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Poetry, continued.

Pole, W. The theory of the modern scirptiis game ** - Browne, Wm. The whole works of Mc 5-20915 whist. N. Y., 1872 .

Mc 1-2035 - Carew, T. Poems.

Le 5-20921 Police. Colquhoun, P. Police of the metropolis - Chaucer, G. Works. Ed. by R. Bell Kd 2-20926

(2-1918 Crabbe, George. Poetical works Hf 12-18616 McWalters, G. S. Knots united Ba 9-1364. Dixon, J. H. Ballads and songs of the peasantry of Political economy. Ansel, C. Treatise on friend's England

Kd 5-23291

Ka 3-2107S - Fletcher, P. Poems

Ja 8-18786 Bailey, S. A. Critical dissertation on value
Gascoigne, G. Poems
Le 5-20919

Ka 3-23620 - Howard, II. Poetical works

Kd 5--170 Barnes, w. Views on labour and gold - Iloward, H. and Wyatt, T. Poetical works

Ka 42108 Kd 2-20936 Carey, H. C. Principles of

Ka 3-2198 Lover, Sam'l. Poetical works

Kd 4-23707 Colton, C. Public economy for the United States Milman, H. H. Works Kd 3-23030

Ka 3-22031 Morley, 11. The king and the commons

Cooper, T. Elements of

Ka 3-92029 Le 7-22227 - Fawcett, H.

Manual of .

Ba 7-13358 Skeiton, John. 'Works

Kd 2-20899 Fawcett, M. G. Political economy for begioners Ritson, J. Ancient popular Le 3-20781

Ba 7-19372 - Spenser, E. Works

Kd 4-21650

Holbrey, J. Value ; its nature Ka 3-21173 - Watts, A. A. Laurel and lyre Kd 5-23605 Macleod, H. D. Dictionary of

Ag 2-2030 Wesley, John and Chas. Poetical works

Elements of

Ka 3-21971 Kd 3-21396 Newman, F. W. Lectures on

Ka 4-21093 - Wordsworth, Wm. Select poetical works of

Perry, A. L. Elements of

Ka 421031 Hf 7-23481 - Sargent, W. L. Essays of a Birmingham medulur. - Oxford, English prize poems

Kd 5-23223

Ka 3-22013
Percy society publications
Md 6-21460 - Smith, Geo. H. Outlines of

Ka 4-21613 Songs from the dramatists Kd 5-23290 -- Smith, E. P. Manual

Kd 3-23167 Thousand and one gems of English poetry

Sullivan, Sir Edward. Protection to bative industry Kd 5-23256

Ka 3-2104 Poetry: Collections, Gaelic.

Torrens, R. The production of wealth Ka 5-21723 - Poems of Ossian

Kd 1-20885 Tucker, Geo. Political economy for the people PoetryGerman.

Ka 3-22017 - Körner, C. T. Martial and military poems

Vethake, V. Principles

Ka 2-219 De 7-20492 - See Cobden Club Essays, Finance, Industry, Labor. - Mangan, Jas. c. German anthology Kd3-20911 Political Science, Population, Wages, Worsin! Poems by

Kd 2-20904

elasses. Poetry. Iceland.

Political history. Cutts, J. M. History of political para - Icelandic poetry, or the coda of Sacmund


Ba 3-1-43 Kd 2-20903 Political manual. 'J. M. Hiatt

Ka 4-2131. Poetry. Italian.

Political problems for our age and country. W.R. Grex -- Tansillo, L. The nurse HP 12-18673

Ba 3-2043 Latin. Trench, R. C. s.cred Latin HF 13-19121 Political science. Chateanoriand, F. A. de. Monerek Poetry Scandinavian.

according to the charter

Le 5-20843 Buchanan, R. Ballads and stories . Le 7-22232 Cox, H. Antient parliamentary elections Poetry. Spanish

Ka 1-21013 - Garcilasso de la Vega. Works

Hf 7-18615

Grimke, F. Nature and tendency of free institutions Poetry. Miscellaneous.

Ka 1-21594 - Dana, C. A. Household book of poetry

- Kirk, J. Social polities in Great Britian and Irelar Hf 14-18905

Bi 5-21324 - Muer, J.' Our hymns; their authors and origin. Paine, T. Commou sense and Right of man Ha 8-18231

Hd 14-1911 Book of humorous poetry. Ed., n, d, Kd 5-23129 Ramsay, G. Political discourses Ba 3-2015 Library of poetry and song

Kd 5-23685 Whiting, Wm. Var powers under the const tutiu.

of the United States. See Ballads, Bards, FIymns, Literature, Songs and

Ba 3-1811 the names of Poets.

See Church and State, Congress, Constitution, De 1 Poetry and poets. R. Ryan. Anecdotes of

racy, Elections, International reform, Interrt.

Le 4-20755 lion, Parties, Paupers, Prisons, Representat Poetry of the civil war. R: G. White

HC 12-18424 Slavery, Social science, Taxation.
Poetry of the Pentateuch. J. II. Caunter

Political sketches of eight years in Washington. Rol.
Kb 1-24115

Ob 4-2:31 Poetry of the Hebrew Pentateuch. Rev. M. Margoli- Political survey. M. E. G. Duff : Di 5-?!): outh,

Kb 2–21427 | Politique commerciale de la France, ou le Traité .. Poets Browning, E. B. The Greek Christian poets 1860. Avec L'Angleterre. Paris, 1872 and the Eoglish poets Kb 3-21157

Bh 5-Pam Campbell, T. Specimens of the British poets Pollard, E. A. Lee and his lieutenants; comprising .

Kd 4-23386

early life, public services and campaigas of Ger Carv. II F. Evrly French poets Kb 2-23046

Robert E. Lee and his companions in arms. Lives of English poets

Kb 2-23015
Y., 1867

Db 100.22ny, Gore. Persian poets,

Kb 3-23263

- Southern history of the war. Third year of the man Stoddard, R. II. Late English poets Kb 3-23465 N. Y., 1865. 89

Cu 6-15 of Greece E. Arnold

Ha 3-18240 The first year of the war. Richmond, 1862. Poet's Bazaar. Pictures of travel, etc. II. C. Ander

Cd 6-11Di 6-18862

The lost cause. A new southern history of the w. Poet's corner. J. C. v. Beliew

Kd 1-21937

of the confederates. N. Y., 1866. So Point of honor GI 3-20578

Cd -21 Poisson, S. 1), A treatise on mechanics. Lon., 1842 Pollock, W. ' Relations of religion and art. Ε Η 2 y. 80 Pa 1-21726 Lon., 1960-61

Hd 6-11: Pule, Cardinal. Life. British Pintarci.

v. 1

Pollok, R. The course of time ; a poem in ten bow Dd 2-5138 Long, 1828.

Hf 6-19:



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Polly. A village portrait

Gf 5-92067 Porter, Charles T. Review of the Mexican war, emPolo, Marco. Saint John, J. A. Life Dd 1-5413 bracing the causes of the war, the responsibility Book of. H. Youle,

Dh 3-20186
of its commencement, etc. Alb., 1819

Ch 5-17830 Polygamy. Stenhouse, T. B. H. Polygamy in Utah

Lc 4-23592 Porter, David Wilson, T. 'Life Da 8-4694 See Marriage

Porter, Geo. R. The nature and properties of the sugar Polynesia. Russell, M. Historical account of

cane, with practical directions for the improveDh 8-17607

ment of its culture and the manufacture of its Pomeroy, 11. M. Brick-dust. A romedy for the blues. products. Lon., 1843. 80 . Ec 12-20318

Fd 3-20423 Porter, J. L. Five years in Damascus, with travels and Gold dust

Fd 3-20424 researches in Palmyra, Lebanon, the giant cities Pomology Todd, S. E. The apple culturist

of Bashan and the laurân. L., 1870 Dg 6-21148

Ec 8-18388 Porter, Noah. The sciences of nature versus the bci. Pompeii . Adans, w. H. D. Buried cities of Campa- ence of man. N. Y., 1871

Ea 6-21862 nia

Di 11-21894 Portugal. Bollaert, W. Wars of succession of - Clarke, W. Its past and present state

Gg 11-21139 Ib 5-19932

Personal memoirs and correspondence of Col. Chas. Pood, E. Lectures on Christian theology. Bost., 1868. Shaw, comprising a narrative of the war for con85

Er 9-17773 stitutional liberty in Portugal and Spain Seals opened; or the apocalypse explained. Ed.,

De 14-23399 1871

Eg 10-22481 Portuguese literature. MacNeil, H. Characteristics of Pontificate of Pius IX. J. F. Maguire E 4-18215

Hd 6-11547 Pontmartin. A de. Clotilda Gf 2-21195 Posie

Gd 7-22809 Ponton, M. Earthquakes and volcanoes. Their history Post-Biblical history of the Jews. M. J. Raphall

Ca 11-18902 phenomena and probable causes. Long, 1868

Potter, A. Religious philosophy; or, nature, man and

Ea 9-21828 The beginning. Its when and its how. Loo., 1871.

the bible witnessing to God and to religious truth. Ph., 1872. 80.

Pa 4-23822 Ea 8-23164 Poole, J. The comic sketch-book; or sketches and

The principles of science applied to the domestic and

mechanic arts, and to manufacturers and agrirecollections. Lon, and N. Y., 1859.

culture. N. Y., 1860

Ea 6-19660 Hc 13-19456 Poole, Margaret E. Pictures of cottage life in the west Potter, G. R. The instrument of association, a manual

Ka 5-21380 of England. Lon., 1870

of currency. N. Y., 1868 Gf 2-21429

Potter, L. J. A. de. Memoirs of Scipio de Ricci, rePoor and proud. W.T. Adams

Gd 4-22717 former of Catholicism in Tuscany. Edited by Poor humanity. F, W. Robinson.

Gr 4-20511

T. Roscoe. Lon., n. d. 2 v. 80 De 14-23738 Poor Jack. F. Marryat

Gd 2-22604 Pottery. Birch, S. History of ancient pottery
Poor match. H. Parr.
Gd 2-23941

No1-20988 Poor Miss Finch. W. Collins

FI 5-24001 Pottery and porcelain, history of Marryat
Poor priest and other warratives .
Go 4-24246

Gb 5-18216
Poor scholar. W. Carleton.
Gf 7-22916 Pottleton legacy. A. Smith

Gf 2-21781 Poor B. Perley. Congressional directory, 42d con. Potwin, H. K Ruby Duke

Gf 2-21498
gress, 2d session, Currected Jan. 15th 1872. Pouchet, G. Plurality of the human race. Lon., 1964
Wash., 1872
Ck 11-23861

Lc 1-23124 Pope, A. Life. British Plutarch. v. 6 Dd 2-5443 Poultry. Martin, w. C. L. 'Farmer's library. v. 2 Memoirs of the extraordinary life, works and dis

Dk 5-18804 coveries of Martinus Scriblerus. Lon., 1741

Piper, H.' Profitable and ornamental poultry
He 13-20361

Dk 8-23260
Pope of Rome and the Popes of the Oriental Orthodox Poverty, competence and wealth. A. Raleigh
church. C. Tondini .
Ld 4-23343

Hd 6-11562 Popery: Kenrich, F, P. The Primacy of the Apostolic Powell, B. Essays on the spirit of the inductive philSee vindicated

Ld 3-20979

osophy, the unity of worlds, and the philosophy of creation. Lon., 1855

Hd 14-18605
See Roman Catholicism.
Popes. Dollinger, John J. Vau. Fables respecting the Powell, T. The living authors of America. Ist series.
Popes of the middle ages .

Ld 3-23282
N. Y., 1850. 80

Na 3-24262

Power, Tyrone. St. Patrick's éve. Drama Milroan, H. H. Popes of the sixteenth and seven

Kd 7-24125 teenth centuries

Ee 12-20454 Power of example

. J. B. Gough Hd 6-11558 Wiseman, H. E. C. Recollections of the last four Powers, G. W. The story of the thirty-eighth regiment Popes

Ee 4-20451

of Massachusetts volunteers. Cam., 1866 See Pius Vinth.

Cd 4-21656 Popular amusements. E. Corderoy Hd 6-11555

Powers, Stephen. Muskingum legends, with other Popular display of the wonders of nature. Rev. C. C.

sketches and papers descriptive of the young Clarke

Ea 8-21615

nien of Germany and the old boys of America. Popular educator, a complete encyclopaedia of elemen- Ph., 1871

Lb 3-21226 tary, advanced and technical education. Lon. Poynder, J. A history of the Jesuits, to which is preand N. Y., n. d. 6 v. 80

Ic 5-19543

fixed a reply to Mr. Dallas's defence of that Popular fallacies. W. Landels

Hd 6-11553

order. Lon., 1816. 2 v. 80. Ee 4-17591 Popular reading in prose and verse. J. E. Carpenter

Practical service of imperfect means. A. K. H. Boyd He 13–19323

Hd 5-15562 Popular romances of the west of Eugland. R. TIunt

Praet, Jules Van. Essays on the political history of

He 13-20407 Popular science review. J. Samuelson

the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Lon., 1868. Ea 2-22793 80

Cr 2-20432 Popular tales. W. P. Nimmo, ed

Fa 11-19288

Prairie bird.' C. A. Murray Gf 3-20563 & Ge 5-23903 Population. Alisou, A. Principles of

Gf 7-23007 Porigms. Playfair, John, Origin and investigation Praise and principle. M. M'Intosh GE 8-22214 Ea 3-7158 | Praise of folly. D. Erasmus

He 11-20439 Portent. Geo. Mac Donald:

Fe 1-218977 Pratt, H. F A. Astronomical investigations. Lon., Porter, A. E. Marrie.l for both worlds Fe 1-218760


Eb 9-232416

Ka 3-23474 Prairie Crusoe

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Pratt, H. F. A., continued.

Prichard, J. C. Analysis of Egyptian mythology, iu -- Genealogy of creation, newly translated from the which the philosophy and the superstiticos of

unprinted Hebrew text of the book of Genesis, the ancient Egyptians are compared with those showing the general scientific accuracy of the of the Indians and other nations of antiquity. cosmogony of Moses. Lon., 1861. go

Long, 1838.

Cr 1-33187 Ec 8-22372 On orbital motion. Lon., 1863

Eastern origin of the celtic nations. Lon., 1357 Eb 9-23166

LO 2-22487 Prayer. Aldis, J. Philosophy of

Hd 6-11550
Pride and Irresolution.

GA 3-2006 Baldwin, G. C. The model prayer (Lord's prayer).

Pride and his prisoners. C. Tucker GA-301
Eg 5–18479
Priestley, J. Brougham, H. Life

Dd 2-51?) Prayer Book Book of common prayer commonly called

Walker, W. Memoirs

De 1-16410 the first and second book of Edward VI, 1549: Primary education. H. W. Holland Hic 12-1722

52. Lon., 1841. Fol. Book of common prayer, commonly called the first Prime, E. D. G. Around the worid. Sretches

travel through many lands and over maly ses.. book of Queen Elizabeth, 1559. Lon., 1844. Fol.

N. Y., 1872

Dh 3-23961 Id 4-20018 Primitive culture. E. B. Tzlor

Lb 1-20***! Book of common prayer, King James anno. 1604, Primitive inhabitants of Scandinavia. S. Vil«5-in commonly called the lampton court book. Lon.,

Ch -5 1844. Fol.

Id 4–20019 Primrose series. E. Marshall. Stellafont try - Book of common prayer as printed at Edinburgh,

G[ 1-23 1637, commonly called Archbishops Laud's. Prince and the page. c. M. Youge Fa 3-14. Lon., 1814. Fol.

Id 4-20020

Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau. Saviour of society Pook of common prayers revised and settled at the Browning

Kd 5-3; 4 Savoy conference, anno, 1662. (Charles II.) Prince Wolfgang. F. lloffman

Gd 1-29 Lon., 1844. Fol.

Id 1-20021 | Princess and the Gobten. G. MacDonald - Book of common prayer according to the use of the

Gd 2-03 church of England. Lon., 1844. Fol. Principalities and powers in heavenly places i

Id 4-20022

Id 4-illo Preble, E. Wilson, T. Life

Da 8-4693 Principles at stake. G. HI. Sumner Ld k-18217 Precepts in practice. C. Tucker. Gc 4-22204 Printing. Brown, J. T. Art of.

Ildila! Precursors of the English reformation. A Rooker

Greswell, E. View of the early Paris'an firma Hd 6-11551 press.

HC 14-177 Prentiss, Mrs. E. ' The Percys. N. Y., 1870

Johnson, J. Typographia

Gb-line Fc 7-17445

Ringwalt, J. L. American encyclopaedia of print, Annt Jane's hero Gf 2-21199

Ad 7-1.064 Flower of the family

Fb 13-24329

Stark, A.' Printing. Trav. Lib. . 25. Preshyterian re-union ; a memorial volume, 1837-1871.

Cp 3-931 N. Y., 1870. 8°

Ed 11--17753 – Timperly, C. H. Encyclopaedia of . Ag 2-2079 Presbyterianism. Baird, Sam'l J. History of the new Prior, Sir J. Life of Edmond Malone, editor of ShaksSchool

Ed 2-21341
peare. Lon., 1860. 80

Dd 12-2. Presbyterianism. 'Gillett, E. H. History of the pres- Prior, W. Life. British Plutarch.

V. j. byterian church in the United States

Dd 2-1 Ed 11-17799


R. C. A. Popular names of British plants. L. Prescott, W. The Prescott memorial, or a genealogical


Eo 7-2012 memoir of the Prescott families in America, in Prison books. J. A. Langford

two parts. Bost., 1870.89 Ch 12–19169 Prison characters; drawn from life, with sugretin Press. Grant, J. The newspaper press Kb 1-21606

for prison government, by a prison flur Maverick, A. Henry J. Raymond and the New Lon., 1866. 2 v.

L 4 --!: * Db 10-21590 Prison-cthics. H. Spencer .

HG 11-ils: Pressensé, E. de. Jesus Christ. His times, life and Prisons. Clay. W. L. The prison chaplain work. Lon., 1869 Eg 4-19496

Ka 6-2.1 -The land of the gospel, notes of a journey in the Criminal prisons of London. H. Mayhow ents east. Lon., n. d. Dg 7-19368 Bening

Ba 9.-1977) - The religious before Christ; being an introduction to Private trials and public calamities. A. des Echeme: the history of the first three centuries of the

De 11-93 is church. Trans. by L. Corkran. Ed., 1862. 8° Probyn, J. W. National self-government in fi.

Ed 10-17768
and America. Lon., 1870.

B: 3-217.
Pressensé, Mme. E. Madeleine's trial Ge 9-22374 Processus integri. T. Sydenham. Works.
Two years of school life.
Ge 8-22240

Ga 2-28 Prest, ©. Mysteriousness of Christianity compatible Proctor, A. A. Poems. Bost., i870 : HI 12-111

with its truth and with faith in its verities. E. Proctor, B, W. Memoir of Charles Lamb. Lon..?
II. L., 1847–8 .

Hd 6-11546

De !!! Preston, Harriet W. Aspendale.

Fa 5-17648 Proclor, E. D. A Russian journey. Bost., 1970 Preston, T. R. Lives of celebrated Spaniards, compris

Di 10-22 prising the Cid Campeador, Guzman the good, Proctor, F. A history of the book of Common per Roger de Lauria, the prince of Viana, the great

with a rationale of its offices; with an int. captain. Lon., 1833. go

De 9-20054

ductory chapter on the history of the Amen's Pretty widow. C. H. Ross .

Gf 5-22043

liturgy, by W. S. Perry. N. Y., 1868 Prey of the gods. Florence Marryat. (Mrs. Ross

Eg 5-10 Church)

Gf 4-21827 Proctor, George. History of Italy, from the fall of : Price, B. The principles of currency. Six lectures western empire to the commencement of 1 delivered at Oxford. Oxford and Lon., 1869. 80 wars of the French revolution. Lon, 1844. Ka 5-21046

Cg 8-10 Price, I. Manual of photographic manipulation. Lon., Proctor, L. B. The bench and bar of New Fork, e 1868

Ea 6-168 taining biographical sketches of eminent je Prico, T. The wisdom and genius of Shakspeare. Lon., and lawyers of the New York bar, incidents 1838.

Kd 7-23165 the important trials in which they were ella Prices. Tooke, T. History of prices Ka 5-23689

N. Y., 1870, 80

Db 6-170

York press


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Proctor, R. A. Light science for leisure hours, a series Pufendori, Samuel. Of the law of nature and nations

of faruiliar essays on scientific subjecta, natur- done into English, by Basil Kennett. Lon., 1729. al phenomena. Lon., 1871. 89 Ea 6-19399


Cb 1-18127 --- Other worlds than ours; the plurality of worlds Pugh, Mrs. E. L. In a crucible : Gf 8-21089

studied under the light of recent scientific re. Pugin, A. N. Welby. Ferrey, B. Recollection of, and
searches N. Y., 1871
Eb 9-17553 his father Augustin Pugin

Dd 3-10862 - The sao; ruler, fire and life of the planetary system Pugin, A. W. A treatise on chancel screens and rood Lon, 1871

Eb 9-19117 lofts. Their antiquity, use and symbolic signifi-
Provligy. A tale of music
Gf 7-23003 cation. Lon, 1851. 40

Kc 1-20825
Productive forces of Russia. M. L. de Tegoborski Pulaski, Count. Wilson, T. Life

Da 8-4693 Cg 11-16738 Punch J. Teuniel. Cartoons from Ig 1-22451 Proffessors lady. B. Auerbach

Gf 3-20562

or the London charivari. v. 1.49. Lon., 1841-65. Profits of panics. Showing how financial storms arise.

25 v..

IC 4-19884
Lou., 1966

Ka 5-21043 Punch's complete letter writer. D. Jerrold
Progress. E. Corderoy. Life of G. Stephenson

IId 14-17696
HA 6–11556 Punch's letter to his son. D. Jerrold

lig 14-17694 Russell, Lord j. Obstacles which have retarded

Punishment. Cobb, I. The evil tendencies of corporal.
Hd 6-11554

Ba 9-21343
Slack, H. J. Philosophy of progress in human Punshon, w. m. Bunyan. E. H. L., 1856-7
Lc 4-21991

IId 6-11555
Nagoon, E. L. Westward empire Bb 5-19612 Macaulay. E. II. L, 1861-2

Hd 6-11560 See Civilization.

Prophet of Horeb, his life and its lessons. E. H. Progress of nations; or, the principles of national L., 1853-4.

Hd 6-11552 development in their relation to statesmanship. Sabbath chimes; or meditations in verse for the Lon, 1861

Ba 8-23762

Sundays of the year. N. Y., 1868 Progress of the gospel in France. B. W. Noel

Hf 12-17781 Hd 6-11550 Wilberforce; his life, work and fellow-workers. E. Prologies and epilogues. Collection and selection of

H. L., 1864-5

Hd 6-11563

Hb 13-16861 Pupil of the legion of honor. L. Erault Gf 7-23001
Prometheus unbound.

P. B. Shelley Hf 3-12221 Purnell, T. Literature and its professors. Lon., 1867 Propeilers. Burgh, N. P. Modern screw-propulsion

Kb 3-20967
If 4–21159 Purple tints of Paris. 'B. St. Jolin Di 6-16884
Prophecy. Cumming, J. When shall these things be? Purpose of being. R. Roberts

Hd 6-11561
Eg 10-22488 Pursuit of knowledge under difficulties. F. Waylaud
Magee, w. c. 'l'ses of
Hd 6-11560

De 10-19592 Mills, John. The new creation Ef 12-20370 Pursuivant of arms, J. R. Planché Ch 12-21582 - See Apocalypse, Revelation.

Pusey, E. B. Marriage with a decoased wife's sister Prophet of Horeb. W. M. Punshon Hd 6-11552 prohibited by the holy scripture, as understood Prophets of scepticism. W. Landels Hd 6-1551 by the church for 1500 years. Evidence given Proposed national arrangement for primary education. before the commission appointed to inquire into I. W. Holland .

le 12-17722 state and operation of the marriage law as relaProtestantism. Burgess, R. History of French

ting to the prohibited degrees of affinity. Ox.,
Hd 6-71518
1849. 80.

Bb 5-17848
MacNeile, H. Characteristics of HJ 6-11547 Putliiz, Gustav Heinrich. Foresi voices. Trans, froin
Prostitution. Logan, Wm. The great social evil

the German by C. A. Smith. Alb. 1866 Bb 5-23779

Dk 3-16505
Sanger, W. 1. History of

Bh 5-19631 Putnam, A. W. History of middle Tennessee; or life
Protection. Sullivan, Sir É. Protection to native in! and times of Gen. J. Robertson. Nash., 1859.
Ka 3-210911 80

Cb 12-13068 -- See Political Economy, Tariff Question, Taxation. Putnam, I. Wilson, T. Life

Da 3-4693 Protestant, a tale of tbe reign of Queen Mary. Bray, 1 Putnam's magazine. Original papers on literature, sci1. E.

Gr 1-22956

ence, art and national interests. New series. Protoplasm. L. S. Beals

Ia 6-17573
Jan., 1868, to June, 1870. 5 y. 8°
Ga 7-19483

Puttenham. G. The art of English poesy, 1589. Eng.
Proudfit, A. Memoir of, &c. John Forsyth

Rep. v. 7.

Le 6-18342 Db 2–19696 Pycroft, J. A course of English reading, adapted to Providence Athenaeum. annual report. Sept., 1871

every taste and capacity. N. Y., 1871 Bh 4-Pam 79

Kb 2-21906
Province of reason. J. Young

HIC 6–19129 Quadrupeds.
M. Reid

Go 6-22159
Provost and other tales. J. Galt

Fc 7-19271

See Mammalia, Zoology.
Prue and I. G. W, Curtis

Ff 4-14007
Prus, Mme. A residence in Algeria. Lon., 1852. 8. Quain, R. on some defects in general education, being

the Hunterian oration of the royal coilege of

Dg 12-21534
Prussia. Abbott, J. s. c. Prusia and the Franco-Prus- Quakers, see Friends.

surgeons for 1869. Lon., 1870. He 13-1934)
sian war

Cg 12-19103 Quarterly journal of education. Lon., 1831.
History of

Cg 7-18270

Kb 7-23076
Landon, M. D. The Franco-Prussian war

Quarterly review. Lon., 1809-71. 110v.

8 Cg 7-18400

Da 13-9704 Sue France, War with Prussia, Germany, and names Quartrefages, A. de. Metamorphoses of man and the of Sovereigns.

lower animals. Lon., 1864

Dk 8-20089 Pryde, David. Great men of European history. N. Queen Charlotte. Watkins, J. Memoirs of Sophi'u Y.,

Cr 4-23827

Charlotte, queen of Great Britain De 12-1998
Psalmody of the reformation. H. Allon

Hd 6-11562
Queen Mab. Shelley

Hf 3-12221
Psalms, chronologically arranged. F. G. Hibbard Queen of Denmark. C. F. Gore : Gf 4-20533
Eg 6--17766 Queen of Savannah. G. Aimard

GE 5-2.058 Psychology. Bascom, Jno. Principles of Ld 2-21346 Queens of England and their times. É. Lanceloti N. - Spencer, H. Principles of

Ilc 5-18745
Y., 1858

Dd 6-18873
Schmucker, S. S. Psychology, etc. He 5-19679 Queens of society. Grace and Philip Wharton
See mental Science, Mind, Soul.


10 V.

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Queens of Spain. A. George, Annals of

Rambles of a naturalist. C. Collingwood
De 13-22021

Dh 3-20229
Queer bonnets. I. c. Tuthili
Gd 7-22781 Ramble of a rat. C. Tucker

Ge 8-232 11
Quentin Durward. W. Scott

Ib 2-18056 Ramsay, G. Political discourses. E:1., 1838
Quetteville, P. W. de The pardon of Guingamp; or,

Ba 3-20428
poetry and romance in modern Brittany. Lon Ramsay, P. A. The works of Roberi Tannabill, with

Di 9-20455 life of the author and a memoir of Robert A. Smith
Quick, R. H. Essay on educational reformers. Lon., the musical composer. Lon and Ed., n. d.
Kb 8-23747

Kd 3-21691
Quicksands. A. Leslie
GP 1-22954 Ran away to sea. M. Reid.

Fc ?-18527
Quiet heart

Gf 4-20554 Ranald Bannerman's boyhood. G. MacDonald
Quiet Miss Godolphin. ' R. Garrett Gf 2-20692

Ge 7-22170
Quinn, R. T. Money in the garden; a vegetable man- Rand, B. II

. Elements of medical chemistry Ph,
ual, prepared with a view to economy and profit.

Eb 6-1839-
N. Y., 1871

Ec 6-18492 Rand, E. S. Seventy-five popular flowers and low to
Quite alone. G. A. Sala

Gf 3-20574

cultivate them. Bost., 1870 Ec 2-19014
Quotations Ballou, M. M. E. Treasury of thought - The Rhododendron and American plants; a treatise

Ag 1-22026 on the culture, propagation and species of
Grocott, J. c. 'Index to familiar

Ac 5-18287 Rhododendron, with notes upon other plaats
Races. Brace, C. L. Races of the old world

which thrive under like treatments. Bost. 1871
Lc 2-19680

Ec 2-1-3
Earl, G. 1. Native races of the Indian. Archipe- Randolph, S. N. Domestic life of Thomas Jefuit.
lago Papuats

Lc 2-21190 compiled from familiar letters and reminisce i kis
See Anthropology, Ethnology, Mas.

N. Y., 1871

Nb 10-1915
Rachel, Mlle. See Felix, Mlle. R.

Randon recollections of the house of commons
Rachel's secret

Gf 3-20576

Dd 2012)
Radcliffe, C. B. Dynamics of nerve and muscle Lon., Randon rocollections of the lords and commons.

Ga 6-18643
series. J. Grant

Då 2-21203
Radical problems.' c. A. Bartol

Lb 6-23866 Randon truths in common things, occasionai parnis
Rae, W. F. Westward by rail, the new route to the from my study chair. Lon., 1. d He 19-1933
east. N. Y., 1871

Df 11-18372 Rangers; or the Tory's daughter. D. P. Thompson
Raffles, T. Internal evidences of the divide inspiration

Fe 10-1745
of the scriptures of the old and new testaments. Rank and talent of the time, a dictionary of contem-
E. H. L., 1848-9

Hd 6-11547 rary biography, containing one thousand 19ter
Ragged homes and how to mend them. Mary Bayly.

esting and accurate memoirs of eminent celebri.
Lb 6-23780
ties. Lon., 1861

Ag 3-21 995
Ragged schools. T. Guthrie

Hd 6–11553 | Ranke, L. Ferdinand, I. and Maximilian II, of ics
Raids and romance of Morgan and his men. S. R. Ford tria. Lon., 1862. Trav. Lib.

v. 15
Fc 5-20431

Cp 3-23103
Railroads. Spooner, C. E. Narrow gauge railways

Rankine, w

M. 'Manual of applied mechanic
Pa 1-23703 Long, 1868 .

Gb 4-13294
Railroads. Annual report of the state engineer and - Manual of civil engineering. Lon., 1870
surveyor of the State of New York, for the year

Gb 4-182
ending Sept. 30th, 1870. Alb., 1871 Pd 1-21173 Manual of the steam engine and other prime muuse
Railway morals and railway policy. A. Spencer. Trav.

ers. Lon., 1870

Gb -15230
Lib. v. 25
Cp 3-23113 & Hd 11-11263

Useful rules and tables relating to mensuration, eu-
Rainbow and lucky series. J. Abbott.

gineering and machines. Lon., 1967
Gd 5-22756

Gh 4-13-

Three Pines.
Ranthorpe. G. H. Lewes

Gr 5-
Rainbow's Journey. Selling Lucky.

Raphall, M. J. Post-biblical history of the Jews, from
Up the river.

the close of the old testament about the year
Rainbow side. C. M, Edwards

Fc 4-17791

420 B. C. E., till the destruction of the smo
Rainford series. G. Gaylord. 4 v.

Gd 4-22698

temple in the year 70 C. E N. Y., 1860
Gilbert Starr and his lessons.

Ca 11-1390.
Gilbert Starr's last summer at Raiosford.

Rassam, H. Narrative of the British mission to The
Will Rood's friendship.

odore, king of Abyssinia, with notices o: tit
Jack Arcombe.

countries traversed from Massowah, through
Raleigh, A. Poverty, competence and wealth. E. H.

Soodân, the Amhâra and back to Aunesley was"
L, 1863-4.

Hd 6-11562 from Magdala, Lon., 1869, 2 ,
- The story of Jonah the prophet
Ed., 1867.

Dg 13-20
Ed 9-19433 Rasselas. S. Johnson

L -222
Raleigh, Sir W. Draké, s. G. Memoir of 1)c 5–18718 Ravenstein, E. G. The Russians on the Amur; lis
Edwards, E. Life and letters of

Pd 4-21733 discovery, conquest and colonization, with de
St. John, J. A. Life of.

Dd 9-18800 scription of the country, its inhabitants, from
Ralfe, J. The naval biography of Great Britain, con- ductions and commercial capabilities and pac-

sisting of historical memoirs of those ofllcers of al accounts of Russian travellers. Loo., ?-*;?
the British navy who distinguished themselves

- 7
during the reign of Georgo III. Lon., 1828. 4 Rawlinson, G. Manual of ancient history; fon

Dd 10-18666 earliest times to the fall of the western eux-P15-
Ralph the heir. A. Trollope

Fe 7-18758 comprising the history of Chaldea, Assyr.
Ralpi Seabrooke. A. Elwes

Ge 5--22097

Media, Babylonia, Lydia Phoenicia, Syria, Jder
Ralston, W. R. S. Krilof and his fables Gf 7-23002

Egypt, Carthage, Persia, Greece, Macedonia,
Ramage, C. T. Beautiful thoughts from French and Rome and Parthia. Os., 1869. 89 Cr 2-1*35*

Italian authors. Liv., 1866 He 11-18285 The five great monarchies of the ancient eastero
-- Beautiful thoughts from German and Spanish au- world; or, the history, geography and antiq
thorg. Liv., 1868

TIe 11-18286 ties of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Media co
- Beautiful thoughts from Greek authors. Liv., 1861. Persia. N. Y., 1871. '3 v. 80% ('9-2013:

He 11-18281 Raymond, G. The life and enterprises of Roberto
Ramble into Rrittany. G. Musgravo Di 11-21412 Elliston, comedian. Loo., 1857. Hb 12-)-

5 v.

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