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Eg 5-4

Nilsson, Sven. The primitive inhabitants of Scandina- Northcote, S. 11. Twenty years of financie i polve", a

via, an essay on comparative ethnology and a summary of the chief faaocial measu s Desks contribution to the history of the development

between 1842 and 1861, with a table..'uszta of mankind; containing a description of the ! Lon., 1962. 8

Kayht implements, dwellings, tombs and mode of living Northwest. Hildreth, S. P. Contributions. Ar of the savages in the north of Europe during

history of the Stone age. Ed. by Sir John Lubbock, 1 v.

Viscount Milton and w. B. Cleadie. Lorem 8. Lon, 1868

Ch 9-18099

11? 10-12

Norton, Joho x. 'Life of arc. listop Laud Bot Nimmo, W. P. Ed. Popular tales. Ed., n. d. 6v.

M1-17 Fa 11-19288 Nineveh. Fletcher, J. P. i two years' residence in

Norton, w. A. Treatise on astronoms, spherica, a:

physical, with astronomical problems, and more

Oc 2-24355 Niniven and Persepolisi wis W. Vaux Oc 2-24139

lunar, and other astronomical tables for a

and scientific schools. V. Y., 1867. No fiction. Rev. A. Reed Fe 11-19570

ES 9-17, No man's friend. F. W. Robinson

Gr 4-20532

Norway. Bowden, J. Naturalist in Dk 3-11. No moss. C. Fosdick.

Gd 6-22763 No such word as fail. 1. B. Neal

Crichton, A. Scandinavia

Cg !'-1764 Ge 8-22258

- Forester, T. Rambles in. Trav. Lib. 1.! Noble, John. Fiscal legislation, 1842-65; a review of the financial changes of that period and their ef

Laing, S. Chronicle of the kings of

Norwar fects upon revenue, trade, manufactures and em

Cg 10-14, ployment. Lon., 1867. go . Ka 5-21045

Journal of a residence in. Trav. Lib. 1.3 · The queen's taxes; an inquiry into the amount, in.

cidence end oconomic results of the taxation of - Sturleson, S. Chronicles of the kings of
the United Kingdom direct and indirect. Lon.,

Bc 3–16784 Not any thing for Peace. T. s. Arthur Ge 5. Noble, L. L. The course of Empire, voyage of life and Notes and queries; a medium of inter-coranı", num!

other pictures of Thomas Cole, with selections for literary men, artists and general kali from his letters. N. Y., 1853 Da 11-21538

Lon., 1849-69, 40 v. in 20 Noble deeds of American women. J. Clement

Notes on North America. J. F. W. Johoston

DE 1 -16 Da 12-19085

Notes practical and explanatory on the gospel Noble lord. E. D. E. N. Southworth. Ff 7-24012

Hall Yoble rivers. A. J. Buckland

Ge 7-22171 Notes on Irish questions. Henry L. Jepica Noble sister. Mary A. Denison Ge 4-21803

Cu 6-217 Noble women. Ann S. Stephens Gf 4-21610 Nothing venture, nothing have.' A. B. Neal Nobless oblige." J. Tytler Fd 9-18582

Ge... Nobody's fortune. Edmund Yates Gf 2-20593 Nott, c. c. Sketches of the war. N. Y. 1865 Noel, B. W. Church and the world. E. H. L, 1818-9

Ci Hd 6-11547 Novels and bovelists of the eighteenth century, Hlistory of the formation of the free church of the Forsyth

H2 13-1** canton de Vaud, Switzerland. E. H. L., 1847-8 Novum Organon Renovatum. W. Whewell Hd 6-11516

E7-.. Now or never.

W.T. Adams · Progress of the gospel in France. E. H. It., 1851-2

Chas. A. Beach

Hd 6-11550 Revival of religion. E. II. L., 1850-51 Hd 6-11549 Nowell, H. P. H. Helping hand series. Bost., 13 Nolan, A. Byrnes of Glengoulah Gf 1-22929

Gd 4-3 Nolan, Capt. L. E. Cavalry, its history and tactics. Climbing the rope. Little Spaniard. Lon., 1860, 8

Gb 10-20412 Bill Grimes' favorite. Salt-water Dick Nollekeus, (Joseph) and his times. J. T. Smith

Cruise of the dashaway. Litilo maid or Ube

De 12-19989 Noyes,, Geo. F. The Bivoac and the battlefiel', : Nopjurors. History of. T. Lathbury Ee 13-20497

campaign sketches in Virginia and Maryland. Nooks and corners of English life, past and present, Noyes, Geo. R.

Y., 1864

Ca 4-19 Jno. Timbs

A new translation of the lle's

Ca 2-21593 Nora and Archibald Lee

Gf 4-20542

prophets, with an introduction and notes and N. Y., 1866. 2 v.

Fe 7-1' Nordhor, Charles. Seeing the world. N. Y., 1857 Nubia, Henniker F. Notes on

Ig 12Db 6-19619 Romer, I. F. Pilgrimage to

(c 2-1, Norman conquest in England. E. 1. Freeman

Russell, M. Nubia and Abyssinia , Cf 11-17

Cn 3-21838 Nutshell of kuowledge. Charlotte Tucker Ge 9-?? Norman's bridge. Mrs. A. Marsh Gf 4-29558 Nuttall, P. Austin. Dictionary of scientific terms. I' Norrie, Seton. Mrs. George Cupples Ge 5-22089

1869. Norris, Emilia M. Gerald and Harry . Ge 7-22172 Oakland stories. 'G. B. Taylor. N. Y., 1809. - Early start in life Gf 6-22309

Gd 3-." Norris, Maria. Life and times of Madara de Staél on., 1853. 82

De 6-20158

Contents.-1. Kenny. 2. Cousin Guy. & North Carolina. Hawks, F. L., et al. Revolutionary

Claiborn. 4. Gustave. history of

Cb 12–20163 Objects for the microscope. E. L. Clarke Ea 10-1-1 North, Frederic. Brougham, H. Historical sketch O'Callaghan, J. Usury, funds and banking, rooli?

Dd 2-5421

forestalling, traffick, Gallican liberties N North, Roger. Memoirs of musick. Lon., 1846.


Ka 5-li La 7-21008 Occultation of Jupiter. Hall

Hd 6-1) North American Review, 1870-71. v110-113. 83

Ocean. Jones, Wm. Broad, broad ocean Dk 8-20 Gd 9-18539-18560-23818-23849 O'Curry, Eugene. Lectures on the manuscript materi North British Review. March, 1869 to Jan., 1871, N. of ancient Irish history. Dub., 1861.yo Y. 2 v. Ge 10-18386 & 23677

Cm 6-941. Northern Lands. W. T. Adams . Fd 3-23999 O'Donoghue, J. iristorical memoir of the O'Briens a Northcote, Rev. J. S. Celebrated sanctuaries of the

notes, apendix and a genealogical table of 1 Madonna. Lon., 1368

Ld 421109 several branches. Dub., 1860. g© Dc 12

Ag 3-1

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O'Donovan, John. Annals of the kingdom of Ireland, Olin, Stephen. Life and letters of. N. Y., 1053, 2 v. by the four masters, from the earliest period to

Dg 12-19647 the year 1616. Edited from manuscripts in the Works. N. Y., 1860. 2 v.

Eg 11-19578
library of the royal Irish academy, and of trinity
college Dublin Dub., 1856. 7 v. 4°

Contents.Yol. I. Sermons and sketches,
CF 72-17705

II Lectures and addresses. - Grammar of the Irish language. Dub., 1845. 80 Oliphant. Mrs. M. O. W. Brownlows Gr 3--20573 Kb 4-20869 - Francis of Assisi. Lon, D. d.

Do 10-18186 Odyssey Homer. Trans. by W. C. Bryant Kd 1–23965 - Katherine's experience

Gd 8-22865 Oedipus tyrannus. P. B. Shelley

Hf 3-12222
- Lucy Crafton:

Fel-19731 Oehlenschlaeger, Adam. The gods of the north - Miss Majoribanks

Fe 6-19278 Kd 4--22471 The Athelings; or, the three gifts Gf 3-20574 Of to sea. Kingston, iv, H. G.: Go 6-32149 The days of my life

Fc l-19727 Off the track. N. A. Denison Go 5-22617 - The house on the Moor

Fel-19730 Oguou, Matthias. Wilson, T. Lifo

Da 8-1693 - The Laird or Norlaw, a Scottish story Fc1-19737 Ogilby, w Quadrupeds described and drawn from Salem chapel.

Fo 6-19270 living subjects. Lon., 1917. 3 v Ib 5-19964 The rector and the doctors family Fe 6-19275 - The menageries. The natural history of monkeys, The three brothers.

Gf 3--20621 opossums and lemurs

Ib 5-19963 Olive Blake's good work. J. C. Jeaffreson Gf4–20545 Ovlethorpe, J. Biographical, memorials of. T. M. Oliver Twist. C. Dickens

Ih 3-18073 Harris

Db 10-19155 Oliver, S. P. Madagascar and the Malagasy. Lon., n. O Gorman, Miss Edith Trials end persecutions of, in d. 80

Dh 2-21359 St. Joseph's coavent, Hudson city, N. J., written Oliver Wyndham. E. B. Lee

GC 4-22092 by herself. Hart., 1871 Ee 2-19185 Olrig Grange. 1. Künst

H 10-24142 Ohio. Cities and Towns.

Omens and superstitions. Curious facts and illustrative --- Whittlesy, Charles. History of Cleveland Clev., sketches. Ph., n. d.

Le 7-21842 1867 80 Cb11-19062 i Omoo, H. Melville

Fc 10-18888 Ohio. Counties.

Op guard. Annie Thomas

Gf 3-20581 - Finley, 1. J. and Putnam, R. Pioneer record and On old age. Mme. Swetchine

He 5-11986 reminescences of the early settlers and settle. On resiguation. Mme. Swetchice He -11986

ment of Ross County. Ohio, n. d. Cb 9-19063 On Sherman's track. J. H. Keunaway Cd 4-23314 Whio valley. Historical series. Miscellapies. C'in., 1871. On the Erie canal. J. Abbott

Gd 5-22747 Ob 9-19064 On time. W.T. Adams

Gd 9-22924 Contents.-1. A tour in Ohio, Kentucky On the trail of the war. A. I. Shand :

Cg 11-19393 and Indiana in 1905, by Josiah Espy. II.

On the way. C. Tucker

Ge 7-22207
Two western campaigns in the war of 1812,
by Sail. Williams. III. The'leatherwood

On the wing. Maximilian I, emperor of Mexico
Goi, by R. H. Tanneybill.

Di 6-20194 - Nellie Eyster

Ge 9-23912 O'Keede, C. M. Knights of the Pale Gf 1--22943 Oakvilie Dore's nest. C. M. Trowbridge Ge 2-21767 | Ouce a week. An illustrated miscellany of literature, Olaf "Thorlaksen. W.0. Von loro Gd 9-22889 art and popular information. 1st serios, 1839-65.

He 5-11986 Old age. Mme. Swetchine .

13 v. 2d series, 1866-67. Lon.., n. d. Old and new v. 2-3-4. Bost., July, 1870 to Jan., 1872

Ig 4-21227 Nh'11-18543, 19717, 24354 Once upon a time. c. Knight

He 3-18251 Old and new home; a Canadian tale, by J E.

One armed Ilugh. A. S. Moffat

Gd 3-22068 Fc 5–18846 | One of the family

Gf 4-20510 Old Andy's monuy Ge 7-22208 i One trip more. A. Manning

Ge 8-22267 Old churches, ministers and families of Virginia. W., O'Neill, Aodh. Life and times of. John Mitchel Meade Cb 8-19066

Tic 12-20069 Od curiosity shop. C. Dickens

Ib 3-18091 | O'Neil, Henry. Lectures on painting, delivered at the Old doctor's son. M. D. Chellis

GA 8-22860

Royal Academy. Lon., 1866.80 KC 7-20917 Old England's worthies, a gallery of portraits from au- Two thousand years hence. Lon., n. d. Cn 3–21716

thentic copies of the most eminent statesman, O'Neill, Hugh. Fate and fortunes of. C. P. Meehan lawyers, warriors, men of letters and science and

Hd 3-20093 artists of our country, Lon., 1847. 45 Only herself. Annie Thomas

Gf 3-20581 If 4-3149 Only three weeks .

Ge 1-2 1330 Old English history for children.' E. A Freeman

Open air, or sketches out of town. Joseph Verey (f 8-17839

le 13-13370 Old fashioned boy. M. F. Farquharson Fi 3–18744 Opera. Lumley, B. Reminiscences of the Oid forest ranger. W. Campbell Go 9-19009

Hb 12-17727 Old gateway. E. Marshall

Gf 7-23015 Maynard Walker. The enterprising impresario Old gems re set Ge 7-23911

Kd 6-23735 Old gray rosary, Mrs A. H. Dorsey Gc 4-24237 Operas. Italian. . Lon., n. d. 4j La 9-33351 Old Hicks the guide. (. W. Weber Df11-18945 Old Jack. W. H. G, Kingston

Fd 6-17668

Contents.--I. L'elisir d'amore; Il Bar

hiere di Siviglia; Mose in Egitto. or Lid Old Judge, or life in a colony. T. C. Halliburton

Gaza Ladra; I Don Giovanni; De Lac de
He 1l--18314

Fees. (Baliet.) 11 Matrimonio Segreto;
Old lieutenant and his son. X. Macleod Gc 5--24185

La Sonnambula; Lucia di Lammermoor;
Old tog school house. A. Clarke

Medea in Corinto; I Puritani; Beatrice di
Gf 1-22345

Tenda. III. Il Turco in Italia; L'Italiana
Old inaids. Knowles

Hb 10-17721

in Algieri; Cosi fan Tutte; Le Nozze di Old mortality. W. Scott

Ib 2-18045

Figaro; La Cenerentola. Vol. IV. Il Pirata;
Old saws, new set.

La Lemiramide; La Gitana, (ballet; Anna
Mrs. H. Mackarness Ge 6-22142

Bolena; Tancredi; L'Inganno felice; Ot-
Old school atrentations. J. B. Owen Hd 6-11558

ello. V. Roberta Devereanx, La Donna Old towu fireside stories. H. B. Stowc Gf 7-23976

del Lago; Norma; Elisa E. Claudio; Par

1sina. Old stories retold. W. Thorobury lle 7-18279 Old world seep with young eyes : Old world worthies, or classical biography selected from Opinions concerning the bible, law of marraige. Ph, 1871

Lc 1-23379 Plutarch's lives. Ed., n. d.

Da 12-23247 Oldest and the newest empire. w. Speer Dh 3-16536 Opinions on the world, mankind, literature, science and


J. W. Von Goethe

He 11-20468 P


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Opium, and the opium appetite. A. Calkins Our exemplars. Ed. by M. D. Hill Lon., D. d.
Ga 4-16829

ID: 6-2, 3 Opportunities. S. Warner

Fa 14-18369 Our friends in heaven. J. M. Kilien El 1-11117 Optics Abbott, J. Light Ea 8-18759 Our girls. D. Lewis

Gå 6-1951 Parkinson, S. Treatise on

Ea 5-19597 Our hymns, their authors and their origin. Josiah JaSee Eye, Light, Vision.


Ha 8-15 Oregon Small, H. Oregon and her resources Our Indian empire. H. B. Edwards Hd-1659 Cb 11-23970 | Our mutual friend. C. Dickens.

Ib 3-1600) Oregon and Eldorado. Thomas Bulfinch Oa 2-21330

Our new home in the west. Mrs. Mary Clayers O'Reilly, A. J. The martyrs of the Coliseum

Dr 10-241" Gi 6–22464 O'Reilly, Edward. An Irish-English dictionaryDubai Our oriental missions. E. Thompson

Our new west. S. Bowles

D 1.-197075

EQ2-31 1964. 40.

Ag 2-20806
Oriental memoirs ; a narrative of seventeen years resi- Our year. Miss D. M. Muloch

Our rulers and our rights. Auson Willis Bi 3-21010 dence in India. James Forbes Origio of species. G. F. Kittredge. Bh 5-Pam 69 Our young folks ; an illustrated magazine for beinas

and girls. v. VII. Bost., 1871. 89 Original double acrostics, amusing and instructive

Lon., n. d. .
Lb 6-23748 Ousley Sir F A. G. A. Treatise on counterpall

, Original penny readings. George M. Fenn

non and fugue. Based upon that of Carbid

Hc 13-19455 Origines patriciae. R. T. Hampson

Oxford, 1869. 80

L& -210 Ch 12-20196

Treatise on harmony. Ox., 1868. 80 La 2-2101 Orkney Islands. J. Abbott

Gd 5-22742

Biographical notices of Persian poets, with it! Orkneys. Gorrie, D. Summer and winter in

and explanatory remarks. LOD., 1846 Di 9-18998

Ormulum. R. M. White

Kb 1-21270 Out of prison
Ornament. Hibberd, S. Rustic adornments for homes Out of the fire. D. Chellis

FC 3-
of tasto
Kc 6-20824 Out of the foam. J. E. Cooke

Ff 4-15; Orosius Alfred the Great. Works. v. 2 Hd 4–16814 Out of the wilderness. J. D. Chaplin. Gd 4-??" Orosius. P. Alfred's Anglo-saxon history of the world Out of the pampas. G. A. Henty

GR-221 in Cr 1-20863 Outward bound. Howard

Gr 1-22:51 Orphan of Waterloo. Mrs. Blackford Ge 8-22271 Over-legislation. H. Spencer

Hall-!1: Orr, Mrs. & S. Leah, a tale of ancient Palestine Over the ocean. C. Guild

Di 9-1347: Ge 9-22391 Over yonder. E. Marlitt

Fi 3-16Roseville family Ge 1--22416 Overland J. W. DeForest.

Gf 3-2017 Orridge, B. B. Some account of the citizens of London Overland journey. H. Greeley

DI 8-1786 and their rulers from 1060 to 1867. Lon., 1867 Overland monthly. San Francisco, 1870. F. 3.; Cp 5-23152

Nh 12-19189-1971 - 35 Orthopiera. Sendder, S. H. Catalogue Dk 12-16849 Overthrow of the Germanic confederation in 1966 Orville college boys. Mrs. II. Wood Fa 12-16827


Cg 6-17 Osborn, L. Tragedies. Being in completion of the Owen, J. B. Old school affectations in literature, and second volume of the dramatic series. N. Y.,

science, &c.; concluding with Boonie Christens 1870,

Kd 7-23834
sketch. E, H, L., 1859-60

Id f-1:55

- Talkers of society. É. H. L., 1855-1 Ha 6-113, Contents.-The last Manderville; The hearts

Owen, John J. A commentary critical, expositors, im. sacrifice; The Monk; Matilda of Denmark.

practical on the gospel of John. NT. 1871

Ld 8-21.1 - l'go da Este. Uherto. The cid of Seville. Tragedie - Commentary critical, expository and practicals

Kd 7-23648 the history of St. Luke. N. Y., 1870 Osborn, M.C. Missions and missionaries of the last

La x-!1half century. E. H. L., 1863-4 . Hd 6-11562 Commentary critical, expository and practical Osborne, Francis. Corner cottage

Ge 8-22255

the gospels of Mathew and Mark, VT, Oscar. Wm. Simonds .

Gd 5-22729 Osgood, S. American Leaves. Familiar notes of thought

On the anatomy of vertebrates. Lon., 1856
and life. N. Y., 1867

Hc 13-19693

Gå 1-07 The hearth stone. Thoughts upon home life in our

Vol. I. Fishes and reptiles. cities. V. Y., 1860

Hc 10-18932

Vol. II. Birds and mammals. Vol. 3. Nampuls Osler, E. Life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth. Lon, Owen, R. Sargant, W.L. Robert Owen and his son in 1835. 80

Dc 12-19997

De 2-1"
Ossian. Poems in the original Gaelic, trang. by Archi-

Some instances of the power of God as manifesti bald Clark. Lon. and Ed., 1870.

in his animal creation. E. H. L, 1863Kd 1-20885

Hd 6-115..

Owen Robert Dale. The debatable land between Osten-Sacken, R. Monographs of the diptera of North

world and the next. N. Y., 1872. Ed 13-213America. Part IV. S.M.C. y. 8 Dk 12-15819 Ox (The.) W. C. L. Martin. Farmer's library. !! Osteology. Holden, L. Human osteology Ga 1-21589

Dk bis S* Other life. W. H. Holcombe

Ff 5-17741 Oxenford, J. Old English aitties, selected from
Other worlds than ours.

R. A. Proctor
Eb 9-17553

Chappels' "popular music of the olden time Ottley, Henry. A biographical and critical dictionary with a new introduction &c. The symphonier

of recent and living painters and engraverg. and accompaniment by G. H. Macfarren
Lol1, 1866. 8.
Ag 1-20808

La 8-93813 Ought we to visit her. Annie Edwards

Oxford. Cox, G. V. Recollections of Hc 13-18

Gf 4-21583 English prize poems. Oxford, 1836 Kd 5-2322 Ouida. (Picuci.) Soe De Lárame, L.

Oxford University statutes. Lon., 1845 Kb 7-2325 Our coal and our coal pits The people in them and Oxonian in Iceland. F. Metcalf

Di -1990 the scenes around them. Lon., 1862. Trav. Lib. Ozanam, A. F. History of cizilization in the fifth centur v. 23. Cp 3-23111 Lon., 1868. 2 v.

Cr 3-210S Our earthly house and its builder, or the wisdom of Pacific Ocean. E. H. Lamont. Wild life among ti. God as displayed in the body of man. Lon., n.

Pacific Islanders

Dh 9-1935 d. Ge 7-236471 - Life and adventures in

Dh 1-1953

2 y.


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4 v.

Page, David. Chips and chapters. A book for ama- Palissy the potter, H. Allon

Hd 6-11554 teur and young geologists. Ed. and Lon., 1869. Pallas, P. S. Saint John, J. A. Life. Dd 1-5416

Eb 7-21192 Palliser, Mrs. B. Historic devices, badges and war- The past and present life of the globe. Ed. and cries. Lon., 1870.80

Ch 11-17735 Lor, 1841.

Dk 8-20087 Palmer, E. H. Desert of the exodus. Journeys on Paijkull, C. W. A summer in Iceland. Lon., 1868. 80 foot in the wilderness of the forty year's war

Di 11-21361 derings. Cam., Lon, and N. Y., 1871. 2 v. Pain, mystery of Hc 7-20502

Dh 6-22504 Paine, M. Physiology of the soul and instinct as dis- Besant, w. Jerusalem, the city of Herod and Satinguished from materialism. N. Y., 1872. 80 ladin. Lon., 1871

Db 7-23266 Ld 1-22470 Palmer, G. Kidnapping in the South Seas, being a Paine, Thomas. Works, with a brief sketch of the narrative of a three month's cruise of H. M. author's life. Bost., 1810. 80

Ship Rosario. Ed., 1871. 8. Db 11-21360

Hd 14-19178 Palmer, J. Necrology of Alumni of Harvard college. Contents.-Vol. I and II. Political works.

1851-52, to 1862-63. Bost., 1864.8% III. Theological works.

Bb 6-20273 Palmer, Lynde. John Jack.

Gd 8-23937 Painted bird. M. C. Bushe.

Ge 8-22250 Palmer, W. Egyptian chronicles, with a harmony of Painters. Bryan, M. Dictionary of painters and en- sacred and Egyptian chronlogy. Lon. 1861. gravers

Ag 1-20809
2 v. 80

Ca 10-20243 - Jervis. Lady, J. W. Painting and celebrated Palmerin of England, by Francisco de Moraes. Lon., painters

Kc 5-24357

Ha 10-17730 Marchese, Father. Lives of the most eminent painters Palmetto boys. J. McNair Wright Ge 2-10336

sculptors and architects of the order of S. Dom- Palmerston, Viscount. See Temple, II. J.
Dc 13-21920 Pansies. A. D. T. Whiting.

Kd 4-24234 – Ottley, H. Biographical dictionary of painters and Pantheism. Manning, J. M. lIalf truths and the engravers . Ag 1-20800 truth.

Ld 7-23316 Stanley, G. Classified synopsis of the principal Saisset, E, Religious philosophy Ef 6-19134 painters of the Dutch and Flemish schools

Kc 7-21404

Papacy. Legge, A. O Temporal power of the Papa. Swinburne, a. C. W. Blake. ' A critical essay


Ee 4-18140 Riddle, J. E. History of

Ld 3-23088 Pd 4-21619 Painting. Blackburn, E. L. Decorative painting

See Popery, Popes, Roman Catholicism.

Papal conclaves. W. G. Cartwright EA 3-19507

Ig 1-21624 - Burnet, J. A treatise on painting.

Hc 10-18780
If 4-21619 Parables of Buddhaghasha
Papers for home reading. J. Hall

Kf 1-23708 Crowe, J. A., and Caralcaselle, G. B. History of Paraguay. Washburn, C. A. History Ch 6-17751 painting in North Italy

Ih 4-19516 Pardon of Guingamp. Philip W. de Quetteville
Field, G. Colours and colouring Kc 7-23463

Di 9-20455 - James, J. T. Flemish, Dutch and German schools of Parental instructions; or guide to wisdom and virtue,

Ke 6-23087 designed for young persons of either sex-se. James, J. T. Italian schools of

Kc 6-23086 lected mainly from the writings of an eminent Kugler, F. Hand-book of the Italian schools

physician. N. Y., 1855 . He 13-19687

Kc 6-20954 Parent's guide. Mrs. Hester Pendleton Ga 7.-21328 Mérimée, M. J. F. L. Art of painting in oil and in Paris. Bowles, T. G. Defence of Paris Cm 3-21674 fresco

KC 7-24362

- Gronow, R. H. Celebrities of London and Paris O'Neil, H. Lectures on Kc 7-20947

Gf 4-21634 Waagen, G. F. Handbook of the German, Flemish Fetridge, W. P. Rise and fall of the commune, 1871 and Dutch schools Kc 6-20952

Cm 2-20618 Walpole, Horace. Anecdotes of painting

— Leighton J. Paris under the commune Kc 7-21288

Cm 2-20340 Palaces and prisons. Mrs. Ann s.


- McCabe, J. D. Jr. Paris by sunlight and gaslight Ff 8-20233

Di 6-18476 Palestine. Bayley, E. Battles of the bible reviewed Robinson, W. Parks, promenades and gardens of

Hd 6-)1562

Ec 5-3545 Bonar, A. A. Palestine for the young Dg 6-19421

Sheppard, N. Shut up in Paris Cm 2-24017 Fion, J. Byeways in Palestine Dg 7-21730 Simpson, J. P. Pictures from, (1848) Cg 3-18103 Gage, W. L. Studies in bible lands Dg 6-19118

History of

Cg 3-17593 Hamilton, J. Bible illustrated by the plants of Inside Paris during the siege

Cin 2-21951 Hd 5-11544 MacLeod, N Travel in

Its historical scenes with an account of the revolu

Dg 7-19344 Pressensé, E. De. Land of the gospel Dg 7–19368

tion of 1789. The tulleries, the massacre of St. Romer, Mrs. I. F. A pilgrimage

Bartholomew. Sieges of Paris. The Louvre.

Oc 2-24365 Tillotson, J. Its holy rites and sacred story

Lon., 1848. 2 v.

Ib 5-19955 Paris and Vienno. Thy storye of the noble, ryght

Dg 6-20196 Turner, W. M. El-Khuds, the holy

valyant and worthy Knyght Parys, and of the

Dh 5--23258 Wainwright, Rev. F. M. Pathways and abiding

fayr Vyenne the Daulphyns daughter of l'yenplaces of our Lord

noys. Long, 1868, 86

Le 5-20914 Dg 7-21807 See Jerusalem, Assyria.

Paris to Amsterdam. D. C. Eddy

Gu 5-15477 Palgrave, F. History of the Anglo-Saxong. Lon.,

Park Mungo. Life and travels of. Ed., 1871
Cn 2-20314

Dg 19-23196 Palgrave, R. F.D. House of commons.

Saint John, J. A. Life:

Id 1-5415 of its history and practice, a course of three Parker, C. Villa Rustica: Selected from buildings

and lectures delivered to the Reigate South Park

scenes in the vicinity of Rome and Florence, Workingmen's Club, 2d, 9th and 16th December

and arranged for rural and domestic dwellings, 1868. Long, 1869

Long, 1848, 49

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ney through central and Eastern Arabia, 1862-3. Parker, J. Ad clerum. Advices to a young preacher.
Lon, 1869

Dh 4-17897
Bost., 1871

He 11-18107 ellissy, B. Life of. C. L. Brightwell Dc 6-21861 | Parker, P. "Life. British Plutarc b. Dd 2-5439

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Parker, N. H. Iowa as it is in 1855. A gazetteer for Patagonia. Musters, G. C. At borne .th the Pala citizens and a hand-book for emigrants. Chic., gonians

CI 4-2301 1855.

Cb 12-19181 Patent Office Anoual report of the commissioner i Parker, R. G. Aids to English composition prepared

patenta for 1869. 4 v. 'for students of all grades; both in prose and Patersou, J. Wallace the hero of Scotland X Y

Pd; - Outlines of general history in the form of question Patient waiting. V. E Townsend

and answer, designed as the foundation and the Patient waiting, no loss A. B. Neal Gé. review of a course of historical reading. N. Y., Patmore, P. G. My friends and acqua. talve, 1870.

Ca 3-19615

memorials, mind, portraits and personal re ue. Parker, Rosa Abbot. Rosa Abbott stories. 67.

tions of deceased celebrities of the 15th aty Gd 6-22767 &c. Lon., 1854. 3 v.

Tie 14--3-3 Tommy lickup Young Detective.

Patmos. J. R. Macduff Memories of kg lv." Jack of all Trades. Alexis the Runaway.

Patriarchal civilization. J. Stoughton F-1104 I'pside Down. Pink and Blue Eyeg.

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young married ladies on the management of Long, 1867
their households, and the regulation of their Patterson, Robert Letters on the natural busisty;
conduct in the various relations and duties of the insects mentioned in Shakeepeare's so
married life. N. Y., 1855.

Gb 4-19710

with incidental notices of the entomoly Parkinson, J. C. Ocean telegraph to India, a narative

land. Lon.. 1838

DTand diary. Ed. and Lon, 1870 Dh 11-23307 Patterson, R. H. The economy of capital. or guld " ! -- Places and people ; being studies from the life. Lon., trade. Ed., 1865

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, 1862 87 Parkinson, s. A treatise on optics. Lon., 1866

Hd 14-15 Ea 5-19597 - Elementary treatise on mechanics. Lon., 1869

Contents.-Color in nature and art; Resi

and ideal beauty; Sculpture; Ethnog ot Gb 7-18397

Europe; utopias; Our Indian empre: 1.1 Parks, Promenades and gardens of Paris. W. Robin

national life of China; An ideal art Ec 5-3545

greys; Battle of the Styles; Genius 4.00 See Buffalo Public Park.

liberty; Youth and liberty; Youth and

summer: Records of the past; Nineveu Parliamentary reform. Fl. Spencer Hd 11-11263

and Babylon; India, its casts and anti; Parr, Harriet. Annis Warleigh's fortunes

Christopher North; In memorium.
Gf 4-20557 Paul Barton. II. N. Baker

Gu 3-2 – Fairy tales Gf 7-23013 Paul Blake. Elwes, A.

GelLegends from fairyland

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De 2-18676
Brock, W. The apostle Paul.

เld Poor match

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Ff 5-17567

gospel of the apostle of the Gentiles. Bost. 19: John Thompson, Blockhead

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Geiand a selection from his correspondence, by J. | Paul the peddler. H. Alger, Jr.

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Ld 7-23623

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Paved with gold. A. Mayhew

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history, and culture of all plants kaown in t Cb 3-21317 ian. Lon., 1868. 8°

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lives of the most interresting persons of all ages - Cecil's book of insects

and countries, Hart., 1869. 8? De 9–18489 Peabody, Wm. S. Geneology of the Peabody is Topics of the time. Bost., 1871 He 11-18427 as compiled by the late C. M. Endicott, os, Pascal, Blaise. Goulburu, E. M. Blase Pascal

with a partial record of the Rhode Island ta Id 6-11558

by B. F. Peabody. Bost., 1867. $ Pass and class. An Oxford guide book. M. Burrows

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BL 4-Pit is Hd 6-11552 - Danvers, Mass. Second, third and fourth, anali Paysages from my autobiography. Lady Sydney Mor

port, 1869-70

D'b jul." gan

Dd 8-5554 - Peabody Mass. 19th annual report, 1871. Passages in the life of an Indian inerchant, etc. Helen

Bh Peu: (olvin

De 9-19338 Peacemaker. T. S. Arthur. N. Y., 1870 Gd 5-3: Passing thoughts. C. E. Tonna

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and decorations at the period of the refortant Hb 12-19601 Long, 1866

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Kd 6-24251
poems. N. Y., 1872

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(ic 5-24193 Peake, Helena Boys' book of heroes

2 v.

ports, 1870-71

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