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y. 23

4 v.

Byrd, William. Westover manuscripts, containing Calabria. Dolomieu, D. de. Earthquakes in 1783. the history of the dividing line between Vir- Pinkerton's voyages. 5

Df 1-5830 ginia and North Carolina. Petersburg, 1841

Calais. Chronicle of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 35
Cb 10-2787

Ce 6–3326 Byrn, M. L. The complete practical brewer; or, Calamities and quarrels of authors. I. Disraeli plain, accurate, and thorough instructions in

Hd 11-11710 the art of brewing ale, beer, and porter. Ph., Calcraft, J. W. Bride of Lammermoor. F's S. D. 1852 Gb 5-9056

Hb 9–10963 Byrne, Oliver. The practical metal worker's assist Calculator, modern mercantile. A. D. Y. Henriques ant; with application of the art of electro

Eb 10-7582 metallurgy to manufacturing processes. Ph., Practical model. o.Byrne

Eb 10-7584 1851. go

Gb 9-9127 Calculus. Mac Laurin, C. Treatise on fluxions - The practical model calculator, for the engineer,

Eb 10–7574 mechanic, miner, millwright, etc. Ph., 1852. Young, J. R. Elements of differential Eb 10-7573 80

Eb 10-7584 Elements of integral calculus Eb 10–7572 Byron, G. G. N. lord. Oeuvres complètes. P., 1851, Calderon de la Barca, P. de. Teatro escogido. See Aa 4-12752 Ochoa, E. de

Aa 2–12576 – Works, including the suppressed poems, and Caldwell, Charles. Autobiography; with a preface,

sketch of his life, by J. W. Lake. Ph., 1861. notes, and appendix, by Harriot W. Warner. 8°

Hb 3-12226
Ph., 1855. go

Da 9-4767 -- Sardanapalus. Trag.

Hb 9-10958 – Memoirs of the life and campaigns of Nathaniel Werner. Trag.

Hb 9-10956
Greene. Ph., 1819. 8°

Db 5-11835 Galt, John. Life of

Dc 7–5278 Thoughts on physical education; being a dis- Guiccioli, countess. Recollections of Dd 8-5549 course delivered to a convention of teachers in - Moore, Thomas. Letters and journals Dd 4-5464 Lexington, Ky., on the 6th and 7th of Novem- Stowe, H. B. Lady Byron vindicated Dd 8-5550 ber, 1833. B., 1834

Hc 12-11350 – Trelawny, E. J. Recollections Dd 9-5592 Caleb Field. M. O. W. Oliphant Fa 13-14843 By-ways of Europe. Bayard Taylor . Di 3–6636 Calendar. Brady, J. Clavis Calendaria. With hisByzantine empire. Finlay, G. Nistory of Ca 8-2390 torical and classical anecdotes Ck 6–4503

Calfhill, James. An answer to John Martiall's treaCaballero, Fernan. Pseudonym of C. Bohl d'Arron. tise on the cross. Ed. by R. Gibbings. Cam., Cabell, J. L. The testimony of modern science to 1846. 8o. Parker society. v. 24 Eg 12–16256

the unity of mankind; with an introductory Calhoun, J. C. Speeches delivered in the congress of notice by J. W. Alexander. N. Y., 1860

the United States, from 1811 to the present Ch 9-4162 time. N. Y., 1843. 8°

Ba 2-47 Cabinet des antiques. Balzac

Aa 2-12548 Works. Charleston, S.C., 185i. 6 v. 8. Ba 2-31 Cabot, Sebastian. Hayward, C., jr. Life of. S. A. B. Jenkins, J. S. Life of

Da 11-4831 v. 9

Da 8-4699 See Measures not men, and Bh 6-Pam. 8 Memoir of, with a review of the history of mari- Calico printing. See dyeing.

time discovery. Ph., 1831. 8° Dc 4-5178 California. History and Travels. All about Cali– Nicholls, J. F. Remarkable life and adventures fornia.

Bh 5-Pam. 73 Dc 1-11871 — Ansted, D. T. 'Guide to the Gold region Cabot, John and Sebastian. “Belknap, J. Historical

Bh 6-Pam. 27 account of Db 3-4894 Bartlett, J. R. Incidents in

Df 45934 Cabrera, P. F. Critical research into the history of Brace, C. L. California in 1867–8 Df 6–5998

the Americans. L., 1822. 4° Ci 2-4226 Browne, J. R. Report of debates in constitutional Cabul. Ibn Batūta. Travels in Dg 1-15564 convention.

Cb 10-2972 Cactaciae. Engelmann, G. Cactaciae Ae 4-13534 - Burton, R. F. Across the Rocky mountains to Cadet de Colobrieres. Mme. C. Reybaud Aa 5-12781

Df 4-5933 Cadet engineer. J. H. Long and R. H. Buel

Capron, E. s. *History of

Cb 10-2978 Ga 9-8840 Colton,'W. Deck and port

Df 12–6178 Cadet life at West Point. B. J. Lossing Fb 3–14339 Three years in

Df 9-6088 Caesar Borgia. Trag. N. Lee. Hb 1-10743 Cronise, T. F. Natural wealth of:

Cb 10-2969 Caesar, Julius. Commentaries on the Gallic and civil Farnham, E. W. In-doors and out Df 11-6167

wars; with the books attributed to Hirtius ; Fremont, J. C. Expedition in 1843-4 Dr 7–6018 including the Alexandrian, African, and Span- Geographical memoir

Bh 6-Pam. 36 ish wars. L., 1868 Ha 2-10484 Greenhow, R. History of

Cb 10-2970 – Abbott, J. History of

Da 3–7565 - Kewen, E. J. C. and Frank Soule. Oration and - Bacon, F. Character of. Works. v. 3


Bh 6-Pam. 17 Hd 1-11384 King, T. B. Report on. ' 1850.

Bh 6-Pam. 9 – Life of. Monthly series of useful reading

Mackay, A. Chapter on

Df 7-6011 Da 3-4639 Mayer, B. Historical sketch .

Ch 4-4030 - Napoleon III. History of Ca 5–2287 Pacific coast almanac

Ck 6–4499 Caesars, the. T. de Quincy

Hd 2-11427 Saxon, Isabelle. Five years within the golden Café, le. Rousseau

Aa 6–12929

Df 10–6123
Cage and chamber birds. J. M. Bechstein Dk 9–7038 Simpson, J. H. Shortest route to : Df 8-6058
Caged lion. C. M. Yonge
Fa 4-14764 Taylor, Bayard. Eldorado

Df 9–6086 Caillié, R. Travels through central Africa to Tim- Taylor, Wm. Life illustrated Df 10-6132 buctoo, and across the great desert to Morocco, Tennant, T. Tide register

Ck 6–4500 1824-8. L., 1830. 2 v., 89 Dg 9–6360 Todd, J. The sunset land

Df 10_6669 Caines, George. Summary of the practice of the su- Van Voorhies, W. Oration before the California preme court of the state of New York. N.


Bh 6-Pam. 13 Y., 1808. 8

Ba 11-243 Venegas, Miguel. Natural and civil history of Cairns, John. Brown, J., M. D.' Horae Subsecivae

Cb 10-2975 He 6-11971 - Willard, Emma. History of Ch 5-2704 Cairo. From Cairo to Mount Sinai, 1722. Pinker- Wise, Lieut. H. A. Los Gringos Ch 4-4063 ton's voyages. 10

Df 1-5835 - Education. First biennial report of the superin- Wilkinson, J. G. Description of : Ck 7-4589 tendent of public instructior of the state of Caius Marius. Trag. T. Otway:

Hb 1-10746 California for the years 1864-5. Sacramento, Cakes and ale at Woodbine. R. B. Coffin Ff 6–14071

1866. 8°

Bb 6-439

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to, 1870

V. 36

California, continued.

Camden society, continued. - Geography. Report of the surveyor general - Vol. V. Anecdotes and traditions, illustrative of from Nov. 1, 1867, to Nov. 1, 1869. Sacramen- early English history and literature, derived

Bh 5-Pam. 73

from MS. sources. Éd. by W.J. Thomas. L., San Francisco. Municipal reports, 1867-8

1839. 40

Ce 9-16015 Cb 10-2971 – Vol. VI. The political songs of England, from Soule, F., et al. Annals of Cb 10-2973 the reign of John to that of Edward II. Ed. California and Oregon trail. F. Parkman, jr.

and trans. by T. Wright

Ce 9-16016 DE 7-6022 Vol. VII. Annals of the first four years of the California state register, and year book of facts for reign of queen Elizabeth, by Sir J. Hayward. 1859. San Fran., 1859

Ck 10-4616 Ed. by J. Bruce. L., 1840. 4° Ce 6-3301 Calimachus. See Hesiod

Ha 2–10489 – Vol. VIII. Ecclesiastical documents, viz.: I. Call at number 1-7. J. Triplet. F's M. D.

A brief history of the bishoprick of Somerset

Hb 10-11004 to the year 1174. II. Charters from the Callcott, Maria. A scripture herbal. L. 1842. go

library of Dr. Cox Macro. Ed. by Rev.Joseph Ec 4–7670 Hunter. L., 1840. 40

Ce 6-3302 - Short history of Spain. L., 1840. 2 v. Cg 7-3867

– Vol. IX. Speculi Britanniae pars ; historical and Called to account. Annie Thomas Fe 11-15339 chorographical description of the county of Callery and Yvan. History of the insurrection in Essex. By John Norden, 1594. Ed. by Sir China ; with notices of the Christianity, creed, Henry Ellis. L., 1840. 40

Ce 6-3303 and proclamations of the insurgents. Trans. – Vol. X. Chronicle of the first thirteen years of with supplementary chapter by John Oxen- the reign of Edward IV. By John Warkford. L., 1853

Dh 2–6406 worth. Ed. by James Orchard Halliwell. L., Callicot, T. c. 'Hand-book of universal geography ; 1839. 4°

Ce 6-3304 being a gazetteer of the world. N. Y., 1853 – Vol. XI. Kemp's nine daies' wonder; performed

Ac 5–13100

in a daunce from London to Norwich. Ed. Callisthene. Trag: A. Piron

Hb 2-10785
by A. Dyce. L., 1840. 4°

Ce 6-3305 Calmet, A. Dictionary of the holy bible, as publish- – Vol. XII. "Egerton papers. A collection of pub

ed by the late Mr. Charles Taylor, with the lic and private documents, chiefly illustrative fragments incorporated. Am. edition. Ed. by of the times of Elizabeth and James I. Ed.

Edward Robinson. B., 1832. 8° Ad 1-13185 by J. P. Collier. L., 1840. 4° Ce 6-3306 Caloric; its agency in nature. S. L. Metcalfe

· Vol. XIII. Chronica Jocelini de Brakelonda, de Ea 5–7228

rebus gestis Samsonis, abbatis monasterii See Heat.

Sancti Edmundi. Ed. by J. G. Rokewode. L., Calvert, G. C., and L. Belknap, J. Account of

1840. 4°

Ce 6-3307 Db 3-4895 - Vol. XIV.

Narratives illustrative of the conCalvert, G. H. Scenes and thoughts in Europe. N. tests in Ireland in 1641 and 1690. Ed. by T. Y., 1852

Di 3-6657
C. Croker. L., 1841. 4°

Ce 6-3307 Calvert, Leonard. Burnap, G. W. Life of. S. A. B. – Vol. XV. The chronicle of William de RisV. 19

Da 8–4709 hanger of the barons' wars. The miracles of Calvin, John. Treatise on relics. Trans. from the Simon de Montfort. Ed. by James 0. HalliFrench, with introductory dissertation on the well. L., 1840. 4°

Ce 6-3309 miraculous images, as well as other supersti- - Vol. XVI. The Latin poems commonly attributions of the Roman catholic and Russo-Greek ted to Walter Mapes. Ed. by Thomas Wright. churches. E., 1854

Ed 3–7835
L., 1841. 4°

Ce 6-3310 Blackburn, W. M. College days of De 10-5788 Vol. XVII. The second book of the travels of Guizot, F. P. G. Great Christians of France

Nicander Nucius, of Corcyra. Ed. by J. A.
De 6-5711
Cramer. L., 1841. 4°

Ce 6-3311 Henry, Paul. Life and times De 5–5663 Vol. XVIII. Three easy English metrical roCambrian Plutarch. J. H. Parry Dd 10-5601

mances. I. The Anturs of Arthur at the TarCambridge university. Bristed, c. A. Five years newathelan. II. Sir Amadace. III. The in an English university

Hc 12-11343

avowynge of king Arthur, etc. With an in- Everett, W. Lectures on

Ha 11-10679 troduction and glossary. Ed. by John RobCamden, Theophilus. Imperial history of England; son. L., 1842. 4.

Ce 6–3346 recording the revolutions it has undergone; - Vol. XIX.' The private diary of Dr. John Dee, the wars in which it has been engaged, etc., and the catalogue of his library of manufrom the landing of Julius Caesar to the com- scripts. Ed. by J. O. Halliwell. L., 1842. 4° mencement of the reign of George III. L.,

Ce 6-3312 1809

Ca 1-2176 – Vol. xx.' An apology for Lollard doctrines, atCamden, Wm. Britannia, with large additions and tributed to Wicliffe. Ed. by J. H. Todd. L., improvements; published by Edmund Gibson. 1842. 4°

Ce 6–3313 L., 1695. fo

Ca 1-2175 – Vol. XXI. Rutland papers. Original documents Camden society. (Publications of early historical illustrative of the courts and times of Henry and literary remains.) L., 1838–65. 91 v.

VII. and Henry VIII. Ed. by William Jer- Vol. I. Historie of the arrivall of Edward IV. in dan. L., 1842. 4°

Ce 6-3347 England, and the finall recoverye of his king-| – Vol. XXII. The diary of T. Cartwright, bishop domes from Henry VI., 1471. Ed. by J. Bruce of Chester, from Aug. 1686 to Oct. 1687. Ed. L., 1838. 4°

Ce 9-16011 by Joseph Hunter. L., 1843. 4° Ce 6-3314 – Vol. II. Kynge Johan. A play in two parts. - Vol. XXIII. Original letters of eminent literary By John Bale. Ed. by J. P. Collier

men of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eight

Ce 9–16012 - Vol. III. Alliterative poem on the deposition of

eenth centuries. Ed. by Sir H. Ellis. L., 1843.

Ce 6–3315 king Richard II. Ricardi Maydiston de con

– Vol. xxiv. A contemporary narrative of the cordia inter Ric. II. et civitatem. L. Ed. by proceedings against dame Alice Kyteler, proseT. Wright

Ce 9-16013 cuted for sorcery in 1324, by Richard de – Vol. IV. Plumpton correspondence. A series of Ledrede, bishop of Ossory. Ed. by T. Wright. letters, chiefly domestick, written in the reigns L., 1843. 4•

Ce 6-3316 of Edward IV., Richard III., Henry VII., and – Vol. XXV. Sec 54. Promptorium parvulorum Henry VIII. Ed. by T. Stapleton. L., 1839. sive clericorum, lexicon Anglo-Latinum prin

Ce 9-16014 ceps,auctore Galfrido grammatico dicto e predi

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Camden society, continued.

catoribus Lenne Episcopi, Northfolciensi, A.D., circa 1440. Resensuit Albertus Way L., 1843–53. 2 v. 4°

Ce 6–3317, and 3345 – Vol. XXVI. Three chapters of letters relating

to the suppression of monasteries. Ed. by

Thomas Wright. L., 1843. 4° Ce 6-3348 – Vol. XXVII. Correspondence of R. Dudley,

earl of Leycester, during his government of the low countries, in the years 1585–86. Ed. by J. Bruce. L., 1844

Ce 6–33191 – Vol. XXVIII. Croniques de London, depuis l'an

44 Hen. III. jusqu' à l'an 17 Edw. III. Ed. by

G. J. Aungier. L., 1844. 4° Ce 6-3319 – Vol. XXIX. Three books of Polydore Vergil's

English history, comprising the reigns of Henry
VI., Edward IV., and Richard III. Ed. by
Sir Henry Ellis. See v. 36. L., 1844. 4°

Ce 6–3320 – Vol. xxx. The Thornton romances. The

early English metrical romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant. Ed. by

J. 0. Halliwell. L., 1844. 40 Ce 6-3321 – Vol. XXXI. Verney papers. Notes of proceed

ings in the long parliament, temp. Charles I.

Ed. by J. Bruce. L., 1845. 4o . Ce 6–3322 – Vol. XXXII. The autobiography of Sir John

Bramston, of_Skreens, in the hundred of
Chelmsford. L., 1845.

Ce 6-3323 – Vol. XXXIII. Letters from James, earl of Perth,

lord chancellor of Scotland, etc., to his sister, the countess of Erroll, and other members of his family. Ed. by W. Jerdan. L., 1845. 4°

Ce 6-3324 - Vol. XXXIV. ' De antiquis legibus liber. Cronica

majorum et vicecomitum Londoniarum, et quedam, que contingebant temporibus illis ab anno 1178, ad annum 1274; cum appendice. Curante Thoma Stapleton. L., 1846. 4°

Ce 6–3325 – Vol. xxxv. "The chronicle of Calais, in the

reigns of Henry VII. and Henry VIII, to the year 1540. Ed. by J. G. Nichols. L., 1846. 40

Ce 6-3326 – Vol. XXXVI. 'Polydore Vergil's English history,

I, containing the first eight books, comprising the period prior to the Norman conquest. Ed.

by Sir H. Ellis L., 1846. 4° Ce 6-3327 – Vol. XXXVII. A relation, or rather a true ac

count, of the island of England, about the year 1500. Trans. from the Italian, with notes, by

Charlotte A. Sneyd. L., 1847. 4° Ce 6–3328 – Vol. XXXVIII. Documents relating to the foun

dation and antiquities of the collegiate church of Middleham, in the county of York; with an historical introduction. By W. Atthill

. L., 1847. 40

Ce 6–3329 - Vol. XXXIX. See 55. The Camden miscellany

I. Register and chronicle of the Abbey of Aberconway. Chronicle of the rebellion in Lincolnshire, in 1470. Bull of Innocent VIII. on the marriage of Henry VII. with Elizabeth of York. Journal of the siege of Rouen in 1591. Letter of George Fleetwood, describing the battle of Lutzen and death of Gustavus Adolphus. Diary of Dr. E. Lake, chaplain and tutor to the princesses Mary and Anne, 1677 -1678. L., 1847. 4°

Ce 6-3330 - Vol. XL. A commentary of the services and

charges of William, lord Grey, of Wilton, by his son Arthur, lord Grey. Edited by Sir Philip

de Malpus Grey Egerton. L.,1847. 4. Ce 6–3331 – Vol. XLI. Diary of Walter Yonge, esq., written

at Colyton and Axminster, county Devon, from 1604 to 1628. Ed. by G. Roberts. L., 1848. 4.

Ce 6-3332 - Vol. XLII. The diary of Henry Machyn, citizen

and merchant taylor of London, from 1550 to 1563. Ed. by J. G. Nichols. L., 1848. 4°

Ce 6-3333

Camden society, continued. — Vol. XLIII. The visitation of the county of Hunt

ingdon, under the authority of Wm. Camden, Clarenceux king of arms, by his deputy Nicholas Charles, Lancaster Herald, 1613. Ed. by Sir H. Ellis. L., 1849. 4o .

Ce 6-3334 - Vol. XLIV. The obituary of Richard Smyth,

secondary of the poultry compter, London: being a catalogue of all such persons as he knew in their life, from 1627 to 1674. Ed. by Sir H. Ellis. L., 1849. 40

Ce 6–3335 - Vol. XLV. Certaine considerations upon the

government of England, by Sir Roger Twysden. Ed. by J. M. Kemble. L., 1849. 4°

Ce 6-3336
Vol. XLVI. Letters of queen Elizabeth and king

James VI of Scotland. Ed. by John Bruce.
L., 1849. 4°

Ce 6–3337 Vol. XLVII. Chronicon Petroburgense. Curante Thoma Stapleton. L., 1849. 4°

Ce 6-3338 – Vol. XLVIII. 'The chronicle of queen Jane, and

of two years of queen Mary, and especially of the rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyat; written by a resident in the tower of London. Ed. by . G. Nichols. L., 1850. 4° .

Ce 6-3339 - Vol. XLIX. Wills and inventories from the re

gisters of the commissary of Bury St. Edmund's, and the archdeacon of Sudbury. Ed.

by Sam. Tymms. L., 1850. 4° Ce 6-3340 – Vol. L. Gualteri Mapes de nugis curialium dis

tinctiones quinque. Ed. by Thomas Wright. L., 1850. 40

Ce 6-3341 – Vol. LI. The pylgrimage of Sir Richard Guyl

forde to the holy land, 1506. Ed. by Sir H. Ellis. L., 1851. 4°

Ce 6-3342 – Vol. LII. Moneys received and paid for secret

services of Charles II. and James II. from March 30, 1679, to Dec. 25, 1688. Ed. by. J.

Y. Ackerman. L., 1851. 4° Ce 6-3343 – Vol. LIII. Chronicle of the grey friars of London. Ed. by J. G. Nichols. L., 1852. 4°

Ce 6–3344 – Vol. Liv. Promptorium parvulorum, sive cleri

corum, lexicon Anglo-Latinum princeps. v. 2. See v. 25

Ce 6-3345 Vol. LV. See 39. The Camden miscellany. v. 2.

Account of the expenses of John, of Brabant, and Henry and Thomas, of Lancaster, 1292-3. Household account of the princess Elizabeth, 1551-2. The request and suit of a true-hearted Englishman, written by Wm. Cholmerley, 1553. Discovery of the Jesuits' college at Clerkenwell, in March, 1627–8. Trelawny papers. Autobiography of Wm. Taswell." L., 1853. 4°

Ce 6–3346 – Vol. LVI. Leiters and papers of the Verney fam

ily down to the end of the year 1639. Ed. by J. Bruce. L., 1853. 4°

Ce 9-16017 – Vol. LVII. Ancren Riwle; a treatise on the rules

and duties of monastic life. Ed. and trans. from a semi-Saxon MS. of the 13th century.

By J. Morton. L., 1853. 40 Ce 9-16018 – Vol. LVIII. Letters of the lady Brilliana Har

ley, of Brampton Bryan. With introduction

and notes by T. T. Lewis . Ce 9-16019 _ Vol LIX. A roll of the household expenses of

Richard de Swinfield, bishop of Hereford, during part of the years 1289-90. Ed. by Rev. J. Webb. L., 1854. 4°

Ce 9–16020 – Vol. LX. Grants, etc., from the crown during

the reign of Edward the fifth, from the original docket-book MS., Ilarl, 433, and two speeches for opening parliament, by John Russell, bp. of London. With an introduction by J.G. Nichols

Ce 9-16021 Vol. LXI. The Camden miscellany, v. 3 ; con

taining papers relating to the proceedings of the county of Kent, 1642-46 ; historical poems of the sixteenth century, from the Norfolk MS.




Camden society, continued.

Camden society, continued. in the Bodleian library; a relation of abuses letters of state written by him, now first pubcommitted against the commonwealth, 1629; lished from the MSS. in the state paper office. inventory of the wardrobe, plate,

etc., of Henry With an appendix of documents relating to his Fitzroy, duke of Richmond and Somerset; and connection with the Powell family. Collected an inventory of the wardrobe, etc., of Kath- and edited, with the permission of the master of

arine of Arragon, Baynard's castle Ce 9–16022 the rolls, by W. D. Hamilton Ce 9-16036 Vol. LXII See 59

Ce 9-16023 - Vol. LXXVI. Letters of George, lord Carew, to Vol. LXIII. Charles I. in 1646. Letters of king Sir T. Rae, ambassador to the court of the

Charles the first to queen Henrietta Maria great mogul, 1615–17. Ed. by J. Maclean. L.,
Ed. by J. Bruce ,

Ce 9–16024
1860. 40

Ce 9-16037 – Vol. LXIV. An English chronicle of the reigns - Vol. LXXVII. Narratives of the days of the

of Richard II., Henry IV., Henry V., and reformation, chiefly from the manuscripts of Henry VI., written before the year 1471; with John Foxe, the martyrologist. With two conan appendix, containing the 18th and 19th temporary biographies of Cranmer. Ed. by years of Richard II., and the parliament at J. G. Nichols. L., 1861. 4° Ce 9-16039 Bury St. Edmund's, 25th Henry VI., and addi- – Vol. LXXVIII. Correspondence of James VI. tions from the Colton MS. chronicle, called of Scotland with Sir R. Cicil and others in “Eulogium.” Ed by the Rev. J. S. Davies. England during the reign of Elizabeth ; with L., 1856. 4°

Ce 9–16025 an appendix containing papers illustrative of – Vol. LXV. The knights hospitallers in England; transactions between king James and Robert,

being the report of prior Philip de Thame to earl of Essex. Ed. by J. Bruce Ce 9-16039 the grand master Élyan de Villanova for A. – Vol. LXXIX. Letters written by John ChamberD. 1338. Ed. by the Rev. L. B. Larking, with lain during the reign of Elizabeth. Ed. by S. an introduction by J. M. Kemble Ce 9–16026 Williams. L., 1861. 4°

Ce 9-16040 Vol. LXVI. Diary of John Rous, incumbent of - Vol. LXXX. Proceedings principally in the

Santon Downham, Suffolk, from 1625 to 1642. county of Kent, in connection with the parlia

Ed. by Mary Anne Everett Green Ce 9-16027 ments called in 1640, and especially with the – Vol. LXVII. "Trevelyan papers prior to A. D., committee of religion. Ed. by L. B. Larking. 1558. Ed. by J. P. Collier

Ce 9–16028

With preface by J. Bruce. Ce 9–16041 – Vol. LXVIII. Journal of the very Rev. Rowland – Vol. LXXXI. Parliamentary debates in 1610. Davies, from March 8, 1688–9, to Sept. 29, 1690. Ed. by S. R. Gardiner

Ce 9-16042 Ed. with notes and an appendix, and some - Vol. LXXXII. Lists of foreign protestants and account of the author and his family, by R. aliens resident in England, 1618–88. Ed. by Caulfield. L., 1857. 4°

Ce 9-16029 W. C. Cooper. L., 1862. 4° Ce 9–16043 – Vol. LXIX. The domesday of St. Paul's of the – Vol. LXXXIII. Wills from doctors' commons,

year 1722; or, Registrum de visitatione maner- 1495-1695. Ed. by J. G. Nichols and J. Bruce iorum per Robertum Decanum, and other orig. L., 1863. 4°

Ce 9-16044 inal documents relating to the manors and - Vol. LXXXIV.

Trevelyan papers

Part II. churches belonging to the dean and chapter of 1446–1643. Ed. by J. P. Collier L., 1863. 4° St. Paul's, London, in the twelfth and thirteenth

Ce 9-16045 centuries. With an introduction, etc., by W.

– Vol. ixxxv. Life of Marmaduke Rawdon, of H. Hale. L., 1858. 4°

Ce 9-16030
York. Ed. by R. Davies

Ce 9–16046 – Vol. LXX. Liber famelicus of Sir James White- Vol. LXXXVI. Letters of queen Margaret of

locke, a judge of the court of king's bench in Anjou and bishop Beckington and others in the reigns of James I. and Charles I., now first the reigns of Henry V. and Henry VI. Ed. by published from the original manuscript. Ed. C. Monro. L., 1863. 4°

Ce 9-16047 by J. Bruce. L., 1858. 4° Ce 9–16031 – Vol. LXXXVII. The Camden miscellany. v. 5. – Vol. LXXI. Saville correspondence. Letters to Five letters of king Charles II.; Letter of the

and from Henry Saville, esq., including letters council to Sir Thomas Lake, relating to the from his brother George, marques of Halifax. proceedings of Sir Edward Coke at Oatlands; Printed from a manuscript belonging to his and, documents relating to Sir Walter Raleigh's grace the duke of Devonshire, and from origi- last voyage; A catalogue of early English misnals in her majesty's state paper office. Ed. by cellanies, formerly in the Harleianlibrary; W. D. Cooper. L., 1858.40 Ce 9-16032

Letters selected from the collections of auto- Vol. LXXII. * The romance of Blonde of Oxford graphs in the possession of Wm. Tite, esq., M.

and Jehan of Dammartin. By Philippe de P. V. P. S. A.; Sir Francis Drake's memorReimes, a trouvère of the thirteenth century. able service done against the Spaniards in Ed. from the unique MS. in the imperial library 1587. Written by Robert Leng, gentleman,

in Paris, by M. Le Roux de Lincy Ce 9–16033 one of his co-adventurers and fellow-soldiers; – Vol. LXXIII. The Camden miscellany, v. 4; Inquiry into the genuineness of a letter dated

containing a London chronicle during the February 3d, 1613, and signed “Mary Magreigns of Henry the seventh, and Henry the daline Davers.” L., 1864

Ce 9-16048 eighth; The expenses of the judges of assize - Vol. LXXXVIII. Letters of Sir R. Cecil to Sir riding the western and Oxford circuits, 1596– G. Carew. Ed. by J. Maclean . Ce 9–16049 1601; The incredulity of St. Thomas, the - Vol. LXXXIX. Promptorium parvulorum sive Scrivener's play at York; The childe of Bris- clericorum, lexicon Anglo-Latinum princeps. tow, a poem by John Lydgate; Sir Edward See 25

Ce 9-16050 Lake's interviews with Charles I.; Letters of – Vol. XC. Letters and other documents illustratPope to Atterbury when in the tower of Lon- ing the relations between England and Gerdon; Supplementary note to the discovery of many at the commencement of the thirty years' the Jesuits' college at Clerkenwell, in March,

Ed. by S. R. Gardiner Ce 9-16051 1627-28. L., 1859. 4°

Ce 9-16034 - Vol. XCI. Registrum-sive liber prioratus beatae - Vol. LXXIV. Diary of the marches of the royal Mariae Wigorniensis ; with introduction, notes,

army during the great civil war; kept by and illustrations, by W. H. Hale. L., 1865 Richard Symonds, now first published from the

Ce 9-16052 original manuscript in the British museum. Cameron pride. N. J. Holmes

Fd 4-14269 Ed. by C. E. Long Ce 9-16035 Camilla. F. B. D'Arblay

Fa 7-14787 Vol. LXXV. Original papers illustrative of the life Camilla's husband. W. Phillips Hb 9-10972 and writings of John Milton, including sixteen Camille. A. Dumas, jr.

Hb 9–10960


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Cammann, H. J., and H. N. Camp. The charities of Campbell, W. W. Annals of Tryon county; or, the

New York, Brooklyn and Staten Island. N. border warfare of New York during the revo-
Y., 1868

Ba 9-2875
lution. N. Y., 1831. 8°

Cc 4-2936 Camors, a love story. Octave Feuillet Fa 7-16347 Camper, P. Memoir of. Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6955 Camp, H. W. Trumbull, H. C. The knightly sol- Campion, Edmund. Historie of Ireland, written in dier

the yeare 1571. Dublin, 1809. 8° Camp-fires of the revolution. 1. C. Watson Cb 7-2671

Ce 7-3459 and 8-3373 Campaign series. H. Alger, jr. Fd 6-15465 Can you forgive her. Å. Trollope Fe 7-15353 Campaigns of a non-combatant. "G. A. Townsend Canaan. Landseer, John. Hyeroglyphics of Cd 1-3136

Ci 2-4225 Campan, Jeanne Louise Henriette, Madame. Con Canada. History; Travels ; Description.

versations; comprising secret anecdotes of the Bigsby, J. J. The shoe and canoe Df 6-6005 French court, with correspondence, etc. ; with Bouchette, J. British dominions in North Amerithoughts on education. L., n. d. go

Ch 2–3977 He 10_12088 Buchanan, Isaac. Relations with the mother - Memoirs of the court of Marie Antoinette, queen country and the United States. Ch 3–4166

of France. Ph., 1850. 2 v. De 6-5732 Cauchon, J. Union of the provinces Ch 3-4019 Campaner thal. J. P. F. Richter Fc 5-14928 Cavendish, H. Government of Canada. Debates Campaspe. J. Lilly

Hb 11-11017
in 1774

Ch 3-4014 Campbell

, Charles. Introduction to the history of Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. Letters, 1763 Df 6-5999 the colony and ancient dominion of Virginia. Christie, R. History of the late province of Lower Richmond, 1847. 8°

Cb 10-2786

Ch 3-4001 - Memoir of T. Bland. Petersburg, 1840. 8° Christmas, H. Emigrant churchman Ch 3-3993

Da 11-4535 Coke, E.T. A subaltern's furlough Df 7-6016 – Some material to serve for a brief memoir of Dussieux, L. Le Canada sous la domination John Daly Burk, author of a history of Vir- française

Ch 3-4023 ginia; with a sketch of the life and character - Ferland, J. B. A. Cours d'histoire du Canada of his only child, judge John Junius Burk.

Ch 1-3962 Alb., 1868.89

Db 8-5008 Fidler, Isaac. 'Observations, 1832 Df 11-6162 Campbell, George Douglas. Reign of law. L., 1868 Garneau, F. X. History to 1841 Hc 5–11179

CR 1-3971, and 3–3966 Campbell, John, lord. 'Atrocious judges. Lives of Gaspé, P. A. de. The Canadians of old Ch 3-3992

judges infamous as tools of tyrants and instru- Gourlay, R. C. Statistical account of Upper ments of oppression; appendix containing the Canada

Ch 1-3960 case of Passmore Williamson. Ed. by R. Hil- Hall, F. Travels in 1816–17:

Df 6–5976 dredth. N. Y., 1856 .

Dd 6-5514 Hardy, C. Forest life in Acadie Ga 8–7659 Contents.- Introduction; Roger le Braban

Head, F. B. A narrative

Ch 1-3970 con; Robert Tresilian ; Thomas Billing; John Fitzjames; Thomas Fleming; Nicholas Hyde;

Henry, A. Adventures in 1760–76 Df 6–6000 John Brampston; Robert Heath ; Robert Fos

Heriot, G. Travels through the Canadas ter; Robert Hyde; John Kelynge; William

Df 4-5920 Scroggs; Francis North; Edmund Saunders;

Histoire de la colonie française George Jeffreys; Robert Wright. Appendix.

Ch 2–3383 Case of Passmore Williamson.

Hodgson, A Letters

Df 5-5971 - Lives of the chief justices of England. L., 1849. Howison, John. Sketch of Upper Canada 2 v. 8° Dd 3-5479

Ch 1-3968 - Lives of the lord chancellors and keepers of the King, w. R. Sportsman and naturalist in Cangreat seal of England from the earliest times ada

Ga 8-7363 till the reign of George the fourth. Ph., 1847. Kingston, H. G. Western wanderings Cf 11-6154 7v. 8

Dd 5-5532 Lahontan, J. N. Travels in 1683. Df 1-5838 Campbeli

, Dr. John. The 'naval history of Great La Rochfoucault. Travels, 1795–7 . Df 45919 Britain, commencing with the earliest period Lambert, John. Travels in 1806–8 Df 11-6160 of history, and continued to the expedition Le Moine, J. M. Maple leaves Ch 3-4020 against Algiers; including the history and Lindsey, C. Canadian rebellion, 1837 Ch 1-3969 lives of the British admirals. L., 1818. 8 v. 8° Logan, W.E. Geological survey, 1853–6 Eb 4-7474

Cf 8-15817 Logan, et al. Report of progress to 1865 Eb 1-7334 Campbell

, John. Negromania : an explanation Mackay, C. Life and liberty, 1857–8 Df 6-5980 the falsely assumed equality of the various Mackenzie, W. L. Sketches.

Ch 3-3994 races of men. Ph., 1851. 80. Ch 9-4159 Mactaggart, John. Three years in Canada, in Campbell, J. F. Frost and fire. Natural engines, 1826-7-8

Df 11-6158 tool marks, and chips, with sketches taken at - Moodie, Mrs. s. s. Life in the clearings home and abroad. By a traveler. Ph., 1865.

Ch 3-4000 - Palmer, John. Travels in 1817

Df 5–5953 Campbeyi

, Mrs. Maria. Revolutionary services and Parkman, F. Jesuits in North America Ch 3–4846 civil life of Gen. Wm. Hull; prepared from his - Parliamentary debates on the confederation of manuscripts; with the history of the cam

the British American provinces Ch 2-3886 paign of 1812, and surrender of the post of De- – Rawlings, T. True route from the Atlantic to troit by his grandson, J. F. Clarke. N. Y.,

the Pacific

Ch 4-4045 1848. 8° Db 8–4999 Relations des Jesuites

Ch 2-3987 Campbell, Thomas. Life and times of Petrarch, Russell, W. H. Defences, condition and resourwith notices of Boccacio and his illustrious

Df 11-6156 contemporaries. L., 1843. 2 v. 8° De 11–5797 Silliman, B. Tour between Hartford and Que- Life of Mrs. Siddons. N. Y., 1834 Dc 7-5270

bec, 1819

Df 7-6019 Complete poetical works; with biography and Stansbury, P. Pedestrian tour

DE 9-6102 notes, by Epes Sargent. B., 1854 Hf 3-12108 Strickland, Major. Twenty-seven years in Cana- Beattie, Wm. “Life and letters

da West

Ch 3-3998 Dc 10-5364, and 5341 Talbot, E. A. Five years' residence Df 11-6152 Campbell, Thomas, et al. Lives of British dram- Theller, E. A. Canada in 1837–8 . Ch 3–4024

atists. Ph., 1846. 2 v. in 1 Fb 11-11011 Thoreau, II, D. Yankee in Canada Df 7-6030 Contents.--Lives of Wm. Shakespeare; Ben.

Warburton, E. Conquest of Canada Ch 3-4021 Jonson; Beaumont and Fletcher; Massinger

DE 7-6039

- Hochelaga and Ford; Wycherly; Congreve 'Vanbrugh; and Farquhar.

Weld, Isaac. Travels in 1795-7

Df 4-5921



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