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Raymond, II. J. and the New York press. A. Maverick Rector's daughter. A Bowman

Gd 6-23884
Db 10-21590 Rectory of Valehead. R. W. Evans Lb 6-23767
Raymond, R. W. Mines aud miniug of the rocky Red Eric. R. M. Ballantyne

Ge 9-22387
mountains, the inland basin and the Pacific slope. Red gauntlet. W. Scott

Ib 2-18058
V. Y., 1871

Nc 1-22473 Red men of the Ohio valley. J. R. Doige Ch 10-19050
- Mines, mills and furnaces of the Pacific states and Red river expedition. G. L. Huyshe. Df 8–19360

territories. N. Y., 1871. 80 Nc 1-23925 Red tape and pigeon hole generals as seen from the
Raymond's heroine

Gf 4-20550 ranks during a campaign in the army of the Po-
Raynal, Abbé. Philosophical and political history of tomac. Phil., 1864

Cd 4-19093
the settlements and trade of the Europeans in Redburn. H. Melville

Fc 10-18892
the West Indies. Lon., 1788. 8 v. 89

Redding, C. Personal remın inescences of eminent men.
Dh 10-20171
Lon., 1867. 3 v.

Dd 9-18166
Rays from the east, or illustrations of the Holy Scrip. Redmond. W. Carleton

Gc 4-24239
tures derived principally from manners, customs, Reed, A. No Fiction, a narrative Fe 11-19570
rites and antiquities of eastern nations. Lon., Reed, A. J. Shipbuilding in iron and steel, a practical
u. d. .

Dh 7-22514 treatise giving full details of construction, pro-
Rays of light. J. Philip

Ee 8-223291 ces of manufacture and building arrangements
Reach, A. B. Claret and olives, from the Garonne to with results of experiments on iron and steel,

the Rhone, or notes, social, picturesqne and and on the strength and water tightress of riv.

legendary by the way. Lon., 1812 Di 6-23454 eted work. Lon., 1869. 80. Gb 19-18207
Read, II. The hand of God in history, or divine provi. Reeves, J. History of the English law, from the time
dence illustrated in the extension and establish-

of the Romans to the end of the reign of Eliza-
ment of christianity throughout the world. Ph., beth, with notes and an introductory dissertation,
D. d.

Ca 4-18716 &c., by W.F. Finlason. Lod., n. d. 3 v. 80
Reade, C. A terrible temptation Fc 6-19311

Bb 4-18262
Reading. Cox, E. Arts of writing, reading and speak.

Reflection. B. Hofland

Gd 1-22574

Hc 11-18851 Reflex insanity. Storer, H. R. Causation, course, and
Pycroft, J. A course of English Kb 2-21906


Ga 4-17837
Stephen, J. Desultory and systematic Hd 6-11552 Reform. Cox, H. Reform bills of 1866 and 1867
Readings. Carpenter, J. E. Ed. Popular readings

Ka 3-21091

; F. Ön international reform Bi-5-21533

He 13-19323
- Fleming, J. Readings for winter gatherings Reformation. Blunt, J. H. Reformation of the church

Ge 1-22413
of England

Ee 10-194 43
Hentz, C. L. Flowers of elocution Kd 7-23609 - Collette, C. H. A reply to Cobbett's history of the
Hvod, T Ed. Cassell's illustrated readings

Protestant reformation

Ee 10-18176
Lb 1-21867 - Corderoy, E. English reformation and Cranmer
Monroe, L. B. Ed. Readings, public and parlor

Hd 6-11560
Hb 13-18596 -Cumming, J. Luther and the:

HD 6-11544
Routledge, E. Modern, speaker and reciter

D'Istria, La C. de. Switzerland the pioneer of the
Kd 7-23750

Ee 10-18176
Real folks. Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney Fa 12-10339 Gordon, J. Champions of

Ee 13-23814
Realities of Irish life. W. S. French Ha 13-18446 Knox, J. Reformation in Scotland Ef 13-22333
Reason. Smee, A. Instinct and reason Ld 1-21635 Krasinski, Count V. Rise, progress and decline of
Reason and revelation, E. Mellor

Hd 6-11555
reformation in Poland

Ee 12-20249
Reason why. Domestic science, affording intelligible - Rooker, A. Precursors of the English
reasons for the various duties which a housewife

Hd 6-11551
has to perform. Lon., n. d. Gb 7-21934 Spalding, M. J. Protestant reformation in Germany
The family save-all, a system of secondary cookery, and Switzerland

Ee 10-20102
&c. Lon., n. d.
Gb 7-21935 Refugee. B. Drew

Ka 4-21963
Reavis, L. C. Thonghts for the young men and women Regency of Anne of Austria. M. W. Freer
of America. N. Y., 1871
Lb 3-21628

De 12-21516
Receipt books. Beasley, H. The druggists receipt Regent's daughter. A. Dumas

Gf 4-20552

Gb 5-21742 Regicides sheltered in New England. C. Robbins
Wright, A. s. Book of 3000 practical receipts

Cc 6-13660
Gb 7-21869 Reginald Archer.' A. M. Crane Seemuller Ff 4–18425
1. Book of household management Reginald Dalton. J. G. Lockhart

Fe 6-19276
Gb 7-19495 Reginald Hastings. E. Warburton Gf 3-20566
Recess studies. A. Grant
Id 14-18282 Reid, C. Mabel Lee

Fe 6-22162
Reclus, E. The earth, a descriptive history of the Morton house

Gf 3-21247
phenomena of the life on the globe, trans. by the Reid, M. Boy hunters

FC 2-18531
late B. B. Woodward, and ed. by Henry Wood- Boy tar

FC 2-18526
ward. N. Y. and Lon., 1871. 2v. 8°

Bruin, the great bear hunt

FC 2-18534
Ea 8-18483 Bush boys

FC 2-18528
Recollections of an actor. W. Donaldson

Cliff climbers

Fc 2-18533
Hb 14-20400 Desert home

FC 2-18536
Recollections of my life. Maximillian I. Di 8-18303 - Forest exiles

FC 2-18529
Recollections of Oxford. G. V. Cox Hc 13-18981 Plant hunters

FC 2-18532
Recollections of past life. H. Holland Dd 9-23728 Quadrupeds

Ge 6-22159
Record of the Boston stage. W. W. Clapp

Ran away to sea

FC 2-18527
Kd 7-21627 Young voyageurs

FC 2-18530
Records of the chase. C. Tongue
Mc 7-21657 Youug Yagers

Fc 2-18535
Records of a route through France and Italy. W. R. Reid, T. The works of, now fully collected with pre-

Di 11-21729 face and notes by Sir W. Hamilton. Ed., 1863
Recreations of a sportsman. Lord W. Lennox

2 v.

HC 6-19113
Mc 7-20 109 Reigning belle. Ann S. Stephens

Ff 8-19390
Recreations of Christopher North. J. Wilson

Reindeer, dogs and snow-shoes. R. J. Bush
Hd 14-18300 & 18928

Dh 6-19019
Rector and the doctor's family. Mrs. M. O. W. Oli Relations of religion and art. W Pollock
Fe 6-19275

Hd 6-11559


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Relics of literature. S. Collet

Ha 3–17556 Rennie, D. F. Peking and the Pekiogese during ibe
Religio-Medici. T. Browne

Le 7-22231 first year of the British erobassy at Peking.
Religion. History and Philosophy,

Lon., 1865. ? v.

Dh 5-2013,
- Bascom, J. Science, philosophy and religion. Rennie, G. Practical examples of modern tools and

Hc 7-18495
machies. Lon., 1842. 80

La 3-20876
- Bray, Anna E. Revolt of the protestants of the Rennie, Jas. Architecture of birds.

Ion., n. d.
Ed 2-21957

Ib 5-1312
- Bunsen, c. C. J. Philosophy of history applied to Domestic habits of birds. Lon., 1846 Ib j-1334.
Ib-4-19025 Faculties of birds. Lon., 1848

Ih 5-611
Calvin, J. Institute of the Cliristian religion

Insect architecture. Lon., 1849

Ib 5-1993
Ef 9-18245 Jasect miecellanies. LOD., 1818

IL 5-10640
Clarke, J. F. Ten great religions Ed 10-18728 Insect transformations. Lun., 1849 Ib 5-1333
Deane, J. B. The worship of the serpent

Rennie, John. Walker, Wm. Memoire I c !-16!
Eg 11-20338 Report of the chicf engineers

Evelyn, J. History of religion Es 13-21717 Representation and representative goverument. Bailey
Gardner, Rey. J. The faiths of the world

S. The rationale of .

Bi 5-2017
Ag 1-20639 Hare, T. Election of representativer Bi 5-10
- Jeter, J. B. Campbellism exanıined Ed 10-19503 Maurice, F. D. Representation and educatiou
Mansel, H. L.
Limits of religions thought

Ba 6-1939
Ld 6-21038 Spencer, H. Representative govertiment
Memminger, R. W. What is religion ? Ld 7-23185

lid 11-1120
Moffat, J.C. Camparative history of religion

Sterm, S. Representative goverument ard queries
Müller, M. Science of religion

Ef 12-22550

Ba 4-1
The religions of the world

He 10-19444 See political Science,
- Devotional.

Representative responsibility. II Wallace Eg 9-15:45
- Faber, F. W. All for Jesus

Ld 6-21030 Reptiles. Shaw, G. Zoology. v. 3 Ia 8-10
- Feneloo, F. Spiritual works of . Ef 12-20320 Reresby, Sir J. The travels and memoirs of. À **;

of the government and society in the primer
- Froude, J. A. Calvinism

Eg 9-18579 states and courts of Europe during the tir en
- Moehler, J. A. Symbolism, &c

Ld 3-22004

Cromwell's usurpation. Lon., 1813. 80

- Abbott, J. Young christian . Ef 10-23394 Resolution. A. S. Roe

Boardman, W. E. He that overcometh

Restoration of belief. I. Taylor .

Ex 3-17
Ld 7-23320 Resurrection of the redeemed and bades. J. Bours
- Faber, F. W. Growth in holiness. Ld 6-21031

L: 6-2.1
- James, J. A. Possession of spiritual religion Retribution. E. D. E. N. Southworth

Hd 6-11547 | Reuter, F. Seed time and harvest

Gt 3-2.."
Noel, B. W. Revival of

Hd 6-11549 Revelation. Cowles, H. Revelation of John
Simpson, A. L. The upward path. Ld 7-23531

Tucker, Miss C. Whispering unseen Gf 7-22996 Fairbain, P. Revelation of law in scripture

Baring-Gould, S. Origin and development of re-

Macduff, J. R.' Memories of Patmos Eg 10-15
ligious belief. Part 2d

Eg 3-16537 Pond, E. Seals opened, or apocalypse explained
Bremen lectures
LI 7-23370

Eg 10-24
Comte, A. The catechism of positive religion – Hyponoia, or thought on the spiritual understan
Ey 8-20450 of the apocalypse

Eg 11-?..
- Grotius, 11. The truth of the christian religion See Apocalypse, Prophecy.

Eg 3-18100 Reviewers, reviewed. A. H. Stephens
Maccoll, D. Among the masses Ee 12–19504 Revival of religion. B. W. Noel

Hd :-!."
Philip, J. Rays of light

Ee 8–22528 Revivals, ancient and modern. J. Stoughton
Sewell, E. M. Passing thoughts on El 7-18935

- Feiss, J. American religion Ef 10-18725 Revolt of Islam. P. P. Shelley

HI 3-12
Wiuans, Ross. One religion, many creeds

Revolutionary Plutarch, exhibiting the most desta

Ld 5-23749
_ Woolsey, T. D. Religion of the present and of the

guished characters, military and political and to

recent annals of the French republe

Eg 9-18852

1804. 3 v.
See Bible, Buddhism, Christianity, Church, Creed, Friends, Revolutions. Taylor, W.C. Revolutions and insurr.

Tie 13-14
Jews, Mohommedanism, Monasteries, Mythology, tion in Europe
Reformation, Spiritualism, Theology.

-- Vaughan, R. History of revolutions in Euripe
Religion and art. W. Pollock
Hd 6-11559

Cg 12-15
Religion of Rome. F. D. Maurice Lb 5-23528 Reward of patience. F. Knutt
Religions of London. J. E. Ritchie Ed 10-18291 Reynard the fox. A burlesque poem from the

Religions of the world, authentic accounts of the vari- German original of the fifteenth century.
ous faiths and creeds by members of each de-

and N. Y., 1865

HI 6-23
nominations. Lon., 1870

Ee 10-19444 Reynolds, G. W. M. The modern literature of Frar
Religions. See Denominations; Sects.

Lon, 1839. 2 v. 80

Kb 3-:111
Religious philosophy. A. Potter
Mc 1-23822 Rose Foster

Gf 3-1!
- E. Saisset

Ef 9–19134 Reynolds, J. H. Confounded foreigners. Far
Religious sects of the Hindus. II. N. Wilson

Ee 12–20137 Rhetoric. Campbell

, G. Philosophy of Heli-ra
Religious thought in Germany, reprinted by permission - Coppée, H. Elements of

Hc 9
from “The Times." Lon., 1870. 8? Ef 9-18257 Haven, E. O. Text-book of

Hc 13-1;
Reliques of father Prout. F. Mahony Ha 13-18247 Rhine inundation

Ge 7-99
Reminiscences of an officer of Zouaves. Genl. Cler Rhode island. Peterson, E. History of Ce 9.

Ca 3-18914 - Staples, W. R. Annals of the town of Provider
- of fifty years.
M. Boyd
Hc 13-18921

Co 10-27
- of the opera. B. Lumley
Hb 12-17727 Sketches of Newport

Ce 10-1**
Renan, M. Alexander, W. On the kingdom of God Rhododendron and American plants. E. S. Rand
Hd 6-11563

Ec :$$

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Ribbonnan. T. Waters

Gf 1-22933 Ritualism. Berry, G. An enquiry chiefly suspended
Ricci Scipio de Potter, M. de. Memoirs of

upon one of its phases now almost obsolete in
De 14-23738

Ef 12-20612
Rich and humble.' W. T. Adams

Ge 2-22755 - John Wesley in company with high churchmen
Rich blockhea'l. Twiss, R. Miscellanies. v. 1

Ee 8-21392
He 15-12149 See Church of England.
Richard 111. of England. Abbott, J. History of Rivers. W. Arnot

IId 6-11563
De 7-18856 Rob Roy. W. Scott

Ib 2-18044
Richard Hume. G. E. Sargent

Gc 5–18721 Robbins, C. The regicides sheltered in New England.
Richard Peters. P. Curtiss

Gd 4-23995

Lowell institute lecture. Feb. 5., 1869.
Richard Vandermarck. Mrs. S. S. Harris Gf 2-21200

Cc 6-13660
Richardson, A. S. Stories from old English poetry Robbins, s. s. Faithful and true

Ge 8-22270
Fa 8-20204 – My new house.

Gf 7-23240
Richardson, C. J. Picturesque designs for mansions, Roberts, D. Ballantine, J. Life of If 1-22009

villas, lodges, &c., with decorations internal and Roberts, J. On billiards. Lon., 1868 Mc 7-21184
external suitable to each style. Lon., 1870.80 Roberts, R. The purpose of being. E. H. L., 1862-3

Hd 6-11561
The Englishman's house, from a cottage to a mansion. Self-conquest. E. H. L., 1859-60

Hd 5-11558
Lon., p. d.

Ga 11--19232 Roberts, R. H. Modern war; or the campaigns of the
Richardson, F. The Iliad of the East, a selection of first Prussian army, 1870-71. Lon., 1871.
legends drawn from Valmiki's sanskrit poem,

Cm 3-23631
the Ramayana. Lon., 1870 Ha 11-18096 Robertson, J. A. The Gaelic typography of Scotland
Richardsou, J. G. Hand-book of medical microscopy. and what it proves, explained with much histori.
Ph, 1871

Ea 10-16832 cal, antiquarian and descriptive information, Ed.
Richmond, D. Through life and for life Ge 5-23900

and Lop., 1869.

Pe 2-19312
Richmond during the war. Four years of personal Robertson, J. C. Becket, archbishop of Canterbury.
observations by a Richmond lady Cd 4-21381

a biography. Lon., 1859.

De 9-)8182
Rickard, F. 1. The mineral and other resources of the Robertson, W. H. Nature and treatment of gout.
Argentine Republic (La Plata) in 1869. Lon.,

Ion, 1845.

Ga 1-22337
1870. 80.

CI 4-20242 Robertson, W. Brougham, H. Life: Dd 2-5422
Riddle, J. E. History of the Papacy to the period of Robin Hood. Heaton, w'.

Ge 7-22187
the reformation. Lon., 1854. 2 V. Ld 3-23089

Ritson, J. Poems, songs and ballads, relating to
Riddell, Mrs. J. H. A life's assize
Gf 4-20542

Lc 3-20778
Phemie Keller

Gf 4-20541 Robinson, F. An account of the organization of the
Rig Veda Sanhita. A collection of ancient Hindu army of the United States, with biographies

Hymos, costituting the first Ashtaka, or book of of distinguished officers of all grades. Ph., 1848.
the Rig Veda. Transiated by H. II. Wilson.

2 v.

Lon., 1866. So
Ha 3-21208 Robinson, F. w. 'Carry's confession

GP 4-20532
Ryg, J. H. Bible and modern progress. E. H. L.,


Gf 4-20531
Hd 6-11557 Milly's Hero

Gf 5-22046
Right one.
M. S. Schwartz

FF 5-21392
No man's friend

Gf 4-20332
Righted at last

Fe 5-23915
Poor humanity.

Gf 4-20531
Ridgwalt, I.. Encyclopedia of printing, Ph., 1871 Robinson, II. Romance of the Atlantic GE 5-92014

Ad 7-19719 Robinson, Miss J. The gold worshipers Gf 3-20568
H. C. Kerr
Oa 2-21329 The maid of Orleans

Ripley, E. W. Wilson, T. Life

Da 8-4694 Robinson, J. Works of, with a memoir and annota-
Ritchie, A. C. M. Italian life and legends. N.Y.,

tions by R. Ashton. Lon., 1851.
Di 7-17448

Ef 12-20324
Ritchue, J. E. British senators, or political sketches Robinson, J. R. Steam boiler explosions. How they
past and present. Lon., 1869. 80 Dc11-19452

are caused and how they may be prevented
The night side of London. Lon., 1869 Ce 3-18302

Bost., 1870

La 4-20879
The religious life of London. Lon., 1870 89

Robinson, Mrs. Thérèse. (Talvi.) Fifteen years

Fc 4-17795
Ritchie, J. S. Wisconsin and its resources, with Lake Robinson, w. The parks, promenades and gardens of
Superior, its commerce and navigation. Ph., 1859

Paris, described and considered in relation to the
Cb 12-19089

wants of our own cities and of public and pri.
Ritchie, L. History of the Indian Empire and the East vate gardens. Lon., 1869. 8° Ec 5-13545

India company from the earliest times down to The subtropical garden; or, beauty of form in the
the present. Lon. 1848. 2 v. 8° Dh 10-20194 flower garden. Lon., 1871

Ec 2--20164
- Versailles. Lon., 1839. 8?

Cm 1-20333 Robinson, J. Playfair, J. Biographical account
litteulouse, David. Wynne, James. Life Db 3-4903

Ea 3-7459
Reson, J. Annals of the Caledonians, Picts and Scots, Robinson the younger.' J. K. Campe : Gu 1-22582

and of the Strathclyde, Cumberland, Galloway Robsart, Amye and the Earl of Leycester and a history

and Murray. Lon, 1828. 2 v. 8° Le 3-20774 of Kenilworth castle. G. Adlard Dd 12-21141
Robin hood. A collection of all the ancient poems, Roby family. C. Tucker

Ge 8-22242
songs and ballads now extant relative to that Rock-cut temples of India. J. Fergusson
celebrated outlaw. Lon., 1832. 2v. 80

Le 3-20778 Rock light. E. L. Hervey

Fairy tales, to which are prefixed two dissertions on Rockite. C. E. Tonya.

IIJ 4-11182
pignies and fairies. Lon., 1831.

Rocky mountain series. C. Fosdick Gd 6-22764
Le 3-20782

Frank at Don Carlos' ranche.
Letters, to which is prefixed a memoir of the author.

Frank in the mountains.
Luo., 1833. 2 v. 80

Le 3-20776

Frank among the rancheros.
- Life of King Arthur from ancient historians and au- Rodd, T. History of Charles the Great and Orlando,

thentic ducuments. Lon., 1825, 89 Le 3-20780 ascribed to Archbishop Turpin. Lop., 1812. 2
Memoirs of the Celts or Gauls. Lon. 1825. 89

v. in 1

De 13-21496
Lo 3-20773' Rodgers, J. Wilson, T. Life

Da 8-1694
Pieces of ancient popular poetry. Lon., 1533. 8oRodolphus. J. Abbott

Gd 7-22829
Le 3-20781 | Roe, A. S. Resolution

Gf 2-21279

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v. 15

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Rogers, H. Essay on the life and genius of Thomas Romance, continued.
Fuller. Lon., 1861. Trav. Lib.

- of Biography. Mrs. A, M. Jamesun DU 2310)
Cp 3-23103 - of the Charter Oak. W. Seton

Te 1-2011
The Greyson letters. Bost., 1859 Lb 3-21132 - of the Forum, P. Burke

lie 13-19358
Rogers, H. D. Geology of Pennsylvania, a government - of the revolution

Ch 7-23359
survey with a general view of geology of the of Sporting. C. W. Webber

Me 6-23701
United States, essays on the coal formation and of Trade. W. R. F. Bourno

Ka 8-21100
its fossils, and a description of the coal fields of Romances. Hunt, R. Popular romances of the west
North America and Great Britain. 2 v. text, of England

He 13-2017
1 v. maps. N. Y., 1868. 40 Ea 2-18233 – Thoms, W.J. Early English prose romances
Roget, P. M. Thesaurus of Eoglish words and phrases.

Lb 4-2112
Bost., 1876

Ac 2-11768 Romanism at home. N. Murray : Ee 5-19677
Röhner, G. W. A practical treatise on musical compo- Romanoff, H. Historical narratives from the Rus.
sition. Lon., 1854

La 7-23486
sian. Lon, 1871

C: 11-203**
Rokeby. Sir W. Scott
Hf 4–12236 Romantic episodes. A. Vance

Lb 5-23:22
Rolling stone. A. L. A, D. Dudevant Gf 3-20634 Romany Rye, G. Borrow

LA 4-2074
Rolling-stone series. C. Fosdick. Cin., 1871. 3 v. Rome. Antiquties.

Gd 6-22761 · Burgess, Rev. R. Topography and antiquities
Tom Newcombe.
Go Ahead.

No Moss.

- Lumisden, A. Remarks on the antiqulies
Rollo in Geneva. J. Abbott
Ge 9-22398

in Holland

Ge 9-22399
Knight, W. Arch of Titus

Cr 5-20
in London

Ge 9-22395 Rome. History.
in Naples

Ge 9-22400 Browne, R. W. Romo from the earliest ti9.
in Paris

Ge 9-22393
A. D. 86

Cr J-21410
in Rome

Ge 9-22401

Rome from A. D., 96, to the fall of the Westeri
in Scotland

Ge 9--22397

Cr 5-11)
in Switzerland

Ge 9-22394 Congreve, R. Roman Empire of the west Cr 5-242..,
on the Atlantic
Ge 9-22392 Keightley, T. History of

Ca 7-1 -jy
on the Rhine

Ge 9-22396

Keightley, T. History of the Roman enrite
Rollock, R. Select works. Ed. by Wm. M. Gunn. Ed.,

Ca 7-1845

El 13-22326

Decline and Fall.
Roman Catholicism. History.

Gibbon, E. Roman empire, abridged by W. Smith
Cartwright, W. G. On papal conclaves Ee 3–19507

Ca 7-15
- Legge, A. O. Temporal power of the papacy


Ee 4-18440 Stoughton, J. Ancient Rome and clern Lapis
Maguire, J. F.' Pontificate of Pius IX Ee 1-18215

Hd 6-11,
Townsend, Rey. G. Accusations of history agaiast

Bryco, J. The holy Roman empire Ca 7-11344
the church of Rome

Lİ 3-21432 - Hall, N. Land of the Forum and Vatican
History of
Ee 6-19321

Di 11-30
Roman Catholicism. Councils.

Hare, A. J. C. Walks ia Ronie
Bungener, F. Rome and the council in the 9th cen. - Miscellaneous.

E: 1-18425 Davis, W. H. D. Temples, Tombs and Moviment
-- Letters from Rome by - Quirinus Eo 3-18651

Ca 3-1.
Manning, N. E, The Vatican council Ld 4-24235 Phillimore, J. G. Private law among the Punesis
Roman Catholicism. Discussions.

Pa 9.
Hughes, J. and Preckenbridge J. Controversy be. Romer, Mrs. I. F. A pilgrimage to the temples anni

Ld 3-20978

tombs of Egypt, Nubia and Palestine, ll! 3.4
- Manning, R. The shortest


to end disputes about Lon., 1846. 2 v. 8

Ld 4-20992 - The Rhone, the Darro and the Gundalquiver:
- White, A. Confutation of the church of England- summer ramble in 1812. Lon., 1842 2.

Id 1-21114
Roman Catholicism. Miscellaneous.

Romilly, Sir Š. Memoirs of, writien by hitnsell

, wi
Alexander, W. L. lutluence of Romanism

selection from his correspondence earred i
Hd 6-11548
Long, 1540. 3 v. 8

Balluschi, J. Ceremonial according to the Roman Brougham, 11. Historical sketch. Dri?-

Ee 4-20365 Ronaldg. F. Walker, W. Memoirs De 1-16
- Biekersteth, R. Romanisin and second coming of Rondthaler, F. Life of Heckeweller. Ph., 1817.
IIb 6-11552

Db 7-113
Catholic anecdotes

Ld 1-23139 Rooker, A. . Precursors of the English reformat: 1.
Hay, G. The sincere christian instructed

E. H. L., 1852-3.

Hd 6-1!i
L 6-21039 Rookstone. K. S. Macquoid

- Hopkins, J. HI. History of the confessional

Rooper, G. Flood, field and forest Fe 3 19)

Le 1–19695 Root, M. A. Camera and the pencil; or the fielt. :-
-- Acordaire, Rev. Pre. Conferences

L 3-20981

graphic art, its theory and practice in aliis 14.
MacNeile, II. Characteristics of Romanism

rious branches, daguerreotyre, phonar?
III 6-11547
Ph., 1864 .

ki 1-2
Janahan, 1. Triumpli of the Catholic church Rosa. Mme, de Pressensó

Ge 3-22.7.
Ee 3-18189 Rosa Abbott stories. See Parker, R. A.
Vores Catholici, or ages of faith Ld 5-24257 Roga Lindesay

Ge 11
Seymour. M. H. Nature of Romanism Hi 6-11548 Rosalind and Ileien. D. P. Shelley HC 3-2%.
-- Tyler, J. E. The worship of the Blessed Virgin | Rosamond Fano. M. & C. Lee

Ge 3-2:
Te 4-19251 Roscoe, H. Westmister Hall; or professional in.
Wilson, J. Similarity between Judaism and Roman- and anecdotes of the bar, bench and woolesa
Hd 6-11515 Lon., 1825. 3 v.

L6 427
See Atonement, Church history, Covents, Inquisition, | Roscoe, T. Italian novelists, selected from the ..s

Papacy, Popery, Popes, Reformation, Romanism. approved authors in the language from the
Roman imperialism. J. R. Seeley Id 11--18406 en period down to the close of the eighteen
Romauce of the Atlantic. H. Robinson GE 5-22044

century. Lon., 1825. 4v.

Kb 2-3:


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V. 6

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Rose of Arragon. Knowles

Hb 10-17721 Russia, continued. Rose Foster, G. W. M. Reynolds

Gf 3-21422 - Tyrrell, H. History of the present war with Russia Rose Garden (o 4-24216

Cg 12-2 1368 Rose, S. Ignatius Loyola and the early Jesuits. Lon., Russia. Education and society. 1870. 8°.

Ee 4-18199 Gurowski, Count 1. de. Russia and its people Roseville family. Mrs. 1. si Orr' Gel-22416

Di 10-15893 Rose, C. II. Book of cats. Lop., 1868 Lb 4-23218 Russia. Travels and description. - Pretty widow .

Gf 5-22043 Lowth, G. T. Around the Kremlin Di 10-18983 Rossetti, M. F. Shadow of Dante. Lon., 1871

Custine, Marquis de. Russia. Trav. Lib. v.5 Kd 5-23801

Cp 3-23093 Rossini. 11. 3. Edwards, lito of: De 14-23680 Proctor, Edna 1. A Russian journey Di 10-21277 Rositer, W. Elementary hand-book of Physics. Ed., 1571

Ea 4-23606

Wilson, W. R. Travels in Russia. Di 11-21594 Rothsebul'd. C. and A. De. The history and Literature See Crimea.

of the Isralites according to the old testament Russia and Turkey. J. R. McCulloch. Trav. Lib. v. 6 and the apocrypha. Lon., 1870. 2 v.

Cp 3-23094 Ca 11-18693 Russian horn-m'sick. Twiss, R.

Miscellaneous. v. 1

He 15-12149
Contents, -Vol. I. The historical Looks. Russians of the south. S. Brooks. Trav. Lib.
IL Prophetic and poetical writings.

Cp 3-23064
Lb 7-22713 Russians on the Amur.

E. G. Ravenstein
Roughing it. S. L. Clemens
Roughing it in Crete. J. E. FI. Skinner Di 11--23344

Dh 6-18704 Round the block. J. B. Bouton.

Fo 1-19732 Rustic adornments for homes of taste. S. Hibberd Round table. W. Hazlitt. Le 7-22230

Kc 6-20924 Round the world. S. Smiles

Dh 7-23274 Rutherford, D. Walker, w. Memoir De 1-10465 --D. M. Smith

Ge 6-22156 Rutherford, W., et. al. An elementary course of mathRouseau, J. J. Brougham, life

Dd 2-5422 ematics, prepared for the use of the Royal MiliRow, J. Flistory of the Kirk of Scotlaod from 1558 to

2 v.

tary Academiy. Lon., 1853.
Ef 13-22313

Eb 11-8662 Rowcroft, c. The Bushranger of Van Dieman's Land Ruttenber, E. M. History of the town of Vewburgh

Newburgh, 1859.89

Cc 2-17831 Rowley H. The story of the universities' inission to Ruxton, G. F. Life in the far west. Fa 10-19298

Central Africa. Lon., 1867 Ld 6–21176 Ryan, C. Systematic drawing and shading. Lon and Roxburghe library. Lon., 1868-70.

Le 5--20914
N, Y, n. d.

Kc 7-23784
Parig and Vienne, 1 v.

Ryan, R. Poetry and poets; being a collection of the Illustrations of old English manners, 1 v.

choicest anecdotes relative to the poets of every English drama and stage, 1 v.

age and nation. Lon., 1826. 3 v. Le 4-20755 The whole works of Wm Browne, 2 v,

Ryan, W. R. Personal adventures in upper and lower Complete poems of Geo. Gascoigue, 2 v.

California in 1848-9, with the author's experiPoems of Thomas Carew, 1 v.

ence at the mines. Lon., 1850. 2 v.

D 11-16-68 Royle, J. F. and Headlaud, F. W. Manual of materia Ryle, J.C. Baxter and his times. Hd 6-11351 medica and therapeutics. Lon., 1868

Ryle, F.C. The Christian leaders of the last celt'iry,

Ga 7-22316
Wm. de. Saint John, J. A. Life

or England a hundred years ago. Lon., 1869

Ei 2-21897 Dd 1-5113 Ruby Duke.. Mrs. H. H. Potwin

Expository thoughts on the gospels, for family and Gf 2-21498

Eg 5-18311 Rufus, Wm. Strickland, A.

private use. N. Y., 1870. 5 v.
Lives of the bachelor
Sabbath. J. J. Cummins

Hd 6-11335 kings of England

Dd 5-10672 Ruined cities and other pooms. I. B. Spalding

See Sunday.

Sabbath chimes. W. M. Punshon Hf 12-17781

Hf 12-10824
Ruined cities within Numidian and Carthagenian ter. | Sackville, T. Life. British Plutarch.
ritories. N. Davis
Gg 12-20362

Dd 2-5410 Ruins of sacred and historic lands. Babylon, Nineveh, Sacraments. Blunt, J. II. Sacraments and sacramen. Palestine, Egypt, Central America, Italy, &e.

tal ordinances

Eg R-17451 Lon, and Ed., 1853

Cr 4-23362

Faber, F. W. The blessed sacrament L: C-21025 Rule, W. H. History of the Karaite Jews. Lon., 1870

Muller, M. Blessed eurharist

Ca 12-20356
The table of the Lord

Er 7-15103 Runford, Count. 'Walker, W. Memoirs Dc 1-16465 Sacred Latin poetry. Richard C. Trench IT 13-19121 Rupert and the Cavaliers. Memoirs of. E. Warburton Sacred music. J. C'umming

HA 6-11357 Du 12-20600. Sadler, M. F. Abundant life and other servita Rupert Rochester. w. Taylor Gc 5-22091 Y., 1871

E: J-14 Rural studies. D. G. Mitchell

Ec 12-13761

Contents.-Vol. I. Abundant Life. II. Ruskin, J. Lectures on art, delivered before the l'ni- Christ's Resurrection a necessity. versity of Oxford, 1870. Os., 1870.89

Gol's drawing. IV. Work of the writ.
TIC 3-19149

V. Conviction of the spirit. VI.

seriousness. VII. Gol pruperty in 11 s11. Russell

, Lord John. Obstacles which have retarded VIII Trial by faith. IX. (nen wor..
moral and political progress. E. H. L., 1855-6

X. Kingdom of God supernaturai. XI.
Hd 6-11554

(hri-t known only by faith. XII.

speaking with authority. XIII. Givin Russell

, M. Vubia and Abyssinia, comprehending their a part, a part of true worship.
civil history, antiquities, arts, religion, literature Jurginent bezinning at the house of ( pl.
and natural history. Ed., 1863. Cf 11-17628

XV. Salvation of tic mul. XVI. (li.

tian freedom. XVII Joy of forgive Russell, T. O'Neill. Dick Massey

Gf 1-22934

XVIII. The ceny). XIL Re-191.a. y Russell, W. H. Adventures of Dr. Brady

of beirars. XX. Abiding in Chirin--"1

exprition. X X1. Power of GE 5-22066

XXII. Hospital and infraries. Rugsia. History.

tolical orutin. VIIV Romanoff, H. C. Historical narrat.ves from the

principles an l church restoration. Rugsian

Cg 11-20327 Sadlier. Mrs. J. Elicor Preron,
Segur, Gen. Count P. de.' History of Russia

Maureen Dr.
Ob 1-24123 sata. Roger de Beauvoir


V. 3

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