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V. 23

Mormons and Mormonism, continued.

Mourt, G. Relation; or, journal of the plantation of
Stenhouse, Mrs. T. B. II. A lady's life among the Plymouth, with introduction and notes by H. M.
Lc 4-23952 Dexter. Bust., 1865. 80

Cc 10-8617 -- Taylder, F. W. P. Mormon's own book

Mozart. Holmes, E. Life of
Ee 12-20257

De 12-20209 & De 8-19617 – Tucker, P. Origir, rise and progress of Mormonism. Mr. Pendleton's cup.

G. Gaylord

Gd 3-22680 N. Y., 1867

Ed 12-18927 Mrs. Caudle's curtain lectures, D. Jerrold - Reprinted from the Edinburg Review. Lop., 1863.

Hd 14-17696 Trav. Lib.

Cp 3-23113 Mrs. Geralds piece. Lady G. Fullerton Gf 3-20624 Morning and evening exercises. II. W. Beecher Mrs. Thorne's guests. A Fell

Gd 8-22863 Eg 5–17734 Mudge, Z. A. Boat builder's family Gd 3-22670 Morning glories. L. M. Alcott

Gf 2-21248 - Footprints of Roger Williams, a biography. V Y., Morning land. E. Dicey

Dg 6-18982
n. d...

Db 7-21738
Morocco. Xavier, D. Present state of Morocco. Trav. - The forest boy; a sketch of the life of Abraham
Lib. v. 10
Cp 3-23098 Lincoln. N. Y., n. d.

Da 11-17787 Morphy, P. Exploits and trumphs in Europe

Mudio, R. Gleanings of nature. Lon., 1838
Gb 12-18907

Dk 5-23816 Morrelld, L. A. The American shepherd, being a history Man as a moral and accountable being. Lon., 1840 of sheep with their breed, management and

Lc 3-23789 diseases; illustrated with portraits of different Man in his intellectual faculties and adaptations. breeds, sheep-barns, sheds, &c., N. Y.

Lon., 1839

Lc 3-23792 Dk 7-19690

Man in his physical structure and adaptations. Lon., Morris, C. Wilson, T. Life

Da 8-4694

Lc 3-23793
Morris, F. 0. Dogs and their doings. N. Y., 1872. 80 Man in his relation to society. Lon., 1840
Dk 5-21322

Lc 3-23794 Morris, J. B. Jesus the son of Mary, or the doctrine Mühlbach, L. Bernthal

Gf 4-20550 of the Catholic church upon the incarnation of Mohammed Ali, and his house:

Fd 5-22466 God the son Lon., 1851. 2 v. 8°

Müller, F. Max. Chips from a German worship. v. 3. Lc 6-21586 N. Y., 1871

El 10-18387 Morris, W. The earthly paradise, a poem. Part IV. The language of the Best of war in the east, with a Bost, 1871

Hf 9-18251 survey of the three families of language, Semitic, Morrison, C. An essay on the relations between La- Arian, and Turanian. Lon., 8855. go bour and Capital. Lon., 1854. 80

Ha 14-19017 Ka 3-21090

Lectures on the science of religion with a paper on Morton House. c. Reid

Gf 3-21247

Buddhist nihilism, and a translation of the Morton J. M. Barbers of Bassaro. Comic drama

Dhammapada, or path of virtue. N. Y., 1872
Kd 7-24125

Ef 12-22550
An interlude

Kd 7-24125 A Sanscrit grammar for beginners in Devanagari and
Sentinel. Bur

Kd 7-21124 Romau letters throughout. Lon., 1870. 80
Kd 7-24125

Ha 14–19016 Mosiac and geological records. H. Miller Hd 6-11652 Müller, J. Von. History of the world from the earliest Moscow. Lowth, G, T. Pictures of life in, &c

period to the year of our Lord, 1783, with par

Di 10-18985 ticular reference to the affairs of Europe and her Moses.' Edmond, J. Social laws of

Hd 6-11563
colonies. 4 v.

(r 3-19574 Moses and the prophets. J. E. Stebbins Ee 13-23817 Müller, M. The blessed eucharist

, our greatest treasMoses, Henry. A collection of antique vases, altars,

N. Y. 1871

Ld 6-21115 paterae, tripods, candelabra, sarcophagi, etc., / Müller, 0. Charlotte Ackerman. Ge 5-19010 from various museums and collections, engraved Mulock, Miss. D. M. Fair Erance, impressions of a on 170 plates, with historical essays. Lon, 1854 traveller. N. Y., 1871

Di 6-18146 Gb 6-17796 Fairy book

Fd 7-19011 Moss-side. i. V. Terhuve : Fe 6-14348 Hannah

Fd 7-10338 Mother and her offspring. S. Tracy Ga 3-19684 Little sunshine's holidays

Fd 7-23312 Motherless. Mme, G. DeWitt Fa 11-18486

Gd 2-23942 Motherless children, H. N. Baker. Gd 9-22908 Multiplication diagram. Twiss, R. Miscellanies. v. 2 Slothy. Stainton, H. T. British butterflies and moths

IIe 15-12150 Dk7-17678 Munn, D. Theory of arithmetic. Ed., 1871 Motley, J. Tales of the Cymry (in verse ) Lon., 1848

Eb 11-23218 Kd 5-23758 Munseli, o. s. Psychology, or the science of tho mind. Mouhot, M. H. Travels in the central parts of Indo- V. Y., 1871

Hc 5-18585
Chioa, ( Siam) Cambodia and Laos. Lon., 1864 Mural monuments, tombs and tablets. T. Faulkner
2 v.
Dh 6-23208

Ig 1--22008 Moultrie, W. Wilson, T. Life : Da 8-4693 Murdock, W. Walker, Wm. Memoir Dc 1-16465 Mount Hope. G. H. Hollister

Fc 8–19572 Murphy, A. Life of David Garick. Lon., 1801. 2 v. 80 Bount Royal. Popular tales Gf 1-22939

Pd 4-24271 Mount Sinai. Heniker, F. Notes on. Dg 12–23394 ' Murray, A.

History of the European languages, or Mount Sorrel. Mrs. F. Caldwell

Gf 5-22050 researches into the affinities of the Teutonic, Mount Vernon. Migs S. F. Cooper Da 8-18959

Greek, Celtic, Sclavonic and Indian nations, with Mount Washington in winter; or the experiences of a a life of the author. Ed., 1823. 2v. go scientific expedition upon the highest mountain

Kb 5-21535 in New England, 1870-71. Bost., 1871 Murray, C. A. Hassan

Fc 12-17698 Df 12-19105 Prarie-bird

Gf 3-20563 and Ge 5-23903 Mountain. The. R. M. S. Jackson

Dk 3-21111

Murray, Mrs. E. Sixteen years of an artist's life in Mountain adventures in various countries of the world. Morocco, Spain and the Canary Islands. Lon., selected from the narratives of celebrated trav. 1859. 2 v. 89

Di 9-18812 ellers. Lon., 1869

Dg 7-19316 Murray, Hugh. An historical and descriptive account Mountaineering in the Sierra Navada. C. King

of British America, with full detail of the best

Oa 2-23308 modes of emigration, and illustrations of natural vountains and lakes of Switzerland. 'Mrs. A. E. Bray history, by James Wilson, R. K. Greville and

Di 11-23364 professor Traill. Ed., 1839. 3 v. Ch 3-17614


Our year

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v. 80

2 v.

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Murray, Hugh, continued.

Music, continued. - The travels of Marco Polo Ed., 1844 Dg 3-17626 Spinola, J. J. de V. aod Vernóvill, F. T. A. C. de The United States of America, with illustrations of Grammar of harmony, counterpoint and masical natural history, by James Nicol. Ed., 1844. 3 v. composition

La 1-23527 Cb 5-17609 Stainer, J. A theory of harmony La 7-21953 Murray, Hugh, et al. llistorical and descriptive account Wackerbarth, F. D. Music and the Anglo-Sasons of British India. Ed., 1831 CE 11-17628

La T-21274 · Au historical and descriptive account of China. Ed., - Weber, G. Theory of musical composition 1836. 3 v. Dh 2-17620

13 7-20, - Narrative of discovery and adventure in Africa. - Wylde, Dr. H. Science of

Hb 11-19
Ed., 1830.
Dg 11-17625 Twiss, R. Miscellanies. V 2

He 15-1011 Narrative of discovery and adventure in the polar American and Italian cantatrici IIb 14-15:45 seas and regions, and an account of the whale Sacred music

Hd 6-11557 fishery. Third edition. Ed., 1832 DI 3-5918 - Three hundred Irish airs arranged for the piano it's Murray, J. B. C. The history of usury from the earliest N. Y., n. d. Fol.

Pa 5-2001 period to the present time. Phil., 1866. 8° Music as it was and as it is. N. E. Cornwall Ka 5--21368

Rb 13-1995 Murray, n. Letters to the Hon. Roger Taney. (Ro- See Voice

manism at home.) N. Y., 1858 Ee 5-19677 Musical biography, or memoirs of the lives of the most Murray, R. Ireland and her church. Lon., 1845. 80 eminent musical composers and writers who havr

Cm 7-20385 flourished in different countries. Lon., 1314 Musgrave, Rev. G A ramble into Brittany. Lon.,

La 8-231.1 1870. 89 Di 11-21412 Muskingum legends. S. Powers

Lb 3-212, Mushet, D. The wrongs of the animal world. Lon., Musters, G. C. At home with the Patagonians, a verra 1839.

Dk 9-22034 wanderings over untrodden ground, from t... Music. Albrechtsberger, J. G. Methods of harmony, straits of Magellan to the Rio Negro. La figured base and composition for self-instruction 1871. 80.

La 7-20996 Mutineers of the bounty. Lady Belcher Dk 3-18433 Auber, D. F. E. Fra Diavolo La 7-21000 Mutiny at the Nore and at Spithead. J. Noale Burgh, A. Anecdotes of Hb 13-17578

Ca 2-!.. Busby, T. Anecdotes of music and musicians My A pingi kingdom. P. Du Chaillu

Dg 10-18341
Le 4-20770 My brother's wife. A. B. Edwards Gf4-277
General history of
Hb 13-17589 My daughter Elinor

Fd 11-16 Brinsmead, E. History of the Piano-forte

My experiences of the war between France and front La 7-23341 many. A. Forbes

Cm 23 Calcott, Dr. Grammar of La 8-21982 My father's garden. T. Miller

GI 2-915,- Caulfield, J. A collection of the vocal music of My first voyage to southern seas. W. H. G. Kings Shakspeare's plays La 7-21521

Fd 6-11 - Chappell." W. Popular music of the olden time. My Lady Ludlow. Mrs. E. C. Gaskeli Gf 3national music of England La 7-20992 My little lady

GC Cherubini, L. A course of counterpoint and fugue My married life at hillside. R. B. Coffin FI 6-12 La 7-21005 My new home. S. S. Robbins

Gf 7-1327 Cumming, J. Music in its relation to religion

My roses. L. V. French

Fa S. HA 6-11548 My study windows. J. R. Lowell

Ha 11-1:: - Crotch, W. Elements of musical composition

My summer in a garden. C. D. Warner He 11-17

La 7-21001 My uncle the curate. M. W. Savage. Gf 4-5, - Drummond, W. 7. 'Ancient Irish minstrelsy My wife and I. II. B. Stowe

Gf ?-?! Kd 3-20986 Myers, H. M. and P. V. N. Life and nature under Engel, c. Introduction to the study of national tropics; or, sketches of travels among the music

La 8-22497 and on the Oronoco, Rio Negro and Ama' The music of the most ancient nations

N. Y., 1871

Df ilLa 7-21007 Myers, P. H. King of the Hurons FC 8-1 - Gilmore, P. S. History of the national peace jubilee. Mylne

, R. Walker, w. Memoirs Ic II

La 7-23008 Myra Sherwood's cross, and how she bore it Haweis, II. R.' Music and morals La 8-23959

GEN - Hawkins, Sir J. General history of the science and Myrtis, Mrs. L. H. Sigourney

Få 6-7, practice of music La 7-20998 Myrtle branch

Gd -- Hogarth, G. Book of British song. Pa 5-24371 Myself, a romance of New England life Musical history, biography anà criticism

Mysteries of Paris. E. Sue

FJ 10-1,La 8-23 101 Mystery of Edwin Drood. C. Dickens Ilutchinson, É Music of the bible. La 7-19322

Ib 3-18071 and FU -Jacox, F. Bible music La 8-23378 Mystery of Orcival. E. Gaborian

FallMacfarron, G. A. Six lectures on harmony Mystery of pain, a book for the sorrowful. LOL., La 7-21004

He 7Malcolm, A. Treatise of

La 7–23340 Mystic bell North, Hon. R. Memoirs of musick La 7--21008 Mythological astronomy. S. A. Mackey Eb IOusley, Sir F. A. G. Treatise on harmony

Mythology. Bulfinch, T. The age of fable, &e. La 8-21003

Ci 5counterpoint, ca canon and fugue

Kelly, w. K. Curiosities of Indo-European La 8-21002 tion and folk-lore

Ci 5- Oxenford, J. Old English ditties

La 8-23811 - Kennedy, Lieut.-Col. Vans. 'Ancient and I - Schlüter, Dr. J. A general history of music.


C 8-1 La 8-21308 Prichárd, J. C. Egyptian mythology Cr 1- Rohner, G. w À practical treatise on musical Thomas, J. Dictionary of mythology' v. 2 composition La 7-23486

ACT Smith R. JIarmonics, or the philosophy of musical Wood, J. Stories from Greek mythology sounds La 8-24275

Ci 5- Spencer, C. c. 'Rudimentary and practical treatise Mythology of the Greeks. J. Aldis

Hd La 8-21983. Nabob at home

Gf 3

Treatise on

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Nachoochee. FR. Goulding

Gd +-22695 Natural History, continued. Vails driven home. G. E. Sargent Ge 1-22405 - Hooker, W. Child's book of nature Dk 3-17706 Names. Joyce, P. W. Irish names of places

Natural history

Dk 3-19618 Ha 14-21108 Houghton, W Country walks of a naturalist - Salverte Eusebius. ' Names of men, Dations and

Dk 7-21692 places

Ha 14-20377 Jones, W. Broad, broad ocean Dk 8-20689 – Taylor, I. Words and places Ha 14-21110 Mivart, St. George. On the genesis of species -- Wilkinson, W. F. Personal names in the bible

Dk 2-18490 Ha 13-19146 Mudie, R. Gleanings of nature Dk 5-23816 – Yonge, c. M. History of Christian names

Ogilby, W. Quadrupeds

Ib 0-19964 Ha 14-19742 The history of monkeys, oposgums, and Lemurs Naomi; or, the last days of Jerusalem. Mrs. J. B. Webb

Ib 5-19963 Gf 8-23323 Peabody, S. H. Book of beasts Gd 3-22657 Naphegyi, G. Ghardaia; or, ninety days among the Reid Mayne. Quadrupeds

Go 6-16479 B'ni Mozab, adventures in the Oasis of the desert Shaw, George. General Zoology Ia 8...18626

of Sahara. N. Y., 1871. Da 10-18480 Teney, Mrs. S. Pictures and stories of animals Vapheys, G. H. The transmission of life, counsels on

Gd 9-22892 the nature and hygiene of the masculine func- Timbs, John. Strange stories of the animal world tion. Ph., 1871 Ga 6-21851

Dk 7-23271 Napier, baron. Life. British Plutarch. v. 8

Waterton, Charles. Essays on natural history Dd 2-5145

Dk 8-23250 Xapier, C. Lights and shades of military life. Loo. · White, A. Ileads and tales

Dk 2-19538 1940. 2 v.

La 2-23795 - Wood, J. G. Animal kingdom illustrated Napier, H. C. Florentine history from the earliest au

Dk 4-17748 thentic records to the accession of Ferdinand III, Wood, J. G. Strange dwelling Dk 7-15892 Lon, 1846-7. 6 y.

Cg 11-18818 Vaper, Sir William. Life of . Ed. by II. A. Bruce Natural history. Periodicals and Reports.

American naturalist. V. 4 and 5

Dd 9-18798 Napoleon I. Abbott, J. s. C. Napoleon at St. Helena

If 4-18663 & 23852
Intellectual observer

Md 8-21668
De 3-18877
Bausset, İ. F. J. de: Private memoirs of the court

- Loudon, J. S. and Charlesworth, editors. Magazine
of natural history

Nh 3-24100 of

Cm 1-21979
Naturalists note book for 1867-8

Dk 10-21694
Brougham, H. Historical sketch Dd 2-16622
Buchanan, R. Napoleon fallen Kd 7-23361 Natural history. Asia.
Bussey, G. H. History.

De 4-17587 - Collingwood, C. Rambles of a naturalist on the
Cormenin, vicomte. Orators of France De 2-5637

shores and water of the China sea Dh 3-20229
Forsyth, Wm. Captivity at St. Helena De 4-5643 Natural history. Ceylon.
Judo, L. P. Memoirs of Napoleon, his court and – Tennent, J. E. The wild elephant, etc. Dk 3–18460

De 5-18878
Table talk and opinions

Le 7-22225

Natural history. Miscellaneous.

· Bestian, II. C. Modes of origin of lowest organism The first book of Napoleon, the tyrant of the earth De 5-20286

Dk 8-23615 Kapoleon Buonaparte. History of.' Illustrated by

Buckland, F. T. Curiosities of, 3d series
De 3-21907

Dk 2-20096

Jackson, M. R. S. The mountain . Dk 3-21111 Napoleon Ill. Arthur, W. French revolution of 1818

Hd 6-11547
Kirby, Mary and Elizabeth. The world at home

Dk 10-21697
Haswell, mes M. The man of his time

- Page, David. Past and present life of the wlohe

De 3-13100
Hago, T. The destroyer of the second republic

Ik 8-20087
Quatrefages, A. de. Metamorphoses of man and the
De 3-17507
lower animals

Dk 3-20049 Napoleon Dynasty, or the history of the Bonaparte

Wood, Rev. J. G. Common objects of the country family, by the Berkeley men. C. E. Lester N.

Dk 2-18526 1.. 1852. 80.

De 13-21519 Yaris. Robert. A glossary, or collection of words,

See Animals, Botany, Geology hunting, Life, Man, phrases, names and allusions to customs, prov

Microscope, Nature, Physiology, Science, sea, erbs, etc., which have been thought to require Natural history of commerce. John Yeats Dk 2-19351

Water, Zoology, Geography of nature. illustrations in the works of English authors, i particularly shakespeare and his contemporaries. Natural history of creation. E. Lankester Hd 13-11516 Lon., 1859. 2 v. 80

Ag 2-20800 ! Natural history of creation. P. Lindley Kemp SA, DW. Taliesin, or the Bards and Druids of

Cp 3-23112 Britain, a trans. of the remains of the earliest Natural history of society. W. C. Taylor Ba 3–204 12 Welsh Barda, and an examination of the Bardic Natural philosophy. Atkinson, E. El Natural phiDysteries. Lon., 1858. 89. Kb 3-21144

losophy for general readers

Ny 3-21328 Vasot Elias. A monogram of our national song. Ali

Birks, T. R. Matter and ether

Ea6 13643 tany, 1869 Kb 3-23670 Brooke, Chay. Elements of

G7-22317 ata! Hason, G. H. Life with the Zulus of Natal

Deschanel, A. P. Elementary treatise (1 ('p 3–23097

E5-23:27 * -sal character. Chenevix, R. Lb 1-23809 Sa: sal debts. R. D. Baxter

Ka 5-21041

Jencken. J. F. Light, colonr, electrici'y nad nidgue. tism.

Ea 6-20157 30. sal self-government in Europe and America, J. W. Probyn

Bi 5-21724 Macdonald. J. D. Sound and colour Ea (-20456 Sa:sri onurtship. R. Twiss

He 15-12130 Rossiter, Wm. Elementary hand-book of gene Iral tistory. Dictionary.

E1 4-2300F Slove, 8. The treasury of natural history

1 – Wilkins, J. Mathematical and p..sophical works of Ia 5–19418

Fa 5-29251 S: --al tistory. 'General.

Wormell, R. A course or natural philiaculis arW. H. D. Circle of the year Dk 2-19487

Fa (-21454 Eseli

, John. Popular natural history Ic 5-19879 Vatnralist in Vorway. J. Bowden Dk 3-17726 Grwin, Charles. Journal of researches of the voy. Naturaliut of the river Amazons. lleory W. Bates age of the Beagle Dh 1-20252

(t. 7-20297 XATURALISTS,



v 9

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Naturalists' noto book for 1867-8, a monthly record of Nelson, Lord Viscount. Memoirs of. T. J. Pettigrew anecdotes, theories and facts relating to natural

De 12-26032 science. Lon., n. d. 2 v. 8°. Dk 10-21694 Nests and eggs of familiar birds. 11. G. Adams Nature, a weekly illustrated journal of science

Dk 6-21661 If 4-23721 Netherlands.' Collier, Sir George. France Holland and Nature. Clarke, Rev. C. c. Display of the wonders the Netherlands

C'g 3-3184 of nature Ea 8-21615 Nettie's mission. A. Gray .

Ge 0-22034 Grindon, L. H. Sexuality of . Dh 4-20234 Nettleship, J. T. Essays on Robert Browuing'e poetry Hardwicke's science, gossip

Ea 3-21663
Lon, 1868

He 11-19645 - Hinton, James. Life in nature Dk 3-24217 Netherton-on-sea. E. M. Alford

GE 6-22300 - Shaw, Simeon. Nature displayed Ea 10-21680 New Bedford. Free public library. 19th and 20th annna! Nature and human nature. T.C. Halliburton

report, 1870-1

Bh 4-Pans He 11-18315 New Brunswick. Mouro Alexander. New Brunsprick, Nature of Romanism. M. H. Seymour Hd 6-11548

with a brief outline of Nova Scotia and P. Nature's laws in human life, an exposition of spiritual. Edward Island.

Ch-2021 ism, Bost., 1872

Ed 13–24350 New Christmas story. c. Dickens Gf 3-20574 Nature's nobleman Gf 3-20569 New commandment

Gd 8-220 Nature's school, or lessons from the garden and field New creations. John Mills

Cr 12-20.10 Fe 13-18538 New England. Coolidge, A. J. and Mansfield, J. B Norman, Mary, D. Evas adventures in shadow land

History and description of

C) 1-21 13 Gd 4-23997 · Mather Increase. Early history of Cc 10-864 Naunton, Ri bert. Fragmenta regalia, 1630. Eng. Rep. Smith, Capt. John. A description of Ce 10-8013 Le 6-18344 Winthrop, John. History of

Ce!)-20149 Naunton, Sir R. The court of Queen Elizabeth, origi- - Historical and genealogical register. 1670 24 nally written under the title of "Fragmenta

Gf 11-18557 regula." Lon., 1814. 40.

If 4-5450 New England legends. H. P. Spoitord Co 6-23212 Nautical almanacs. American ephemeris for 1872-3-4 New exegesis of Shakespeare interpretation of the

Ck 11-23641 principal characters and plays on the principie Nayal biography of Great Britain. j. Ralfe

of races.
Ed., 1859.

Kd 1-20896 Dd 10-18666 Newfoundland. Cassina, M, de. Voyage to, in 176 Naval life, or observations afioat and on shore. W.F.

D-n! Lynch

He 12–19642 New glories of the Catholic church, trans from the Naval service, or officers manual. W. N. Glascock.

Italian, by the Fathers of the London oraio
La 2-23368

with preface, by cardinal Wiseman balt., 147 Naval surgeon. W. J. Neal Gf 5-11491

Id 1-20
Naville, Ernest. The problem of evil. Seven lectures, New Jersey. Cities and Towns.

trans. from the French, by E. W. Shaders. Ed., - Whitehead, Wm. A. Early history of Perth Amin
Eg 9-19116

Co 11-19
Naylor, Francis F. History of the Helvetic republics. New Landlord. M. Jokai

Lon., 1809. 4v.

Cg 12-22074 New-married couple. Twiss, R. Miscellapies.
Naysmith, A. Walker, Wm. Memoirs De 1-16465

lle 1.1-11 Neal, Alice, B. All's not gold that glitters Ge 8–22254 New priest. ' R. T. Lowell

Gf 1-2148 Contentiert better than wealth Ge 8-22261 New South Wales. J. White. Voyage to No such word as fail Ge 8-22258

Dh12-2011 Nothing venture, nothing have Ge 8-22262 New spirit of the age. R. J. Horne Dd 10-12 Patient waiting, no loss Ge 8-22239 | New story book. Mary Howitt

Gfl-1930 Neale, Erskine. Life of his royal highness Edward New testament manual. J. Hawes Eg 5-1

Duke of Kent. Lon., 1850. 80 Dd 11-19996 New tracks in North America. W. A. Bell
Neale, Johnson. Mutiny at the Nore, and the mutiny

DE 11-
at Spithead. Lon., 1869
Cn 2-23183 New view of hell. B. F. Barrett

L 6-221 . Neale, W.J. Naval surgeon

Gf 5-17496 New York City. History, Society, &c. Will watch

Gf 5-22071

- Browne, J. H. The great metropolis Cc -1841 Neander, Angustus. Life of Jesus Christ in the histo

rical connexion and historical development. Lon.. | New York City. Libraries.
1848. 89

Lc 6-21175

Annual report of the Mercantile Library 1882.9"} Near home, or the customs of Europe described


Bh 4 Pam 73
Ge 9-22404

Mercantile Library Association, constitution ari
Necker, J. Baroness de Steal Holstein, memoirs of

laws, 1870

Bh 4111: De 13-20152

Mercantile Library Association. Fiftieth andiyan Necker, M. An essay on the true principles of excu

ry of

Bh 1-Pative power in great states. Lon., 1792. 2 v. 80 New York State. Legislature.

Bi 5-20435
Manual for 1871-1872

Ck 9-20196 & 24211
Necrology of Alumni of Harvard College Bb 6-20273 New York State. Assembly.
Ned Allen, D. Hannay

Gr 4-20541

Annual report of the Conoptroller for 1871. Nod Franks, or a christian's panoply. C. Tucker

1872 .

Cc 4-

Documents for 1870. 13 v

Bc 10-23. Ned, Nellie and Amy. M. H. Seymour Ge 2-21765

- Journal for 1870. 2 v. go

Bc 10-2
Needlework, book of. Mrs. Isabella Beeton

New York State. Senate.
Gb 4-19395 Documents for 1870.

4 y.

Bo 10-22
Nefte!, Wm. B. Galvano-therapeutics; the physiologi- Journal for 1870. 1 v. 80

Be 10-
cal and therapeutical action of the galvanic cur- New York State. State Library.
rent upon the acoustic, optic, sympathetic, and

Annual report of the trustees for 1870
pueramogastric nerves. N. Y., 1871 Ga 4-17551

Bh Pan Neighbor's house

Gd 8-22866 New York State. History:
Neil, Saml. Epoch men and the results of their lives. Brodhead, J. R. History of the State of New To-
Ed., n. d.,
Dc 11-19431

Cc 2-14
Neill, Edward, D. English colonization of America. New York State. Political History
Long, 1871

('b 6-23701 Hough, T. B. New York City civil list Ck 4-1*; Nellie Warren. L. Lancetvood.

Gd 2-22612 New York State. Counties.

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v. 2

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V. 31

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New York State, continued.

Newspapers, continued.
Thomas Arad. Pioneer history of Orleans county Albany Argus. July, 1870 to Dec., 1871
Cc 5-19558 & 22213

Vd 4-18774 & 20512 & 24195 - Essex county. Watson, W.C. Millitary and civil Evening Journal, July, 1870 to Dec., 1871

Cc 5-17832

Vd 4-18775 & 20513 & 24196 New York State. Cities and Towns.

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- Albiou, 1869 to 71. 5 v. Vd 4-18761-4 & 19187

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Dec., 1871. 4o.

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Barker, Lady. Statioa life in

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family. Ph., 1834. 2 v in one. 89

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Niagara. Holley, G. W. its history and geology

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Nicaragua P. de Andagoya. Hak. Soc. Williams, W. Christianity among the New Zealand.

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scientific essays on subjects connected with every. day life. N. Y., 1872

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laws, in connection with the legislation and other Cd 6-23443

circumstances affecting the condition of the peo. Newcourt, Simon. A critical examination of our finan

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- A history of the Irish poor laws, in connection with 1365

Bc 3-18931
the condition of the people. Lon., 1856. 80

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A history of the Scotch poor laws, in connection of society

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with the condition of the people. Ion., 1856. 80

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The origin, descent, and present state of every Ba 9-17449

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Contents.--History of the pirates of the Nieritz, G. Faithful unto death

China sea; The catéchism of the Shamans;
Vahram's chronicle of the Armenian king-

Niger. Laird and Oldfield. Expedition into the interi. dom of Celicia during the crusades.

of Africa

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Cc 10-17826 | Viles, Willis. Five hundred majority, or the days of Newspapers. Albany.


Fd 6-23981


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