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Vol. XVIII. Writings of Tertullian, v. III, will

Contents.-Vol. I. J. Milton; Areopagitthe extant works of Vietorinug and Commodianus.

ica: II. Latinier; Sermon on the ploughers;

S. Gosson; Schools of abuse: a short n polo Ea. 1870)..

ki 1-18130

ogy for the schools of abuse. II. Sidney Tol. XIX. The seven books of Arnobius. Adver. Sir P.; An apologie for poetrie, 1596; 1Febbe. 518 lientes. Ed., 1871. go

Ef 4-19447

E.; his travuiles, 1590; Seldon, J.; Table

talk, 1689. III. Aschan, Roger; Toxoph- Vol. IX The writings of Gregory Thaumaturgus

ilus, 1545; Addison, J.; Criticism on silDiorysius of Alexaudria, and Archielaus. Ed., ton's " Paradise Lost," 1711-12. IV. Lyly, 1:01.

Ef 1-19418

J.; Euphues; The anatomy of wit; EuVol. XII. The works of Lactantius, trans, by phues and his England, 1380. V. Villiers,

G.; The rehearsal, 1672; Gascoigne, G.; The W. Fletcher, El., 1871. go

Ef 4-23169

steel glas, 1576; Earle, J.; Micro cosmograVol. XXII. The works of Lactantius, concluded

phic, 1023. VI. Latiner, H.; Seven serwith the testaments of the twelve patriarchs and

mons before Edward VI.; More, Sir T.;

Utopia, 1516. VII. Puttenham, G.; The fragments of the second and third centuries. arte of English poesie, 1589; VIII. HowEd., 1871. go.

Ef 1-23170

ell, J.; Instructions for forreine travell, Adieros. "G. A. Lawrence

Gf 4-20536

1612. IX. Naunton, Sir R.; Fragmenta re

galia, 1630; Watson T.; Passionete centurie Anthropology. Biumenbach, J. F. Treatises

of love, 1582; Melibocus; Sive Ecloga InLc 1-23126

obituin, 1590; Aglogue upon the death or Waitz, T.' Introduction io

Lc 1-23122

Sir F. Walsingham; The teares of fancie

or love disdained, 1593. X. Ilambington; Antiquary. W. Scott .

Ib 2-18043

W.; Castara, 1634-40; Ascham, R.; The Antiquities. Ferguson, J. The rock cut temples of

schoolmaster, 1570. XI. Tottell's miscelIndia


lany; Songs and sonnets. XII. Lever, Fostroke. T. II Encyclopedia of

T.; Sermons, 1550; Webbs, W.; Discourse
Ag 5-23790

on English poetrie. XIII. Harmony of Linton, 11. Colossal vestiges of the older nations

Lord Bacon's essays.

Ci 1--21355 Lubbock, J. Pre-historic times Ch 9-16529

Arch of Titus and the spoils of the temple. W. Knight

Cr. 5-20353 Mallet, M. Northern antiquities Nb 2-23536

Archaeological journal, published by the British archaeNchois, T. IIandy-book of the British museum

Ci 9-17568

ological association, for the encouragement and The seren wonders of the world Cr 3-21835

prosecution of researches into the arts and Soe Archaeology

monuments of the early and middle ages. Lon..

1845-67. 24 v. Antommarchi, F. Memoirs of the last two years of

Nb 3-20611

Ancient America Vapoleon's exile, for ing a sequel to the jour: Archaeology. Baldwin, J. D.

Nb 2-23963 nals of O'Moara and Las Cases. L., 1826. 2 v.

Boutell, c. Manual of British archaeology in l. 80

De 4-5699
Apocalypse of Jola. Elliott, E. B. A commentary on

Nb 2-23630
Duke, E. Druidical temples
Ef 9-19122

Nb 2--21262 Macduff , J. A.' Memoirs of Patmos Eg 11-19466

Fosbroke, T. D. Encyclopedia of antiquities Apocrypha gospels, acts and revelations. A. N. C. L.

Ag 5-23790

Gastaldi, B. Lake habitations and pre-historie re!". 16.

Ef 4-16532 Apologeti Lectures. C. E. Luthardt:

Eg 3-17750

mains in the turbaries and marl beds of Northern

and Central Italy A postale Kd 6-23621

Nb 2-23125
Trag. R. Sheil.
A postles. Cave, W. Lives of the

Ec 6-19196
- Linton, W. Colossal yestiges of the older nations

Cr 2-20359 Apostles of Mediæral Europe. G. F. Maclear

Stevens, E. T. Guide to pre-historic archeology

Ed 9-18420 Apostolic constitutions. A. N. C. Lib.

Ch 9-16799 Walcott, M. E. c. Sacred archeology

Ef 4-18129 Apostolic fathers. Blunt, J. J. The right use of the

Nb 1-21210

Westropp, 11. n. Handbook of Nb1-21203 early fathers. Lon., 1858. 8° Eg 2-19137 Apparitions. Calmet, A. The phantom world

The traveler's art companion

Mc 4-20443 Ci 9-17469

Wright T. Essays on archeological subjects. Ferriar, Joho. Essay on.

Nb 2-20336 Ci 9-20596 Apple cularist. S. E. Todd

Ec 8-18388 See Antiquities. Appleton's hand book of American travel

Archelaus. Writings. v. 20. A. N. C. L.

Ef 4-19448 Ck 11-18861 Hand book of American travel. Western tour

Archer, T. Characteristics of the middie


E. H. L. 1818-9

Hd 6-11517 Ck 11-20085 - Journal of literature, science and art. Api. 1869 to

– Geological evidences of the existence of the Deity. Dec. 1871. N. Y.

Hd 6-11546 6 v. Ig 3-18553

E. H. L., 1847-8 4-5-6, and 19715 and 24184 Tho pauper, the thief and the convict, Lon., 1965

Lc 1-21353 Apuleius Madaurensis, Lucius. Works; a new transla

Philosophy of the atonenient.' E. II. L., 1834-5 tion, to which are added, a metrical version of

Hd 6-11353 Cupid and Psyche, and Mrs. Tighe's Psyche, a

The terrible sights of London. Lon., 1866 poern in eix cantos. L, 1869. Ha 3-16350

Cn 5-23773 Contents.--The metamorphoses, or gold

Unity of the species. E. H. , 1816 47 en ass; The defence of Apuleius, a dis

IId 6-11545 course on magic; The god of Socrates ;

Archibald IIamilton. E. W Baärnhielm
The Florida.

Gf 7-22930 Aquariums. Edwards, A. M. Life beneath the water Archie Mason

Ge 7-22193 Dk 8-23627 : Architectural Antiquities. J. Britton : Ic 5-1974 Arabia.' De Marveille. A voyage to Arabia Foelix Architectural drawing and design. I'm. E. Worthen Dh 5-19096

Hc 2-16730 Ludovico di Varthema. Travels in Ih 1-16764 Architectural magazine and journal of improvement in Palgrave, W. G. Journey through. 1862-3

architecture, building and furnishing, and in the Dh 1-17897

various arts and trades connected therewith. - Taylor, Bivard. Travels in

Dh 7-23968
Lot., 153+.

Arago, F. History of my youth. Loa., 1862. Trav. Architecture. Audsley, W. and G. Cottage, lodge and
Lib. v. 17
(p. 3-23105 villa architecture

Bh 1-17612 Arber, E. Ed. English reprints. v. 1-13. Lon., 1868-! --- Bardwell, w. Temples, ancient and modern: or

Le 6-18336 and 20419 |

notos on church architecture Kel-20933

v. 17


5 v.

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V. 3

- Barlow, P. Treatise on the strength of materia's Arms of the Episcopates of Great Britain and Ireland

Ga 12-16530
J. Woodward

{"?: 11-24 Brandon, R. and J. A. Open timber roofs

Armstrong, F. C. Bella Sundford

IT 4-20834
Young Widdy

lj.9.1 Caveler, W. Gothic architecture

Ke 1-20823 Armstrong, R. A. Gaelic dictionary in two parts:-). Chambers, W. The decorative part of civil architec- Gaelic and English. II. Euglish and Garlie ia

Bh 1-19239

wbich the words in their d'trerent acceptati* Eastlake, C. L. Gothic Revivali

Kc 1-23188

are illustrated by quotations from the best Gwilt, J. Encyclopedia of

Ac 2-19197

Gaelic writers. Lon., 1825. 40 Ag 1-3 Hall, S. C. The Baronial llalls of England

Army Hygiene. C. A. Gordon

IO 4-2001l

Army of the Potomac. Letterman, J. Medicai berria Holly, II. U. Country seats

Kc 1-23663

Cd -6714 Kerr, R. The gentleman's house Kc 1-20835 Arnold, E. The Marquis of Dalhousie's administrame King, T. H. The sturiy-book of mediacval architec

of British India. Lor., 192. 2 v. Ig 1--21615

Cg 12-17 - Lamb, E. E. Studies of ancient domestic

The poets of Greece. Lov., 1869.

Ha -- 1)
Te 4-20009 Arnold, F. Farm on the mountain
Losé, F. "Terra-cotia architecture of North Italy Arnold, G. Poems, complete edition, ipa din.

le 1-20008
Drift and other poems.

II. Poene Mitchell, T. Rudimentary manual of architecture

gay. Bost., 1871

HC12-19 Ga 11-18219 Arnold, Matthew. A little book about Great Erine Parker, c. villa rustica :

Kc 1-20822
Lon, 1870

He 131 Parker, J. H. Gothic architecture Kc 2-20832 Arnold, Matthew. Culture and anareny, an ergarii -- Pugin, A. W. Chancel screenes and rood lofts

political and social criticism. Lon., 1999. go ke1-20825

Hc 11-15 - Richardson, C. J. Picturesque designs in

On the study of Celiic literature.

Long, ii.
Kc 1-19253

Ha 3-19417
The Englishman's house

Ga 11-19232

Schools and universities on the continent. Lon. Scott, G. G. Remarks on secular and domestic

1868. 89.

He 13-16architecture

Kc 1-2 1267 Arnot, W. The earth framed and furnished as a hab. Sloan, S. The architectural review.

tation for man. E. HI. L., 1859.60 Hd 0-11518

Kc 1-24183 Rivers; aotes on the laws which they obes, an ili Homestead architecture

Ga 10-17641

lessons which they teach. E. &. L., 1964-5 Vitruvius, P. M. Architecture of Kc 1-20926

Hd 6-11501 Weale, J. Quarterly papers on

lh 1-23190 The earth, as it has been occupied, cultivated, and Whecler, G. Choice of a dwelling Kc2-23061

improved by the industry of man. E. IL L Wright, Wm. Grotesque Architecture Kc 1-24266


AC 6-31661 - See Ecclesiologist.

Around the Kremlin. G. T. Lowih

Di inn5 Arctic regions. Barrows, Sir J. Discovery

Around the world. E. D. G. Prime

Dh 3-23.1 Dr 3–19701

Art. Cleghorn, G. Ancient and modern art – Ellis, w. Voyage performed by Cook and Clerke

ke 9-2011 Dh 1-2119] Cook, D. Art in Eugland

Kc7-09:57 Hayes, I. 1. Open Polar sea

a :
Dr 3-19700

- Didron, M. (Christian Iconography ke 7-21763 Ilearne, S. A journey from Prince of Wales's Dwight, M. A. Study of art

lic 7-133's Fort, Hudson Bay, to the Northern Ocean in

Heaton, Mrs. Chas. Masterpieces of Fenoisk ari 1769-70-71-72 Dh 12-20140

If 4-11151 -- IIooper, W. H. Ten months among the tents of the

- Long, s. P. Iis laws and the reasous for them
Dh 1-21519

KC-28 - Mayne, F. Voyages and discoveries in

– Menigs, Anthony R.' Works of

Ke 1-2237 Cp 3-23095 Root, M. A. camera and the pencil; or, the hea graphic art

Kc7-2015 - Milton, Viscount, and W. B. Cheadle. The north

Schimmelpennick, M. A. Theory on the classiti," west passage by land

Dr 10-18296
of beauty and deformity

tii-1713 - Tytler, P. F. Historical view

Di 11-17606

Taine, H. Phlosophy of art in the Vetherineda Arctic Crusoe. P. B. Saint John. Gf 1-22947

110.-:17 Arctic Miscellanies, a souvenir of the late Polar search Viardot, i. Wonders of European art by the officers and seamen of the expedition.

HC 2-1990 Lou., 1832.

lle 10-15916 - Waring, J. B. "Masterpieces of le 1-1001 Arden, R. P., Lord Alvanley. Townsend, W. C. Life

. Afternoon lectures on literature and art

Dd 3-5477 Argentine republic (La Plata). Rickard, F. I.

Kc7-04911 Mineral First proofs of the universal catalogue of boons og and other resources of

C1 4-20212 Argyll, Duke of. See Campbell, G. J. D.

Loo., 1870, 2 v. 80

See ästhetics, design, engraving, fine arts, pail'iaz, Aristotle. Macgillivray, Wm. Life De 2-17630

sculpture. A chapter from the history of science. G. H. Lewes Art and artists, curious facts and characteristics. Sket

Ea 6-20296
ches. Phil., D. d.

Le 1-2163
Arithmetic or impossible quantities. J. Playfair. Art and artlessness. M. Leslie
Works, V. 3

Ea 3-7538

Art and mysteries of curing, preserving, and potiidid Arkwright, Richard. Howe, H. Life Da 11-4807

kinds of meat, game, oud tish, also the ori of Armatage, G. The horse owner and stableman's com

pickling and the preservation of all kinds of papion; or, hints on the selections, purchas-8, fruits and vegetables. Lon., 1864 and general management of the horse. Lon.,

Gb 1-2:6! Dk 7-19171 Art Galleries. Goerling, 1. The galleries of Vitara Armenia. Chamich, M. H. History of Cg 12-18693

le 2714 - Curzon, R. Travels in 1h 4–19620 Art in the mountains. 11. Blackburn

11b 12-) 541 Armitage, J. Ilistory of Brazil. Lon., 18:36

Art journal. Lov., 1849-70.


If I-13 Ch 7–20282 | Art magazine. Wm. Carleton

Gii-. Armour, J. Iron and heat. Beams, pillars, and iron Art of painting. William Masor.

CL. 12:11 smelting. Lon., 1871

Ne 3–20883 | Art of printing. J. T. Brown

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n. d.

21 v.

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Art of travel. F Galton

ng 7-16199 Astronomy continued, rterus Ward. See Hingston E. P.

Lb 5-23713 :

Mackay, S. A. The mythological astronomy of the Arthur, R. Treatment and prevention of decay of the ancients

Eb 10-90391 teeth. Ga 7-21608 1 - Norton, Wm. A. Treatise

Eb 3-17640 Arthur, T. S. liome heroines

Ge 7-22135 -- Playfair, John. Astronomy of the Bralımias Huae pictures and lessons in life Ge 6-22169

Ea 3-7158 Home stories

Ge 5-23692 Prait, H. F. A. On orbital moting Eh 9-23164 Hidden Wings, The peacen aker.

Proctor, R. A. The sun; ruler, fire, lighi
Sowing the wind.
Not anything for peace.

Eb 9-19117 Sunshine at home. After a shadow.

Wilson, J. Löst solar system of the ancients dis. Love in high life

Fd 9-20902

Eb 9-3515 Sow well and reap well

Gd 9-22875 See nautical almanacs, sun, solar system, earth. TV bat cau woman do?

Gf 2-21350 Assnrance, see insurance. Words of cheer

Gd 1-22584 | At the back of the north wind. G. MacDonald Arthur, W. British India. E. II. L., 1816 47

FC 12-18738 Hd 6–11545 ! At home and abroad. J. P. Kennedy. Lb 5-23964 The church in the catacombs. E. II. L., 1849-50 | At last. M. V. Terhune

Fe (-1747 Hd 6-11548 At the south pole. W. H. G. Kingston Ge 9-2.350 The extent and moral statistics of the British Athalie

FU 9-23618 empire. E. H. L., 1845.6

H4 6-11544 Athanasian crted and modern thought. T. M. Gorman French revolution of 1843. E. H. L., 1818-3

El 3-24313 Hd 6-11547 | Athanasian creed. I. P. Stanley

Ed 3-18136 Heroes. E. H. l., 1830-1. Hd 5-11649 Athelings, M. Oliphant

Gf3-20574 Mohamredanism, its rise, tenets and history. E. Atheus. 'Breton, E.

Di 11-21153 H. L.. 1847-S

Hd 6-11519 - Kerr, R. Travels of J. Erigena in the ninth century Arthur Arundel . Gf 1-20518

Di 2-3845 Arthur Blane. J. Grant

Gf 6-22284 Atkinson, E. Natural philosophy for general readers Irthur Conway E H. Milman

Gb 1-20549

and young persons. NY, 1572 Ng 3-24323 Artist and tradesman's companion. M. S. Byrn

Atkinsoli, G. Sheriff law, a treatise on the offices of Gb 5-20940

sheriff, undersheriti, bailitf, &c., including their Artists. Thornbury, W. British artists from Hogarth

duties at elections of members of parliament and to Turner

Kc 7-29911

curouers, and at assizes, sessions and parliamenIrtists and Arabs. H. Blackburn

Dg 11-21142

tary election courts. Lou., 18/3 Bb 4-19137 Artists' married life, being that of Albert Direr

Atkinson, J. C. Walks, talks, travels and exploits of L. Scheler, Pd 3-24179 two school boys

GE 7-23550 Arts. Indusırial. Birch, S. History of ancient pot Atiantic nonthly. A magazine of literature, art and poltery

Ve 1-20989 - Felkia. w. Sachine-wrought hosiery and laco | Atlagses.

itics. Bost., 1837-71. Ne 9-9214, 18542€ 23672

Asher and Adamg. New topographical manufactures

Ne 1-23698

atlus and gazateer of New York. N Y., 1871 Tynter, A. Curiosities of toil and other papers

Cab a 6-20511 Gb 7-18983 Arts. Miscellany. Laberte, Ni. Julius.


Atmospliere. Butler, T. B. Concise development of KC 6-20918

the atmospheric system of the arts of the middlo ages

ka 10-0020 Ruskin, J., lectures on

Ilc 3-19149

Atonement. Archer, T. Philosophy of
Arts of intoxication. J. T. Crane
Ga 6-18509

Hd 6-11533

Bartle, G. Atonement not made on the cross
Arts of writing, reading and speaking:
E. W. Cox.

Ef 4-8395

Candlisli, R. s. The atonement
Aryan civilization. T. C. Barker
Cr 3-20487

Eg 9-19133 Ascanio. A. Duinas

10 11-16455

· Faber, F. W. The precious blood; or, the price of Ascham, R. The schoolmaster, 1570. Eng. Rep. v. 10 our salvation

ld 6-21028 Le 6-18345 Atterbury, Francis. Life. British Plutarch.

v. 7 -- Toxophilus. Eng. Rep. v. 3. Le 6-18333

Da 2-3441 Ashburner, J. Notes and studies in the philosophy of attic philosopher in Paris. 'E. Soupestre animal magnetism and spiritualism. Lon., 1867.

Ho 10-18906 and Cp 3-23109

Ga 1-21370 Auber, 1. F. E. Fra Diavolo, romantic opera in three Asmodeus in New York

Fa 8-19263
acts. Phil., n. d. 40

La 7--21000
Asof Fegoletti. Itinerary, between Asof and China, Auchindrane; or, the Ayrshire tragedy. Sir W. Scott
in 1355
DE 2-58.45

Hf 4-12235

Audobon, J. J.: Life and advontures of. R. Buchanan. Aspedale. H. W Preston

Fa 5-17648

Monuments of Assyria, Babylo-
Assyria Forster, C.

Da 11-18310

Audsloy, W. and G. Cottage, lodge, and villa architecnia and Persia

DL 423837
tecture. L., 1869. 40

Bh l-17612 Mesopotamia and Assyria - Fraser, J. B.

CF 11-17629

Auerbach, B. The professor's lady Gf 3-20562 Astronomical investigations. H. F. A. Pratt

August aud Elvie. J. Abbott

Ge 2-10333 Eb 9-23246 Auld, A. Ministers and men in the far North.

Lon. Astronomy. Bouvier, H. M. Familiar astronomy

and Ed., 1868

De 13-23180 Eb 9-23776 Auldjo, J. Ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc. Lon., Chaucer, G. Treatise on the Astrolabe

1856. Trav. Lib.

Cp 3-23039 Eb 9-20459 Aunt Jane's Hero. E. Prentiss

Gf 2-21199 - Makin, È. Midnight sky

Eb 9-20462 Aunt Jo's scrap bag. L. M. Alcott Ge 5--22150 Flammarian, C. Wonders of astronomy

lunt Kitty's tales. M. J. McIntosh Fa 1-19739

Eb 9-18584 'Aunt Patty's scrap bag. 0. L. Hentz. GE 5-22465 Fontenolle, M. de. Plurality of worlds

Aureola. Mrs. A. S. 'Kerzie

Fa 8-20200 Eb 9-21156 Austen. Jane. Leigh, J. E. A. Memoirs of - Laplace, M. le Marquis' de. ' Tho system of the

De 12-20156 world

Eb 9-20212 Austin, Jane G. The shadow of Moloch mountain Luckyer, J. N. Elementary lessons in Eb 9-21896

Fd 7-17309 - Lovos, Elias, Elements of Eb 9-19670 Australia. Callander J. Terra Australis Cognita

Db 9-20278

v. 1.

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Australia continued.

Bain, Alexandar. Mental science; a compendium of - Kyre, E. J. Journals of expeditions of discovery

psychology and the history of pissaphy, de

Dh 9-23771 signed as a text-book for bigh-schools and eve Ilughes, w. Australian colonist. Trav. Lib.

v. 13
leges. N. Y., 1869

15-16719 Cp 3-23101 Stockdale, J. Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany

Moral science, a compendium of etiics. N. Y., 1x

Hc 5-6717

Dh 12-20210
Logic. Lon., 1870. 2 v.

Hc 13-2147 Westgarth, W. Colony of Victoria

Dh 9-19541

Part I. Deduction. Part II. Induction. Ihite, J. Journal of a voyage to New South Bainbridge, Wm. Wilson, T. Life Da-014 Wales

Dh 12-20114
Baines, É.' Visit to the vaudois of Pietmort.

Luri, Early indications of. Hak. soc.

v. 24

1864. Trav. Lib. v. 7 Ib 1-16757

(p-234 Austria. Trollope F. Vienna and the Austrians

Baird, S. J. A history of the new se!.col and at the Di 11-23211

questions involved in the disruptivri ul liae Pres Austro-llungarian empire, and the policy of count

byterian church in 1838. Ph., 1865

EJ 2-21. Beust; a political sketch of mon and events from 1866 to 1570; by an Englishman. L., 1870.

The Elohim revealed in the creation and redemption 80

Cg 9-16540
of man. Ph., 1860. 8°

El 12-11 Austro-Italian war, 1866. W. J. Wyatt. Political and Baird, S. F. Ed. annual record of science and industri military review of

Cg 10-20383
for 1871. N. Y., 1872. 8?

13-.1'" Authority and conscience. C. Morel Lu 2-23051 Bakei, B. On the strength of beams, colimas, ani Authority of the scriptures. R. S. Candlish

arches, eonsidered with a view to Hd 6--115-49

methods of ascertaining the practical strent Authors. Chorloy, 1. F. Authors of England

any given section of beam, columu orari, ia Ih 2-23198 cast iron, etc. Lon., 1870.

Gu!2-3,1 11 -- Fields, J. T. Yesterdays with Kb 5-23828 Baker, G. M. A baker's dozen and other piaga Urine Powell, T. Living authors of America Na 3-24262

inal humorous dialogues. Bost., 1872 - Walpole, H. Catalogue of royal aud noble authors

Kd. C-21.? Pd 4-23034 The social stage, original dramas, comedies, b rien Authorship. T. Binney

Hd 6-11552

ques and entertainments for home recreation, Autobiographies of a lump of coal, etc. Annie Cary

schools and pnblic exhibitions. Bost., 1871 Gd 1-22563

Il 10-16C Autobiography. E. W. Montagu Dd 12-20374 Balderscourt. II. C. Adams

Ge 7-23657 Autobiography and correspondence of Mary Granville Balleschi, J. Ceremonial according to the Roman rits.

Pd 2-21878 with the Pontifical offices of a bieliop in bis on Autobiography of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury diocese, to which are added various other fun..

Dd 6-18277 tions and copious explanatory notes, by J. D. I Autobiography of Lutfullah, a Mohamedan gentleman. Dale. Lon., 1853.

te 4-27 E. B. Eastvirk.

De 8-23478 Baldwin, G. C. The model prayer ; a cour:e of her Autumn dreana. B. B. Casilon

Hf 12-10521

tures on the Lord's prayer. Bost., 1971 Averil, Anda S. Annie Mason Gf 2-21285

Ld 9-147 Ivery Glibun. R. II. Newell

Fa 3–11607 Baldwin, J. D. Ancierit America in ovies on incerica's Aviary: Dixon, E. S. Dove-cote and aviary

archaeology. N. Y., 1872

Wb932 Dk 9-7037 Baldwin, J. G. The flush times of Alabana and V Away from heme

Ge 1-22 106
sissippi. N. Y., 1871. 89

FC 1-1'
Aylwin, J. C. Wilson, T. Life
Da 8-4694 | Balfour, C. Working women of this century

L: Ayre, J. The troasury of bible knowlodge, being a

and N. Y.

Ci7-25.09 dictionary of books, persons, places, events and other matters of which mention is made in the Ballads, Abbey, H. Ballads of good deeds Holy Scripture. Lon., 1870 Ia 5-19113


Buchanan, R. Ballads. Stories of the afectioue Baarnhielm, E. W. Archibald Hamilton. Gd 3-22669

Le 12:3. Babylon. Forster, C. Monuments of Assyria, Babylo- Childe, F. J. English and Scottish ballads nia and Persia. Dh 1-23837

KA? 24. Bache, R. M. American wonderland. Ph., 1871 Coxe, A. Ċ Christian ballads Hf 10-15

Gf 2-21251

Dixon, J. H. Ballads and songs of th: peasant Bachelor of the Albany. M. W. Savage Fl-19734

of England

Kd 3-3)
Bachelor of Salamanca. A. R. le Sage Gf 1-22910
Backwoodsman. Wraxall, C. F. L

Ge 5-22495
Hayes, E. Ballads of Ireland

KU 3-001 Bacon, 1. The philosophy of the plays of Shakspeare

Ingleden, C. J. D. The ballads ap'l songs of 1 unfolded. Bost., 1837. 87

Kd 6-21388

HF 13-14,4 Bacon. F. Egsays. Eng. rep.

v. 13

- Jewitt, L., editor. Ballads and songs of Derby stus Le 6-20421

Ků 3-9769

Joyce, R. D. Ballads of Irish chivalry Bacon, F., of Verulam. Realistic philosophy and its

Kd 5-29194 K. Fisher

He 11-20203
Bacon, Francis. Life. British Plutarch.

Logan, W. H. A pedler's pack of ballads
Dd 2-5440

H 12-15 Montagu, B. Life:

Percy. Ballads and romance :
Dd 3-16976

KU?. Bacon, F. Rogeri opera quaedam hactenus inedita, Rodil. T. Spanish ballads

I 12-14
Ed, by J. S. Brewer. Lor., 1559. 82

Taylor, T. Ballads and songs of Brittany
Le 1-21272

HP 12-19?! Bacon, x. Life. ' British Plutarch. v. 2

Ancient Danish ballads
Dd 2-5439


Collections of old balla is
Wonders of electricity. N. Y., 1872

K3-2: Baile, J.

Ng 3-2 1009 - Collection of seventy-nine black letter ballads 8:37 Bailey, S. A critical dissertation on the nature, measure

broadsides, 1559.1397.

Kd3-2014 and causes of value. Lon., 1825. 89

--See songs, poetry
The rationale of political representation. Lon., 1833

Ka 3-23626 Ballad, Minstrelsy of Scotiand, romantic and hista
Long, 1818. 8

KUA: Bi 5–22017 Ballance, C. The history of Peoria, Illinois, l'e: Baily, i. Walker, w. Memoirs Do l-16465


Co 9.1


V. 3




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Ballantine, J. Lise of David Roberts, compiled liom i Barbour, Master John. The Bruce; or the metrical his journals and other sources. El., 1806-17

history of Robert I. King of Scots., with notes

f 1-22009 and memoir of the life of the author, by al. JamBallantroe, R. J. The gorilla hunters

FC 7-19262
Glas., 1869.

Hf 13-19230 - Erling the bold; a tale of the Norse sea kinys. Bard, S. A. (Psend) see E. G. Squier. Ph., 1870.

Ha 13–16:08 Bards. Nash, D. W. Taliesen, or bards and druids of Freaks on the Fells

Gc 5-19036

Kn 3-21141 liudson's Bay

Ha 13–23:363 Bardsley, J. Formation of English character. E. H. L., Iron horse

Gf 8-23930

Hd 6-11559 Martiu Rattler

Go 4–19284 Bardwell, I'm. Temples, ancient and modera; or, Red Eric

Ge 9-22387

notes on church architecture. Lon., 1837. Lugava Ge 4-19305

Kc 1-20333 - The will man of the West Ge 2-21740 Barford bridge. H. C. Adams

Ge 1-22182 - The young fur traders

Ge 4-19306 Baring-Gouid, S. The book of were-wolves; being an Baliantone, T. Essays in Mosaic. Lon., 1870

account of a terrible superstition. Lov., 1865 Le 7-22235

Ci 9-22003 Balloou'. Marion F. vonderful balloon ascents.

· Legends of the patriarchs and prophets, and old Ea 5-16718

testament characters from various sources. X. -See Aeronautics

Y., 1872. 80

La 7--18608 Bailon, M. JI. Treasury of thought, fornuing an ency.

- Origin and development of religious belief. Part II. clopaedia of quotations from ancient and modern

Christianity. N. Y., 1870

Eg 3.16537 authors. Bost., 1872.

451-22026 Barker, J. T. The beauty of flowers in field and wood, Baltic to Tesuvius. D. C. Eddy.

Gd 5-15176

containing the natural orders or families of Baltic Sea. Kerr R. Voyages of Othere in the 9th

British wild plants. Bath and Lon.

DE 2-5545 Baltimore. Peabody institito, fourth annual report

, Barker, Lady Spring comedies. Lon. and X. Y., 1871

Ec 3-19243 Jude ist, 1871 Bh 4-Pam. 78

Fd 6-19016 Bancroft, G. Literary and historical miscellanies. XI. 80

Hd 11-19703

Station life in New Zealand. LoD., 187!
Bandit. A. Blanche
Gf 7-23938

Dh 11-21994 Bank of England. J. Francis

Be l-18682
Stories about

Ge 2-21703 Bank of Eugland and the organization of credit in Barker, T. C. Aryan civilization; its religious origin England Lon. 1867

Ka 5-21050

and its progress, with an account of the religion Banker's wife. Mrs. Gore.

Gf 4-20533

laws, and institutions of Greece and Rome. Banking and Banks. Crump, A. Practical treatise on

Lov., 1871

Cr 3-2017 bauks, currency and the exchanges

Barlee, Ellen. Effie's prayer

G2-21276 Ka 5-23695 Barlow, G. H.

Manual of the practice of medicine. Furler, W. w. Ten years in Wall

Long, 1856

Ga 7-22340 ka 6-18366 Barlow, Peter. An essay on magnetic attractions, and -- Inkey. T. Principles of banking, Ka 5-21057

on the laws of terrestrial and electromagnetism,

89 - Lewies. W. History of banks for savings in Great

Long, 1523.

Ea 10-20119 Britain and Ireland

Ka 5-21042

Treatise on the strength of materials, with rules Macleod, H. 1). Theory and practice of

for application in architecture, etc., revised by Ka 5-21052

his sous P. W. and W. H. Barlow, the whole Mills, E. il. Principles of currency and banking arranged and edited by Wm. Humber. L., 1867.

Ka 5-21056

Ga 12-16530 - O'Callaghan, J. Csury, funds and banking Darnaby Rudge. C. Dickens

Ib 3-13078 Ka 5-21354 Barnard, Charles.

The tone masters, a musical series Price, B. Principles of currency Ka 5-21016

for young people. Handel and Hayden. Bost.. Soaly, H. V. Treaties on currency coins and bank.


IIb 10-16307 108

Ka 5–21051 Barnard, F. A. P. Report on nachinery and processes Wilson, J. Capital, currency and banking

of the industrial arts, and apparatus of the exact Ka 5-21017 sciences. N Y., 1869.

Gb 5-13201 -- Papers on banking and finance. Lon., 1871

Barnard, G. Drawing from nature; a series of pro

Ka 5-23227 gressive instructions in sketching, from ele. See France, Movey

montary studies, to finished views, with examBanks, J. Brougham, H. Life

Dd 2-5420

ples from Switzerland and the Pyrenees. Lon.. Baptism and Baptists. Chrystal, J. A history of the 1865. 80

A 2-18199 modes of Christian baptism Ee 10-19434 Barnard, J. G. The C. S. A. and the battle of Bull Run, Peat, J. B. The Baptists examined Ed 10-21339

N. Y., 1862

Cd 3-20025 Baptist library, a republication of standard Baptist Barnard, Joun. Life. 'British Plutarch. v. 6 works. Ei. by C. G. Sommers, et al. N. Y.,

Dd 2-5413 1860. 3 v. in l. 80

Ld 5-24303 Barnes, A. Notes explanatory, and practical on the Bar sinister. C. A. Collins .

Gf 5-22070
gospels. N. Y., 1852

kg 5-19106 Barbara's history. A. B. Edwards Gf 3-20583 Notes on the book of Psalms. N. Y., 1869.

3 v. Barbaro, Josaphat. Kerr, R. Travels from Venice to

Eg 5-19557 Tarma, or Asof, in 1136

DS 2-5843 Barnes, Wm. views of labour and gold. Lön., 1839 Barbauld, Anna Laetitia. Works of, with a memoir by

Ka 1-21080 Lucy Aikin. L., 1825. 80

Hd 9-16414
Poems in the Dorset dialect. Bost., 1869

Hf 7-21327
Contents.--Vol. I. Memoir; Poems. II.
Correspondence; Miscellaneous pieces.

Barnum, p. i. The humbugs of the world; an account

of the humbugs, delusions, impositions, quack. Barber, E. C. The crack shot; or, young rifleman's eries, deceits and deceivers generally, in all ages. complete guide. N. Y., 1968 Mc 7-23947

N. Y., 1966

He 5-11334 Barber, J. Crumbs from the round table, a feast for Barometers.' Playfair

, J. A ceuracy of measurement epicures. N. Y., 1866 Gb 7-21340

Ea 3-7159 Barbosa, D. A description of the coast of east Africa Baron ifunchausen. Travels and surprising adventures and Malabar in the beginning of the 16th century

Fa 6-13731 Hak. Soc. Iv 1-16776 Baron St. Gio. James Hogg

Hd 6-16023

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V. 35

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