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Illus, 4 Par. 17.5.3E
Sheet 1

ADJUSTMENT OF COMPENSATION Adjustment of Compensation. For use with Form B order for changes where adjusted compensation cannot be agreed upon in advance.

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Reference is made to Order for Changes No.

pursuant to Clause No. 2 of Contract No. dated
for furnishing

under Specifications

Your claim dated

for adjustment of
compensation for Describe briefly items in order)
has been considered, and you have been found to be entitled to the
following adjustment:

(a) For furnishing (Brief description) required by item (No.) of Order for Changes No.

your claim is found to be allowable and the amount due under the contract will be increased by the lump sum of

(Use additional subparagraphs as required.)

(Last lettered subparagraph) Your claim for additional
compensation chargeable to superintendence, general expense,
and profit, and amounting to 10 percent of the actual necessary
cost of the work performed, is found to be allowable and the
amount due under the contract on this account will be increased
by the lump sum of ...

Illus, 4 Par. 17.5.3E


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The total adjustment of compensation to be made under the contract on account of the changes ordered is a not increase of

(Statement that: No additional time, or that time in the amount of so many calendar days, is allowed in performance of the contract by reason of the changes.

Very truly yours,

(Contracting Officer)



(Contracting Officer) Bureau of Reclamation


Dear Sir:

Adjustment of the amount of compensation due under the contract and/or in the time required for its performance by reason of the changes ordered above is satisfactory and is hereby accepted.

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1. Article 1 of the above-titled contract provides that deliveries shall be made as stated in the schedule of Specifications No. that is, within calendar days after date of receipt of notice of award of contract. Paragraph of the specifications prnvides, in the event of refusal or failure of the contractor to make shipment within the afore-mentioned period of time, or any extension thereof, that liquidated damages of $

will be charged for each calendar day of delay.

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2. Notice of award of contract, which was mailed to the contractor
was received by it on

thus Pizing the date for completion of all work under the contract as

Inasmuch as paragraph of the specifications provides that the period of time allowed for shipment will be exclusive of any time in excess of calendar days required for the approval of drawings, and it has been determined that there was a total of calendar days of such time, a new completion date of is therefore established. All work under the contract was completed on

thereby resulting in a total delay of calendar days.


(Set forth all facts regarding each delay. Use as many aumbered paragraphs as necessary.


From the foregoing statement of facts, the following findings

are made:

(a) All work was completed and final shipment made on

thereby resulting in a total delay of

calendar days beyond the contract completion date of


Illuis. 5 Par. 17.5.3E
Sheet 2


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In accordance with the provisions of paragraph of Specifications No.

the time for performance of the work under the contract is hereby extended calendar days beyond the contract completion date of


A copy of these findings of fact will be transmitted to the contractor for its information, with attention being invited to the right of appeal as provided in paragraph of the specifications. The appeal, if made, should be addressed to the Secretary of the Interior and be forwarded to the (Contracting Officer) for transmittal to the Secretary within 30 calendar days.

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