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Canada, continued.

Canals, continued. Miscellaneous.

- Taylor, W. B. Report on the canals of New Annual report of the normal, model, and com

York, 1862

Ga 12-8959 mon schools in Upper Canada for the year

– Williams, S. K. Speech on the bill to abolish the 1850. Toronto, 1851. 8° .

Bb 6-391
contract system

Bh 5-Pam. 64 - Same for 1856 . Bb 6–392 Canary islands. Glas, G. History of

Dg 1-5841 Canada at the universal exhibition, 1855 Candler, John. Brief' notices of Hayti, with its con

Ch 2-4221 dition, resources, and prospects. L., 1842 - Census of the Canadas I. Personal census. II.

Ch 7-4317 Agricultural produce, mills, manufactures, Canning, G. Speeches; with a biographical sketch houses, schools, public buildings, places of wor- and extracts from his writings. Ph., 1835. 8° ship, etc. Quebec, 1853–5. 2 v. 8° Bg 3–1349

Bb 2-295 - Constitutions, règles et règlements de la chambre – Bell, R. Life of

Dd 9-5504 des communes du Canada. Ottawa, 1868

Stapleton, A. G. Life and times Dd 8-5543

Ch 3-4026 Canoe and the saddle. T. Winthrop Fa 14-14454 – Rules, orders and forms of proceeding of the Canoe voyage up the Minnay Sotor. G. W. Featherhouse of commons of Canada. Ottawa, 1868


Df 8–6055 Ch 3-4026 Canterbury tales. G. Chaucer

HIf 3-12220 Journal and transactions of the board of agricul- Canterbury tales. II

. and S. Lee Fb 2-14328 ture, for 1856-8 .

Ec 10-7766 Canton. Ljunstedt, A. Description of Dh 2-6007 – Tables of the trade and navigation of the province See China.

of Canada, 1851. Quebec, 1852. 8° Bb 12–476 Cap sheaf, a fresh bundle. G. C. Hill Fe 5-15273 Same for 1858. Toronto, 1859. 8° Bb 12–477 Capadose, A. Sixteen years in the West Indies. L., Same for 1852. Quebec, 1853. 8° Bb 11-440

1845. 2 v.

Ch 7-15909 Willson, J. L. and C. Robb. The metals in Can-Cape, Jonathan. A course of mathematics; designed ada

Gb 9-9138

for the use of students in the East India comCanada directory for 1851-2. Montreal, 1852. go pany's military seminary at Addiscombe. L.,

Ck 2-4437
1844. 2 v. 8°

Eb 10–7586 Supplement for 1853. Montreal, 1852. go?

Cape Cod. H. D. Thoreau

Dr 7-6033 Ck 2–4439 Cape Cod and all along shore. C. Nordhoff Canadian naturalist and geologist. E. Billings

Fa 2–14644 Dk 12–7079 Cape Horn. Holman, J. Travels

Dg 1-6329 Canadian Red river exploring expedition, 1857. H. Cape of Good Hope. "Thunbery, C. P. Account of, Y. Hind

Df 8-6053

Dg 1-5841 Canals. Annual report of the auditor on the tolls, Capitaine Kernadec. A. L. G. N. de. Stael-Holstein trade and tonnage of the canals for 1864. Alb.,

Aa 1-12589 1865

Ga 12-8970 Capital of the Tycoon. ' R. Alcock Dh 2-6422 – Annual report of the canal commissioners of the Capital punishment. Montague, B. Opinions of

state of New York. N. Y., 1817. 8° Ga 12–8965 authors on the punishment of death Ba 9–198 Same, with map. Newburgh, 1817. 8° Ga 12–8967 See Punishment. Same for 1820

Bh 6-Pam. 2 Capper, John. The three presidencies of India ; a Same for 1844-5

Ga 12–8955 history of the rise and progress of the British Same for 1846

Ga 12-8955 Indian possessions from the earliest records to Same for the years 1857–63

Ga 12-8968 the present time. L., 1853. 8° Cf 11-3700 Annual report of the state engineer and surveyor Capper, Samuel. The acknowledged doctrines of the on the canals of New York, 1857. Alb., 1857 Church of Rome. L., 1849. 2 v. 8° Ga 12-8969

Ee 1-8018 – Clinton, de Wiit. Speech to the legislature in 1820 Caprice.' o. S. Leland

Hb 9-10970 Bh 6-Pam. 1 Caprice. A. Piron

Hb 2-10787 Documents relating to the western termination of Capricieux, le. Rousseau

Aa 6–12928 the Erie canal. Black Rock, 1822 Bh 6-Pam. 2 Capron, E. S. History of California; comprising also - Hawley, J. Essay on enlargement of the Erie a full description of its climate, surface, soil, canal

Bh 6-Pam. 6 rivers, towns, beasts, birds, fishes, state of its Hayes, J. D. Niagara ship canal Bh 5-Pam. 64 society, agriculture, commerce, mines and minLetter from the secretary of war in relation to ing; with a journal of a voyage to San Fran

the construction of a canal from lake Erie to cisco and back. B., 1854 . Cb 10-2978 lake Ontario, Apr., 1836 . Bh 6–Pam. 4 Captain. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10882 Moulton, J. W. Remonstrance Bh 6-Pam. 2 Captain Kyd. J. S. Jones

Hb 9-10968 Nichols, A. P. Remarks on . Bh 5-Pam. 64 Captain of the guard

Fd 12–15147 Peacock, Wm. Notes of the survey of the Erie Captain of the watch. J. R. Planche Hb 10-10993 canal

Bh 5–Pam. 74 Captain's not amiss. T. E. Wilks Hb 10-10999 - Prosser, E. Ş. Enlargement of the locks of the Capture and escape. S. L. Lorimer Df 10–9523 Erie canal

Bh 5-Pam. 62 Capture, prison pen, and escape. W. W. Glazier Remarks on the importance of the contemplated

Cd 1-14851 grand canal between lake Erie and the Hudson Capuchin, the. s. Foote

Hb 7-10901 river, 1812.

Bh 6-Pam. 2 Capuchin friars in England. Cyprian de Gamache Report of the commissioners of the canal fund of

Cf 3-3479 the tonnage and trade of the New York canals, Caracciolo, Henrieita. The mysteries of the Neapol1846. Alb., 1846

Ga 12-8955 itan convents, with a sketch of the early life — Report of the canal commissioners appointed to of the authoress. Trans. by J. S. Redfield. devise and adopt such measures as shall be Hartford, 1867

Ee 2–8026 requisite to facilitate and effect a communica- Carafas of Maddaloni. A. de Reumont Cg 8-3900 tion, by canals and locks, between lake Erie Cardan, Girolamo. Morley, H. Life of De 6-5716 and the navigable waters of the Hudson Cardinal. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10890 river, and between lake Champlain and said Cardinal Pole. W. H. Ainsworth Fd 3-14480

Bh 6–Pam. 1 Cardwell

, Edward. Lectures on the coinage of the Ruggles, S. B. Report, 1863 Bh 5-Pam. 64 Greeks and Romans. Ox., 1832. 8° Ci 8-4361 Seward, W. H. Address, 1835 Bh 6–Pam. 17 Care, Henry. English liberties; or, the free-born Shipper's guide

Ck 44533 subject's inheritance, containing magna charta, - Tower, R. Chenango canal Bh 6-Pam. 30 charta de foresta, etc. B., 1721. Bb 2–311


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V. 76

Carew, George, lord. Letters, 1615–17. Cam. Soc. Carnaval de Venise. Regnard

Aa 6–12941 Pub.

Ce 9–16037 Carnot, L-N-M. Arago, F. Biography Dd 1-5395 Carey, H. Contrivances. British theatre Hb 1-10729 Caroline (steamer). Nichols, T. L. Address, Dec., Carey, H. C. Essay on the rate of wages, with an 1838, on the burning of the Caroline examination of the causes of the differences in

Bh 5-Pam. 74
the labouring population throughout the world. Caroline, queen of George II. Doran, J. Life of
Ph., 1835. go
Ba 8-178

Dd 7-5587 – Slave trade, domestic and foreign. Why it exists, Caroline, queen of George IV. Doran, J. Life

of and how it may be extinguished. Ph., 1853

Dd 7-5588 Bb 7-411 - Guernsey, countess of. Death-bed confessions Carey, M. Letters on the colonization society and

Dd 6-15911 its probable results, June, 1832 Bh 6-Pam. 12 Huish, R.' Memoirs

Dd 6–15940 Miscellaneous essays.' Ph., 1830. 8° Ha 10–10625 Journal of an English traveller Dd 6-15911 - New olive branch; an attempt to establish an The king's treatment of the queen shortly stated idenity of interest between agriculture, manu- to the people of England

Dd 6–15911 factures and commerce. Ph., 1820. 86 Caroline Matilda, of Denmark. Smythe, Mrs. G. The Ba 7-153

De 12-5877 - View of the ruinous consequences of a dependence Carolus magnus. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10930 on foreign markets

for the sale of the great Caron, F. Account of Japan. Pinkerton's voyages. staples of this nation, flour, cotton, and tobacco.

Df 1-5832 Ph., 1820 Bh 6-Pam. 2 Carpathians. Across the

Di 3-6665 Vindiciae Hibernicae; or, Ireland vindicated. Carpenter, F. B. Six months at the white house

An attempt to expose the falsehoods respecting with Abraham Lincoln; the story of a picIreland in the histories of May, Temple, and ture. N. Y., 1866

Db 4-4927 others. Ph., 1819. 8°

Ce 8-3380 Carpenter, Mary. "Our convicts.' L., 1864. 2 v. in i Carleton, W. Poor scholar, and other tales of Irish 8o.

Ba 9-210 life. N. Y., 1866

Ff 4-14028 Carpenter, s. C. Select American speeches, forensic — Tubber Derg;'or, the red well, and other tales of

and parliamentary, with prefatory remarks. Irish life. N. Y., 1866 Ff 414035 Ph., 1815. 2v. 80

Ba 5-115 Carlier, Auguste. Marriage in the United States. Carpenter, S. D. Logic of history; five hundred po

Trans. by B. J. Jeffries. B., 1867 Bb 5-362 litical texts, being concentrated extracts of abCarlyle, Alexander. Autobiography; containing me- olitionism ; also, results of slavery agitation,

morials of the man and events of his times. emancipation, etc. Madison, 1864. go Cå 5–3200 B., 1861

Dc 10–5363 Carpenter, W. B. Mechanical philosophy, horology, Carlyle, Gavin. Proceedings of the Geneva confer- and astronomy. L., 1857

Ea 4-7185 ence of the evangelical alliance, held in Sept., The microscope and its revelations. Ph., 1856. go 1861. E., 1862. 8° Ed 4-8127

Da 10–7419 Carlyle, Thomas. Critical and miscellaneous essays. The physiology of temperance and total abstiB., 1860. 4v.

Hd 10-11653
nence. L., 1853.

Ga 8-8710
Contents. - Vol. I. Jean Paul Friedrich

Carpenter, W. H. and T. $. Arthur. History of ConRichter; State of German literature; Life and

necticut from the earliest settlement to the writings of Werner; Goethe's Helena ; Goethe ;

present time. Ph., 1865

Cc 11-16323 Barns, Life of Heyne; German playwrights. II. Voltaire; Novalis; Signs of the times;

Georgia. Ph., 1852

Cb 12–2770 Jean Paul Friedrich Richter again; On his

Illinois. Ph., 1857

Cb 11-2761 tory; Luther's psalm; Schiller; The Nibelun

Kentucky. Ph., 1852

Cb 12-2113 gen Lied, German literature of the 14th and 15th

Massachusetts. Ph., 1865

Cc 7-16322 centuries; Taylor's historic survey of German poetry; Appendix. III. Characteristics;

ew Jersey. Ph., 1865

Cc 11-3101 Goethe's portrait ; Biography; Boswell's life of

New York. Ph., 1853

Cc 42923 Johnson, Death of Goethe; Goethe's works ; Corn-law rhymes; On history again; Diderot;

Ohio. Ph., 1865

Cb 11-2805 Count Cagliostro; Death of Edward Irving;

Pennsylvania. Ph., 1854

Cc 11-3102 Appendix. IV. The diamond necklace; Mira

Tennessee. Ph., 1854

Cb 11-2779 beau; Parliamentary history of the French

Vermont. Ph., 1865 .

Cb 9-16320 revolution ; Sir Walter Scott. V. Von Ense's memoirs; Petition on the copyright bill; On

Virginia. Ph., 1852 .

Cb 10-2803 the sinking of the Vengeur; Baillie the cove- Carpenter, Wm. W. Travels and adventures in Mexnanter; Dr. Francia; An election to the long

ico. N. Y., 1851

Df 9-6095 parliament; Two hundred and fifty years ago; The opera; Project of a national exhibition of Carpenter of Rouen. J. S. Jones

Hb 9-10959 Scottish portraits ; The prinzenranb.

Carpentry. Benjamin, A. Practical house carpen- French revolution. B., 1838. 3 v. in 2


Bh 1-1944 Cg 5–3845 - Hatfield, R. G. American house carpenter - History of Frederick II., of Prussia, called Fred

Ga 10–8875 erick the Great L., 1859. 6 v. 8° De 7-5736 Nicholson, P. Carpenter's new guide Bh 1-1942 - Same. N. Y., 1859–64. 4v. . De 7-5761 Silloway, T. W. Text-book . Ga 11-8914

Latter day pamphlets. N. Y., 1850 hd 10-11662 See Architecture; Building.
Life of Friedrich Schiller. N. Y., 1846

Carr, Sir John. Northern summer ; or, travels round

De 10–5782 the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, – Life of John Sterling. B., 1852

Dc 9–5318 Prussia, and part of Germany in 1804. Hart., Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches; with 1806

Di 3-6692 elucidations. N. Y., 1845 .

Dc 9–5327 The stranger in Ireland ; or, à tour in the south- On heroes and hero worship, and the heroic in ern and western parts of that country, in 1805. history. 1840. L., 1870.80 Hd 11-13995

Hart., 1806.

Di 5-6709 - Past and present. N. Y., 1844 He 14–12114 Carr of Carrlyon. H. Aide .

Fd 3-14509 - Sartor resartus; the life and opinions of Herr Carrel, Nicolas Armand. History of the counter Teufelsdröckh. 1831. L., 1869. 8°

revolution in England, for the reëstablishment

Hd 11-6543 of popery, under Charles II. and James II. L., Carmichael, Mrs. Five years in Trinidad and St. 1846

Cf 8–3620 Vincent ; a view of the social condition of the Carrera, D. Pietro. A treatise on the game of chess. white, colored and negro population of the Trans. with notes and remarks, by W. Lewis. West Indies. L., 1834. 2 v. Ch 7-4121

L., 1822. So

Gb 12-9183 Carnality of religious contentions. John Howe Carriages. Adams, W. B.' English pleasure carEf 3-8245 riages.

Gb 3-8932

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Carriages, continued.

Castle dangerous. Sir W. Scott — Lacroix, P. Carriages of the middle ages

Ff 10–14195, and 9–14112 HC 4-15492 Castle of Andalusia. J. O'Keefe Hb 7-10896 Carte, Thomas

. The life of James, duke of Ormond; Castle of Ehrenstein. G. P. R. James Fb 10–14601 containing an account of the most remarkable Castle of indolence. James Thompson Hf 2–12173 affairs of his time, and particularly of Ireland Castle Richmond. A. Trollope

Fe 8-15396 under his government; with an appendix and Castle specter. M. G. Lewis

Hb 9-10965 a collection serving to verify the most material Castlereagh, Viscount. Fourth marquis of London

facts. Ox., 1851. 6 v. 80 Dd 11–16053 derry. A journey to Damascus through Egypt, Carter, N. H. Letters from Europe, comprising the Nubia, Arabia Petraea, Palestine, and Syria. journal of_a tour through Ireland, England, L., 1847. 2 v. 8°

Dg 5-6262 Scotland, France, Italy, and Switzerland,

in Castlereagh, Viscount. Second marquis of London1825–7. N. Y., 1827. 2 v. 8° Di 2–6589 derry. Memoirs and correspondence. Ed. by Carthage. Blakesley, J. W. Four months in Algiers C. Vane. L., 1848. 4v. 8° Dd 10-5602

Dg 8–6324 Catacombs of Rome. Kip, W.J. Di 7-16153 Davis, N. Carthage and her remains Dg 8-6313 Catalogues of books. Heeren, A. H. L. Researches

Ca 2-2200 - Public Libraries. Rollin, C. Ancient history of

Ca 42273 Albany young men's association Bi 2-2155 Carthier, J. Discovery of the island of New France, Boston public library

Bh 6-Pam. 33 1534. Pinkerton's voyages. 12 Df 1-5837 Boston public library

Bi 2-2132 – Belknap, J. Historical account of James Cartier Supplement

Bi 2-2134 Db 3–4894 Bronson library, Waterbury, Ct. Bi 2-1616 Cartwright, F. D. Life and

correspondence of major Buffalo young men's association Bi 2-2156 E. Cartwright. L., 1826. 2 v. 8° Dd 8–5539 Cleveland library association .

Bi 2–2153 Cartwright, T. Diary. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 22

Congress, library of

Bi 2–15991 Ce 6-3314 Detroit young men's society

Bi 2-11626 - Life of T. Cartwright. English puritan divines - Duluth library association

Bh 5-Pam. 53 in the reign of queen Elizabeth Dc 1–5090 Franklin lyceum

Bh 5-Pam. 61 Carver, John. Belknap, J. Historical account of Mercantile library of Cincinnati Bi 2-2146

Db 3-4895
New York

Bi 2-2142 Carwithen, J. B. s. History of the Christian church

Catalogue of 1834

Bh 6-Pam. 25 from the fourth to the twelfth century. L. and

St. Louis

Bi 2-2147 Glasgow, 1856

Ed 3–7836 Milwaukee young men's association Bi 2-2149 Cary, Alice. "Ballads, lyrics, and hymns. N. Y., New York historical society library Cc 42909 1869 Hf 13-12470 - New York society library

Bi 2-2140 Bishop's son Ff 6–14069 - New York state library :

Bi 2-2134 Pictures of country life Ff 6-14070 Philadelphia library company

Bi 2-2141 Cary, Phoebe. Poems of faith, hope, and love. N. Rochester athenaeum, 1850 Bh 6-Pam. 25 Y., 1868

Hf 11-12506 Smithsonian institution.
Casa con dos puertas mala es de guardar. Calderon Catalogue of publications, to June, 1862
Aa 2-12576

Dk 12-7076 Case is altered. B. Jonson

Hb 7-10641 Periodical works in the library Dk 12-7074 Casella. M. Farquharson

Fa 15–14358
Works to Jan., 1866

Dk 12-7078 Casey, Silas. Infantry tactics. N. Y., 1862. 3 v. Syracuse central library

Bi 2–2151 Gb 10–9158 Worcester free public library

Bi 2–2159 Cashmere. Moorcroft, W. Travels in Kashmir Yale college, Cal. Soc., 1831 Bh 6-Pam. 25

Dh 5-6473 Young men's library, Cincinnati Bh 6-Pam. 25 Casimir Maremma: A. Helps

Fe 4-15263 Private Libraries. Casina. Plautus

Ha 2-10464 - Library of manuscripts of Dr. John Dee. Cam. Caspian sea. Hell , x. Hommaire de. Travels in the Soc. Pub. v. 19.

Ce 6-3312 steppes of

Di 10-6618 Booksellers and Publishers. Hanway, Jonas. British trade of.

Cb 1-2468 - Books published in London from 1814 to 1834 Keppel, G. Personal narrative Dg 1-5844

Bi 2-2160 Cass, Lewis. Address, delivered before the alumni of Putnam, G. P.' Book buyers' manual Bi 2-2161

Hamilton college, Aug. 25, 1830 Bh 6-Pam. 30 Catalogus plantarum Angliae. J. Raius Ec 3–7633 Discourse delivered at the first meeting of the Cataract of the Ganges. W. T. Moncrief Hb 9–10963 historical society of the state of Michigan, 1829 Catechism, the. J. Bale

Eg 13–16247 Bh 6-Pam. 17 Catechism, written in Latin. T. Nowell Eg 13-16271 - Outlines of the life and character of Lewis Cass. Catharine and Petrucio. Garrick Alb., 1848 Bh 6–Pam. 8

Hb 1-10738, and 7-10902 Smith, W. G. L. Life and times Da 7–4735 Cathedral, the. J. R. Lowell

Hf 11-12504 Cassaria, la. Ariosto Hb 12–11046, and Aa 5–12808 Cathedrals, Winkle, H. and B. Cathedral churches Casseday, D. B. The Hortons; or, American life at of England and Wales

Ae 2–13496 home. Ph., 1866

Ff 7-14005 Catherine II. of Russia. Memoirs of, written by herCassin, John. Illustrations of the birds of California, self; with preface by A. Herzen. Trans, from Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America ; the French. N. Y., 1859

De 12-5889 intended to contain descriptions and figures of - Jenkins, J. S. Heroines of history Dd 1-5386 all North American birds not given by former Catherine, queen of Charles II. Strickland, A. Life American authors, and a general synopsis of

Dd 7-5582 North American ornithology. Ph., 1866. 4. Catherine, W. M. Thackeray Fe 10–12041

Dk 9-7020 Catherine de Medicis. L. S. Costello , Ff 7-14024 Cast up by the sea. s. A. Baker · Ha 13–13831 Catherine de Medicis. Balzac

Aa 2-12556 Castellan, A. L. Turkey, being a description of the Catilina. Crebillon

Hb 2-10773 manners, customs, dresses, etc., of the Turkish Catilina. Voltaire

Aa 12-13243 empire. Ed. by F. Schober. L., n. d. 3 v. Catiline, his conspiracy. B. Jonson Hb 7-10641

Ci 10_4414 Catlin, G. Adventures of the Ogibbeway and Ioway Casti, Giambattista. Gli animali parlanti poema Indians in England, France, and Belgium ;

epico diviso in ventissei canti. Milan, n. d. being notes of eight years' travels and resi: v. 1 and 3

Aa 5-12802 dence in Europe with his North American In. Castle Ayon. Mrs. A. Marsh · Fc 12-15059 dian collection. L., 1852.80 , Di 2–6613


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Catlow, Agnes. Popular conchology; or, the shell (Celestial scenery. T. Dick .

Hd 4-11481 cabinet arranged according to the modern sys- Cellini, Benevenuto. Memoirs of, written by himself, tem, with a detailed account of the animals. containing a variety of information respecting L., 1854

Dk 11-7113 the arts and the history of the sixteenth cenCatlow and Reeve. The conchologist's nomenclator; tury. L., 1850

De 9-15970 a catalogue of all the recent species of shells, Celts. See Highlands. included under the sub-kingdom mollusca. L., Cena de Baltasar. Autos. Calderon Aa 2-12576 1845. 8° Dk 11-7124 Centeola. D. P. Thompson

Fe 13-15407 Cato. J. Addison.

Hd 4-11486 Centlivre, Mrs. C. Bold stroke for a wife. Com. Cats. Miller, Mrs. H. Cats and dogs

Hb 1-10754 Dk 5-6931, and 13794 Busy body. Com. :

Hb 1-10731 Catskill. Curtis, G. W. Lotus eating DE 9-6098 The wonder. Com. F's S. D. v. 37 Hb 9-10970

- Rockwell, C. Region around the Cc 4-2919 Central America. Squier, E. G. Notes on
Catspaw. D. Jerrold
Hb 9-10957

Ch 5-4067
Cattle. Allen, L. F. American cattle
Dk 5-6951 Stephens, J. L.' Travel in

Ch 5-4074 - Clater, F. Farmer's barn book Ec 11-7802 Central park, N. Y. Fourth annual report of the - Jennings, R. Diseases of

Dk 5-6934 board of commissioners of the central park, - Thompson, R. D. Food of animals Dk 5-6952 1861. N. Y., 1861, 8°

Ga 12-8955 Vasey, G. Bulls, bisons and buffaloes Dk 5-6950 Central route to the Pacific. G. H. Heap Df 4–5928 Catullus, C. V. Poems. L., 1854 Ha 1-10449 Century association. Proceedings of, in honor of J. S. Caucasus. Hell, X. H. de. Travels in the

Wadsworth and P. B. Porter. N. Y., 1865 Di 10–6618

Bh 5-Pam. 63 Cauchon, Joseph. The union of the provinces of Cerise. G. J. w. Melville:

Fc 7-14943 British North America. Trans. by G. H. Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. El ingenioso hidalgo

Macaulay. Quebec, 1865. 8° Ch 3-4019 Don Quijote de la Mancha. Leip., 1860
Caudle lectures. D. Jerrold
He 9-12071

Aa 3-12686 Caulkins, F. M. History of New London, Ct., from

Exemplary novels. Trans. by W. K. Kelley, L., the first survey of the coast in 1612 to 1852.


Ff 4-14017 New London, 1860. 8°

Cc 10–3063

Histoire de Don Quichotte. 'P., 1827. 6 v. go History of Norwich, Ct., from 1660 to 1845. Nor.,

Aa 6-12917 1845

Cc 10–3076 History of Don Quixote de la Mancha, with illusHistory of Norwich, Ct., from its possession by trations by G. Doré. N. Y., n. d. Ha 9–10604 the Indians to the year 1866. Hart., 1866. 8°

La Galatea dividida en seis libros compuesta por.

Aa 3-12685 Counter, Hobart. Posthumous records of a London Ceylon. Baker, S. w. Eight years' wanderings clergyman. N. Y., 1836 Dc 1–5092

Dh 8-6515 Cause and effect. F. Brown

Hc 6–11206
Ibn Batata. Traveis

Dg 1-15564 Causeries d'une homme mère. Mme. Delarbre Knighton, Wm. Tropical sketches Dh 8-6518

Aa 2–12573 Selkirk, Rev. J. Recollections of . Dh 8-6513 Causes for gratitude. J. H. Hartzel Bh 5-Pam. 65 Tennent, J. E. Sketches of the natural history of Cavada, F. F. Libby life; experiences of a prisoner

Dk 2-16233 of war in Richmond, 1863-4. Ph., 1865

Winslow, M. Sketch of the C. mission Da 9-4792 Cd 1-3123 Chabot. Drama. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10891 Cavallo, Tiberius. ' Elements of natural and experi- Chadwick, W. Life and times of D. De Foe. L., mental philosophy. Ph, 1813. 2 v. 89

1859. 8°

Dc 5–5007 Ea 5–7239 Chainbearer . J. F. Cooper.

Ff 1-13962 Cavalry tactics. Part first. School for the trooper, Chaldea. Landseer, J. Hieroglyphics of Ci 2–4225 etc. Ph., 1855

Gb 10–9157 Chalkley, T. Collection of the works of. L., 1791. Cave of fancy. 'M. W. Godwin

Ci 6–4346

Ef 2-8224 Cavendish, Henry. Government of Canada, debates Challice, Mrs. A. E. French authors at home; epi

of the house of commons in the year 1774, on sodes in the lives and works of Balzac, Geo. the bill for making more effectual provision for Sand, Hugo, etc. L., 1864. 2 v. De 3-10915 the government of the province of Quebec. Heroes, philosophers, and courtiers of the time of Ed. by J. Wright. L., 1839. 8° Ch 3–4014

Louis XVI. L., 1863. 2 v.

De 2–5626 Cavendish, T. Life and voyages

Dg 3-6210 Challis, F. My wife's husband. F's M. D. v. 16 Cawthorn, J. Works. British Poets Hf 1-12283

Hb 10–10998 Caxtoniana. Bulwer Hd 11-11707, and 14720 Chalmers, A. Life of Martin Luther.' L., 1857 Caxtons. Bulwer Fa 7–14719, and 9–14736

Ee 12-8231 Cazin, A. The phenomena and laws of heat. Ed. Chalmers, George.

Life of Mary queen of Scots, by E. Rich. N. Y., 1868

Ea 6-7281 drawn from the state papers, with six subsiCeba, A. Citizen of a republic; what are bis rights, diary memoirs. Ph., 1822. 2 v. 8° Dc 10-5348

his duties, and privileges, and what should be Chalmers, Thomas. Works. Complete. Ph., 1833. his education ? N. Y., 1845

Ba 3-59

Ef 2-8223 Cecil, R. Letters to G. Carew. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 88

Contenis.-Evidences oi Christianity; Dis-
Ce 9-16049

courses on the Christian revelation, viewed in Cecil Castlemaine's

connection with the modern astronomy; Ser-
L. de Larame Fb 1-14173

mons on the depravity of human nature; On Cecile. Com. Genlis.

Hb 2-10795

the application of Christianity to the commerCecilia. F. B. D'Arblay

Fa 7-14782

cial and ordinary affairs of life; Sermons

preached in St. John's church, Glasgow; OccaCeinture magique, la. Rousseau . Aa 6-12029 Celebataires, les. Pierrette. Balzac Aa 2-12546 Discourses on the application of Christianity to Celebataires, les. Le curé de Tours. Balzac

the commercial and ordinary affairs of life. Aa 2-12547 N. Y., 1845

Ef 5-8278 Celebes. Stayarinus, J.'s. Account of. Pinkerton's Selections from the correspondence of, by Wm. voyages. 11 Df 1-5836 Hanna. N.Y., 1853

He 10-12082 Celebrated female sovereigns. Mrs. A. M. Jameson A series of discourses on the Christian revelation.

Dd 1-5411
N. Y., 1817. 8°

Eg 8-8558 Celeste, Sister Maria. The private life of Galileo ; Cox, S. H. Horae Chalmerinae Ef 11-4757 compiled principally from his correspondence Hanna, W. Memoir

Dc 6–5255 and that of his eldest daughter. B., 1870 Chamberlain, John. Letters written during the reign

De 11-7517

of Elizabeth. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 79 Ce 9-16040

sional sermons.




Chamberlain, N. H. Autobiography of a New Eng. Channing, W. E. Memoir of Wm. Elery Channing,

land farm house. N. Y., 1865 . Ff 5-14056 with extracts from his correspondence and Chamberlayne, Edward. Angliae notitia; or, the manuscripts. B., 1854. 3 v. Db 9-5024

present state of England; together with divers - Sermon at the annual election, May 26th, 1830, reflections upon the antient state thereof. before his excellency, Levi Lincoln Twelfth ed. with several additions. Printed

Bh 6-Pam. 30 by T. N. for F. Martin, printer to the royal Slavery. B., 1836

Bb 7-418 society, and are to be sold at the sign of the Works; with an introduction. 1st edition. B., bell, in St. Paul's churchyard, 1679 Cf 8-3631

1841. 5 v.

Ef 3-8232 Chamberlin, Franklin. American commercial law, Same. 12th edition: B., 1853. 6 v. in 3 Ef 3-8237 relating to every kind of business, with full

Contents. — Vol. I. Introductory remarks; instructions and practical forms, adapted to all Character and writings of Milton; Life of Nastates of the Union. Hartford, 1869. 8°

poleon Bonaparte: Character of the writings of

Fenelon; Moral argument against Calvanism;
Chambers, G. F. Descriptive astronomy. Ox.

, 1867

Remarks on national literature; Remarks on

associations; The union; Remarks on educa89

Eb 8–7525

tion. II. Slavery; The abolitionists; AnnexaChambers , Robert. Biographical dictionary of emi

tion of Texas to the United States ; Letter on

catholicism ; Letter on creeds; Address on temnent Scotsmen, in four volumes, with a supple- perance; Address on self culture. III. Preachmental volume continuing the biographies to

ing Christ; War; Unitarian Christianity: Evithe present time. By T. Thompson. Glasgow,

dences of revealed religion ; Demands of the

age on the ministry; Unitarian Christianity 1855. 5 v. 8

Ab 7-12767

most favorable to piety; The great purpose of – Cyclopaedia of English literature; a selection of Christianity; Likeness to God; Christian minthe choicest productions of English authors,

istry; The duties of children; Honor due to

all men; Evidences of Christianity. IV. Charetc. B., 1847. 2 v. 80

Ad 8-13459

acter of Christ; Christianity a rational religion ; - Cyclopaedia of English literature, a history, Spiritual freedom; Sell denial; Imitableness of critical and biographical, of British authors

Christ's character; Evil of sin; Immortality;

Love to Christ; The future life; War; Ministry from the earliest to the present time. L., n. d. for the poor; Christian worship; The Sunday 2 v. 80

Ac 6-15791

school; The philanthropist. V. Remarks on Domestic annals of Scotland from the reformation the slavery question ; Lecture on war; Lectures to the revolution. E., 1859. 3 v. 8°

on the elevation of the laboring class of the

community ; Discourse occasioned by the death

Ce 9-15843 of the Rev. Dr. Follen ; Charge, on preaching Encyclopaedia. A dictionary of universal knowl- the gospel to the poor, at the ordination of C.

Barnard and F. T. Gray, as ministers at large;
edge for the people. Ph., 1870. v. 1-3. 8°

Charge for the ordination of Rev. R. C. Waters-
Ac 7-16339

ton as minister at large; Charge at the ordinaLife and works of R. Burns. `N. Y., 1852 40

tion of Rev. J. S. Dwight; Miscellanies ; ApDc 11-5375

pendix. VI. Emancipation; Discourse on the Chambers, T. w. Memoir of the life and character

life and character of the Rev. J. Tuckerman;

The present age; The church; Duty of the free of the late Hon. T. Frelinghuysen. N.Y., 1863 states; Address delivered at Lenox, Aug. 1st,

Da 11-4841

1812, being the anniversary of emancipation in Chambers, Sir Wm. Dissertation on oriental garden

the British West Indies.
ing: L., 1773. 4°
Ec 9-14247 Channings. Mrs. H. Wood

Fa 12–14822 Chambers, Wm. and R. History of the Indian revolt, Chanticleer. C. Matthews

Fc 11-14949 and of the expedition to Persia, China and Chapel of St. Mary. By the author of " The rectory Japan. 1856-7-8. L., 1859. 4° Cf 10–3682 of Moreland.” B., 1861

Fd 14-13894 - Information for the people. E., 1849.2 v. Chapin, Cyrenius. Review of Armstrong's notices

Hd 4-11498 of the war of 1812. Black Rock, 1836. 8° - Papers for the people. Ė., 1850. 10 v.

Cb 7-2686 He 10–15540 Chapin, E. H. Christianity the perfection of true – Pictorial history of the Russian war. E., n. d. manliness. N. Y., 1856

Ef 5-8280 80

Ef 9-3638 Chaplains and clergy of the revolution. J. T. HeadChambre obscure, la. N. Beets : Aa 4-12735


Db 3–4906 Chamois hunting. C. Boner Ga 8–8813 Chaplet. Drama. M. Mendez

Hb 1-10737 Champlain. Palmer, P. S. History of lake Cham- Chaplet of pearls. C. M. Yonge Fa 3-14610 plain

Cc 3-2869 Chapman, F. W. The Pratt family; or, the descendChamplain, Sieur de. Voyages; ou journal ès decou- ants of William Pratt, one of the first settlers

vertes de la Nouvelle France. P., 1830. 2 v. of Hartford and Saybrook. Hart., 1864. 8
Df 2–5863

Ch 844140 - Belknap, j. Historical account of Db 3-4894 Chapman, G., et al. Eastward hoe. Drama Champlain valley. Gilliland, Wm. Pioneer history

Hb 11–11023 Cc 3-2868 Chapone, Mrs. H. ' Works. 'Vols. 1., II. Letters on Champlain, J. T. Text-book in intellectual philoso- the improvement of the mind; Miscellanies. phy, for schools and colleges. B., 1867

III., IV. Correspondence with Mr. Richard

Hc 5-9535 son; Letters to Miss Carter. B., 1809 Chancellors of England. Campbell, J. Lives of

Hc 10–11275 Dd 5-5532 Chapman, I. A. Sketch of the history of Wyoming; Chances, Drama.' Beaumont and Fletcher

with an appendix by a gentleman of WilkesHb 7-10882 barre, 1830

Cc 11-3098 Chandler, J. R. Address at the opening of the first Chappell, Edward. Voyage of his majesty's ship exhibition of the metropolitan mechanics' in

Rosamond to Newfoundland and the southern stitute in the city of Washington, 1853

coast of Labrador. L., 1818. 8° Df 2-5869

Bh 6–Pam. 19 Chappelsmith, John. Account of a tornado near Chandos. L. de Larame

Fb 1-14322 New Harmony, Ind. S. C. to K. Vol. 7, Art. 2 Changed brides. E.D. E. N. Southworth Ff 7-14082

Ae 1-13481 Charming Barbara H. Sunnyskies; or, adventures in Chaptal, J. A. Chymistry applied to agriculture. B., Italy. B., n. d. .

Di 7-13708

Eb 3–7375 Channing, E. T.' Lectures read to the seniors in Har- Character. Bain, A. Study of Hc 8-11230 vard college, B., 1856

Hc 9–11291 Character and characteristic men. E. P. Whipple - Life of Wm. Elery.' S. A. B. v. 6 Da 8 4696

Dd 1-5406 Channing, Walter. Physician's vacation; or, a sum- Characteristics of men, manners, opinions and times. mer in Europe. B., 1856 . Di 2-6592 A. Shaftesbury

He 1-11758

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