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Bond, Henry. Genealogies of the families and de- Boone, D. Hill, G. C. The pioneer of Kentucky. scendants of the early settlers of Watertown,

Da 10-4829 Mass., including Waltham and Weston, with

- Peck, J. M. Life of. SA B. 23

Da 8-16123 the early history of the town. B., 1855.8° Bootan. Turner, S. Journey through Cb 1-2456

Ch 8-3996 Booth, J. B. Booth memorials. Passages, incidents Bondman. Drama. P. Massinger Hb 7-10884 and anecdotes in the life of Junius Brutus Bonduca. Drama. Beaumont and Fletcher

Booth, by his daughter. N. Y., 1866 Db7-4971

Hb 7-10883 Gould, T. R. Essay on the genius of Hb 1-10740 Boner, C. Chamois hunting in the mountains of Ugolino. Trag.

Hb 9-10959 Bavaria. L., 1853. 8°

Ga 8-8813 Booth, J. C., and Č. Morfit. Encyclopaedia of chemBoniface, J. X. Dame nature and her three daughters. istry, practical and theoretical. Ph., 1850. 8° (La mère gigone et les trois filles.) A grand

Ad 6-13427 papa's talks and stories about natural history. On recent improvements in the chemical arts

. N. Y., 1869

Dk 2-14203
W., 1852

Bh 6-Pam.19
Ff 13–14204 Same. S. M. C. v. 2

Dk 12-7072 -Seul. P., 1860

Aa 4–12737 Booth, Mary L. History of the city of New York, The solitary of Juan Fernandez; or, the real from its earliest settlement to the present time. Robinson Crusoe. Trans. by A. T. Wilbur. N. Y., 1866. 8°

Cc 2-2888 B., 1851

Fa 6–14792 Boots and shoes. "Hall, J. S. Book of the feet - Woman's whims; or, the female barometer.

Gb 4-8945 Trans. by Fayette Robinson. N. Y., 1850 Boots at the Swan.Com. Selby Hb 10–10993

He 14-12123 Bordeaux liquor dealers' guide; a treatise on the Bonne mère. .Com. Genlis

Hb 2-10795 manufacture and adulteration of liquors. N. Bonnechose, Emile de. History of France from the Y., 1857

Gb 5-9057 invasion of the Franks under Clovis to the Border and bastile. G. A. Lawrence : Fb 3-14530 accession of Louis Philippe. L., 1853

Border antiquities of England and Scotland, compris

Cg 5-3832 ing specimens of the architecture, sculpture, Bonnell, J. M. A manual of the art of prose compo- and other vestiges of former ages ; accompanied

sition, for the use of colleges and schools. with descriptive sketches, biographical reLouisville, 1867 .

Hc 11-14834 marks and a brief history of the principal Bonner, John. Child's history of Rome. N. Y., events that have occurred in this interesting 1856. 2 v.

Ca 6-2356 part of Great Britain. 2v. 4° Ci 2–4223 Bonneville's (B. L. E.) adventures. W. Irving Border beagles. W. G. Simms

Ff 14-15377 Dp 7–6033 Boris. See Russian imposter

Cf 9-16188 Bonnie Scotland. Mrs. S. J. Lippincott Ce 10-3401 Born to good luck. T. Power Hb 10-10994 Bonnycastle, R. H. New Foundland in 1842, a Borneo. Beekman, D. Voyage in 1713. Pinkerton's sequel to “ The Canadas in 1841.” L., 1842. 2 voyages. 11.

Df 1-5836 V. go

Ch 3-4012 – Keppel, H. Expedition for the suppression of pi– Spanish America ; or, a descriptive, historical and

Dh 8-6529 geographical account of the dominions of Saint John, s. ' Travels in northern Borneo Spain in the western hemisphere, continental

Dh 6-6510 and insular. L., 1818. 2 v. 8° Ch 4-4037 Borri, c.' Account of Cochin China. Pinkerton's Bonomi, Joseph. Nineveh and its palaces; the dis

voyages. 9.

Df 1-5834 coveries of Botta and Layard applied to the Borrow, G. The bible in Spain. The gypsies of elucidation of holy writ. L., 1865

Spain. Ph., 1843. 8°

Di 9-6799 Dh 4-6452 Bosman, W. Description of the coast of Guinea. Bonynge, Francis. Future wealth of America ; be- Pinkerton's voyages. 16

Dg 1-5841 ing a glance at the resources of the United Bosnia. Fraser, C. War in Bosnia Cf 11-3715 States, and the commercial and agricultural Ranke, L. İnsurrection in Bosnia Cf 8–3632 advantages of cultivating tea, coffee, and indi. Bossuet, J. B. Discours sour l'histoire universelle. go, the date, mango, jack, leechee, guava and P., 1859

Ca 3-2265 orange trees, etc.. N. Y., 1852. Ba 6–139 Boston. 'Lander, S. w. Spectacles for young eyes Book about doctors. J. C. Jeaffreson. Hd 5-11989

Di 4-15471 Book and its story. L. W. Ranyard . Ee 7-8099 See Massachusetts, Boston. Book buyers' manual. G. P. Putnam Bi 2-2161 Boston athenaeum. Quincy, J. History of the BosBook for a corner. Leigh Hunt . He 14-12131

ton athenaeum

Cc 6–16105 Book hunter. J. H. Burton

Hc 14–11410 Boston book; being specimens of metropolitan liteBook of archery. G. A. Hansard Gb 12-9199 rature, B., 1850

He 12–15553 Book of the artists. H. T. Tuckerman Hc 4-11146 Boston journal of natural history; containing papers Book of ballads. T. P. Jones

Hf 13-14291 and communications read to the Boston society Book of chess. H. R. Agnell

Gb 12-9189 of natural history. B., 1837–57. 6 v. 8° Book of common prayer, according to the use of the

Dk 11-7091 protestant episcopal church in the United Boston massacre. J. Daggeit

Cc 6-2955 States. N. Y., 1823

Eg 5–8491 Boston mercantile library association. Book of the court. W. J. Thoms Ch 11-4204 – Thirty-fourth annual report, 1854 Bh 6–Pam. 33 Book of the feet. J. S. Hall

Gb 4-8945 Thirty-fifth annual report, 1855 Bh 6-Pam. 33 Book of humour, wit and wisdom; a manual of table- Forty-fifth,-sixth,-seventh, and -eighth, reports; talk. L., 1867

He 9-12069
for 1865-66-67-68

Bh 5-Pam. 54
Book of nature. J. M. Good
Ea 3-7165 Sampson, G. R. Address

Bh 5-Pam. 56 Book of nature. F. Schoedler

Dk 3–6907 Boston public library. Book of the princes of Wales. J. Doran Dc 1-5062 Catalogue of books in Bates' Hall, 1865 Bi 2-2132 Book of snobs. W. M. Thackeray Fe 9-15323 First supplement, 1856

Bi 2-2133 Book of summer resorts. C. H. Sweetzer Ck 8-4560 Report for 1854

Bh 6-Pam. 33 Book of vagaries. J. K. Paulding He 4-11936 Reports for 1865–66 and 69

Bh 5-Pam. 54 Book of wonderful characters. H. Wilson and J. Rules and regulations, 1853 Bh 6-Pam. 33 Caulfield

Dd 5–15935 Boston school for the ministry. Catalogue of officers Book of wonders; or, marvelous chronicle; account and students, 1868-9

Bh 5-Pam. 45 of extraordinary events in nature, art, and Boston society of natural history. Proceedings mind. 1846 . Bh 6-Pam. 31

Dk 11-7097 Book of the world. R. S. Fisher Ca 2-2225 - Papers read before. (Boston journal) Dk 11-7091


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Boston young men's Christian association. Report Bottle, the. T. P. Taylor

Hb 10–10993 for 1860 Bh 5-Pam. 59 Bottom of the sea. L. Sonrel

Ea 8–7494 Boston young men's Christian union. Fourth and Botts, J. M. The great rebellion ; its secret history,

sixth annual reports, 1855–57 Bh 5-Pam. 76 rise, progress, and disastrous failure. N. Y., Boswell, James. Life of S. Johnson. L., 1851. 4v. 1866

Cd 1-3111 Dc 2–5115 Bouchette, Joseph. British dominions in North – Same. New edition. Bellow's Falls, Vt., 5 v. America ; or, a topographical and statistical

Dc 2–5119 description of Lower and Upper Canada. L., – Life of S. Johnson, including a journey to the 1831. 2 v. 40

Ch 2-3977 Hebrides. B., 1832. 2 v. 8° Dc 4-11792 Boucicault, D. Andy Blake. F's M. D. v. 14 Bosworth, Rev. J. Origin of the Dutch, with a

Hb 10-10997 sketch of their language and literature. L., Grimaldi; or, the life of an actress. F's S. D. 1846. 80 Ha 5-10518

Hb 9–10961 Bosworth, Joseph. Compendious Anglo-Saxon and - Jessie Brown. F's S. D.

Hb 9-10964 English dictionary. L., 1855. g. Ac 3–12910 The knight of Arva. F's S. D. v. 29 Hb 9-10966 Bosworth, Newton. Hochelaga depicta; or, a new London assurance. F's S. D. V. 4 IIb 9–10953

picture of Montreal, embracing the early his- A lover by proxy. F's M. D. Hb 10-11003 tory and present state of the city and island of Old heads and young hearts. F's S. D. v. 8 Montreal. Montreal, 1846 Ch 1-3973

Hb 9-10955 Botanic garden, the. E. Darwin Hf 6–12305 Pauvrette. F's S. D. v. 29

IIb 9-10966 Botany. Berkeley, M. J. Cryptogamic botany

The phantom. F's S. D. v. 21 Hb 9-10962

Ec 1-7619 The pope of Rome. F's S. D. v. 29 Hb 9-10966 - Bigelow, J. M. General description of the bo- West end. F's S. D. v. 30

Hb 9-10966 tanical character of the west Ae 4-13534 The willow copse. F's S. D. v. 31 Hb 9–10967 Callcott, Maria. A scripture herbal Ec 4_7670 Boucicault, D., and C. Seymour. Wanted a widow, · Cooper, J. G. Report on the botany of the west with immediate possession. F's M. D. v. 17. Ae 4-13541

Hb 10–10998 – Darby, John. 'Botany of the southern states Bouguer, P. 'Voyage to Peru, 1735. Pinkerton's

Ec 4-7676
voyages. 14

Dg 1-5839 – Darlington, w. Flora cestrica (of Chester county, Bouillet, M. N. Dictionaire universelle des sciences Penn.)

Ec 2-7641 des lettres, et des arts. P., 1854, 8° - Durand, 'E. Botanical report Ae 4-13535

Ad 8-13468 Eaton, A., et al. North American botany Bouquet, H. Parkman, F. Dumas' biographical


Cb 3-2593 – Gray, A. "Botanic text-book Ec 4-7673 Bouquet de cerises. F. Wey

Aa 5–12790 First lessons in botany

Ec 1-7622 Boulton, M. Smiles, S. Life, principally from the . Phanerogamia. Af 3-13548 Soho manuscript

Dd 3-5482 Plantae Wrightianae Ae 1-13477 Bound down. A. M. Fitch

Fa 15-15756 Structural and systematic botany Ec 1–7621 Bound to the wheel. J. Saunders Ff 12–14081 – Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 2 Bourcicault, D. See Boucicault.

Ac 8-13235 Bourgeois gentilhomme. Moliere Henslow, J. S. Principles of Ec 3–7628

Hb 2-10767, and 8–10948 Hibberd, S. Field flowers

Ec 8-6116 Bourganne, J. F. de. Travels in Spain.' Pinkerton's Hitchcock, E. Botany of Massachusetts Eb 5–7490 voyages. 5

Df 1-5830 Hooker, W.J. Journal

Ec 4-7660 Bourgois, A. and P. Feval. The duke's daughter ; Humboldt and Bonpland. Monographie des or, the hunchback of Paris. F's S. D. v. 41 melastomacées Cab. C 2-15611

Hb 9-10972 Lindley, J. Introduction to botany Ec 4_7658 Bourse, la. Balzac

Aa 2-12542 Ladies' botany

Ec 4–7655 Boussingault, J. B. Rural economy, in its relations The vegetable kingdom

Ec 1-7620 with chemistry, physics, and meteorology; or, - Newberry, J. S. Botanical report Ae 4-13536 chemistry applied to agriculture. N. Y., 1845 – Pursh, F. Flora Americana septentrionalis

Ec 11-7798 Ec 4-7665 Boutell, C. Årms and armour in antiquity and the – Ray, John. Correspondence Ec 4-7664 middle ages. N. Y., 1870 . Gb 10-9156 - Rousseau, J. J. Fragmens pour un dictionnaire; Bouton, Nathaniel. History of Concord, N. H. ;

et lettres sur la botanique. Aa 6–12934 from its first grant, 1725, to the organization of - Schoedler, F. Book of nature Dk 3-6907 the city government, 1853; with a history of - Smith, E. Structural and systematic botany. the ancient Penacooks. Concord, 1856. 8° Orr's Circ. of the Sci.. Ea 4-7167

Cb 9-2677 - Sprague, I. Genera of plants of the United Bouttats, F., et al.' The portraits of the most emiStates.

Ec 1–7615 nent painters and other famous artists that – Torrey, John.. Descriptions of general botani- have flourished in Europe; from original cal collections

Ae 4–13534 paintings of Van Dyck et al.; to which is – Torrey and Gray. Report of explorations. v. 2 prefixed an account of their lives, characters

Ae 4-13532

and most considerable works. L., 1789. 4° - See Agriculture; Evergreens; Ferns; Flowers ;

Hc 2-11093 Horticulture;' Lichens ; Mosses ; Plants ; Trees; Bovet, M. F. The banished count; or, the life of Vegetation.

Nicholas Louis Zinzendorf. Trans. by Rev. - See also Geology, New York State; and S. C. to John Gill. L., 1865 .

De 10-5712 K. v. 3, 5, et al.

Bowen, A. The naval monument, containing acBoth sides of the controversy. T. S. Bacon

counts of all the battles fought between the Ee 2–8042

navies of the United States and Great Britain Bothwell; a poem. E. w. Aytoun Hf 5-12349 during the late war; and an account of the Bothwell. J. Grant

Fb 1414465 war with Algiers. To which is annexed a Botta, C. History of the war of the independence of naval register of the United States. B., 1816 the United States. Trans. by G. A. Otis. Ph.,

Cb 8-2714 1820. 3 v. 8°

Cb 7-2683 Bowen, Eli. Pictorial sketch-book of Pennsylvania; – Italy during the consulate and empire of Napo- or, its scenery, internal improvement, releon Buonaparte. Ph., 1829. 2 v. in 1. 80%

sources, and agriculture. Ph., 1834. 8° ('g 8–3916

Cc 11-3032

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Bowen, Francis. American political economy, in- Boyle, Robert, continued. cluding strictures on the management of the

terraneal regions as to heat and cold; 4. Of the currency and the finances since 1861, with a temperature of the submarine regions, as to chart showing the fluctuations in the price of heat and cold ; 5. Relations about the bottom

of the sea : 6. Bottom of the sea, continued ; 7. gold. N. Y., 1870.89

Ba 7-2228

Saltness of the sea ; 8. Memoirs for the natural – Life of Benjamin Lincoln. S. A. B. 23

history of mineral waters; 9. Titles proposed Da 8-16123

for the natural history of mineral waters, conLife of Baron Steuben. S. A. B. V. 9 Da 8-4699

sidered whilst in their proper channel; 10.

Titles, when drawn out of their receptacle ; 11. Life of James Otis. S. A. B. v. 12 Da 8-4702

Titles, when considered as a medicine; 12. or Life of Sir Wm. Phips. S. A. B. v.7 Da 8 4697 the natural and preternatural states of bodies, Bowen, H. L. Memoir of Tristam Burges. Provi

especially of air; 13. The description of the

pneumatic engine and its use, and physico-medence, 1835. 80

Db 8-5023

chanical experiments touching the air: 14. Bowen ,T.J. A grammar and dictionary of the Doctrine of the spring and weight of the air deYuruba language. S. C. to K. Vol. 10, Art. 4

fended ; 15. Funicular hypothesis examined;

16. Funicular hypothesis, continued ; 17. ArisAe 1-13485

totelian rarefaction examined ; 18. Torrecellian Bowes, G. s. Illustrative gatherings for preachers experiments at the tops and feet of hills; 19. and teachers; a manual of anecdotes, facts,

Measure of the force of the spring of air; 20.

Objections against particular phoenomena anfigures, proverbs, quotations, etc., adapted to

swered ; 21. Explication of rarefaction; 22. An Christian teaching. Ph., 1864 . Eg 7-8493 explication of the rota Aristotelica ; 23. An abBowles, Samuel. Across the continent; a summer's

stract of what is further contained relating to journey to the Rocky mountains, the Mormons

the weight and spring of the air in the examen

of Mr. Hobbs his dialogus physicus; 24. The and the Pacific states, with Speaker Colfax.

weight and spring of air asserted; 35. Hobbs' Springfield, 1865.

Df 9–6099 explications examined ; 26. Explications con- Switzerland of America ; a summer vacation in

sidered : 27. Other passages in Hobbs' dialogue

examined; 28. What Mr. Hobbs teaches conthe parks and mountains of Colorado. Spring- cerning fluidity and firmness examined ; 29. Exfield, 1869.

Df 10-6130

planation of the engine used in experiments on Box, Charles The theory and practice of cricket.

air; 30. New experiments concerning the spring

and weight of the air. II., Bk. III., Chap. 1. L., 1868

Gb 12-9204 Experiments tonching the spring and weight of Box, M. J. Capt. James Box's adventures and ex- the air; 2. Continuation of physico-mechaniplorations in New and Old Mexico. N. Y.,

cal experiments; 3. Experiments on air; 4.

Preservation of bodies in vacuo Boyliano: 5. 1869

Df 10–13661

Experiments about respiration, upon ducks, Box and Cox. J. S. Coyne :

Hb 10-10995 vipers, frogs, etc.; 6. Animadversions on Box and Cox. J. M. Morton

Hb 10-10993

Hobbs' problemata de vacuo; 7. Cause of at

traction by suction; 8. The barometer; 9. Boy farmers. E. Kellogg

Fc 11-15462

Statical baroscope: 10. Discovery of the rarefacBoy martyrs. C. W. Tayleure

Hb 9-10967

tion of the air, even without heat; 11. Duration Boyd, A. K. H. The autumn holidays of a country

of the spring of expanded air; 12. Condensaparson. B., 1865

He 2-11895

tion and compression of the air; 13. Differing

extension of the same quantity of air rarefied Counsel and comfort, spoken from a city pulpit. and compressed ; 14. New experiments on air; B., 1866

Eg 9-8571 15. Statical hygroscope : 16., 17. Ctilities of The everyday philosopher in town and country.

hygroscopes; 18. Air's moisture ; 19. Inheeded

causes of the insalubrity and salubrity of the B., 1863

He 5-15558

air; 20. Hidden qualities of the air; 21. Ad- The graver thoughts of a country parson. B., ditional experiments; 22. Celestial and aerial

magnets; 22. Mechanical production of magEg 9-8483

netic qualities 24. Experiments ; 25. Mechani. Leisure hours in town. B., 1862. He 2-11896

cal origin of electricity; 26. History of the air. The recreations of a country parson. B., 1862

Bk. IV., Chap. 1. Mechanical production of He 2-11897

tastes; 2. Of odours: 3. Changes of colour; 4. Boydell's illustrations of the dramatic works of

History of colours; 5. Whiteness and black

ness; 6. Experiments concerning whiteness Shakespeare, by the most eminent artists of and blackness; 7. Third part of the history of Great Britain. N. Y., 1852. 2 v. f

colours. III. Appendix to Bk. iv., Chap. 1.

Mechanical production of cold; 2. WeatherCab. C 3 and 4-15615

glasses; 3. Weather-glasses, continued, and History of queen Anne, wherein all hermetical thermometers; 4. Cause of the conthe civil and military transactions of that

densation of the air, and ascent of water by memorable reign are faithfully compiled from

cold in common weather-glasses; 5. History of

cold; 6. An examen of antiperistasis; 7. the best authorities, and impartially nar

Hobbs' doctrine of cold examined ; 8. Freezrated; illustrated with a regular series of all

ing experiment by Dr. Merret: 9. New frigothe medals that were struck to commemorate

rifick experiment; 10. Positive and privitive

nature of cold; 11. Two problems about cold; the great events of this reign. L., 1735. f

12. Mechanical origin of heat: 13. Of mercury Ca 1-2180

growing hot with gold; 14. To make fire and Boyle, Robert. Works, epitomized by Richard Boul

flame ponderable: 15. Additional experiments

about the weighing of igneous particles: 16. ton, with general index, L., 1699. 4v.

Perviousness of glass to ponderable parts of Ea 6-7269

flame; 17. Relation betwist flame and air; 18.

Relation betwixt air and the flamma vitalis of Contents.-Vol. I. The dedication, by R.

animals; 19. Explosions; 20. Relation betwixt Boulton; The preface to the reader: The intro

light and air, in shining wood and fishes; 21. duction representing the grounds of excellency

Resemblances and differences between burning of corpuscular philosophy. Bk. I., Chap. i.

coal and shining wood; 2. Shining flesh;

23. Considerations and experiments concerning the

Diamond that shines in the dark; 2. The origin of forms and qualities; 2. Particular

aerial noctiluca: 25. ley noctiluca. Bk. V., qualities; 3. Origin of forms; 4. Subordinate

Part 1. Chap. 1. Relative lerity of bodies under forms; 5. Production and reproduction of

water; 2. Pressure of the air's spring on bodies form 6. Doubts and experiments concerning

under water; 3. Effect of the varying weight of the curious fi.ures of salte: 7. Redintigration

the atmosphere upon some bodies under water; of bodies: 8. Experiments concerning the origin

4. Differing pressure of heavy bodies and fluids; of qualities and forins; 9. Experiments con

5. Invention for estimating ihe weight of water tinued; 10. An experiment, with some consid

in water; Hydrostatical paradoxes; 7. Hyerations touching the different parts and redin

drostatical discourse; 8. A new essay instru. tiration of salt-petre; 11. History of fluidity;

ment; 9. Growth and increase of metals; 10. 12. Experiments concerning the superficial

Hydrostatical way of estimating ores; 11. figures of fluids, especially of liquors contigu

Medicina hydrostatica ; 12. Hydrostatical stereous to other liquors; 13. Hi-tors of firmness;

ometry applied to the materia medica. Bk. v.. 14. Inte tine motions of the particles of gnies.

Part ii., Chap. 1. An account of a strangely, cent so?id: 13. Etfects of een languid and

sell-moving liquor; 2. Preserving of birds; 3. undeeded local motion: 16. Propayable nature

Bladders of air found in fi-lies: 1. Laudanum of motion. Bk. II., Chap. 1. Of the systemati

helmontií junioris; 5. Earthquake at Oxford; cal, or cosmical qualities of things: 3. Of cos.

6. Art of medicine: 7. Experiments solitary; mical -1-picious; 3. Of the temperature of sub

& Chymical experiments : 9. Of strange re


Boyer, Abel.

[blocks in formation]

Boyle, Robert, continued.

Braddon, M. E., continued. ports ; 10. Diamonds. Bk. V., Part III., Chap. 1.

Lady's mile

Fa 5-14656 of the original and virtue of gems; 2. Causes

Only a clod

Fa 5-14660 of the virtues of gems; 3. Atmospheres of con

Run to earth

Fa 5-14662 sistent solida; 4. Subtlety of emuviums; 5. Efficacy of effluviums; 6. Nature of effluviums;

Rupert Godwin

Fa 5-14659 7 and 8. Porosity of bodies ; 9 and 10. Natural

Sir Jasper's tenant .

Fa 5-14665 history of human blood; 11 and 12. Specific

Bradford, A. Biographical notices of distinguished medicines. IV. Appendix to Bk. V., Part III., Chap. 1. Use of simple medicines ; 2. Vitiated

men in New England; statesmen, patriots, sight. Bk. V., Part iv., Chap. 1. 'A chymical

physicians, lawyers and mechanics.

B., 1842 paradox; making it probable that chymical

Db 3-4905 principles are transmutable; 2. Physiological

History of Massachusetts from 1620 to 1820. B., considerations touching the experiments wont to be employed to evince either the four peripa

1835. 80

Cc 6-2958 tetick elements, or the three chymical principles

Same, from July, 1775 to 1789. B., 1825. go of mixt bodies; 3-7. The sceptical chymist; 8. Producibleness of chymical principles ; 9. Pro

Cc 7-2973 ducibleness of spirits; 10. Sulphars; 11. Mer- Bradford, A. W. American antiquities and recury ; 12. Phlegm, or water; 13. Imperfection

searches into the origin and history of the red of the chymist's doctrine of qualities; 14. Doctrine of acidum and alkali: 15. Origin and pro

race. N. Y., 1841. 8°

Ci 2-4228 duction of volatility; 17. Origin of fixidness; Bradford, John. Writings. Ed. by A. Townsend. 18. Corrosiveness; 19. Corrosibility; 20. Chy

Letters, treatises, remains. Cam., 1853. 8o. mical precipitation; 21. Degradation of gold

Parker society made by an anti-elixir. Bk. VI., Chap. 1-3. Ex

Eg 12–16251 perimental philosophy; General idea of the

Contents.-Preface: Biographical notice; Letepitomy of the works of R. Boyle, to which are

ters; Meditation on the passion of our Saviour; added general heads for the natural history of a

Prayer on the ten commandments; Fragment on country. By R. Boulton.

St. John's gospel; Confutation of our Romish

doctrines; The hurt of hearing mass ; MeditaBoyle lectures for 1865. C. Merivale. Ef 11-13929 tion on the kingdom of Christ; Complaint of Boynton. C. B. English and French neutrality and

verity; Lines on affliction; Remains of bishops

Ridley, Hooper, and others; Reply of bishop the Anglo-French alliance in their relations to

Ridley to bishop Hooper on the vestment conthe United States and Russia. Cin., 1864. 8° troversy, 1550; Index.

Ca 9-2426 – History of the navy during the rebellion. N. Y.,

· Writings, sermons, meditations, examinations.

Cam., 1848. 8. Parker society Eg 12–16250 1868. 2 v. 8°

Cb 8-2709 Boynton, E. c. History of West Point and its mili

Contents.-Preface of the editor; Prefaces to

translations from Artopaeus and St. Chrysostary importance during the American revolu

tom; Preface to a translation from Melanchtion; with origin and progress of the United thon on prayer; Sampson to the Christian readStates military academy. N. Y., 1863. 8°

er; Two sermons on repentance, and on the

Lord's Supper; Godly meditations on the Lord's
Cc 2-2900

prayer, belief, and ten commandments, etc.; Boys' handy book of sports, pastimes, games and Private prayers and meditations; Five treatiamusements. L., n. d.

Gb 12–15514

ses: 1. The old man and the new. 2. The flesh

and the spirit. 3. Defence of election. 4. Boys' own book of natural history. J. G. Wood

Against the fear of death. 5. Restoration of
Dk 3–15490

all things; Ten declarations and addresses; Boys' play book of science. 'J. H. Pepper

Exhortation to the brethren in England; Four

farewells; Examinations and prison conferEa 5-10918

ences, 1855; Appendix ; Notes. Boyse, s Works. British poets Hf 1-12275

Writings. First American edition. Ph., n. d. Boz. Pseudonym of C. Dickens.

Ee 6-8079 Bozman, John Leeds. Sketch of the history of

Contents.-Brief account of the life of Rev. Maryland during the three years after its

J. Bradford ; Letters of Master John Bradford settlement; with a copious introduction. Bal., Sermons and tracts; Meditations and prayers; 1811

Cb 10-2784

Daily meditations.
Brace, Charles Loring. Hungary in 1851, with an Bradford, T. G., and S G. Goodrich. A universal

experience of the Austrian police. N. Y., illustrated atlas; geographical, statistical, and

Cg 9-3945 historical view of the world. B. 1842. to - The new west; California in 1867-8. N. Y., or,

Cab. A 4-15599 1869

De 6-5998 Bradford, Mrs. S. H. Lewie; or, the bended twig
Bracebridge hall._ W. Irving
Ha 8–10587

Fa 6-14686
Brachvogel, A. E. Beaumarchais; an historical Bradford, wm. Belknap, J. Account of
Fa 6–14672

Db 3–4895
Brachenridge, H. M. Voyage to South America, per- Bradford, Wm. J. A. Notes on the north-west, or

formed by order of the American government, valley of the upper Mississippi. N. Y., 1846 in 1817-18, in the frigate Congress. Bal.,

Cb 4-2653 1819. 2 v. 8°

Dg 1-11822 Bradish, A. Fine arts and art culture in the univerBrackett, A. G. Gen. Lane's brigade in Central sity of Michigan

Bh 5-Pam. 69 Mexico. Cin., 1854

Cb 7-2698 Bradley, E. (Cutlibert Bede.) Adventures of Mr. – History of the United States cavalry from the for- Verdant Green. N. Y., 1866 Fa 6–14693 mation of the federal government to 1863, - Nearer and dearer.

Fa 6-14682 with a list of all the cavalry regiments in the Bradshaw's continental railway guide for travelers United States service since the breaking out of through Europe. L., 1862

Ck 8-4559 the rebellion. N. Y., 1865 Cb 8–2722 Bradshaw's invalid companion. E. Lee Ck 8-4565 Brackett, G. E. Farm talk; a series of articles in Bradshaw's travelers' band-book to France, adapted

the colloquial style, illustrating various com- to all the railway routes. L., 1861 Ck 7-4583

mon farm topics. B., 1868 Ec 11-7790 Brady, John. Clavis calendaria ; or, a compendious Bradbury, John. Travels in the interior of America analysis of the calendar, illustrated with ecclein 1809-11. Liv., 1819. 8°

Df 5–5969 siastical, historical, and classical anecdotes. L.,
Braddon, M. E. Aurora Floyd

Fa 5-14664
1812. 2 v. 80

Ck 6–4503 - Dead sea fruit

Fa 5-14663 Brady, W. The kedge-anchor; or, a young sailor's
Doctor's wife

Fa 5–14658 assistant. N. Y., 1847. 8° Gb 11-9175
Eleanor's victory
Fa 5–14657 Bragelonne. A. Dumas

FI 11-15213 – Henry Dunbar, the story of an outcast

Brain. Spurzheim, J. G. Anatomy of the
Fa 5-14655

Ga 3-8743 - John Marchmont's legacy

Fa 5-14666 Winslow, F. Obscure diseases of the Ga 3-8742 - Lady Audley's secret

Fa 5-14661 - See Mind.

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Brainerd, D. Peabody, W. B.O. Life. S. A. B. v.8 Brees, S. C. Science pratique des chemins de fer. Fa 13-16114 Bruxelles, 1841. 4°

Gb 2-8856 Brainerd, T. Life of John Brainerd, brother of Bremer, Frederika. A diary

Fa 7-14780 David Brainerd, and his successor as mission- – Home; or, life in Sweden

Fa 7-14778 ary to the Indians of New Jersey. Ph., 1865 Homes of the new world; impressions of Ameri

Db 7-4989 ca. Trans, by Mary Howitt Df 7-6014 Brakelonda. See Jocelin.

– The neighbors; a story of every day life Bramleighs of Bishop's folly. C. Lever Fb 5–14385

Fa 7-14779 Bramley-Moore, W. The six sisters of the valleys. The president's daughter

Fa 7-14781 An historical romance. L., 1864 Fa 7-10590 – Life, letters and posthumous works. Ed. by C. Bramston, J. Autobiography. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 32 Bremer. Trans. by F. Milow, and E. Nonnen.

Ce 6–3323 Brand, c. Journal of á voyage to Peru; a passage Bremner, Robert. Excursions in Denmark, Norway,

across the Cordillera of the Andes in the win- and Sweden. L., 1840. 2 v. 8° Di 10-6824 ter of 1827, performed on foot in the snow; Brentano, Lujo. History and development of gilds, and a journey across the Pampas. L., 1828. 86 and origin of trade unions. 1. Origin of gilds;

Df 12-6172 2. Religious (or social) gilds; 3. Town gilds; Brand, J. Description of the Orkneys and Shetland. or, gild merchants; 4. Craft gilds; 5. Trade Pinkerton's voyages. 3. Df 1-5828 unions. L., 1870

Ba 7-15503 Brand, J. Observations on the popular antiquities Brewer,

T. M. North American oölogy. S.C. to K. of Great Britain; chiefly illustrating the origin Part 1, Vol. 2, Art. 2.

Ae 1-13486 of our vulgar and provincial customs, cere- Brewing. Art and mystery of making British wines monies, and superstitions. Arranged and re

Gb 5-9059 vised by Sir H. Ellis. L., 1849. 3 v. Ci

2–4241 Byrn, M. L. Complete practical brewer Gb 5-9056 Brande, W. Ť. Subject matter of a course of ten Brewster, A. M. H. Compensation; or, always a lectures on some of the arts connected with future

Fa 6-14692 organic chemistry; delivered in 1852. Ar- – St. Martin's. Summer

Fa 6-14690 ranged from the lecturer's notes by J. Scoffern. Brewster, C. W. Rambles about Portsmouth; L., 1854

Eb 3–7369 Sketches of persons, localities and incidents of Brande, W. T. and J. Cauvin. Dictionary of science, two centuries; principally from tradition and

literature, and art. N. Y., 1851. 8° Ad 6-13424 unpublished documents. Portsmouth, 1859. Brande, W. T. and G. W. Cox. Dictionary of sci- 8°

Cb 9-2729 ence, literature and art. L., 1865. 3 y. 8° Brewster, David. "Life of Sir Isaac Newton. N. Y.,

Dd 6-13432

Dc 7-5276 Brandschatzung. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10930 – Memoirs of the life, writings and discoveries of Brant, Joseph. Stone, W. L. Life of Ch 10-4178 Sir Isaac Newton. E., 1855. 2 v. 8° Brant and Brantigam in einer person. Kotzebue

Dc 8–5284 Hb 8–10935 The Stereoscope, its history, theory, and construcBrass and iron founder's guide. J. Larkin Gb 9-9137 tion, with its application to the arts. L., 1856. Brave Irishman. T. Sheridan Hb 1-10738

Gb 4-8941 Brave lady. Miss D. M. Muloch Fa 7-14275 – See Edinburgh encyclopaedia. Brave old salt. W. T. Adams

Fd 3–14251 Brewster, Wm. Belknap, J. Account of Db 3–4895 Brawnville papers; memorials of the Brawnville — Steele, A. Life and times

Db 5-4962 athletic club. Ed. by M. C. Tyler. B., 1869 Brian Boroihme. J. S. Knowles Hb 9-10959 He 5-12001 Brian O’Linn. Far.

Hb 10-10995 Bray, Mrs. A. E. Life of Thomas Strothard. L., Bribery. Cobbett, W. Sermons on Eg 8–8547 1851. Small 4°

Hc 3–13430 Brick and marble in the middle ages. G. E. Street Bray, W. Tour into Derbyshire. Pinkerton's voy

Ga 10-8881 Df 1-5836 Brick church memorial. G. Spring Cc 2-2892 Brayley, E. W. Delineations, historical and topo- Bridal, the. J. S. Knowles.

Hb 9-10954 graphical, of the isle of Thanet and the cinque Bridal eve. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff 7-14080 ports. L., 1817. 2 v. 80 Di 5-6677 Bride, the. J. Baillie .

Hb 7-10885 Brazil. Adalbert, H.W. Travels in Brazil Df 8–6044 Bride' of Lammermoor. J. W. Calcraft Hb 9-10963

· Agassiz, Louis. Journey in Brazil Df 12–6181 Bride of Lammermoor. Sir W. Scott Ff 9-14019 - Ewbank, T. Life in Brazil

Df 12–6170 Bride of Llewellyn. E. D. E. N. Southworth Fletcher and Kidder. Brazil and the Brazilians

Ff 7-14088 Ch 6-4109 Bride of Messina. 'Schiller

Hb 10–10978 Graham, Maria. Voyage from Chili to Brazil Bride's fate. E. D. E. N. Southworth Ff 6-14063 in 1823

Ch 2–3974 Bridgeman, Laura. Lieber, F. Vocal sounds of. S. - Hartt, C. F. Scientific results of a journey in C. to K. v. 2

Ae 1-13476 Brazil by Louis Agassiz and companions Bridgeman, Thomas. The young gardener's assistant,

Ch 6-16328 in three parts. 1. Vegetable department. 2. – Kidder, D. P. 'Sketches of residence and travels Flower department. 3. Fruit department. N. in Brazil Ch 6-4100 Y., 1865

Ec 6–7705 -- Nieuhoff, H. Voyages in 1640-9. Pinkerton's Bridgens, R. The antiquities of Sefton church, Tudor voyages. 14

Dg 1-5839 age of architecture. Plates. Cab. C 2-15610 Rockwell, C. Sketches of foreign travel Di 2-6605 Bridges. Merrill, W. E. Iron truss bridges for railStewart, C. S. Notices of Brazil. Dh 8-6531 roads.

Gb 2-8862 Three years in the Pacific. By an officer of the Bridgewater

, Mass. See Massachusetts. B. United States Navy

Dg 2–6103 Bridgewater treatises. Bell, C. The hand Ga 6–8387 - Warren, J. E. Para; or, adventures on the Ama- Buckland, W. Geology and mineralogy Ch 6-4109

Eb 4-7465 See Amazon and Amazons.

Kirby, W. History, babits, and instincts of aniBreach of promise. J. B. Buckstone. Hb 9-10969


Dk 3-8384 Bread upon the waters. Miss D. M. Muloch

Prout, W. Chemistry, meteorology and the funcFd 7-14511, and 14281 tions of digestion

Eb 3–7387 Breaking a butterfly. G. A. Lawrence Fb 3–14344 — Roget, P. M. Animal and vegetable physiology Breck, S. Ingersoll, J. R. Memoir Bh 5-Pam. 60

Ga 5–8375 Breen, H. Practical astronomy. Orr's circ. of the Whewell, W. Astronomy and general physics Sci. Ea 4-7170

Eb 9-8392

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