an-

nuity payments.
1747. Pensions for certain widows of veterans of Spanish-American War, Boxer

Rebellion, and Philippine insurrection.

1748. Relief of George Bailey.

1749. Relief of Ella L. Browning.

1750. District court of U. S. for Hawail to hear claims of executors and trustees

of estate of L. L. McCandless.

1751. Relief of Cypress Creek drainage district of Arkansas.

1752. Relief of Charles M. Davis.

1753. Reimbursement of Hawaiian Dredging Co., Ltd.
1754. Relief of Cannon Valley Milling Co.
1755. Providing for ocean transportation service to, from, and within Alaska

until Mar. 1, 1949.*

1756. Amend Migratory bird hunting stamp act relative to fees.

1757. United States relations with international organizations.

1758. Supplemental independent offices appropriation bill, 1949.

1759. Authorizing State Department to perform consular services for German

nationals in U. S.
1760. Increase authorized appropriation for statue of Commodore John Barry

to be presented to Eire.

1761. Bridge across Rio Grande near Hidalgo, Tex.

1762. Bridge across Rio Grande near Rio Grande City, Tex.

1763. National Military Establishment military functions appropriation bill,


•Corrected print.


1764. Permanent appointment in Army and in Air Force of one general each and

in Navy of one admiral.
1765. Amend Officer personnel act to extend time before which certain admirals

and generals must be reduced in rank.

1766. Instruction to Filipinos at Naval Academy.

1767. Creation of 10 professional and scientific positions in National Advisory

Committee for Aeronautics.

1768. Relative to negotiations with Canadian Government concerning construc-

tion of railroads in Alaska, eto.

1769. Second deficiency appropriation bill, 1948.*

1770. Printing revised edition of Cannon’s procedure in House of Representatives.
1771. Establishment of Pensacola National Monument.
1772. Acquisition of land along Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway from Smoot

Sand & Gravel Corporation.

1773. Housing act of 1948.

1774. Amending National housing act rel. to veterans' housing.

1775. Investigations of Expenditures in Executive Departments Committee. 8


1776. United States relations with international organizations, legislative activ-

ities, 80th Congress.

1777. Postmaster appointments under civil service. 2 pts.

Oorrected private

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