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Winthrop, John, continued.

Wit and humor, continued. The city of Washington, Dec. 20, 1848; Reply

Hunt, Leigh. Wit and humor selected from the to a vote of thanks, March 4, 1849 ; Personal vin.

English poets

He 8-12043 dication, Feb. 21, 1850; The death of John C.

Oldham, 0. The humorous speaker He 12-15560 Calhoun, April 1, 1850; The admission of California and the adjustment of the slave question,

Prentice, G. D. Prenticeana . He 8-12038 May 8, 1850; The death of President Taylor, Wit and wisdom of Don Quixote. N. Y., 1867 July 10, 1850; The death of Daniel P. King, July

He 12-12095 27, 1850; To the people of Boston, July 30, 1850";

Wit and wisdom of Sydney Smith. l., 1869 The boundary of New Mexico and Texas, Aug. 14, 1850; Protest against the admission of Call.

He 7-12011 fornia, Aug. 14, 1850 ; The fugitive slave law, Wit at several weapons. Drama. Beaumont and Aug. 19, 1850 ; The Ottoman empire, Nov. 4, 1850; Religious instruction of the young, April


Hb 7-10883 27, 1851: The American revolution, July 4, Wit without money. Beaumont and Fletcher 1851 ; Railroad jubilee, Sept. 19, 1851 ; Agricul.

Hb 7-10882 ture, Sept. 24, 1851; The mechanic arts, Oct. 1, Witch of Atlas. P. B. Shelley

HIf 3-12222 1851 ; Agricultural education, October 9, 1851; Massachusetts in 1775, Oct. 29, 1851.

Witch of Edmonton. Drama. J. Ford Ub 7-10884 – Algernon, Sidney; a lecture before the Boston Witch stories. E. Lynn Linton Fb 4-14565 mercantile library association, Dec. 21, 1853 Witchcraft. Trag. in prose. J. Baillie Hb 7–10885

Bh 6-Pam. 13 Witchcraft. Calet, R. More wonders of the invisible - Life and letters of John Winthrop, governor of world

Ci 9-4383 the Massachusetts-bay company, at their emi- Christmas, 11. Cradle of the twin giants Ci 9-4380 gration to New England, 1630. B., 1864. go Elliott, C. W. Mysteries

Ci 9-4378 Db 6-4932 - Fowler, Sam. P. Salem Witchcraft Ci 9-4383 - Massachusetts and its early history. Lowell insti- Mather, C. Wonders of the invisible world tute lecture, Jan. 5, 1869 Cc 6-13660

Ci 9-4383 Winthrop, Theodore. Canoe and saddie Fa 14-14454 - Poole, w. F. Cotton Mather and witchcraft John Brent Fa 14-14443

Ci 9-8484 Life in the open air

Fa 14-14455 Scott, w.' Letters on demonology and witchcraft Wirrwarr. Posse. Kotzebue Hb 8-10928

Ci 9-4389 Wirt, Wm. Letters of the British spy. N. Y., 1836 Upham, c. w. Salem witchcraft:

Ci 9-4375 He 1-11765 | Witches of New York. M. M. Thompson _ Sketches of the life and character of Patrick

He 9-13796 Henry. Hart., 1854

Da 6–4746 With fate against him.' A. M. Douglas Fa 12-17506 - Kennedy, J. P. Memoirs

Da 10-4809 Wither, George. Hallelujah ; or, Britain's second Wisconsin. Curtiss, D. S. Western portraiture

remembrances. Intro. by Edward Farr. L., Cb 4-2654 1857

Hf 6–12323 - Featherstonhaugh, G. W. Lead and copper de – Hymns and songs of the church.' Intro. by Edposits Df 8–6055 ward Farr. L., 1856.

Hf 6-12321 Lapham, J. A.' Antiquities of. s. c. to K. Vol. Wits and beaux of society. wharton, G. and P. 7, Art. 4 Ae 1-13481

Dd 6-5506 – Love, W. De Loss. ' Wisconsin in the war of the Witt, Mme. E. c. de. Å French country family rebellion Cd 43184

Fa 11-6726 McLeod, D. History of

Cb 11-2764 Witty fair one. Drama. J. Shirley Hb 7-10886 - Owen, D. D. Geological survey of Eb 1-7335 Witwe und das Reitpsferd. Kotzebue Hb 8-10923 - Percival, J. G. Geological survey Bh 5-Pam. 69 Wives. Cbild, Mrs. L. M. Biographies of good Milwaukee. Wheeler, A. C. Chronicles


Dd 1-5416
Cb 11-2765 Wives and daughters. Mrs. E. C. Gaskell Fb 15-14418
Commerce and manufactures. Annual report, Wives and widows. Ann S. Stephens Ff 8-14092

Bh 6-Pam. 36 Wizard of the wave. Drama. J. T. Haines
Trade and commerce. Annual statement, 1865

Hb 9-10965 Bh 5-Pam. 68 Woburn, Mass. See Massachusetts, Woburn. Wisdom of the ancients. F. Bacon. Works. v. 3. Woehler, Friederich. The analytical chemist's assist

Hd 1-11386 ant; a manual of chemical analysis, both qualiWisdom, wit, and whims of the ancient philosophers. tative and quantitative of natural and artificial J. Banvard.

He 9-12066 inorganic compounds; with rules for detecting Wise, lieutenant H. A. Los Gringos; or, an inside arsenic in a case of poisoning. Trans. by view of Mexico and California, with wander- 0. M. Lieber. Ph., 1852

Eb 3–7384 ings in Peru, Chili, and Polynesia. N. Y., 1850 Wolcot, John. Supplement to the works of Peter

Ch 4-4063 Pindar; a collection of humorous poems which Scampavias; from Gibel Tarek to Stamboul. N. have appeared under the signature of Matthew Y., 1857 Dg 3-6195 Bramble. L., 1797. 8°

Hf 3-12204 Wise, John. A system of aeronautics, comprehending Works; to which are prefixed memoirs of the

its earliest investigations, and modern practice author's life. L., 1812. 5 v. 8° Hf 3-12199 and art. Ph., 1856. 8°

Ea 5–7144 Wolfe, General James. James, G. P. R. Life of Wiseman, L. H. Agents in the revival of the last

Dd 1-5404 century. E. H. L., 1854-5 Hd 6-11553 - Life. British Plutarch. v. 6' DU 2-5443 – Things secular and things sacred. E. H. L., Wright, R. Life of

Dc 8-5310 1855-6

Hd 6-11554 Wolff, Joseph. Travels and adventures. L., 1860. 2 v. Wiseman, Nicholas. (Cardinal.) Lectures on the


Dh 3-6425 principal doctrines and practices of the catholic Wolley, Charles. A two years' journalin New York, church. L., 1851

Ee 4-15927 and part of its territories in America. L., Wisner, William, D. D. Incidents in the life of a pas- 1701. New edition, with notes, by E. B. tor. N. Y., 1851 Ef 8-8368 O'Callaghan. N. Y., 1860

Cc 2-2906 Wisner, Wm. c. ' Memorial sermon, occasioned by Wolsey, Cardinal. Britishi Plutarch. v. 1 Dd 2-5438 the death of Cyrus Lee Flagler. Lockport, Cavendish, G. Life of

Dc 11-17486 1861 Bh 5-Pam. 56 Galt, John. Life of

Dc 11-5384 - A review of the Rev. Dr. Lord on the higher law, Martin, S. Essay on

Hd 6-11547 in its application to the fugitive slave bill, 1851 Woman. Address to the legislature of New York,

Bh 6-Pam. 20 adopted by the state woman's rights convenWit and humor. Book of humor, wit, and wisdom tion, held at Albany, 1854, prepared by E. C.

He 9-12069

Bh 6-Pam. 13

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Woman, continued.

Women, continued. Alexander, Wm. History of women Ci 6-4350 - Aguilar, W. Women of Israel Ed 9-7937 Alger, W. R. The friendships of women

Anderson, J. Ladies of the covenant Dc 11-5382

Ci 6–4336 – Bliss, w. w. Her thirty years' pilgrimage

Memorable women of the puritan times

Dd 6-15953 Ga 2-15771 Baldwin, G. c. Representative women Buckle, H. T. Influence of women on the pro

Dd 1-1856 gress of knowledge

Hd 13-11716 Beecher, ċ. E.' Something better than the ballot Bushnell, H. Women's suffrage Ci 6-4323 Child, Mrs. D. L. History of the condition of

Burder, s. Memoirs of pious women dd 9-5496

Ci 6–4348 Celebrated women of the time Ab 6-12662 Croly, Mrs. J. C. Talks on women's topics Child, Mrs. L. M. Biographies of good wives Ci 6-4342

Dd 1-5416 Dall, c. 1. Woman's relation to education, la- - Clayton, E. C. Queens of song Dd 1-5387 bor, and law

Ci 6-4322 Crossland, Mrs. N. Memorable women – Davis, Mrs. P.W. Education of females

Dd 1-5409 Bh 6-Pam. 12 Donkersley, R. Facts about wives and mothers Davis, Mrs. R. H. Pro aris et focis Ci 6-15766

Ci 7-17775 D’Hericourt, Madame. Woman's philosophy of Ellet, Mrs E. F. Queens of American Society Ci 6-4329

Dd 3-4756 Dodge, A. Woman's wrongs Ci 6-4331 Women artists in all ages Hc 1-16195 Ellis, S. S., Mrs. Women of England

Women of the revolution

Db 9-5038 Ci 6-11801 - Hale, S. J. Woman's record . Ab 6-12659 Farnham, E. W. Woman and her cra Ci 6–4324

Headley, P. C. Women of the bible Ed 9-7947 – Fullom, S. W. History of woman Ci 6-4327 Hewett, M. E. Illustrious women of all ages - Godwin, M. W. Vindication of the rights of wo

Dd 1-5298 Ci 6–4321 Holt, E. S. Memoirs of royal ladies Dd 6–5499 -- Wrongs of wonian

Ci 6–4343 Houssaye, A. Women of the eighteenth century Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Characteristics of women

Dd 1-5391

Jameson, Mrs. A. Celebrated female sovereigns – Legouvé, E. Moral history of women C1 6-4339

Dd 1-5411 - Logan, O. Apropos of women and theatres - , .

Jenkens, J. S. Heroines of history Dd 1-5386

Hb 11-11025 - Kavanagh, Julia. English women of letters Mann, H. Powers and duties of: He 4-11935

Dc 7-14292 Meiners, C. History of the female sex

Women of Christianity

Dc 1-5078 Ci 6–17465 Michelet, J. Women of the French revolution - Michelet, M. J. Woman Ci 6–4341

Cg 4-3831 Mill, J. S. The subjection of women Ci 6–4332 – Moore, F.' Women of the war Cå 5-3198 - Reply to J. S. Mill on the subjection of women – Parton, James, et al. Eminent women of the age Ci 6-15761

Db 9-5054 - Muloch, Miss D. M. Woman's thoughts about Stevens, Abel.' Women of methodism Dd 6-5512

Ci 644335 Weld, H. H. Women of the old and new testa- Naphoys, G. H. Physical life of woman

Ed 9-7936 Ci 6-7523 Wise, Daniel. "The young ladies' counsellor - Ossoli, M. F. de. Woman in the nineteenth cen

Hc 10-17771 tury Saunders, F. About women, love and marriage Ci 6–4326 Women pleased. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher

Hb 7-10883 He 4306 Women's rights. Convention at "Syracuse ; proceed— Sprague, W. B. The excellent woman Ci 6-4333

ings of, 1852

. Bh 6-Pam. 12 Starling, E. Noble deeds of . Ci 6-4347 Wonder. Com. Mrs. C. Centlivre Hb 9-10970 Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Femmes, soyez soumises Wonder stories told for children. H. C. Andersen á vos maris. Aa 12-13283

Fd 1-14079 Wade, J. Past and present Ci 6-14459 Wonderful balloon ascents. F. Marion Ea 5-16718 Walker, A. Beauty in woman Hc 4-16533 Wonderful stories from Denmark. H. C. Andersen Wharton, J. J. S. Laws relating to the women

Fd 1-15773 of England

Bb 5-348 Wonders of acoustics. R. Radau Ea 5–16549 White, C. Ecce femina

Ci 6–4334 Wonders of architecture. Monsieur Lefébre Woman and her savior in Persia, by a returned mis

Ga 10–13994 sionary. B., 1863 Ed 1-7822 Wonders of the bible. H. Stowell

Hd 6-11551 Woman hater. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher Wonders of bodily strength. G. Depping Gb 11-16841

Hb 7-10883 Wonders of the deep. Š. De Vere . Dk 10–7051 Woman in the moone. Drama. J. Lilly

Wonders of glass making. A. Sauzay Gb 5-9081

Hb 11-11017 Wonders of the human body. A. Pileur Ga +9209 Woman in prison. Caroline II. Woods Fa 13–14829 Wonders of the insect world. F.C. Woodworth Woman in white. Wilkie Collins FT 5-14046

Dk 7-7018 Woman killed with kindness. Heywood. S. s. Pub. Wonders of the invisible world. c. Mather Hb 3-10844

Ci 9–4394, and 4383 Woman our angel.' A's Roe Fc 3–14879 Wonders of Italian art.' L. Viardot. Hc 3-11119 Woman who dared. E. Sargent Hf 11-12484 Wonders of nature and art. T. Smith. Ci 4-4288 Woman's friendship. Grace Aguilar - Fd 2-14237 | Wonders of nature and providence displayed, comWoman's kingdom. Muloch

Fd 7-14974 piled from authentic sources, both ancient and Woman's prize. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher

modern, giving an account of various and

Hb 7-10883 strange phenomena existing in nature, of travWoman's ransom. ' F. W. Robinson Fc 4-14817 els, adventures, singular providences, etc. Alb., Woman's thoughts about women. Muloch

1825. So

He 9-11980 Fd 7-14291 Wonders of the plant-world; or, curiosities of vege Woman's whims. J. X. Boniface le 14-12123 table life, and notices of remarkable plants, Woman's wit Knowles

Hlb 10-17721 trees, and flowers. L., 1870 Ec 3-7634 Women. Adams, H. G. Cyclopaedia of female bi- Wonders of Pompeii. Marc Monnier. Ca 9-9446 ography

Ab 6–11849. Wonders of science. H. Mayhew Ea 4-7187





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Wonders of the shore. C. Kingsley Dk 10–7054 Wood carving. Bemrose, Wm. Manual of
Wood, C. A. F. Irish broom maker Hb 10-10996

He 4-17637 Wood, E.J. Curiosities of clocks and watches from Wood engraving. Jackson, J. Treatise on the earliest times. L., 1866 Ga 11-8906

Hc 4-11147 The wedding day in all ages and countries. n. Wood rangers. Mi. Reid

Fc 2–14871 Y., 1869

Bb 5–368 Woodbridge, John. Sermon preached in Hadley, Wood, George. The gates wide open; or, scenes in Dec. 22, 1820, in commemoration of the land. another world

Fa 13-14830 ing of our fathers at Plymouth Bh 6–Pam. 3 - Modern pilgrims, showing the improvements in Woodburn Grange. William Howitt Fe 4-15297

travel, and the newest methods of reaching the Woodbury, Ct. See Connecticut, Woodbury.
celestial city

Fa 13-14831 Woodbury, Augustus. Major General Ambrose E. Wood, Mrs. Henry. Anne Hereford : Fa 12-14821 Burnside, and the ninth army corps; a narraBessy Rane

Fa 12-16789 tive of campaigns in North Carolina, MaryThe Channings Fa 12–14822 land, etc. Prov., 1867. 80

Cd 5-3034 East Lynne

Fa 12–14815 Woodbury, Levi. Writings; political, judicial, and Elster's folly Fa 12-14818 literary. B., 1852. 3 v. 89

Ba 2-37 George Canterbury's will Fa 12–14807 Woodcraft. W. G. Simms

Ff 14-15365 Lady Adelaide's oath

Fa 12–14820 Woodruff

, H. The trotting horse of America ; how Lfe's secret

Fa 12-14817

to train and drive him; with reminiscences of Lord Oakburn's daughters

Fa 12–14824 the trotting turf. Edited by C. J. Foster. N. Mildred Arkell

Fa 12-14823
Y., 1868. 8°

Ga 8-8789
Mrs. Halliburton's troubles
Fa 12-14813 Woods. Twins. Com.

Hb 1-10729 Mystery

Fa 12–14810 Woods, Caroline H. Woman in prison Fa 13–14829 Orville college.

Fa 12–14826 | Woods, Rev. Julian Edmunds. Geological observa- The Orville college boys; a story of school life

tions in South Australia. L., 1862. 8° Fa 12-16827

Eb 4-7468 Oswald Cray

Fa 12–14816 Woodstock. Sir W. Scott
Red court farm
Fa 12-14819

. Ff 10–14190, and Aa 8-13059 Roland Yorke.

Fa 12-14812 Woodward, Geo.' E. Architecture and rural art. St. Martin's eve

Fa 12-14809

1867-8. N. Y., 1868. 2 v. Ga 10-8895 Shadow of Ashlydiat

Fa 12–14808 Country homes. N. Y., 1868 Ga 10-8894 Trevlyn hold .

Fa 12–14817 Woodward, S. P. A manual of the mollusca ; or, a Verner's pride.

Fa 12-14814 rudimentary treatise of recent and fossil shells. Wood, Jeremiah. Life and character of the Rev. L., 1851-56

Dk 11-7115 Elisha Yale, late of Kinsboro. Alb., 1854 - Same. L., 1857

Dk 11-7118 Da 9-4773 Woodward, W. H. See Farrar, Timothy. Wood, John. Account of the Edinburgh sessional Woodworth, Francis C. American miscellany of

school, and the other parochial institutions for entertaining knowledge. B., 1855 He 14-12112 education. E., 1830

Hc 12-11340 - Wonders of the insect world. N. Y., 1853 Wood, John. Suppressed history of the administra

Dk 7-7018 'tion of John Adams, from 1797 to 1801, as Woodsworth, s. Forest rose.

F's S. D. v. 41 printed and suppressed in 1802, with notes and

Hb 9-10972 an appendix, by J. H. Sherburne. Ph., 1846. Wool. History of

Gb 3-8934 80 Cb 6-2629 Wool gatherer. James Hogg

Fd 5-16628 Wood, J. G. 'Animal kingdom illustrated. L., 1870. Wool gathering. A. E. Dodge He 4-11944 8°

Dk 4-17748 Wooler, J. P. Love in livery. F's M. D. v.27 - Animal traits and characteristics; or, sketches

Hb 10–11001 and anecdotes of animal life, second series. L.,

Man without a head. F's M. D. v. 34
n. d.
Dk 3–15491

Hb 10-11004 - Bible animals; a description of every living crea

Twice told tales. F's M. D. v. 34 Hb 10-11004 ture mentioned in the scriptures. N. Y., 1870. Winning hazard. F's M. D. v. 39 Hb 10–11005 89.

Dk 4-6917 Wooley, C. See Wolley, C.
The boy's own book of natural history. L., n. d. Woolf, B. E. Don't forget your opera glasses. F's

Dk 3–15490
M. D. v. 27

Hb 10-11001 The fresh and salt water aquarium. L., 1868 That nose

F's M. D.

Hb 10-11004 Dk 10–7060 Wool's campaign in Mexico. F. Baylies Homes without hands; being a description of the

. Bh 6-Pam. 31 habitations of animals, classed according to Woolsey, Theodore D. Essay on divorce and ditheir principle of construction. N. Y., 1866. vorce legislation, with special reference to the 80

Dk 4-6914
United States. N. Y., 1869

Bh 5-357 The illustrated natural history. Birds. L., 1864. Introduction to the study of international law, 4°

Dk 4-6909 designed as an aid in teaching, and in historiSame. Reptiles, fishes, molluscs, etc. L., 1864. cal studies. N. Y., 1864. go Ba 8-195 4°

Dk 4–6910 Woolton, John. The Christian manual; or, the life Same. Mammalia. ' L., 1865. 40: Dk 4-6912

and manners of true Christians. Cam., 1851 My feathered friends. L., n. d. Dk 9-15488

Eg 13–16286 The natural history of man ; an account of the Wooster, David. Wilson, T. Life Da 8-4693

manners and customs of the uncivilized races Worcester, E. Somerset. Second marquis of. Dircks, of men. L., 1868. 4°

Dk 4-6908 H. Life, times, and scientific labors Dd 3–16878 Sketches and anecdotes of animal life. L., n. d. Worcester, Joseph E. Dictionary of the English lan

Dk 3-15485
guage. B., 1860. 49

Ac 4-13019 Wood, Nicholas. A practical treatise on railroads. Worcester, Mass. See Massachusetts

, Worcester. Ph., 1832. 89

Ga 12–8947 Worcester free public library. Annual reports, 1863– Wood, Wm. Maxwell. Fankwei; or the San Jacin- 70

Bh 5-Pam. 47
to in the seas of India, China, and Japan. N. Catalogue of circulating department. W., 1861
Y., 1859
Dg 2–6217

Bi 2-2159 Wandering sketches of people and things in South Worcester's young men’s library association. Second America, Polynesia, California, etc. Ph., 1849 annual report, 1855

. Bh 6-Pam. 35 Dh 8-6227 Worcester magazine and historical journal. Oct., Vood,w.w. Sketches of China. Ph., 1830 Dh 2-15557 1825, to Oct., 1826. 2 v. 80 Bi 4-1783

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Wright, Thomas, continued.

Wynne, James, continued.
History of domestic manners and sentiments in Robert Fulton: John Marshall; David Ritten-
England during the middle ages. L., 1862. 8° house; Eli Whitney.

Cr 6–3131 Wynter, Andrew. Subtle brains and lissom fingers ; The political songs of England, from the reign of being some of the chisel-marks of our industrial John to that of Edward II. L., 1839. 4°

and scientific progress. L., 1861 He 5–11982

Hf 6–12297 Wyoming, Chapman, J. A. Sketch of the history Wright, Wm. Oil regions of Pennsylvania; showing of

Cc 11-3098 where petroleum is found, how it is obtained, Miner, C. History of

Cc 11-3087 and at what cost. N. Y., 1865 . Cc 11-3092 Peck, G. History of

Cc 11-3094 Wright, W. B. Highland rambles, a poem. B., 1868 Stone, Wm. L. Poetry and history of Cc 11–3095

Hf 11-12 479 Valley of Wyoming; the romance of its history Wrigley, Alfred. Arithmetic for the use of schools and its poetry; also specimens of Indian elo

and colleges. Cam., 1862. . Eb 10–16098 quence. Compiled by a native of the valley. Writing on the wall. Drama. T. and J. M. Morton N. Y., 1866, 8o

Cc 11-3096 Hb 9-10957 Wyse, Francis. America, its realities and resources; Wrongs of women. c. E. Tonna Hd 4-11484 comprising important details connected with Wulfstein. Kerr, R. Voyage in the Baltic, as re- the present social, political, agricultural, comlated to king Alfred

Df 2-5845 mercial and financial state of the country, its Wuste. Kotzebue

· Hb 8-10938 laws and customs; policy which led to the Wuthering heights. Emily Bronté Fa 10–14740 war of 1812; Texas and Oregon questions, etc. Wuthering heights, and Agnes Grey, Emily and An- L., 1846. 3 v. 8°

Df 4-5929 nie Bronté

Få 10-14776 Wyss, J. R. von, and J. P. de B. Montolien. Swiss Wyandotte; or, the hutted knoll. J. F. Cooper

family Robinson.

Fa 13-14828 Fr*2-10875 Wythe,

Rev. W. W. Pulpit germs. Ph., 1869 Wyat, Francis. Belknap, J. Account of Db 3-4895

Ef 8-8373 Wyat, Thomas. Chronicle of the rebellion of. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 48.

Ce 6–3339 Xariffa's poems. M. A. Townsend Hf 11-12502 Wyatt, M. Digby: Specimens of ornamental art, Xavier, Mina. Robinson, W. D. Expedition of workmanship, in gold, silver, iron, brass and

Ch 15–4072 bronze, from the twelfth to the nineteenth cen- Xenophon. Anabasis; or, expedition of Cyrus, and tury. L., 1852. fo

Af 5-13570 the Memorabilia of Socrates. Trans. by J. S. Wyatt, M. D. and W. R. Tymms. The history, theory, Watson, with geograpbical commentary by

and practice of illuminating. L., 1861 Éc 4–6577 W. F. Ainsworth. L., 1870 Ha 2-10462 Wyatt, Thomas. Memoirs of the generals, commo- Cyropaedia; or, institution of Cyrus, and the

dores, and other commanders, who distinguish- Hellenics, or Grecian history. Trans. by J. S.
ed themselves in the American army and navy Watson, and H. Dale. L., 1870 Ha 2-10461
during the wars of the revolution and 1813. Minor works. Trans. by J. S. Watson. L., 1857
Ph., 1848. 80.
Db 4-4909

Ha 2-10460

Xerxes. · Abbott Jacob. History of :
Contents. - George Washington; Anthony

Da 3-7560
Wayne; John Stewart; Col. de Fleury; Maj. Xerxes. Trag. Crébillon .

Hb 2-10772
Andre; Nathaniel Greene; Horatio Gates;
Daniel Morgan; Eager Howard ; Wm. A. Wash-
ington; Henry Lee; Winfield Scott; E. P.

Yalden, Thomas. Works. British poets Hf 1-12277
Gaines; James Miller; Jacob Brown; Maj. Gen. Yale, Cyrus. The godly pastor. Life of the Rev.
Ripley; Peter B. Porter; Alexander Macomb;

Jeremiah Hallock, of Canton, Conn.; with a Andrew Jackson ; Isaac Shelby; Wm. H. Harri

sketch of the life of Rev. Moses Hallock. N. 800; Col. George Croghan ; Paul Jones; Thomas Truxton; Edward Preble: Isaac Hull; Jacob

Y., 1854

Da 9-4778
Jones; Stephen Decatur; Wm. Bainbridge; Yale, E.' Wood, J. Life and character Da 9-4773
O. H. Perry: J. D. Elliott; Wm. Burrows; E R.

Yale college. Baldwin, E. Annals of Bb 6-369
McCall; James Lawrence; Thomas Macdonough;
Robert Henley; Stephen Cassin; Lewis War- Yale college calliopean society; catalogue of books
rington; Johnston Blakeley; Charles Stewart;

belonging to. June, 1831 . Bh 6-Pam, 25 James Biddle.

Yankee boy from home. N. Y., 1865 Di 3-6635 Wycherley, Wm. Campbell, T., et al. Life of Yankee in Canada. H. D. Thoreau Df 1-6030

Hb 11-11011 | Yankee land. Com. C. A. Logan Hb 10-11001 Wycherly,w.w. Country wife. Com. Hb 1-10733 Yankee middy. W.T.

Adams Fd 3–7302 Wycliffe, J. Apology for Lollard doctrines. Cam. Yankee peddler. M. Barnett

Hb 10-11000
Soc. Pub. v. 20.
Ce 6–3313 Yates, Edmund. Black sheep

Fa 4-14612 Le Bas, C. W. Life of Wiclit Da 9-5595 - Broken to harness

Fa 4-14611 See Wicliffe.

Forlorn hope

Fa 4-14966 Wyld, Robert S. Philosophy of the senses; or, man Land at last

Fa 4-14765 in connexion with a material world. E., 1852 Running the gauntlet

Fa 4-14766 Hc 7-11217 Yates, Joseph C. Jepkins, J. S. Life Db 1-4880 Wylder's hand. J. S. LeFanu

Fb 3–14537 | Yates, Robert. Secret proceedings and debates of Wylie, J. A. The papacy; its history, dogmas, the convention assembled at Philadelphia, in

genius, and prospects; being the evangelical the year 1787, for the purpose of forming the alliance prize essay on popery. E., 1852. 8°

constitution of the United States of America. Ee 4-16570 Alb., 1821, 80

Ba 4-10630 Wylie, Mrs. Macleod. Gospel in Burmah; the story Year at the shore

. P. H. Gosse : Dk 11-7119 of its introduction and marvellous progress Year book. M. Conant

Ck 11-4622 among the Burmese and Karens. N. Y., 1860 Year book of facts in science and art. J. Timbs Ed 1-7817

Ea 7-7382 Wyman, J. Anatomy of nervous system of rana pipi- Year book of general information. i828-9-30. L., ens. S. C. to K. Vol. 5, Art. 4 Ae 1-13479


Ck 6-4497 Wyman, T. B. Genealogy of the name and family of Year in the Punjab. H. B. Edwardes Cf 10-3683

Hunt early established in America from Europe. Year in Spain. By a young American. B., 1829
Authorized by W. L. G. Hunt. B., 1862–3. 40

Di 9-6622 Ch 8-4134 Year of consolation. F. K. Butler Di 7-6747 Wynne, James. Lives of eminent literary and scien- Year of liberation ; a journal of the defence of Ham

tific men of America. N. Y., 1850 Db 3-4903 burgh against the French army,under Marshall Contents.-Franklin; Jonathan Edwards ;

Davoust, in 1813. L. 1832 Cg 6-6235

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