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If I had ever met the giant Cormoran, I should have made a point of agreeing with him in his literary opinions.-Esther Lyon...

It is difficult for a woman ever to try to be anything good when she is not believed in—when it is always supposed that she must be contemptible.Esther Lyon.


Harold Transome.-I see you can be ardent in your admiration.

Esther Lyon.— Yes, it is my champagne ; you know I don't like the other kind.

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One likes a 'beyond' everywhere.Esther Lyon.


There are new eras in one's life that are equivalent to youth-are something better than youth.-Harold Transome.


It is rather too much for any man to keep the consciences of all his party.Harold Transome.

The difference between Liberal and Liberal, as you and I know, is something like the difference between fish and fish.-Harold Transome.

A ready tongue may do a man as much harm as good in a court of justice. He piques himself on making a display, and displays a little too much. --Harold Transome.

I have heard it said, a bridge is a good thing-worth helping to make, though half the men who worked at it were rogues.Harold Transome.


Mr. Nuttwood.I cannot but think it a snare when a professing Christian has a bass voice like Brother Kemp's. It makes him desire to be heard of men ; but the weaker song of the humble may have more power in the ear of God.

Felix Holt.Do you think it any better vanity to flatter yourself that God likes to hear you, though men don't ?

Mr. Nuttwood.—Mr. Lyon may understand you, sir. He seems to be fond of your conversation. But you have too much of the pride of human learning for me. I follow no new lights.

Felix.Then follow an old one. Follow the light of the old-fashioned Presbyterians that I've heard sing at Glasgow. The preacher gives out the psalm, and then everybody sings a different tune, as it happens to turn up in their throats. It's a domineering thing to set a tune and expect everybody else to follow it. It's a denial of private judgment.




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