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Peake, R. B. Memoirs of the Coleman family including Peninsular scenes and sketches. Hardman Fa 10-19296

their correspondence with the most distinguished Peninsular war. America.
personages of their times. Lon., 1841. 2 v. 80 C. W. Vane

Cg 7-19616
Pd 4-21709 Peninsular War. Spain.
Blanche of Jersey, a musical romance Kd 7-24125 - Larpent, Geo. Ed. Private journal of F. S. Larpent
The bottle imp, a Melo dramatic romance

Cg 12-23448
Kd 7-24125 Southey, R. History of

lc 3-19909 Peake, R. B. Lying in ordinary. Far Kd 7–24127 | Pennell, H. C. Fishing gossip, or stray leaves from the The Meltonians. Drama.

Kd 7-24127 note-books of several anglers. Ed., 1866 - The middle temple. Far Kd 7-24124

Mc 7-21186 A quarter to nine, Far .

Kd 7-24125

The modern practical angler, a complete guide to - The spring lock. Op

Kd 7-24127

fly-fishing, bottom fishing and trolling. Lon., Pearce, N. Life and adventures, written by himself, 1870.

Mc 7-20336 during a residence in Abyssinia from the year Pennsylvania. History. 1810 to 1819, together with Mr. Coffin's account Hazard, Sam'l. Annals of

Cc 11-20230 of his visit to Gondar. Edited by J. J. Hall. Pensylvania. Cities and Towns. Lon., 1831. 2 v.

De l-18680 Meginness, J. F. Otzinachson, or a history of the Pearl of story books

Ge 2-21747 West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna Pearson, C. H. The cabin on the prairie. Bost., 1870.

Cc 11-19088 Fe 13–18512 Pennsylvania. Geology. – The young pioneers of the northwest. Bost., 1871. Rogers, H. D. Geology of Pennsylvania Fe 13-18512

Ea 2-18233 Pearson, H. Memoirs of the life and correspondence Penny wise and pounds foolish. C. Brock Ge 2-21758

of the Reverend Christian Frederick Swartz, to Penrose, Mrs. E. (Markham, Mrs.) History of France which is prefixed a sketch of the history of from the conquest of Gaul, by Julius Caesar to Christianity in India. Lon., 1839. 2 v.

the reign of Louis Philippe. N. Y., 1871 De 12-19987

Cg 5–19712 Pearson, T. ' Individuality. E. H. L., 1860-1 Pens and types. B. Drew

Lb 6-22238 Hd 6-11559 Pentateuch. Caunter, J. Poetry of Kb 1-24115 Peasant boy philosopher. II. Mayhew Ge 2-23678 -- Cumming, J. Israel in Egypt

Hd 6-11562 Peat, J. B. The Baptists examined; or, commonsense -- Etheridge, J. W. The Targums of Onkolos and

on baptism, close communion and the Baptists. Jonathan Ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch
A dialogue between a Presbyterian and a Meth-

Kb 2-21427 odist. Chic., 1869.

Ed 10-21338 People of the world. B. Parkes-Belloc Ch 9-12456 Peck, Ira B. A genealogical history of the descend Perceval, C. G. An abridged account of the misfortues

ants of Joseph Peck, who emigrated to this of the Dauphin. Lon., 1838 De 12-3526 country in 1638, and records of his father's and Perceval, Spencer. Brougham, H. Historical sketch grandfather's families in England. Bost., 1868.

Dd 2-5421 Ch 12–19159 Percy, Bishop Thomas. Folio manuscripts edited by J. Pedder, H. C. Man and woman considered in their re- W. Hales and F. J. Furnivall. Lon., 1867-8. 4 v. lations to each other, and to the world. N. Y.,

Kd 4-20922 1871

Bb 5-17898

Contents.---Vols. I-III. Ballads and roPedigree of the English people. T. Nicholas

mances. IV. Loose and humorous songs.

Lc 1-21123 Pedlar's pack of ballads. W. H. Logan Hf 12–18132 Percy anecdotes, revised edition, to which is added a Peep at number five. E. S. Phelps Ge 7-23928

valuable collection of American anecdotes, origi

nal and select. N. Y., D. d. 2 v. in one 89 Peerage. Nicholas, Sir II. The historic peerage of

Hd 14-19582
Ch 12-20304 Percy Raydon. E. Leslie

Ge 5-23902 Peerare of poverty. E. P. Hood

DA 9–18239 Perey society. Old Euglish poetry, ballads and popular Peerless wife. Mrs. H. L. Mackarness Gf 5-23661

literature of the middle ages, edited from original Peers and parvenus. C. F. Gore.

Gf 4-20533

manuscripts and scarce publications. Lon., 18-40Pezs, J. G. The new eschatology, showing the indes. 52. 31 v..

Md 6-21 160 tructability of the earth and the wide difference between the letter and spirit of holy scripture.

Contents.-Vol. I. Collier, J. P. (Ed.) Old

ballads; Mackay, C. (Ed.) Songs of the Ph., 1872.

Ld 7-23975

London prentices and trades; Crocker, T. I'ierce, B. A history of Harvard University, from its C. (Ed.) Historical songs of Ireland; l'ain foundation in the year 1636 to the period of the

and sorrow of evil marriage; Parker, M.,

The king and a poor northern man.
American revolution. Cam., 1833. 89

II. Lydgate, D, J., Minor poems, selec-
Bb 6–19429

tion; Halliwell, J. O. (Ed.) Early naval Peirce, B K. The young Shetlander and his home,

ballads of England; Rowley, w.. Search

for money; Mad pranks and merry jests of N. 1., 1870

Di 3-18508

Robin Goodfellow.
L'ekiog and the pekingese. D. F. Rennie Dh 5–20138 III. Wright, T. (EL) Political ballads
I'elev Talands. Keate, G. Account of Dh 12-20161

during the Commonwealth; Delovey, T..

etc., Strange histories; Heywood, T., Varl'elatt Apeley, Curiosities of glass making; with de- riage triumph; History of patient Grisel. tails of the processes and productions of ancient

IV. Wriglit, T., (Ed.) Specimens of lyric and modern ornamental glass manufacture, Lon.,

poetry, Temp. Edward I.; Halliwell, 1, ().

(Ed.) Boke of Curtasye; Specimens or 01 1849. 40

Gb 5-17643

Christmas carols; Halliwell, J. O. (Eil.) Pelletan, E. The pastor of the desert. Jean Jarousseau Nursery rhymes of England.

Gc 5-24193

V. Chettle, H., Kind-Heart's dream; DekF-emberton, H. A winter tour in Spain. Lon., 1968. go

ker, T., Knight's conjuring; Halliwell, J.

0. (Ed.) Meeting of gallants at an ordinDi 11-21911

arie; Two angry women of Abington. Perubroke, Lord and Kingsley, Dr. South sea bubbles VI. Rimbault, E, F. (Ed.) Poetical tracts

Dh 11-23659

of the 16th century; Rimbault, E, F. El

Cock Lorell's Bote; Johnson, R., Crown PED Oven

Fa 10-19294

garland of golden roses; Hutton, H., Fol. cadelton, Mrs. H. Parent's guide; or human devel

He's anntomie: Wotton, Sir H., Poems.

VII. Harmony of birds; Brampton, T., opment, through inherited tendencies. N. Y.,

Paraphrase on the seven penitential 1871.

Ga 7-21328 Psalms; Drayton, M., Harmony of the codulum. Playfair, John. Review of Kater. Works. church; Jack of Dover; Croker, T. C. Ed.

A Kerry pastoral.
Ea 3-7159

VIII Wright, T., Ed., Latin stories;

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Percy society, continued.

Periodicals, continued.
Gifford, G., Dialogue concerning witches


1: 3-2350 and witchcraft.

Appleton's Journal. Apl., 1869 to Des. Isa. 6-
IX. Rowlands, S., The four knaves;
Thomson, J., Poem to the memory of W.


If 3-18553-1-619715 & 2111 Congreve; Halliwell, J. O., Ed., Pleasant

- Archaeological Journal

Vb 3-?) conceits of Old Hobson; Rimbault, E. F.,

Architectural Magazine

Kc 1-30327 Ed., Maroccus Extaticus, or, Bankes' bay horse in a trauce; Rimbault, E, F., Ed.,

Architectural Review, v 2-3. Kc 1-18344 1 21193 Ballads illustrating the great frost of 1683-4.

Art Journal

If 1-25578 X. Fairholt, F. W., Lord Mayors' pa

Atlantic Monthly

No1-954 geants. XI. Guildford, N. de. The owl and night

· Belgravia

I! 2-333 ingule, a poem; Croke, J., Thirteen psalms,

Bentley's Miscellany

Is 1-1063 etc., in English verse; Halle, J., Expostu

Blackwood's Magazine

Ne 1.-392 lation against the abusers of Chyrurgerie aul Physyke; Rich, B., Honestle of this

British American Magazine

Nd 10-1) age.

- British Quarterly Review

XIL. Thoms, W., Ed., Reynard the fox.

Browoson's Review .
XIII. Croke, T. C., Ed., The keen of the

Ij 2-33
South of Ireland; Goodwin, J., Ed., Six

Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal, 1871. ballads, with burdens; Collier, J. P., Ed.,

G+ 1-5 Lyricri poems, 1589-1600.

- Chambers Robi, and Wm. Edinburgh tirnal XIV, Audelay, J., Poems; Wright, T., Ed., St. Brandan, & medlzoval legend of

M-991 the sea; Halliwell, J. 0., Ed., Romance of

Chess Player's Chronicle the emperor Octavian.

Christian Examiner

Vb 12-9167 ¿ din XV. Halliwell, J, O., Ed., Friar Bakon's propuysie, i satire; Halliwell, J. 0., Ed.,

Commercial and Financial Chronicle. V. 9-19-1 Poeticul iniscellanies of the time of James

Y., 1869-70

B 1-1 I.; Crown garland of golden roses, pt. 2.

Duffy's Hibernian Magazine

NO 10-11
IVI. Wright, T., Ed., Seven sures, in
English verso; Halliwell, J. 0., Ed., RO-

Earnest Christian

Nd 10-14 mance of Syr Tryamoure.


NO 12-2.5 XVII. Dixon, J. II., Ed., Scottish tradi

Eclectic Magazine

Pa 9--4) tional versions of ancient ballails; Dixon, J. II., Ed., Ancient poems, ballads, etc., of

· Edinburgh Review
the peasantry of England.

English woman's Domestic Magazine V 10-
XVII. Hawes, S., Pastime of pieasure,

· Examiner

Vu 10an allegorical poem. IL Firholt. F W., E., The civie

Family Friends for 1866 garland; Son:9; Robert of Gloucester, Life -- Galaxy

Ve 11-?and martyrilom or T. Beket

- Good words

TE Ü 21. IX. Barnilell, R., The aifectionate shepherd; Heywood, J., Dialogue on wit and

--- Harper's Bazar

TRCfoily; Deibam, 1. A., Collection of prov

- Harper's New Monthly Magazine

eris and popular sayings; Halliwell, J. O. - Harper's Weekly
El., Song of Lawiy Bessy.
XXI. Croker, f. C., Ed., Songs of the

Herald of Truth
French Invasion of Ireland.

Hours at Home

V> 12.4 XXII. Barclay, A., Cytezen and Uplon

Illustrated London News

11-09 dyshman; Ilalliwell, J. 0., Ed., The interlude of the four elements; Ingelend, T.,

- Journal of Speculative Philosophy The disobedient child; Croker, T. C., Ed.,

- Journal of the Franklin Institute N :Autobiography of Mary, Countess of War

Journal of the Royal Geographical Society wick; Halliwell, J. 0., Ed., Westward for

Mc 3-3 smelts, stories.

XXIII. Wright, T., Ed., Songs and carols

Ni 12-" of the 15th century; Wright, T., Ed., Fes

The Lancet

Ib , tive songs of the 16th and 17th centuries; Halliwell, J. O., Descriptive notices of pop

Lippincott's Magazine

Ne 12-23 ular Englislı histories.

Living Age
XXIV-XXVI. Chaucer, G., Canterbury

London Quarterly Review

Da !3tales, edited by T. Wright, 3 v.

Merchant's Magazine
XXVII, Massinger, P., believe as you list,
a tragedy; Fairholt, F. W., Ed., Songs and

Monthly Microscopical Journal
poems on costune.

Nature. Lon., 1870. v. l.

I; 4--21:
XXVIII. Hardwick, C., El., Passion of
St. George; Hardwick, C., Ed., Poem on

- North British Review

Ga 10the times of Edward Il. ; Shoreham, W. de

North American Review. v.

i12-13 Gi-??Religious poems; Halliwell, J. 0., Ed.,

North British Review

Go 10-" Trial of treasure.

Notes and Queries .

Hdt. XXIX. Halliwell, J. O., Notices of fugi. tive tracts and chap-books; Man in the

Old and New .

Nh 11-13543 8 33 moone; Manifest detection 'of the use of

Once a Week.

15 4-1. dice play; Loyal garland, songs of the 17th

Our Young Folks

Nh 11-2, ., century; Fairholt, F. W., Ed., Poems, songs, etc., on George, Duke of Bucking.

Overland Monthly

Nhll-* ham.


Ichii XXX. Deloney, T., Garland of good-will;

Putnam's Magazine

la -il. Croker, T. C,, El., Britannia's pastorals; Black, W. H., E., Enterlude of John Bon

- Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science and Mast Persou.

M47-**" XXXI Gosson, Stephen, Pleasant quot

- Quarterly Journal of the Chemical Society o! for upstart new fangled gentlewomen; A treatise on the pride and abuse of women,

don. by Charles Barnsley.

Saint Paul's

Ib 3-1 Percys, the. Mrs. E. Prentiss

Fe 7-17445
Scientific American.

Bh 3-4 Pericles and Aspasia. W. S. Landor . Ilo 11-17647

- Scribner's Monthly

N 11-
Perfect treasure

Gf 5-22053
Sunday Magazine

1h 1-23 + Perils of the ocean and wilderness. Jno. G. Shea Tilton's Journal of Horticulture Ec6-8,

Oe 2-21147
Westminster Review

GESPerils ond adventures of Harry Skipwith. W. II. G. Perkins, E. E. Practical treatise on gas and rasi Kingston

Ge 6-22143
tion. Ph., 1856

Ke 1-2:: Periodicals American agriculturist, 1868-70 Perkins, J. II., and Peck, J. M. Annals of the v

Bh 1-18739 embracing a concise account of principal ere American Journal of science and arts, V, 50, 2

which have occurred in the westeru stå uds series, and v. 1., 3d series Gc 11-185-19 & 23841 territories, from the discovery of the Missis. American Naturalist, 4 and 5. Ij 4-18563-23852 valley to the year 1950. St. Louis, 1850. The American Pioneer

Cb 5--21436

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Perkins, S. A history of the political and military Pfeiffer, Ida. Lady's voyage round the world. Lon., events of the late war between the United 1852. Trav. Lib. v. 13.

Cp 3-23101 States and Great Britain. New Haven, 1826. 8° Phantastes. G. MacDonald

Fc 12-18163 Cb 6-8659 Phantom regiment. J. Grant

Gf 6-22286 Perpetual motion.' Dircks, H. Search for

Phantom world. A. Calmet

Ci 9-17469 Gb 10–18220 Phear, J. B. Elementary hydrostatics. Lon. and Cam., Perauii, c. de. Villeneuve, and other fairy tales. 1866.

Ea 6-19653 Trans. by J. R. Planche

Fa 5–17661 Phenomena of hybridity in the Gönus Homo. P. Broca Perring, P. Churches and their creeds. Lon., 1871

Lc 1-23123 Ee 13-23317 Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart.

The silent partner Perrot, J. Life. British Plutarch. v. 2.

Fb 12-18434 Dd 2-5439 Last leaf from sunnyside

Ge 7-23930 Perry, A. L. Elements of political economy. N. Y.

, · A peep at number five

Ge 7-23928 1870. 80 Ka 4-21087 Tell tale, or home secrets

Ge 7-23929 Perry, Rev. G. G. The history of the church of Eng. Phelps, R. II. History of Newgate of Connecticut, at

land, from the death of Elizabeth to the present Simsbury now East Granby, its insurrections and

time. Lon., 1864. 3 v. 80 Ed 7-19000 massacres. Alb., 1860. 80 Ce 10-8654 Perry, O H. Wilson, T. Life Da 8-4694 Phemie Keller. J. H. Riddell

Gf 4-20541 Persia. Bioning, R. B. M. Two years' travel in Per- Philip, John. Rays of light; or, church themes and sia, Ceylon, &c. Dh 10-8660 life problems. Ed., 1871.

Ee 8-22529 - Forster, C; Monuments of Dh 4-23837 Philip, R. J. Grant

Gf 6-22289 – Frazier, J.'Baillie. Account, historical and descrip- Philip in Palestine. M. A. Edwards Ge 4-21809 tive

Cf 11-17627 Philippine islands. Bowring, J. A visit to
Personal adventures in upper and lower California
. w.

Dh 9-18691
R. Ryan
Dr 11-16868 Morga, R. de. Hak. Soc.. 39

Ib 1-16780 Personal beanty. H. Spencer

Hd 11-11263 - Gironiere, P. P. de la. Twenty years in. Trav. Personal memoirs and correspondence of Col. Charles Lib. V. 8.

Cp 3-23096 & Dh 9-19613 Shaw, R. C. T. S. Comprising a narrative of the Phillimore, J. G. Private law among the Romans from war for constitutional liberty in Portugal and the Pandects. Lon., 1863. go Ba 9-19639

Spain. Lon., 1837. 2 v. . De 14-23399 Phillips, J. A. Mining and metallurgy of gold and Personal recollections of English engineers, and of the silver. Lon., 1867

Nel-18208 introduction of the railway system into the Phillips, Miss. Strong and free, or first steps toward United Kingdom, by a civil engineer. LOD., social science. Lon., 1869. 80 Bb 5-20328 1868, Gb 10-18986 Philological essays. T. H. Key

Ha 14-18202 Personal recollections. C. E Tonna IId 4-11482 | Philological museum. Cam. Lon. and Ox., 1832. * 2 v. Personal reminiscences of eminent men. C. Redding.

Kb 4-23054 Dd 9–18166 Phüology. idkins, J. China's place in philology Personal sketches of his own times. Sir J. Barrington

Kb 5-23406 Dd 10-21116 Philology. Ilead, Sir E. w. Shall and will" Perspective. Davidson, E. A. Practical perspective.

Ha 11-20416 Ke 7-23787 Philosophical dictionary. F. M. A. de Voltaire Peru. 'Andagoya, P. de. Hac Soc. V. 34.

Ag 3-20811
Ib 1–16775 Philosophy. Bascom, J. Science, philosophy and re-
Cronicle of A. D., 1532-50. De Leon, P. C. Hak ligion

HC 7-18495
Soc. v.33.
Ib 1-16774 Berkely, George. Works

Le l-20836 - Hall, B. Journal

Ch 5--18674 - Cousin, V. History of modern philosophy
Temple, E. Travels in
Ch 7-18613

Pa 4-23280
Peter Bell the third. P. B. Shelley H1f 3-12221 - Ferrier, James F. Lectures on Greek philosophy
Peter Clinton, L. Lancewood
Gd 2--22611

Hc 6-19147 Peter Drake's dream. Mary Howitt Gf 1-22937 Fisher, K. Philosophy and its age He 11-20208 Peter Lipp.

Gd 1-22580 Fleming, Wm. The vocabulary of philosophy Peter the apostle. Life work of. J. Thompson

Ag 3-21901 Ee 5-23800 Hamilton, W. Discussions on

Pa 4-23840 I'eter the great. Segur, Gen. Count Philip de. His Martineau, James. Essays

Ld 2-21872 tory of

Ob 1--24123 Potter, A. Religious philosophy Pa 4-23822 Peter the whaler. Kingston, w. 'H. G. Gd 2-22606 · Powell, B. Spirit of the inductive. Hd 14-18605 Peterkid, A. See Burns, R.

If 12--17559 Schiller, E. Hand-book of progressive Peterson, E. History of Rhode Island. N. Y., 1853

HIC 7-18854 Cc 9-23287 Sharp, J. C. Studies in

Kb 5-24236 Petherick, J., and B. H. Travels in Central Africa, - Ueberweg, F. History of

Pa 4-21532 and explorations of the Western Nile tributa- Journal of speculative

Gb 10-20389 ries. LOD., 1869. 2 v. 80 Dg 12–18306 See Logic, Mental Science, Metaphysics, Moral Science, Patigru, J. Biographical sketch of. W. S. Grayson. Psychology, Reason.

Db 10-19678 Philosophy of art in the Netherlands. H. Taine Petofi, A. Translations from, by J. Bowring

He 1-18157 Kd 5-23466 of the atonement. T. Archer

Hd 6-11553 Petronel. Florence Marryat Fc 12-23484 - of common life. Jno. Scoffern

Ga 7-21331 l'otticoat government. Mrs. T. A. Trollope

of creation, B. Powell

Hd 1+18605 Gf 3-20579 of discovery. Wm. Whewell.

Eb 7-23826 Pettigrew, 1. J. Memoirs of the life of Vice-Admiral - of style. H. Spencer

Hd 11-11263 Lord Viscouut Nelson. Lon., 1849. 2 v. 80 of prayer. J. Aldis

Hd 6-11330 De 12-20052 of progress. II. J. Slack

Lc 4-21991 Fetty, w. Life. British Plutarch.

Phineas Finn. A. Trollope

Fe 7-15345 Dd 2-5441 Phipson, T. L. Meteors, aerolites, and falling stars. I'ereril of the peak. W. Scott

Tb 2-18055
Long, 167

Ea 10-17631 Efeitier, Dr. E. Theologia germanica, which setteth Photography. Price, Luke. Manual of Ea 6-168

forth many fair lineaments of divine truth, and ' Phrases. Brewer, E.C. Dictionary of phrases and
faith very lofty and lovely things touching al fable.
perfect life. Trang. from the German by Susanna Phrenology. Browne, Jas. P. Phrenology and its ap-
Winkworth. Andover, 1860. Eg 11-19131 plication to education

Ga 6-21331

V. 4

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Phrenology, continued.

Pictures of travel in far off lands. (Ceatral America) - Morgan, N. Phrenology and how to use it

Ge 8-22263 Ga 1-23298 A companion to the study of geography (South Physical exercises. Wm. Wood Gb 12-19706 America) Lon., 1871

Ci3-3736 Physical geography. Elisée Reclus. The earth

Piedmont. Baides, E. Visit to the vaudois of PiedEa 8-18483 mopt. Trav. Lib. v. 7

Cp 3-23095 Physician's counsel to woman. W.c. Taylor Pierce Egan's finish to the adventures of Tom, Jerry,

Vd 3-23289 and Logic, in their pursuits through life, in and Physian's counsels to man. W. C. Taylor Na 3-24170 out of London. Lop., n. d. 8? He &-3547 Physics. See Nat. Philosophy.

Pierre; or the ambiguities. H. Melville Pc 10-18893 Physics and physiology of spiritualism. Wm. H. Ilam. Pierson, Helen. W. Gracie's mission Ge 4-21512 mond Ed 13-17532 Under the fir trees.

Go 2-21743 Physiognomy. Woolnoth, F. Study of the human face Pigeon pie. C. M. Yonge :

Fa 3-19723 Ga 2–20937 Piggott. S. Suicide and its antidotes; a series of rePhysiology. Beecher, Catherine, E. Physiology and ecdotes and actual narratives with suggestions Calisthenics

Ga 7-19683 on mental distress. Lon., 1821 He 13-2039 Ball, T. Hints to mothers

Ga 2-18520 Pilgrimage in Europe and America. J. C. Beltrami Carpenter, Wm. B. Manual of Ga 7-22349

DE 12-17728 Child, G. W. Physiаlogical subjects Nd 2-24304 Pilgrims. Bartlett, wic. The pilgrim fathers --- Eyre, Sir James. The stomach and its difficulties

Cc 7-20299 Ga 6-21347 Pim, B. and Seemann, B. "Dottings on the roadside in -- Humphry, G. M. The human foot and hand

Panama, Nicaragua and Mosquito. LOD., 1869, Ga 7-8648 80

Ch 7-2247 – JIuxley, T. H. Lessons in

Ga 7-21917 Pim, J. The conditions and prospects of Ireland and – Huxley, Tho's H. and Youmans, Wim. J. Physiology the evils arising from the present distributiou vf and Hygiene

Ga 1-20605 landed property, with suggestions for a remedy Loomis, A. L. Physical diagnosis Ga 1-18521

Dub., 1848. go

Cg 12-13707 Macé, J. History of a mouthful of bread

Pink and white tyrany. H. B. Stow : Ff 11-19033

Ga 6–19102 Pinkerton, J. A dissertation on the origin and proMagendie, F. Human physiology Ga 3-19711 gress of the Scythians or Goths,-being an ioNapheys, Geo. H. Masculine functions Ga 6-21851

troduction to the ancient and modern history ! Our earthly house

Ga 7-23647
Europe. Lon., 1787. 8

Le 1-213:39 Pendleton, Mrs. Hester. The parent's guide

An essay on medals, or an introductioa tot

Ga 7-21328 knowledge of ancient and modern medals, esRadcliff, C. B. Dynamics of nerve and muscle

pecially those of Greece, Rome and Britain. Ga 6-18643 Lon., 1808. 2 v. go

C_20367 - Richerand, A.. Elements Ga 4-8696 Pinks and blues, R. A. Parker

Gd 6-22772 - Scoffern, 'Jno. Philosophy of common life

Pioneer record. J. J. Finley and R. Patnam
Ga 7-21331

Ob 9-19063 - Tracy, S. Mother and her offspring Ga 3-19634 Pioneers and founders; or recent workers in the mis- Unzer, J. A. Principles of

Ga 1-20277
sion field. C. M. Yonge

Ed 2-1933
Wilkinson, J. J. G. The human body Ga 7-21389 Pioneers of civilization. The soldier, the man
- of the soul and instinct M. Paine L 1-22470 peace, the adventurer, the trader, the explurer,
Piatt, John J. Landmarks and other poems. N. Y.,

the settler, the missionary. Lon., n. d.
Kd 5-24007

Dc 11-1333
Pick Wick Papers. C. Dickens
Ib 3–18082 Pioneers of the west. W. P. Strickland

Cb 5-19054 Pickering, Miss Ellen. The grand father Gf 4-20546 Piozzi, H. L. Anecdotes of S. Johnson. Lin., 141'? The grumbler.

Gf 4-20541
Tray. Lib. v. 16

Cp 3-2310: Pickford, Jas.JH. Hygiene, or health as depending up- Piper, H. Profitable and oruamental poultry on the conditions of the atmosphere, &c. Long,

Dk 8-23:00 Ga 1-22342 Piracy. History of the Buccaneers of America Pictorial calender of the seasons, exhibiting the pleas

('h 17320 ures, pursuits and characteristics of country life, Pirate. W. Scott

Ib 2-18053 etc. Edited by Mary Howitt. Lon., 1834

Pirate's treasure. Kingston, W. H. G. Ge 6-92141

Lb 4-22000 Pirrie, W. On hay asthma and the affectioa termei Pictorial field-book of the revolution. B. J. Lossing

hay fever. Lon. 1867

Ga 7-2017 Cb 6-17712 | Pitt, W. Gifford, J. Political life of Dd 12-212 Pictorial half hours with the saints. Abbé Lecanu - Lord Chatham. Brougham, H. Historical sketch Ed 2-24213

Dd 2-5621 Picture galleries in England

Liri British Plutarch.
Kc 7-23333

v. 8

Dd 2-5445 Picture gallery of the nations. Lon., D. d. Ci 4-23819

Tomline, G. Life of

Dd 12-2130 Pictures. Burtiv, M. F. X. de. Treatise on

Pitt, W., the younger.

Brouglinn H Hiators! KC 6-20959 sketch

Dd 2-5025 ILobbes, J. R. Picture colloctor's manual

Pittsburgh Young Men's Mo

Association Kc 6-209.19 and Mechanics' In

5.13120 Swiss pictures.

Ig 1-22455
Touches of nature

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See Engravings, Painting.
Pictures and stories of animals. Mrs. S. Tenney Pius the ninth

Gd 9-22892
Pictures from Italy and American notes. C. Dickens Place for eve

Ib 3-18072 Places and f
Pictures from revolutionary Paris

, (1818). J. P. Sim- Plain speake

Cg 3-18103 Planché, Eli Pictures of cottage life in the west of England. Margaret E. Pool

GP 2-21429 Planché, J. I Pictures of travel. H. C. Anderson

Di 9-20215

the di Pictures of IIeroes and lessons from their lives. Ph.,

islands. n. d.

Cr 3-233191 Court favou.


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Plauché, J. R., continued.

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. – Proctor, R. A. Other worlds than ours
Bur. .
Kd 7-24124

Eb 9-17553 -- Puss in boots. Bur.

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hands corrected and reviged by W. H. Goodwin. Y., n. d.

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Bost., 1871. 5 v. 80

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Plane and plank. W.T. Adams. Fd 3-18504 Pocahontas and other poems. Mrs. L. H. Sigourney.
Plant hunters. M. Reid
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Bell, Emma M. Poems.

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W. Hlooker

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Hulme, F. E. Plant form
Ig 1-23179 - Burleigh, W. H. Poem of

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Wooster, D. Alpine plants
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See Boiany, Flowers.

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Mistral, F. Mirèio, a provençal poem Kd 5-24223 Contents.--Vol. I. Charmides; Lysis; La

- Oehlenschlaeger, A. The gods of the north
ches; Protagoras; Euthydemus; lon;Meno;

Kd 1-22471
Enthyphro; Apology; Crito, Phaedo;
Symposium; Phaedrus; Cratylus. II. The

Peak, G. Struggle for existence Kd 4-24169
Republic; Timaeus; Critias. III. Gor-

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Lesser Hippias; Alcibiades First; Menexe-
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Whitney, A. D. T Pansies

Kd 4-2 1234
Le 5-21573
Leaves, by C. S. O.

Of 2-21580

Poet hero. Countess Von Bothmer Gf 8-22972 Contents. – Vol. I. Amphitryon; The braggard captain; The captives. II. The

Poetical decameron. J. P. Collier

Ha 3-17582 treasure; The merchant; The miser; The Poetry. History and Criticism. shipwreck. III. The twin-brothers; The -- Besant, W. Studies in early French poetry discovery ; The apparition; The cheat. IV. Conjugal fidelity; The casket; The

Kd 2-19611 parasite; The churl; The Carthaginian.

Kendrick, A. c. Our poetical favorites
V. The courtezans; The Persian; The ass-

Hf 12-17508 dealer; The lots; Fragments.

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Kb 3-23176 B. E. Bill .

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- Weber, H. Meirical romances of the 13th and 14th Gf 4-20539 centuries

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Pleasures of my old age. E. Souvestre Fa 10-19342 Bickersteth, E. H. The two brothers and other
Pliny the elder. Macgillivray, Wm.


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