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Bridgman, Thomas. Pilgrims of Boston and their British America, continued.

descendents; with an introduction by Edward Sleigh, J. W. Travel, life, and adventures in Everett; also, inscriptions from the monu- British America

Df 8-5791 ments in the Granary burial ground, Tremont - See Canada; Labrador, and other parts of Britstreet. N. Y., 1856. 8°

Cc 9-3040

ish America. Bridles and spurs for the management of the tongue. British American magazine; devoted to literature, G. W. Hervey

Hc 10-15961 science, and art. Toronto, 1863-4. 80
Brief aus Cadir. Kotzebue
Hb 8-10935

Ge 1-10189 Brief biographies. S. Smiles

Dd 2–5430 British birds' eggs and nests. J. C. Atkinson Brierre de Boismont, A. History of dreams, visions,

Dk 9-7039 apparitions, ecstacy, magnetism, and som- British cabinet in 1853. Ph., 1853

Dd 5-5524 nainbulism. Ph., 1855

Ga 4–7796 British classics. Moore's. Dublin, 1793. 2 v. 89 Brigand. J. R. Planché Hb 9-10963

Hd 11-11696 Briggs, C. F. and A. Maverick. Story of the tele

Contents.-Vol. I. Dr. Johnson's Rambler graph and history of the Atlantic cable. N.

and Lord Littleton's Wersian letters. II. Dr. Gb 6-9066

Hawkesworth's adventurer, and the guardian, Briggs, J. P. Heathen and holy lands; or

, sunny

by Sir Richard Steele. days on the Salween, Nile, and Jordan. L., British empire. McCulloch, J. R. Description and 1859

Dg 5–6261
statistical account

Cf 4-3528 Brigham, A. Remarks on the influence of mental - Pebrer, Pablo. Taxation, revenue, etc. cultivation and mental excitement. B., 1833.

Ce 4-3260 89

Ga 3-8745

See America; Colonies; Great Britain ; England; Bright, Mrs. A. M. The three Bernices Fa 6-14682 Hindostan; India; and other colonies. Bright, John. Speeches on the American question. British essayists, the; with prefaces, historical and

With an introduction by Frank Moore. B., biographical, by A. Chalmers.' B., 1856. 38 v. 1865 Bb 2-3129

Hd 12-11665 Brightwell, c. L. Annals of industry and genius. General index

Hd 12-11694 L., 1863

Dc 5–5222 See Adventurer; Connoisseur ; Guardian ; Idler; Romantic incidents in the lives of naturalists and Looker-on; Lounger ; Mirror; Observer;

celebrated travelers. L., 1862. Dd 1-14691 Rambler; Spectator; Tattler; and World. Brightwell, D. B. Concordance of the entire works British game birds. B. R. Morris Dk 9-7043

of Alfred Tennyson. L., 1869. 8° Ad 4-13407 British husbandry; exhibiting the farming practice Brillat-Savarin, A. Hand-book of dining; or, cor

in various parts of the United Kingdom. L., pulency and leanness scientifically considered. 1847. 3 v. 89

Ec 9–7754 N. Y., 1865 Ga 5-8720 British museum. Mantell

, G. A. Hand-book to the – Physiology of taste; or, transcendental gastron- garden of organic remains

Eb 5–7499 omy. Illustrated by anecdotes of distinguished British Plutarch; containing the lives of the most

artists and statesmen. Ph., 1854 Ga 5-8716 eminent statesmen, patriots, divines, warriors, Brillen-Insel. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938 philosophers, poets, and artists of Great Britain Brinton, D. G. The myths of the new world; a and Ireland. Perth, 1795. 8 v. Dd 2-5438 treatise on the symbolism and mythology of

Vol. I. John Colet;' Cardinel Wolsey; Sir the red race of America. N. Y., 1868

Thomas More; John Fisher; Thomas Crom

Ci 5-4315 well; Thomas Howard; Edward Seymour; Brisbane, A. Association; or, a concise exposition of John Dudley ; Hugh Latimer; Stephen Gardi

the practical part of Fourier's social science. ner; Thomas Cranmer; Cardinal Pole; SeN. Y., 1843 Bh 6-Pam. 7 bastion Cabot

Dd 2–5438 Brissot de Warville, J. P. New travels in the United - Vol. II. Roger Ascham; John Jewel; John States, performed in 1788. L., 1792. 8°

Knox; Matthew Parker; Thomas Gresham ;

Df 6–5978 Robert Dudley; Sir F. Walsingham; John Bristed, C. A. Five years in an English_university, . Perrot; Francis Drake; Sir J. Hawkins; N. Y., 1852. 2 v.

Hc 12-11343

Wm. Cecil; Sir Nicholas Bacon ; Sir Nicholas Bristed, John. Resources of the United States of Throgmorton; Thomas Howard ; Robert Dey

America; a view of the agricultural, commer- ereux; Charles Howard; Queen Elizabeth ; cial, manufacturing, financial, political, lite- George Buchanan; Edmund Spencer; Wm. rary, moral and religious capacity and charac- Shakespeare

Dd 2–5439 ter of the American people.' N. Y., 1818. 8° - Vol. III. Thomas Sackville; Robert Cecil;

Ba 7-164 Walter Raleigh; Francis Bacon ; LanceBritain or Britannia. See England.

lot Andrews; George Villiers; George AbBritannia. Wm. Camden

Ca 1-2175 bot; Sir Edward Coke; Thomas Wentworth ; Britannia and Batavia. G. Lillo

Hb 11-11020 Richard Boyle; John Hampden; Wm. Laud; Britannicus. J. Racine

Hb 2-10776 John Williams; Beaumont and Fletcher; Ben British almanac of the society.for the diffusion of Jonson; Michael Drayton; Wm. Drummond;

useful knowledge, 1831 to 1851. L., 1831–51. Robert Cotton; Ilenry Spelman; Will. Dob21 v.

Ck 6–4476 son; Inigo Jones; James Usher Dd 2–5440 British America. Bouchette, J. · British dominions Vol. IV. Oliver Cromwell; Admiral Blake; Gen. in North America

Ch 2–3977 Monk; Edward Montague; Edward Hyde; - Couchon, J. Union of the provinces Ch 3-4019 Sir Matthew Hale; Andrew Marvell; A. A. Durham, Earl of. Report and despatches

Cooper; Algernon Sydney ; James Butler ;

Ch 1-3826 George Villiers, the younger; John Seldon; - Hind, H. Y. Red river, Assiniboine, and Sas- Wm. Harvey; Samuel Cooper; John Milton; katchewan.

Df 8–6053 Samuel Butler; Edmund Waller ; Wm. Petty – Long, s. H. Expedition to the source of the St.

Dd 2-5441 Peter's river

Df 5-5949 - Vol. V. Henry Booth ; John Tillotson ; George Mackenzie, A. Voyages from Montreal to the Saville; Wm. Temple; Cloudes!y Shovel ; frozen ocean

Dg 2–6226 George Rooke; John Holt; Gilbert Burnet; - Martin, R. M. History of

Ce 2-3223

Mathew Prior; John Churchill; Robert Har- Mayne, R. C. Four years in British Columbia

ley; Robert Boyle; John Dryden; John

Df 4-5938 Locke; John Radcliffe ; John Flamsteed; JoParliamentary debates on the confederation

seph Addison ; Sir C. Wren ; Sir Isaac Newton Ch 2–3886

Dd 2-5442



British Plutarch, continued.

British poets, continued. - Vol. VI. George Byng; John Campbell; Rob, (64) John Cunningham. Life by Davenport; ert Walpole; John Dalrymple; Henry Saint

Oliver Goldsmith, with life; Saome JenJohn, lord Bolingbroke; Gen. James Wolf; .

yns. Life by Davenport; Wm. Wilkie. George, lord Anson; Philip Yorke; John

Life by Davenport; James Graeme. Life Barnard; T. P. Holles; P. D. Stanhope, earl

by Davenport

Hf 1-12285 of Chesterfield; George, lord Lyttelton; (65) John Langhorne. Life by Davenport; Samuel Clarke; James Thornhill; Alexander

Samuel Garth; Thomas Tickell. Life by Pope; Jonathan Swift; James Thomson ;

Johnson Hans Sloane

Dd 3-5143 (68) Thomas Warton. Life by Singer; Joseph Vol. VII. Francis Atterbury; Richard Steele :

Wharton. Life by Singer; Joseph AddiDaniel De Foe: Benjamin Hoadly; Edward

son. Life by Johnson; John Philips. Young: Samuel Richarison; Henry Fielding; .

Life by Johnson.

Hf 1-12287 Nathaniel Lardner; Wm. Hogarth;

John Jor- (69) Richard Glover, with life and preface; tin; Thomas Gray; David Hume; Wm. Shen

George, lord Lyttelton. Life by Johnstone; Thomas Newton ; Dr. Mark Akenside

son; Edward Moore Life by Davenport Du 3-5144

Hf 1-12288 – Vol. VIII. Oliver Goldsmith; Jonas Hanway; (60) John Armstrong. Life by Davenport ; SamRobert Clive: Wm. Blackstone; Charles

uel Johnson. Life by Singer; John Scott. Churchill; Tobias Smollett; David Garrick;

Life by Davenport; John Logan. Life by Wm. Pitt, earl of Chatham; Laurence Sterne ::


Hf 1-12289 Capt. James Cook; R. Lowth; Samuel John- (13) James Hammond. Life by Johnson ; Cuthson; Samuel Fonte; Baron Napier

bert Shaw, Edward Luvibond, Thomas Dd 2-5444

Penne, Francis Hopland, J. H. Moore, British poets including translations, in 100 volumes.

H. Headley, Thomas Russell, Samuel Chiswick, 1922-81.

Marsh Oram, John Bampfylde, Robert (13) I and II. Abraham Cowley. Life by John

Loreil. Lires by Davenport Hf 1-12290

Hfi-12288 (74) Wm. Jones with life; Edmund Smith. Life (15) III. Abraham Cowley (concluded)

by Johnson; Richard Blackmore. Life by Hf 1-1939 Johnson

Hf 1-12291 (16) Samuel Butler

Hf 1-12270 (17) I Wm. Mason Life by Singer. II. Mason (17) Same

Hf 1-122.0

arl James Beattie, with life Hf 1-12292 19 L Elmund Waller. Life by Johnson. II. (19. I Wm. Cover, with life Hf 1-12293

Wer sed John Denham Life of Den-1 50, Wm. Somervile: John Pomfret; Elijah ham by Johnson: Earl of Recommon.

Ferton. Lives by Johnson Hf 1-12294 Life or Johnson

Hf 1-12,1 British reformer Ph, n. d 12. (961 ani ), Matthew Prior. Life by Johrson Toll Bron! kn Writings of Ee 6-8079

Hf 1-12 VOL II. Edward VI; Wm. Hugh: Queen CathJohn Gar Life br Johnson Hf 1-12/13 erine Parti Anne Assew: Lady Jane Grey; 4 Amon Pass Life by Johnson: Thomas P. Hamian; and H. Bainsres. Writings of Pareil Lie by Jenisa; Gilbert West.

Ee 6-8080 Like or Johnson: James Gener. Lite - Vol. IIL Writings of John Jewell Ee 6-8081 by Dareapert: Sam. Borze Liit br Dar- - Vol IV. Writino T. Crnmer Ee 6-8082

Hr1-12.3 - TOL V. Winsen T. Bera. Ee 6-8083 Reni Saree Lite by Jihaan; Jan - TOL VI Writersom. Tindall; John Frith; G. Cere. Le br Dareaport: Ja and Ritt Burces

Ee 6-8084 thand corten Lite br Narest - Vol. VII TSJha Hooner Ee 6–8085

H: 1-110.3 - Te VIII. Wenehn Wickli: Ee 6-8086 * I James Thre Lie by John II - TOLIX Tracma setiars X. Ridley Tac Wm Can Lot

Ee 6-8087 irs by Jasa

1:1-1930 - Tol i Winsorgon For; John Bale; and 45 I I Was Los Ja. IL

Mis Cererii.

Ee 6-9088 Wasan: Toms Tu Lief Val – Tol . Wasir Jika Kaos Ee 6-8089 enor Jaran

H: 1-19:: TAI XII Seredas sicers of H. Latimer # Le Soin De brain. II.

Ee 6-8090 SEXI Hi-S Foreizain* names store.

Eau Toca Le bo Jussa British Rives of te Pi, n. d. . in

Dd 4-5461 SE II. En mer H: 19

er XT Thomas III. E TRH1-1

: Pbert I Me Akzos Lob Jahn II.

YT: H. Lati

sa iyeri Loe:

Leder: R.

1. TBS: J. Jewell;
Whee* br Dreapest: Mar-

T1, D. and Nas Cereriale.
G L* Ideen. The Begre. JB He we

HD 9-10969
Lan; BR BSr WiWi

He 1-11765 Linneren

li 1-1 Bita Baitre. R: L:1:50 2-14 W Binibarenni Wa

Hb 1-1994 Vi LeviDairapan: - Vai zin HE Vente preserved, T. Ot

wxri Xic Rowe: Siege of Damas* F Lirib: The CJ is. Dan mother, a. Phillips 3:12 Liiku; Birke

Hb 1-7994
Sharon Se Li-Fe II. Terti J. Vanbrugh; Every
Pring Pers

e: Baurstratagem, Dziu irre ti pinigus, W. Congrere;

Hb 1-10727 , ; , པ ས ་ མ ༔ སྨད དྷཱཀ,

STJ Dra: Orphan, T. XY, S.Sunda. J. ThompRue GLO: Isabella, Î.

Hb 1-10728

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British theatre, continued.

Brodhead, John R. History of the State of New - Vol. IV. Twins, or which is which, Woods ; York, 1609-1664. N. Y., 1853. 8° Cc 2–2855

Deserter, C. Dibden; Commissary, s. Foote; Brodie, G. Constitutional history of the British em-
Edgar and Emmeline, Dr. Hawkesworth; pire from the accession of Charles I. to the re-
Rival candidates, Henry Bate: Three weeks storation. L., 1866. 3 v. 8° Ce 9-16329
after marriage, Arthur Murphy; Bon ton, Brodrick, G. C. See Essays on reform.
David Garrick; Orators, S. Foote; Comus, Broken columps. N. Y., 1863

Fd 14-13896 Milton; All the world's a stage, Jackman; Broken heart. Drama. J. Ford Hb 7-10884 Contrivances, H. Carey; Hob in the well, C. Broken sword. Drama. W. Dimond Fa 4-10962 Cibber; Spirit of contradiction, by a gentle Broken to harness. Edmund Yates Fa 4-14611 man of Cambridge; Patron, S. Foote

Bromwell, W. J. History of immigration to the Uni

Hb 1-10729 ted' States, exhibiting the number, sex, age, – Vol. V. Royal convert, N. Rowe; Alexander the occupation and country of birth, of passengers

great, N. Lee; Mahomet, J. Miller ; Theodo- arriving in the United States by sea from forsius, N. Lee; Lady Jane Grey, N. Rowe

eign countries, from Sept. 30, 1819, to Dec. 31, Hb 1-10730 1855. N. Y., 1856. 80

Bg 3–1346 – Vol. VI. Miser, H. Fielding; Provoked husband, Bronchitis. Hall

, w. W. And kindred diseases Vanbrugh and Cibber; She would and she

Ga 3-8739 would not, C. Cibber; Busy body, s. Centlivre; Bronson, C. P. Elocution; or, mental and vocal

Sir H. Wildair, G. Farquhar Hb 1-10731 philosophy, involving the principles of reading – Vol. VII. Siege of Damascus, J. Hughes; Me- and speaking. Louisville, 1845. 8° Hc 11-11316

rape, A. Hill; Electra, Trans. from Sophocles; Bronson, Henry. History of Waterbury, Ct., with Eurydice, Mallet; Boadicea, Glover

appendix of biography, geneology and statis

Hb 1-10732 tics. Waterbury, 1858. go Cc 10-3070 – Vol. VIII. Twin rivals, G. Farquhar; Country Bronson library. Waterbury, Ct. Catalogue Water

Bi 2-16116 Shadwell; Alchymist, B. Jonson ; Love's last Bronté, Anne. (Acton Bell.) Tenant of Wildfell shift, C. Cibber

Hb 1-10733

Fa 10–14774 - Vol. IX. Sophonisba, J. Thomson: Philastre, Bronté, Charlotte. Jane Eyre Fa 10–14771 Beaumont and Fletcher; Virginie, Crisp; Gus- · Professor

Fa 10–14772 tavus Vasa, H. Brooke; Ulysses, N. Rowe Shirley

Fa 10-14773 Hb 1-10734 - Villette

Fa 10–14775 – Vol. x. Valpone, B. Jonson ; Country lasses, - Gaskell, E. c. Life of

De 1-5067 Charles Johnson ; Mistake, Vanbrugh; Game Bronté, Emily. Wuthering heights Fa 10–14740 sters, W. Shirley ; Lady's last stake, C. Cibber Bronté, Emily and Annie. Wuthering heights and

Hb 1-10735 Agnes Grey, with biographical notice of the – Vol. XI. 'Beggar's opera, J. Gay; Comus, Mil- authors

Fa 10–14776 ton; Jovial crew, Wild; Accomplished 'maid, Brooke, Henry. Fool of quality.' 2 v Fa 6-14680 Wild; Lionel and Clarissa Hb 1-10736 - Gustavus Vasa. Trag.

Hb 1-10734 – Vol. XII. The guardian, D. Garrick; Appren- Brooke, S. A. (Editor.) Life and letters of F. W.

tice, Murphy; Anatomist, Ravenscroft; Flori- Robertson. B., 1865. 2 v. Dc 2–5097 zel and Perdita, altered from Shakespeare's Same. 2 v. in 1. B., 1870.

Dc 2–5069 winter tale; High life below stairs, Garrick; Brooke, Wesley. Eastford .

Fa 6-14675 The mock doctor, H. Fielding; Taste, 8. Brookes, G. All the world's a stage. F's M. D. v.37 Foote; Upholsterer, Murphy; Lethe, Garrick;

Hb 10-11005 Knights, Foote; Deuce is in him, George Col- – Quash. Far. F's M. D. v. 37 Hb 10–11005 man; Sultan ; Chaplet, Moses Mendez; Miss Brookes of Bridlemere. G. J. W. Melville Fc 7-14946 in her teens, Garrick .

Hb 1-10737 Brooklyn heights seminary, annual report and circu- Vol. XIV. Citizen, A. Murphy; Toy-shop, R. lar, 1864-5

Bh 6-Pam. 39 Dodsley; Golden pippin, K. O'Hara ; English Brooklyn mercantile library association annual reman in Paris, S. Foote; Englishman returned ports, 1859–66

Bh 5-Pam. 45 from Paris, Foote; Intriguing chambermaid, Brooks, Mr. Speech on the two letters of Sir Henry Fielding; Polly Honeycombe; Brave Irish- Bulwer, to Mr. Clayton, secretary of State, reman, Sheridan; Author, S. Foote; Miller of specting reciprocity, etc., house of representaMansfield, R. Dodsley; Padlock, Isaac Bicker- tives, May 4, 1850

Bh 6-Pam. 4 staff; Catherine and Petruchio, Garrick ; Re- Brooks, Charles T. (Editor.) Schiller’s homage of gister office, Joseph Reed; Cymon, Garrick

the arts; with miscellaneous pieces from Ruck

Hb 1-10738 ert and other German poets. N. Y., 1864 Inchbald, Mrs. E. : Hb 1-10747

Hf 11-13662 Britannia. See England.

Brooks, Shirley. The silver cord Fa 5-14653 Britany. Hand-book of Ck 7-4572 Sooner or later

Fa 5–14654 Britany and La Vendee. E. Souvestre Fb 12–14167 Same. 80

Fa 5–14688 Briton, J. and E. W. Brayley. Memoirs of the tower Brosses, C. de. Observations on Australia. Pinkerof London. L., 1830 Ce 3-3246 ton's voyages. 11 .

Df 1-5836 Broadcast. N. Adams.

He 1-11774 Brother and sister. Mrs. A. Opie Fa 13-14848 Broadswords. Walsh, J. Ę.

Gb 12–13637 Brothers. Com. R. Cumberland Hb 1-10756 Brock, Wm. Biographical sketch of Sir Henry Have- Brothers. Drama. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10886 lock. N. Y., 1858 Dc 1-5089 Brother's secret. W. Godwin

Fb 14-14476 Brockedon, Wm. Egypt and Nubia, from drawings Brough, R. B. Crinoline. Far. F's M. D.

v. 28 made on the spot by David Roberts. L., 1846.

Hb 10-11002 Cab. c 7-15619 Brough, W. Corsair. F's M. D. v. 17 Hb 10-10998 Brocklesby, John. Elements of astronomy, for - Number one round the corner. F's M. D. v. 25 schools and academies. N. Y., 1855

Hb 10-11001 Eb 8–7536 - Phenomenon in a smock frock. F's

M. D. v. 19 - Views of the microscopic world; designed for

Hb 10-10999 general reading, and as a hand-book for classes Trying it on. F's M. D.' v. 27

Hb 10–11001 in natural sciences. N. Y., 1851 Ea 10–7423 Brougham, H., lord. A discourse of natural theolBroderip, W.J. Leaves from the note book of a ogy, showing the nature of the evidence, and naturalist. L., 1852

Dk 2-6887 the advantages of the study. Ph., 1835 – Zoological recreations. Ph., 1849: Dk 5–6943

Ef 9-8383


2 v.


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v. 14

v. 20

Brougham, H. lord, continued.

Brown, C. B., continued. Historical sketches of statesmen who flourished Jane Talbot

Fa 6-14669 in the time of George III. L., 1855. v. 1


Fa 6-14670
Dd 2–5421
Dunlap, W. Life of

Db 4-11885 - Lives of men of letters of the time of George III., – Prescott, W. H. Life of. S. A. B. v. 1 comprising Voltaire, J. J. Rousseau, Hume,

Da 844712
Robertson, Johnson, and Edward 'Gibbon? Brown, C. F. Artemis Ward, his book. N. Y.,
L., 1855

Dd 2-5422

He 9-12056 – Lives of philosophers of the time of George III., - Artemus Ward in London, and other papers. N. comprising Black, Watt, Priestley, Cavendish, Y., 1867

He 9-12064
Davy, Robert Simson, Adam Smith, Lavoisier, Brown, D. P. The forum; or forty years' full prac-
Joseph Banks, and Jean le Rond D'Alembert. tice at the Philadelphia bar. Ph., 1856. 2v. 80
L., 1855
Dd 2–5420

Db 44912 Natural theology; comprising a discourse of nat- Brown, Ġ. The grammar of English grammars, with

ural theology, dialogue on instinct, and disser- an introduction, historical and critical; to tations on the structure of the cells of bees, and which is added a key to oral exercises, and four

on fossil osteology. L., 1856 Ef 9-8380 appendixes. N. Y., 1851. 8. Ha 14-11027 - On education, Ed. by J. O. Taylor. N. Y., 1839 Brown, Henry. History of Illinois, from its first dis

Hc 12-11355 covery and settlement to the present time. N. Political philosophy. L., 1853. 3 v. 8° Ba 3-50 Y., 1845

Cb 11-2773 - Speeches on social and political subjects, with Brown, Hugh, s. Ancient maxims for modern times. historical introduction. L., 1857. 2 v.

L., 1870

Ef 5-8292 Hd 8–11601 Brown, James B. The Christian policy of life. L., Brougham, J. Ali's fair in love. F's s. D. 1. 21


Ef 7-8339 Hb 9–10962 Brown, James H. Scenes in Scotland. Glasgow, Art and artifice. F's S. D. 28

Hb 9–10965

Ce 10–3404 The Bunsby papers. Irish echoes. N. Y., 1856 Brown, Dr. John (of Rothbury). 'Barbarossa. Trag. Fa 6–15511

Hb 1-10755 Columbus. F's M. D. j. 19 Hb 10-10999 Brown, Capt. John. Redpath, James. Public life of - David Copperfield. F's S. D. v. 17 Hb 9–10960

Db 9-5032 Decided case. F's M. D. v. 15 Hb 10-10997 Brown, John, M. D.' Horae 'Subsecivae. Sixth Demon lover. Fs M. D. v. 14 Hb 10–10997

edition. E., 1866

He 6–11971 Dombey and Son. F's S. D. v. 16 Hb 9–10959 Spare hours. (First series.) B., 1862 He 6-12521 - Dred. F's S. D. v. 19

Hb 9-10961 Spare hours. (Second series.) B., 1866
Franklin. F's S. D. v. 21
Hlb 9-10962

He 6-11984 Game of life. F's S. D. v. 15 Hb 9–10959 Brown, John, (of Haddington.) 'The dictionary of - Game of love. F's S. D.

Hb 9-10958

the bible and concordance of the holy scrip- Great tragic revival. F's M. D.

tures. Introductory essay by Dr. Fleming. Hb 10-10999 E., n. d.

Ad 1-13201 - Gunmaker of Moscow. F's s. D.' v. 21 Brown, John. The northern courts; containing

Hb 9–10962 original memoirs of the sovereigns of Sweden - Irish Yankee. 'F's M. D. v. 11

Hb 10–10996 and Denmark since 1766. L., 1818. 2 v. 80 - Jane Eyre. F's S. D. v. 17 Hb 9-10960

De 12–11854 Life in New York. F's M. D. v. 13 Hb 10-10997 Brown, John P. The dervishes; or, oriental spiritLove and murder. F's M. D. v.9 Hb 10–10995 ualism. Ph., 1868

Ed 13-7997 Metamora; or, the last of the pollywogs. F's M Brown, Samuel D.' Works of Rufus Choate, with a D. v. 32

Hb 10-11003 memoir of his life. B., 1862. 2 v. 80 - Miller of New Jersey. F's S. D.

Db 5-4950 Hb 9–10965 Brown, Thomas. Illustrations of the land and fresh Much ado about a merchant of Venice. F's M.

water conchology of Great Britain and Ireland. D. v. 39 Hb 10-11005 L., 1845. 8°

Dk 11-7105 Musard ball. F's M. D. v. 20 Hb 10–10999 – Taxidermists' manual; or, the art of collecting, Neptune's defeat. F's M. D. v. 21 Hb 10-10999 preparing, and preserving objects of natural Night and morning. F's S. D. v. 18 Hb 9–10960 history. L., n. d.

Dk 3-6898 - Pocahontas. F's M. D. v. 9 Hb 10–10995 Brown, Thomas, M. D. Inquiry into the relation of - Recollections of O'Flannigan and the fairies. F's cause and effect. Andover, 1822 Hc 6-11206 M. D. v. 11

Hb 10-10996 - Lectures on the philosophy of the human mind. - Red mask. F's S. D. v: 20

Hb 9-10961
Hallowell, 1829. 2 v. 80

Hc 6–11201 - Romance and reality. F's S. D.

Brown, Rev. Wm. History of the propagation of

Hb 9-10959 Christianity among the heathen since the reforShakespeare's dream. F's M. D. 'v. 21

mation. L., 1854. 3 v. 8° Ed 1-7809

Hb 10–10999 | Brown, Wm. New Zealand and the Aborigines, - Take care of little Charlie. F's M. D.

v. 21

with account of trade and resources of the IIb 10-10999 colony. L., 1845

Dh 8-6521 - Temptation ; or, the Irish emigrant. F's M. D. Brown, W. W. Negro in the American rebellion, v. 9

Hb 10-10995 his heroism and his fidelity. B., 1867 – and F. B. Goodrich. · The dark hour before dawn.

Cd 1-3125 Fs S. D. v. 28 .

Hb 9-10965 - Sketches of places and people abroad ; with Brown, Andrew. The philosophy of physics; or memoir of the author. B., 1855 Di 3-6641

process of creative development. N. Y., 1854. Brown University. Catalogue of officers and stu80

Ea 4-7178 dents. Providence, 1851-2 Bh 6-Pam. 25 Brown, A. B. Engineering facts and figures ; an an- Browne, A. G. Sketch of the official life of John A.

nual register of progress in mechanical engi- Andrew, as governor of Massachusetts. N. neering and construction, 1863-4-5-6-7. L., Y., 1868

Da 11-4842 1864-8. 5 v.

Ga 9-8846 Browne, D. J.

Field-book of manures; or, the Brown, A. M. A wreath around the cross; or, scrip- American muck-book. N. Y., 1864 Ec 10-7780

ture truths illustrated. B., 1857 Ef 5-8293 – The Sylva-Americana ; or, a description of the Brown, C. B. Arthur Mervyn. '2 v. . Fa 6-14667 forest trees indigenous to the United States – Edgar Huntly; or, memoirs of a sleep-walker

practically and botanically considered. B., Fa 6-14671 1832. 8°

Ec 4-7674


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V. 15

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Browne, E. Journey to Dar-fûr, 1793. Pinkerton's Bruce, James, of Kinnaird. Travels to discover the voyages. 15

Dg 1-5840 source of the Nile, in the year 1768–73. E., Browne, E. G. K. Life of Henry the VIII., and his- 1790. 5 v. 4°

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