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Young Men's Association Library



(Accessions, November, 1870 to August, 1872.)






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A'Beckett. See Beckett.

Science for the young. Light. N. Y., 1871. Abbey, H. Ballads of good deeds, and other verses.

Ng 3--18759 N. Y., 1872

Kd 4-23983 Science for the young. Water and Land. N. Y., Abbeys, casiles and ancient halls of England and 1872.

Ng 3-22277 Wales. J. Timbs. Co 2-18260 Young Christian. N. y., isro

Ef 10-23395 Abbot, G. Life. British Plutarch. v. 3 Dd 2-5440 Abbott, J. S. C. History of Frederick the II, called Abbot, M. Lord Teuterden, Townsend, W. C. Life

Frederick The Great. N. Y., 1871. go
Dd 3-5478

De 5-19409 Abbot.' w. Scott.

Ib 2-18051 - History of Louis Philippe, King of the French. N. Abbott, Anne W. Impulse and Principle Gd 7-22778 Y., 1871

De 3-21246 Ablott, B. Gorrie, P. D. Life

De 11-5381 Napoleon at St. Helena, or interesting anecdotes and Abbott, C. (Lord Colchester.) The diary and cor- rimarkable conversations of the Emperor during

respondence of. Edited by his son Charles. the five and one-half years of his captivity. N. Lord Colchester. 1861. 3 y. 8° Y., 1855 80

De 3-18877 Dc11-19317

Prussia and the Franco-Prussian War. Bost. Abbott, E. A., and Seeley, J. R. English lessons for 1871.

Cg 12-19103 English people .

Kb 5-19222 | Abbott, L. Laicus, or the experience of a layman in a - A Shakespearian Grammar; an attempt to illustrate country parish. N. Y., 1872.

GC 4-24192 some of the differences between Elizabethan and /

Morning and Evening Exercises

Eg 5--17734 modern Euglish, for the use of schools. L, 1570. Abdallah: or the four leaved Shamrock. E. R. Lefènte

Ha 14-13329

Le 1-22224 Abbotti J. American llistories. n. Y., 1. d., 8 v. Abel Drake's Wite. J. Saunders:

G! 1-205.13 Gd 6–22848, Abominations of Modern Society. F. De Witt. TalAboriginal America. Southern Colonies,


Lc 4-23108 Discoveries of America. War of the Revolution.

Above Rubies. Miss Brightwell

of 2-21323 Northern Colonies. Wars of the Colonies.

Absentee. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-16573 Revolt of ile Colonies. Washington. — The August stories. N. Y., 1871. August and El-Abyssinia. Blanford, W. T. Geology and Zoology of via Ge 2-10333

ing 9-18409

Dufton H. Journey through, in 1862-3 g 9-20211 - Hunter and Tom

Ge 2-21853
Pearce, V. Residence in,

licl-13090 The Fieronce Stories. n. y.,

6 v.

Rassam, H. Narrative of the British Mission to

Gd 5-22740
Florence and John. English Channel.

Theodore, king of Ibyssinia I 12-202.17
Isle of Wight.

Russell, M. Nubia and Abyssinia . Cf 11-17628
Nie Orkney Islands. Florence's Return.

Stern, Il. A. The Captive Missionary Dg 1 2–20281 - Franconia Stories. N. Y., D. dl. 10 v. Gd 7-22-24

Views of Central Abyssinia

[1] 5-24276 Maileville. Rodolphus.

Wilkins, II. St. Clair. Reconnoitering in Abys.

sinia. Wailace, Ellen Lipn.

Dg 11-16485

Achierements of the Knights of Malta A. Sutherland.
Mary Erskine,


Ch 11-16359 Mary Bell.

Ackerman, The Christian element in Plato, and the Beechnut.

Agnes. - Gentle measures in the management and training of

Platonic Philosophy unfolded and set forth. Kb 7-21332

Edin, 1861. 8the young. N. Y., 1872

Ef 3-19139 - Harper's Story Books.

12 v

Gd 2-22590 Acoustics. Radau, R. Wonders of Ea 5-16542 - Ecaryhead and McDowner

Gf 1-22965 Acquisition of Knowledge. J. Beaumont. Id 6-11546 -- History of King Richard III. of England. N. Y., 1870. Actors. Becastro J., memoirs of

Kd 7-20855 De 7-18856 Donaldson, Walter. Recollections of of an actor. - Rambow and Lucky Series. n. y., 1866. 6 v.

IIb 14-20100 22756 Gd 5--22756

Sumbel. Leah Wells. Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. landie. Three Pines. Sumbel, late Wells.

Ku 7-2412 Rainbow's Journey. Selling Lucky.

Young. ( J. Memoirs of Charles Mayne Young, ['p the River


Id 9-18300
-- Rolo's Tour in Europe. N. Y. 10 v. Go 3-22392 See Drama, Dramatic Biography. Thespian Diction-
On the Atlantic.
In seotland.

In Paris.
In Geneva.

Acts of the Apostles. Baumgarten V. Church in the
In Switzerland.
In Holland.
Apostolic age

Ee (-19140
In London.
In Naples.

Clark, B. First heroes of the cross. Ld 1-23932
On the Rhine.
In Rone.

Toate Diseases. Sydenham, T. Works. v. 1 Ga 2-8670 - Science for the young. Heat. N. Y., 1871.

Fd J-16625 Ng 3-18630 Adam Blair. J. G. Lockhart

am Bell.
J. Hogg.

Fe 6-19207 B

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