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a Regional

Originating in A. Requisitions originating in Denver office for field requirements that are Denver &

to be returned to Denver for procurement. The Central Supply Services Returned to

Office, Denver, will forward an original and three copies of each requisition Denver

to the office where fund accounts are maintained. The original, after

prevalidation, shall be returned to the above office, attention 810. Originating in B. Requisitions originating in Denver office for field requirements that are Denver &

sent to the Regional Office for procurement. The Central Supply Services Referred to

Office will mail an original and three copies of Form 7-702 to the Regional Field

Office. The Regional Director will designate the procuring office and
arrange for prevalidation of the original, and necessary distribution of

copies. (See Paragraph 1.2.4.) Originating in C. Requisitions originating in field offices that are to be forwarded to Denver Field for

or Washington for procurement action. When aning office desires the Denver Denver Action

or Washington offices to perform procurement, the original of Form 7-702
will be forwarded to either the Supply Services Division, Denver, attention
810, or to the Commissioner, attention 800, whichever is applicable. (See

Paragraph 1.2.4.)
Originating in D. Requisitions originating in field that are retained in the field for
Field for

procurement action. An original prevalidated requisiton shall be forwarded Field Action

to the office to perform procurement functions. FILE ..7

Offices performing procurement functions, resulting from requisitions NUMBER-- originating in design offices (Denver or field), shall upon receipt of Form 7-702, CROSS

assign to it a file number (Purchase Order or Invitation), which shall be used REFERENC- to identify all related documents. All procurement documents should also bear ING-

a cross reference to the requisition number. The requisition will be screened SCREENING by Property Management to determine if the desired items are available on

the project or from other Bureau sources. If the requirement can be filled in
whole or in part from such sources, Property Management will indicate on the
requisition the source of supply for those items and that part which can be
filled before forwarding or returning it to the procurement office. (See Chapter

2.2, Volume XX.) PROCURE- ,8 Copies of supply documents resulting from specific delegation of procurement MENT

to field offices by the Central Supply Services Office and those resulting from DOCUMENTS design work that has been delegated to field offices by the Chief Engineer will FURNISHED be forwarded to the Chief Engineer, Denver, attention as indicated. This is in CHIEF

accordance with General Order 1756, September 26, 1949, which requires: ENGINEER

A. Request for Purchase. Two copies of all requests for purchase, originating

in field design offices and resulting from work delegated by the Branch of Design and Construction to field design staffs, attention 211. When any of the items listed on these requests for purchase are to be furnished from warehouse stocks or surplus, two additional copies of such requests, with source of supply indicated thereon, attention 211. When requests for purchase which are delegated by the Central Supply Services Office in Denver for field procurement can be filled in whole or in part from warehouse

stocks, notice in duplicate identifying the items so supplied, attention 211. B. Purchase Order. Two copies of all purchase orders resulting from requests

to purchase included in Subparagraph A above, attention 211. C. Invitation for Bid. Forms 32 and 33. Immediately on issuance, five copies

of all Forms 32 and 33, complete with all supporting papers and any supplemental notices to bidders resulting from the requests for purchase included

in Subparagraph A above, attention 212. D. Abstract of Bids Received as Result of Invitation Requested on Form 32 or

33. Five copies of abstract of bids received as result of invitations issued on Form 32 or 33 and covering procurements resulting from delegated design work, attention 212, when such abstracts cover items of special design, such as the following:

(1) Electrical machinery and equipment, including power and distribution

transformers; circuit breakers; motors (over 25 hp); generators;



power switching and metering equipment; protective equipment:

PROCUREpower control boards and cabinets; bus structures; and

MENT communication equipment.


FURNISHED (2) Mechanical equipment, including pumps (over 10 cfm); turbines;

CHIEF governors; large valves (over 6 inches); gates (over 2 feet in small

ENGINEER est dimension, including gate frames and guides; cranes and hoists;

freight and passenger elevators; ventilating and air-conditioning
equipment; sewage and water-treatment equipment; boilers and spe-
cial heating or refrigeration equipment; specially fabricated metal
pipe and fittings, including penstocks and outlet pipes; concrete pipe;
air compressors and receivers; and large storage tanks (over 200

(3) Specially fabricated structural-steel items, including towers; steel

framing for buildings and bridges; trashracks; steel supporting struc-
tures for machinery and power equipment installations; and
miscellaneous related items.

(4) Specially designed architectural items, including large doors and

windows, railings, metal partitions, stairs, prefabricated buildings,

and ornamental metalwork.
(5) Purchases of reinforcement steel in excess of 500,000 pounds,

cement in excess of 100,000 barrels, and sand and gravel or riprap

in excess of 100,000 cubic yards, E. Notices of Award on Form 32 Contracts. Two copies of the notices of

award covering all contracts entered into on a Form 32 resulting from the

requests for purchase referred to in Subparagraph A above, attention 214. F. Conformed Copies of Executed Contracts. Two copies of all executed

contracts resulting from requests for purchase covered by Subparagraph
A above, including those on Forms 32 and 33 and any modifications of
such executed contracts, including extra work orders, change orders, or

supplemental agreements, attention 211.
G. Copies of Conformed Contracts Where Inspection at Other Than Point of

Receipt is Involved. Whenever inspection of items covered by contracts
referred to in Subparagraph F above is required at other than point of
receipt, three additional copies of the contract documents referred to in
Subparagraph F above, attention 251, immediately upon award in accord-
ance with instructions contained in Chapter 7.2 of Volume X and

Paragraph 1.1.12 of this Volume.
H. Receiving Reports. One copy of all receiving reports resulting from

requests to purchase included in Subparagraph A above, attention 211. .9 Copies of procurement documents, in addition to those required for other

purposes, to be furnished project procurement offices:
A. Procurement offices undertaking procurement for other offices shall

promptly forward to the latter offices, via their Funds Accounts Offices, a
copy of each of the following documents and related correspondence. In
order to facilitate prompt delivery, these copies should be plainly marked
for the attention of the

(name it)

procurement office.
(1) Invitation to Bid (Form 32 or Form 33) on the same day and date it is

distributed to prospective bidders.




(2) Contract or Purchase Order. If the contractor is given advance

notice of the award of contract, a copy should also be forwarded to
that office.

(3) Notice identifying the items furnished from storehouse stock or

Bureau excess.

(4) All correspondence relating to the procurement action.



PURCHASE *.10 When a Project, Area, or District Office is unable to perform procurement for

the articles, equipment, materials, or supplies required, the requisition should be submitted to the Regional Office. If the requirements cannot be met by that office, the requisition shall be forwarded to the Supply Services Division, Denver, for appropriate action.*





Lists of available property (serviceable property for which the accountable
office has no foreseeable need) are distributed periodically to offices of the
Bureau and to all agencies of the Department of the Interior. Procurement
Officers shall maintain a current file of these lists, indexed for ready ref-
erence. This includes both property within the Bureau and property from
other Government agencies.
Lists of excess property may occasionally be made available to Bureau
procurement offices by other Departments of the Federal Government and by
General Services Administration Supply Centers. Excess property lists should
be utilized to the full extent possible,



Lists of excess property from holding agencies, submitted to the Chief,
Surplus Property, Federal Supply Service, are available both at
Washington, D. Č., and at the Supply Centers in the areas where the
property is located.



Items shall be obtained from available or excess lists, in preference to other CHECK sources where practicable, after considering the cost of transportation, LISTS FIRST handling, time required for delivery, etc. Requisition, Form 7-702, shall be used in all instances to initiate action for USE the transfer of available or excess property. Requisitions shall be processed REQUISIin the same manner prescribed in Paragraph 1.2.7 of this Volume and

TION. Chapter 2.2 of Volume XX. If the procurement of available or excess property FORM 7-702 may involve the expenditure of funds, prevalidation as to the availability of funds shall be obtained as required by Volume XXIV, Part 45. The requisition should show:

1. Location of property, if known
2. Items and quantities wanted
3. Method of shipment
4. Prices
5. Delivery time, etc.

ORDERING Procurement Officers shall use Purchase Order, Form 7-711, in ordering

THE available or excess property.

PROPERTY A. In ordering available property, purchase orders shall be forwarded as Ordering directed by the office which circulated the property involved.


Property (1) The available property list numbers, date, or other identifying

information, items and quantities wanted, prices, time for delivery,
etc., shall be shown on the purchase order.




In ordering excess property, purchase orders in quadruplicate shall be
forwarded to the appropriate General Services Administration Supply
Center or to the office designated on the excess property list.
(1) The number and date of declaration on which the property is listed,

name of declaring agency, items and quantities wanted, prices,
time of delivery, etc., shall be shown on the purchase order.

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