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Words and their uses, past and present. R. G. White Worthen, Wm. E., continued.

Ha 13-16720 Practical treatise on topographical drawing. N. Words for the hour. J. w. Howe Hf 11-12503

Y., 1869. 8°

Hc 2-16730 Wordsworth, Christopher.

Memoirs of William Wortley, Lady E. Stuart. Queen Berengaria's courWordsworth, poet-laureate. B., 1851. 2 v.

tesy, and other poems. L., 1838. 3 v. 89 Dc 6–5231

Hf 6-12299 Wordsworth, William. ' Poetical works of. B., 1854. Travels in the United States.' N. Y., 1851 Hf 2-12166

Df8_6073 Contents.-Vol. I. Poems written in youth ; Wrangell, Ferdinand von. Narrative of an expedition Poems referring to the period of childhood;

to the Polar sea, in the years 1820-21-22-23. Poems founded on the affections. II. Poems on

Edited by Edward Sabine. L., 1814 Df 3-5915 the naming of places; Poems of the fancy; Poems of the imagination; Miscellaneous son

Wraxall, C. F. L. The second empire, as exhibited nets. III. Memorials of a tour in Scotland, 1803;

in French literature, 1852–63. L., 1865 Memorials of a tour in Scotland, 1814; Poems

Ha 7-14250 dedicated to national independence and lib.

Wraxall, Lascelles. Fife and drum erty; Memorials of a tour on the continent,

Fa 13-14853 1820; Memorials of a tour in Italy, 1837; The

– Life in the sea; or, the nature and habits of mariver Duddon; Yarrow revisited, and other

rine animals. L., 1860 . Dk 2-17679 poems. IV. The white doe of Rylstone; Ecclesiastical sonnets. Part 1. From the intro

Wraxall, Sir N. William. Historical memoirs of my duction of Christianity into Britain to the

own time, 1772-84. Ph., 1837. 8° Dc 8-7585 consummation of the papal dominion. Part

– Posthumous memoirs of his own time. Ph., 1845. 11. To the close of the troubles in the reign of


Dc 8-393 Charles I. Part 11. From the restoration to the present time; Evening voluntaries; Poems


, William. Memoirs of the courts of Berlin, composed or suggested during a tour in the

Dresden, Warsaw, and Vienna, in the years suminer of 1833 ; Poems of sentiment and

1777-8-9. L., 1800. 2 v. 8° De 9-17338 reflection ; Sonnets dedicated to liberty and order; Sonnets upon the punishment of death.

Wreath around the cross. A. M. Brown Ef 5-8993 V. Miscellaneous poems; Inscriptions; Se. Wreck ashore. Drama. J. B. Buckstone HIb 9–10968 lections from Chaucer, modernized : Poems

Wren, Sir C. Life. British Plutarch. v. 5 Dd 2-5143 referring to the period of old age : Epitaphe and elegiac pieces; Appendix. VI. The excur

Wright, Francis. Views of society and manners in sion. VII. The prelude, or growth of a poet's

America during the years 1818–19-20, by an mind ; Appendix.

English woman. N. Y., 1821. 8 Df 5-5864 – The prelude; or, growth of a poet's mind, an au- Wright, J. B. (Adaptor.) Jumbo-Jum. F's M. D. tobiographical poem. N. Y., 1850 Hf 5–12368

Hb 10-11003 Work and conflict. John Kennedy Ef 7-8348 Midnight banquet. F's S. D. v. 38 Hb 9-10970 Work and play. H. Bushnell

He 5-12005

Twenty minutes with a tiger. F's M. D. v. 33 Working classes. Levi Leone. Wages and earnings

Hb 10-11003 of the.

Ba 8-16216 Wright,
Julia Men. Almost

a nun Fa 13-16613 Working people. "Ruskin, J. Letters to a working

Almost a priest

Fa 13-16114 Hc 2–11073 How could he escape

Fa 13-17550 Works of the English puritan divines. See Bunyan, Priest and nun

Fa 13-14845 Charnock, Janeway, Baxter, Howe, and `Ad- Wright, J. M. F. Commentary on Newton's principia, ams. L., 1845

Ef 3-8240 with a supplementary volume, designed for the Works of fiction. J. Aldis

Hd 6-11545

use of students at the universities. L., 1833. World. With preface by A. Chalmers. B., 1865.

2 v. 89

Eb 1-7322 Hd 12-11678 Wright, L. The practical poultry keeper ; a comWorld before the deluge. L. Figuier Eb 4-7467 plete and standard guide to the management World, here and there. C. Dickens Dg 3–6207 of poultry. B., 1870 .

Dk 5-7016 World in miniature. F. Shoberl Ci 10-4417 Wright, Robert. Life of major general James Wolle

. World in a village. Drama. J. O'Keeffe Hb 7-10899 L., 1864. 89

De 8_5310 World of ice. R. M. Ballantyne . Ha 13-13827 – Memoir of general James Oglethorpe, one of the World of science, art, and industry. B. Silliman, and earliest reformers of prison discipline in EnC. R. Goodrich

Ae 2–13002 World of the sea.

gland, and the founder of Georgia in America. M. Tandon : Dk 10–7046 L., 1867

Db 9-5046 World of wonders. A. Poyntz

Ci 9-4377 Wright, Silas. Hammond, j. d. Life and times World we live in. R. Turnbull Ca 9-2427

Db 6-49333 World a workshop. T. Eubank Ea 4-7186 - Jenkins, J. s. 'Life of

Db 1-48N) World's laconics. T. Edwards

He 12-12105 Wright, Thomas. Caricature history of the Georges; World's oldest poem. E. Greeves Hd 6-11558 or, annals of the house of Hanover, compiled World's progress. G. P. Putnam Ac 5-13101 from the squibs, broadsides, window pictures, Worms. Phipson, T. L. Practical studies

lampoons, and pictorial caricatures of the time. Dk 11-7117 L., 1867. 8°

Cf 6-351 Wornum, R. N. Épochs of painting; a biographical The 'Chester plays; a collection of mysteries

and critical essay on painting and painters. L., founded upon scriptural subjects, and formerly 1864. 8°

Hc 411140 represented by the trades of Chester at WhitWorsley, H. Life of Martin Luther. L., 1856. 2 v. suntide. L., 1843. 8°

Tlb 3-10811 8o.

De 7–5742 The Chester plays. v. 2. L., 1847. go Hb 3-10835 Wortabet, John. Researches into the religions of - Dictionary of obsolete and provincial English, Syria ; or, sketches historical and doctrinal of L., 1857. 2 v.

Ac 5-13092 its religious sects. L., 1860. 8° Ed 12-7981 Early travels in Palestine, comprising the narraWorthen, Wm. E. Practical treatise on architectural tives of Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Saewulf

, drawing and design. N. Y., 1869. 8°

Sigurd, Benjamin of Tudela, Sir John Mairde

Hc 2-16728 Practical treatise on engineering drawing, with

ville, De la Brocquière, and Maundrell. L., 1848

Dg 5-6279 practical examples of projections of the globe. The history of Ireland, from the earliest period of N. Y., 1869. 8

Hc 2–16727 Irish annals to the present time. L., n. d. 3 v. - Practical treatise on mechanical drawing. N. Y., 80

Cf 1-1605. 1869. 80

Hc 2–16729 The universal pronouncing dictionary and genera – Practical treatise on perspective and isometrical expositor of the English language, being

drawing. N. Y., 1869. go Hc 2–16726 complete literary, classical, scientific, biograpl:: - Practical ireatise on shading and shadows. N. cal, geographical, and technological standa Y., 1862. go

Hc 2-16731 L. and N. Y., 1. d. 5 v. 8o. Ac 6–13:

3 v.





Wright, Thomas, continued.

Wynne, James, continued.
History of domestic manners and sentiments in Robert Fulton : John Marshall; David Ritten-
England during the middle ages. L., 1862. 8° house; Eli Whitney.

Cf 6–3131 ' Wynter, Andrew. Subtle brains and lissom fingers ; The political songs of England, from the reign of being some of the chisel-marks of our industrial John to that of Edward II. L., 1839. 4°

and scientific progress. L., 1861 He 5–11982

Hf 6–12297 | Wyoming, Chapman, J. A. Sketch of the history Wright, Wm.' Oil regions of Pennsylvania; showing of

Cc 11-3098 where petroleum is found, how it is obtained, Miner, C. History of

('c 11-3087 and at what cost. N. Y., 1865 . Cc 11-3092 Peck, G. History of

Cc 11-3094 Wright, W. B. Highland rambles, a poem. B., 1868 Stone, Wm. L. Poetry and history of Cc 11-3095

Hf 11-12 179 Valley of Wyoming; the romance of its history Wrigley, Alfred. Arithimetic for the use of schools and its poetry; also specimens of Indian elo

and colleges. Cam., 1862. . Eb 10–16098 quence. Compiled by a native of the valley. Writing on the wall. Drama. T. and J. M. Morton Ñ. Y., 1866. go

Cc 11-3096 Hb 9-10957 Wyse, Francis. America, its realities and resources; Wrongs of women. c. E. Tonna

Hd 4-11484 comprising important details connected with Wulfstein. Kerr, R. Voyage in the Baltic, as re- the present social, political, agricultural, comlated to king Alfred

Df 2–5845 mercial and financial state of the country, its Wuste. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938

laws and customs; policy which led to the Wuthering heights

. Emily Bronté Fa 10-14710 war of 1812; Texas and Oregon questions, etc. Wuthering heights, and Agnes Grey, Emily and An- L., 1846. 3 v. 8°

Df 4-5929 nie Bronté

Få 10–14776 Wyss, J. R. von, and J. P. de B. Montolien. Swiss Wyandotte; or, the hutied knoll.' J. F. Cooper

family Robinson.

Fa 13-14828 Fr2–10875 Wythe, Rev. W. W. Pulpit germs. Ph., 1869 Wyat, Francis. Belknap, J. Account of Db 3-4895

Et 8-8373 Wyat, Thomas. Chronicle of the rebellion of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 48.

Ce 6–3359 Xariffa's poems. M. A. Townsend Hf 11-12502 Wyatt, M. Digby: Specimens of ornamental art, Xavier, Mina. Robinson, W. D. Expedition of workmanship, in gold, silver, iron, brass and

Ch 15-4072 bronze, from the twelfth to the nineteenth cen- Xenophon. Anabasis; or, expedition of Cyrus, and tury. L., 1852. fo

Af 5-13570 the Memorabilia of Socrates. Trans. by J. S. Wyatt, M. D. and W. R. Tymms. The history, theory, Watson, with geographical commentary by

and practice of illuminating. L., 1861 Flc 4–6577 W. F. Ainsworth. L., 1870 Ha 2-10462 Wyatt, Thomas. Memoirs of the generals, commo- Cyropaedia; or, institution of Cyrus, and the

dores, and other commanders, who distinguish- Hellenics, or Grecian history. İrans. by J. S.
ed themselves in the American army and navy Watson, and H. Dale. L., 1870 Ha ?-10461
during the wars of the revolution and 1812. - Minor works. Trans. by J. S. Watson. L., 1857
Ph., 1848. 8°.
Db 4-4909

Ha 2-10460

Xerxes. · Abbott Jacob. History of :
Contents. - George Washington: Anthony

Da 3-7560
Wayne; John Stewart; Col. de Fleury; Maj. Xerxes. Trag. Crébillon .

Hb 2-10772
Andre; Nathaniel Greene; Horatio . Gates;
Daniel Morgan; Eager Howard ; Wm. A. Wash-

Yalden, Thomas. Works. British poets Hf 1-12277
ington; llenry Lee; Winfield Scott; E. P.
Gaines; James Miller; Jacob Brown; Maj. Gen.

Yale, Cyrus. The godly pastor. Life of the Rev. Ripley, Peter B. Porter: Alexander Macomb;

Jeremiah Hallock, of Canton, Conn.; with & Andrew Jackson; Isaac Shelby: Wim. H. Harri

sketch of the life of Rev. Moses Hallock. N. 900; Col. George Croghan ; Paul Jones; Thomas Truxton; Edward Preble: Isaac Hull; Jacob

Y., 1854

Da 9-4778 Jones; Stephen Decatur; Wm. Bainbridge; Yale, E."' Wood, J. Life and character Da 9-4773 0. H. Perry: J. D. Elliott; Wm. Burrows; E R.

Yale college. Baldwin, E. Annals of Bb 6-369
McCall; James Lawrence; Thomas Macdonough;
Robert Henley ; Stephen Cassin; Lewis War:

Yale college calliopean society ; catalogue of books rington ; Johnston Blakeley; Charles Stewart;

belonging to. June, 1831 . Bh 6-Pam. 25 James Biddle.

Yankee boy from home. N. Y., 1865 Di 3-6635 Wycherley, Wm. Campbell, T., et al. Life of Yankee in Canada. H. D. Thoreau Df 1-6030

Hb 11-11011 Yankee land. Com. C. A. Logan Hb 10-11001 Wycherly, w. w. Country wife. Com. Hb1-10733 Yankee middy. W.T. Adams

Fd 3-7302 Wycliffe, J. Apology for Lollard doctrines. Cam. Yankee peddler. M. Barnett

HB 10-11000
Soc. Pub. v. 20.
Ce 6–3313 Yates, Edmund. Black sheep

Fa 4-14612
Le Bas, C. W. Life of Wielii
Dd 9-5595 - Broken to harness

Fa 4-14611 See Wicliffe.

Forlorn hope

Fa 4-14966 Wyld, Robert S. Pbilosophy of the senses; or, man Land at last

Fa 4-14765 in connexion with a material world. E., 1852 Running the gauntlet

Fa 4-14766 Hc 7-11217 Yates, Joseph C." Jenkins, J. S. Life Db 1-4880 Wylder's band. J. s. LeFanu

Fb 3–14537 Yates, Robert. Secret proceedings and debates of Wylie, J. A. The papacy; its history, dogmas, the convention assembled at Philadelphia, in

genius, and prospects; being the evangelical the year 1787, for the purpose of forming the alliance prize essay on popery. E., 1852. 8°

constitution of the United States of America. Ee 4-16570 Alb., 1821. 8

Ba 4-10630 Wylie, Mrs. Macleod. Gospel in Burmah; the story Year at the shore. P. H. Gosse : Dk 11-1119 of its introduction and marvellous progress Year book. M. Conant

Ck 11-4622 among the Burmese and Karens, N. Y., 1860 Year book of facts in science and art. J. Timbs Ed 1-7817

Ea 7-7382 Wyman, J. Anatomy of nervous system of rana pipi. Year book of general information. i828-9–30. L., S. C. to K. Vol. 5, Art. 4 Ae 1-13479


Ck 6–1497 Wyman, T. B. Genealogy of the name and family of Year in the Punjab. İ. B. Edwardes Cf 10-3683

Hunt early established in America from Europe. Year in Spain. By a young American. B., 1829
Authorized by W. L. G. Hunt. B., 1862–3. 4°

Di 9-6622 Ch 8-4134 Year of consolation. F. K. Butler Di 7-6747 Wynne, James. Lives of eminent literary and scien- Year of liberation ; a journal of the defence of Ham

tific men of America. N. Y., 1850 Db 3–4903 burgh against the French army,under Marshall Contents.-Franklin; Jonathan Edwards;

Davoust, in 1813. L. 1832

Cg 6–6235

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Year of revolution. Marquis of Normanby

Young, A. W. American statesman; a political his

Cg 5–15905 tory, exhibiting the origin, nature and practical Yeardley, Sir George. Belknap, J. Account of

operation of constitutional government in the

Dh 3-4895 United States, and the rise and progress of Yeast, C. Kingsley Fc 14–15108, and 15107 parties. N. Y., 1855. 8°

Ba 5-107 Yellow fever. Armstrong, G. D. Ravages in Nor- — Introduction to the science of government and folk, Va., 1855

Cb 10-2804 compend of the constitutional and civil jurisReport of the Portsmouth relief association to the prudence of the United States, with a brief

contributors of the fund for the relief of Ports- treatise on political economy. Alb., 1841 mouth, Va., during the prevalence of the yel

Ba 3-60 low fever in that town in 1855. Richmond, Young, Brigham. 'Waite, Mrs. c. v.' The mormon 1856. 80 Ba 9-197 prophet and his harem

Da 9-4793 Yellow plush papers. W. M. Thackeray w

Young, Charles F. T. Fires, fire engines and fire bri

Fe 10–15334 gades, with a history of manual and steam fire Yemassee. W.g. Simms

Ff 14-14372 engines, their construction and use. L., 1866. Yesterday, to-day, and forever. E. H. Bickersteth.

Gb 5–16528 Hf 7–11890 Young, Edward. The complaint; or, night-thoughts Yoakum, H. History of Texas, from its first settle- on life, death and immortality. 2 v. in 1. ment, in 1685, to its annexation to the United Glasgow, 1798

Hf 6-12314 States, in 1846. N. Y., 1856. 2 v. 8°

- Life. British Plutarch. v.ö.

Dd 2-5414 Cb 11-2741 Works. British poets Yonge, C. D. English-Greek lexicon, with many new

, , articles, an appendix of proper names

, etc. Young, John. Letters of Agricola on the principles Edited by Henry Drisler. N. Y., 1870.89

of vegetation and tillage, written for Nova Ac 3-15967

Scotia, and published first in the Acadian reYonge, c. M.' Beechcroft Fa 3-14608 corder. Halifax, 1822

Ec 10-7768 Caged lion

Fa 4-14764 Young, John, Gov. of New York. Jenkins, J. S. Chaplet of pearls

Fa 3–14610

Db 1-4880 Clever woman of the family Fa 3–14609 Young, J. R. ' Arithmetic, algebra, and elements of Countess Kate

Fa 4-14763 Euclid. Orr's Circ. of the Sci. . Ea 47173 Daisy chain

Fa 3–14613 The elements of analytical geometry; compreDanvers papers

Fa 3–14619 hending the doctrine of the conic sections, and Dove in the eagle's nest

Fa 4-14626 general theory of curves and surfaces of the Dynevor terrace

Fa 4-14623 second order. Ph., 1836. 89 Eb 10-7589 Heartsease

Fa 4-14615 - The elements of the differential calculus; comHeir of Redclyffe

Fa 3–14622 prehending the general theory of curve sur- Hopes and fears

Fa 3-14620

faces and of curves of double curvature. Ph., Pupils of St. John, the divine. Ph., n. d.

1833. 89

Eb 10-7573 Ed 8–7930 The elements of the integral calculus; with its Trial

Fa 3–14618 applications to geometry and the summation Young step-mother

Fa 3–14617 of' infinite series. Ph., 1833. 8° Eb 10-7572 Yonge, Walter. Diary, written from 1604 to 1628. – Elements of mechanics, comprehending statics Cam. Soc. Pub.

Ce 6-3332 and dynamics, with mechanical problems. L., Yonnondio. W. H. C. Hosmer

Hf 11-12497

Gb 8-9098 Yorke, Philip. Life. British Plutarch. v. 6

- Elements of plane and spherical trigonometry,

Dd 6-5443 with its applications to the principles of naviYoruba language.' Bowen, T. J. Grammar and dic- gation and nautical astronomy, Ph., 1833. 8o tionary. S. C. to K. Vol. 10, Art. 4

Eb 10-7595 Ae 1-13485 - Nautical astronomy: Orr's Circ. of the Sci. Youatt, Wm.' The dog ni Y., 1858. 8° Dk 5-6929

Ea 4-7170 The horse ; an essay on the ass and the mule. N. Young, L. J. H. Sea-fishing as a sport ; an account n8

of the various kinds of sea-fish, how, when, and Sheep, their breeds, management, and diseases. where, to catch them in their various seasons L., 1837

Dk 5–6928
and localities. L., 1865

Ga 8-8807 Youmans, E. L. Chemical atlas; or, the chemistry Young, Thomas. Miscellaneous works ; Vols. I. and of familiar objects. N. Y., 1856. 4°

II., including his scientific memoirs, etc. Ed.

Eb 2-7890 Correlation and conservation of forces ; a series

by George Peacock. Vol. III. Hieroglyphical

essays and correspondence, etc. Edited by of expositions by Grove, Helmholtz, Mayer, John Leitch. L , 1855. 3 v. 8° Ea 3-7153 Faraday, Liebig, and Carpenter. N. 'Y., 1870 – Arago, F. Biography of

Dd 1-5395 Ea 5-16802 Peacock, G. Life of

Dc 8-3308 Culture demanded by modern life; a series of ad- Walker, Wm. Memoirs.

Dc 1-1616) dresses and arguments on the claims of scientific Young, Sir William. West India common place education, by professors Tyndall, Henfry, Hux- book, compiled from parliamentary and official ler, Paget, W hewell, Faraday, and others. N. documents, etc. L., 1807. 4° Ch 2-3979 Y., 1870 Hc 13-16715 Young admiral. J. Shirley .

Hb 7-10888 The hand-book of household science ; popular Young America abroad. Series first. ' W. T. Adanis account of heat, light, air, aliment, and cleans

Fa 3-14255 ing. N. Y., 1857

Ea 6–1273 Young Calvin in Paris. W. M. Blackburn See Typdall, J., et al.

Fa 6-14689 Young, Alexander. Chronicles of the first planters Young duke. ' B. Disraeli Fc 9-14996, and 15004 of the colony of Massachusetts bay, from 1623 Young exiles. A. Bowman

Fa 5–17650 to 1636. B., 1846. go

Cc 8-3060 Young ladies' counseller. D. Wise Hc 10-17771 Chronicles of the pilgrim fathers of the colony of Young lieutenant. W.T. Adams Fd 3-10621 Plymouth, from 1002 to 1625. B., 1841. go Young man's closet library. R. Philip

Ef 5-8285 Cc 9-3043 | Young men. Baxter, R. Counsel to the young Young, A. Tour in Ireland, 1776. Pinkerton's voy

Et 1-8190 ages. 3 Df1-5828 Clark, R. W. Lectures to

Ha 11-10676 – Travels in France, 1787–89.' Pinkertou's voy- - De Quincey, T. Letters to a young man ages. 4 . Df 1-5829

Hd 2-11421

V. 41





Young men, continued.

Zenaida. F. Anderson

Fd 1-14123 – Thompson, J. P. Young men admonished Zeno, Antonio. Kerr, R. voyage in 1380 Ha 11-11825

Df 2-5815 Young men and old men. J. Kennedy Fc 14–15114 Zeno, Nicolo.' Belknap, J. -Account of Db 3-4894 Young men for the age. W. Brock Hd 6–11551 | Zenobia, queen of Palmyra. Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Young men's association for mutual improvement, Lite

Da 1-5411 Albany. Annual report of president, Feb. 4, Zenobia. William Ware

Fa 1+-14457 1846, 1815, and 1841

Bh 6-Pam. 5 Zephyrs from Italy and Sicily. W. M. Gould Young men's association for mutual improvement,

Di 7-6758 Albany; charter, Feb., 1817 Bi 6-Pam. 5 Zerstreuten. Kotzebue®

Hb 8-10932 Young men's' association of the city of Albany; Zetland. Anderson, G. and P. Guide to Ck 7-4592 charter, rules and regulations, 1847

Zillah. H. Smith .

Ff 15-15149 'Bh 6-Pam. 15 Zinzendorf

, X. L. Bovet, M. F. The banished count – Annual report for 1848-51-52-53 :Bh 6-Pam. 15

De 10-5712 Report of the president, 1848. Bh 6-Pam. 5 Zoe's “ Brand”

Fd 13-14531 Young men's association of the city of Milwaukee. Zohrab, the hostage. J. Morier Fc 11-15069

Catalogue of the library; with charter, rules Zoological society. Gardens and managerie delineaand regulations, board of directors, and list of ted

Dk 4-15907 members. Milwaukee, 1855 Bi 2-2148 Zoologists. Macgillivray, W. Lives of, from Aris- Same. 1861

Bi 2-2119
totle to Linnaeus

Dc 2-17630 1868

Bi 2-2150 Zoology. Agassiz, L. Principles of . Dk 5–6949 Young men's Christian association of the United - Broderip, W.J. Leaves from the note book of a States and British provinces. Fifth annual naturalist

Dk 2-6887 convention in Charleston, 1858 Bh 5-Pam. 45 Recreations

Dk 5-6943 – Proceedings of first annual convention at Buffalo, Dallas. W. S. Invertebrated animals Ea 4-7167 1854

. Bh 6-Pam. 14
Vertebrated animals .

Ea +-7168 Young men's institute, Hartford, Conn. Ninth - Gillis, J. M. United States astronomical expediannual report of executive committee


Di 1-6561 Bh 6-Pam. 5

– leck, J. G. iconographic encyclopaedia. ."? – Tenth report, June 6, 1818 Bh 6-Pam. 5

Ac 8-13235 – Eleventh report, 1851; twelfth report, 1850; thir

Hitchcock, E. ' Report on the zoology of Massateenth report, 1851; fourteenth report, 1852;


Eb 5-7490 fifteenth report, 1854 .

Bh 6-Pam. 16 Jones, T. R. Animal creation Dk 2-6884 Young men's mercantile library association of Cin

General outline.

Dk 4-6922 cinnati. Catalogue of library. Cin., 1855. 8° Lawrence, W. Lectures on

Ga 4-8695 Bi 2-21-46 Linnaeus, C. Animal kingdom Dk 4-6913 - Catalogue, 1846 Bh 6-Pam. 25 Reese, D. M. Elements of

Dk 5-6945 Young New York. Coin. G. P. Wilkins

Reid, M. Zoology for boys

Dk 5-15479 IIb 9-10963 Schoedler, F. Book of nature Dk 3–6907 Young parson. Ph., 1863

Fd 14-13890 Stephenson, J. Medical zoology Dk 5-6948 Young people. Holland, J. G. Letters to

- Tenney, S. Manual of

Dk 3-6902 Hlc 10-11259 Wood, J. G. Animal traits

Dk 3–1549 Young scamp. E. Stirling

Hb 10-11004
Bible animals

Dk 4-6917 Youny ship builders. E. Kellogg Fc 11-15163

Homes without hands

Dk 4-6914 Young step-mother. C. M. Yonge Fa 3-14617

Sketches and anecdotes of animal life
Young widow. T. G. Rodwell
Hb 10-10996

Dk 3-15485 Youthful queen. Com. Shannon Hb 9-10964

See Animals; Aquarium ; Birds; Comparative Yucatan. "Bonnycastle, R. H. Spanish America

anatomy; Crustacea; Entomology; Fish ; Ich

Ch 4-4037 thyology ; Infusoria ; Insects; Instinct ; Inver– Fancourt, c. si. John. History to the eighteenth tebrata; Life ; Mammalia; Man ; Mollusca ; century

Ch 5-4080 Natural history; Ornithology; Palaeontology; - Norman, B. M. Rambles in

Ch 5-4076 Quadrupeds ; Radiata ; Reptiles; Sea ; Species; Robertson, W. P. Visit to

Ch 4-4059 Vertebrata ; and Geological reports of the Stephens, J. L. Travel in Ch 5-4074, and 40:8 state of New York.

Fd 12–15173 Zoöphytes. Dana, J. D. Structure and classification Yule-tide stories. B. Thorpe

Fd 10–168.52

Dk 9-7042
Yusef. J. R. Brown.
Dg 6-6333 Zornlin, Rosina M. Recreations in geology. L., 1852

Eb 5-7497 Z. Marcas. Balzac

Aa 2–12553 Zoroaster. Cory, i. P.' Oracles of Ca 4-6325 Zadkiel. See Wm. Lilly.

Zschokke, J. H. D. Meditations on death and eterZaire. C. J. Dupont

Hb 2-10793 nity. Trans. by Frederica Rowan. B., 1863 Zaire. Voltaire Aa 12-13241

Eg 5–8480 Zanoni. Bulwer-Lytton

Zugemaurte fenster. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10933 Fa 8–14717, 7–14735, and 9-14761 Zulma. Stadl-Holstein

Aa 1-12588 Zarate, Augustino. History of the discovery and Zulime. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13242 conquest of Peru, by Pizarro. Kerr, R. Voy- Zulu land. Grout, L. Life among the Kaflirs ages. V. 4. Df 2–5848

Dg 10-15775 Zeen-ud-Deen. See Sheikh Zeen-ud-Deen. Zurcher and Margollé. Meteors, aerolites, storms, Zeisberger, David. Schweinitz, E. de. Life and times and atmospheric phenomena. Trans, by W.

De 9-16631
Lackland. N. Y., 1870

Ea 9-7355 Zelina. G. A. Somersei

Hb 9-10970 - Volcanoes and earthquakes. Trans. from the Zeller, E. Socrates and the socratic schools. Trans. French by Mrs. N. Lockyer. Ph., 1869 by Oswald J. Reichel. L., 1868 Da 3–16492

Ea 8-7310 The stoics. Epicureans and skeptics. Trans. Zurich. Lander, S. w. Spectacles for young eyes from the German by Oswald J. Reichel. L.,

Di +15172 1870 Ed 12-16496 Zurich letters. H. Robinson

Eg 12-16297 Zeluco. John Moore

Fd 5-16178 | Zuruckkunst des Vaters. Kotzebue Hb 8-10926 Zembla. Drake, E. C. Voyages

Hb 8-10935 See Nova Zembla.

Yule log

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