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ages. 9

Turner, Sharon. History of the Anglo-Saxons. P., Twiss, Richard, continued. 18 10. 3 v.

Cf 5-3567

horn-musick: The coquette; An old woman; – The history of England during the middle ages.

Romances; Maxims, apophthegms, etc.
L., 1825. 5 v.

Ce 2-16083

Chess; Translations; Draughts; Index to - The history of the reign of Henry VIII., compri

draughts; Chemical experiments ; Galvanism;

Natural courtship; Poetry; Kolf-grounds; Bil.
sing the political history of the commencement liard diagram; Two squares made into one;
of the English reformation. L., 1827. 2 v. 8°

Multiplication diagram; Ditto with a fraction;
Dd 4-16079

Musick; Final quotation. The modern history of England. Part II. The Twiss, Travers. Oregon territory, its history and history of the reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and

discovery. N. Y., 1846

Cb 11-2760 Elizabeth. L., 1829. 2 v. 8o. Cf 7–16081 Two admirals. J. F. Cooper

Ff 1-18953 - The sacred bistory of the world, as displayed in Two aristocracies. Mrs. Gore

Fb 14-15853 the creation and subsequent events to the Two b'hoys. Drama. C. Dance Hb 10-11001 deluge. N. Y., 1832

Ed 12-7993 Two baronesses. H. C. Andersen Fd 1-14120 Turners' companion, containing instructions in con- Two Bonnycastles. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-10994

centric, elliptic, and eccentric turning; also, Two buzzards. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-11000
various plates of chucks, tools, and instruments. Two can play at that game. Com. M. E. Pierron
Ph., 1851

Gb 5-9051
and A. Lafferriere

Hb 10-11002 Turning. Lathe and its uses

Gb 9-11833 Two connoisseurs. Com. Wm. Hayley Hf 2-12192 Turning tables. Gasparin, A. de. Treatise on Two Dianas. A. Dumas

Fd 11-16154 Ed 13-8001 Two drovers. Sir Walter Scott

Ff 10-14191 Turpin, F. R. IIistory of Siam. , Pinkerton's voy: Two eras of France. 11. De Normand Cg 5-3942 Df 1-5834 Two friends. D. Greenfield

Fb 15-14135 Turton, William. Manual of the land and fresh wa- Two friends. Drama. R. Lacy. Hb 9-10901 ter shells of the British islands. L., 1857

Two gentlemen of Verona. Shakespeare Hb 5–10634 Dk 11-7120 Two Gregories. Far.

Hb 10-10995 Tuscany: Crawford, M. s. Life in Di 7–6746 Two hemispheres. Otto Rupius

FC +14935 Pignotti, Lorenzo. History of Cg 8-3923 Two highlanders. James Hogg

Fd 5-16628 Tusculan disputations. M. T. Cicero Ha 1-10436 The two liturgies, A. D. 1549, A. D. 1552, with other Tuthill, Mrs. L. C. History of architecture from the documents set forth by authority in the reign

earliest times, its present condition in Europe of king Edward VI., viz: The order of comand the United States. Ph., 1848. 8

munion, 1548; The primer, 1553; The cateGa 10–8879

chism and articles, 1553; A catechismus breMerchant

Fe 13-15413

vis, 1553. Edited by Joseph Ketley. Cam., Tweedie, W. K. The early choice; a book for

1884. 8

Eg 13-16275 daughters. L., 1965 IIc 10-11268 Two lives." M. J. McIntosh

Fc 13-15092 Home; a religious book for the family. Spring- Two lives in one. By Vieux Moustache Fd 1+13902 field, 1867

Ef 5-8282 Two loves and a wife. T. Taylor and C. Reade – Lamp to the path ; or, the bible in the heart, the

Hb 9-10958 home, and the market-place. B., 1854 Et6-8320 Two marriages. Muloch

Fd 7-14379 Life and work of earnest men. Cin., 1864 Two months in the Tobique, New Brunswick. An

De 5-5223 emigrant's journal, 1851. L., 1866 Df 10-6129 Rivers and lakes of scriptiire. Cin., 1869 Dg 6–6:30 Two noble kinsmen. Beaumont and Fletcher Ruined cities of the east, viz: Ephesus; Sardis ;

Hb 7-10883 Petra; Gaza, Askelon, and Ashdod; Jerusa- Two paths. J. Ruskin

Hc 2-11083
lem; Caesaria; Tyre; Samaria; Hauran; Am- Two queens. Petit com. J. B. Buckstone
mon; Bozrah; Ba'albek; Antioch ; Palmyra;

Hb 10-10997
Babylon ; Chaldaea; Susa ; Nineven; Per Two thousand miles on horseback. J. F. Meline
sepolis; L., 1867
Ca 4-15484

Df 8-6074 Twelfth night. Drama. Shakespeare Hb 5-10634 Two years ago. C. Kingsley

Fc 14-15112 Twelve nights in the hunter's camp. Wm. Barrows Two years before the mast. R. H. Dana Dg 1-6412

DE 11-6168 Two years in Van Dieman's land. W. Howitt Twelve years of a soldier's life in India. W. S. R.

Dh 9-6549 Hodson

Dh 5–6478 Two years of school life. Mme. E. de Pressensé Twentieth annual report of the superintendent of

Fb 12-13033 public schools of the city of Syracuse, for 1868 Two years' residence in a Levantine family. B. Saint Syracuse, 1869. 8°

Bb 6-397

Dg 6-6335
Twenty minutes with a tiger. Får. J. B. Wright 'Twould puzzle a conjuror. Com. J. Poole
Hb 10-11003

Hb 10-10994 Twenty months in the Andes Df 12-6173 Twysden, Roger. "Certaine considerations upon the Twenty years after. A. Dumas

Fd 11-16150

government of England. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 45 Twenty years around the world. J. G. Vassar

Ce 6-3336 Dg 1-11836 Tyas, Robert. Flowers and heraldry; or,

floral en Twenty years in retirement. J. Blakiston

blems and heraldic figures combined to express

He 15-12152 pure sentiments, kind feelings, and excellent Twice told tales. N. Hawthorne

Fe 1-15186
principles. L., 1851

Ch 11-1217 Twice told tales. Far. J. P. Wooler Hb 10-11004 Tyerman, Daniel, and George Bennett, Journal of Twin rivals. Com. G. Farquhar Hb 1-10733 voyages and travels in the south sea islands, Twins. Com. Mr. Woods:

Hb 1-10729 China, India, between the years 1821 and 1829. Twisden, J. F. Planes, trigonometry, series, etc. Edited by I. Montgomery. B., 1832. 3 v. 8 Orr's Circ. of the Sci.. Ea 4-7173

Dy 3-6191 Twiss, Horace. Public and private life of lord chan- Tyler, John. "Life of, up to the close of the second

cellor Eldon, with selections from his corres; session of the 27th congress. N. Y., 184. pondence. Ph., 1814. 2 v. 8° Do 4-5175

Db 5-4955 Twiss, Richard. Miscellanies. L., 1805. 2 v. 8° Tyler, Robert. Death; or, Medorus' dream. Ne

. N. Y., He 15--12149 1813

Hf 11-12477 Contents.-Vol. I. On matrimony: The new

Tyler, W. s. The theology of the Greek poets. B. married couple; The rich blockhead: On trade;


Eg 3-8457 Retined senses; The inquisition; On calumny,

Tymms, W. R., and 0. D. Wyatt. The art of illumiprying, and meddling : Quarrels; Drunkenness; Daintiness and squeamishness; On the Russian

nating as practiced in Europe from the earliest







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Tymms, W. R., and 0. D. Wyatt, continued.

U. A. w.g. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938 times ; illustrated in borders, initial letters, and Ubaldo. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10932 alphabets, selected and chromolithographed Udall, N. Ralph Roister Doister Hb 3-10834 L., n. d. 89 Hc 4-11148 Ueble Laune. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10925 Tyndale, William. An answer to Sir Thomas More's Ugo Foscolo. See Foscolo, Ugo. dialogue, the supper of our Lord after the true Ugolino. J. B. Booth

Hb 9-10959 meaning of John VI., and i. Cor. XI., and Wil- Chr und die mandeltorte. Kotzebue Hb 8-10928 liam Tracy's testament expounded. Edited by Ulah, and other poems. A. T. Jones . Hf 12–12557

H. Walter. Cam., 1850. go Eg 12-16290 | Ullah, Neamet. History of the Afghans. Trans. Doctrinal treatises and introductions to different from the Persian by Bernbard Dorn. 2 parts portions of the holy scriptures. Edited by H. in 1 v. L., 1829. 4°

Cf 12-11842 Walter. Cam., 1818. 80 . Eg 13–16288 Ullman, C. Reformers before the reformation, prin- Expositions and notes on sundry portions of the cipally in Germany and the Netherlands. E., holy scriptures, together with the practice of 1855. 2 v. 80

Ee 9-11863 prelates. Edited by H. Walter Cam., 1849. Ulloa, Don Antonio de Voyage to South America, 8

Eg 12-16289 describing at large the Spanish towns, cities, See Tindai.

provinces, etc., on that extensive continent, unTyndall, John, and nineteen others. The culture dertaken, by command of the king of Spain,

demanded by modern life ; a series of addresses by Don George Juan and Don Antonio de Uland arguments on the claims of scientific edu- loa. Trans. from the Spanish by John Adams. cation, with introduction by E. L. Youmans. Fourth edition. L., 1806. 2 v. 80. Df 2-5865 N. Y., 1867.

Hc 8-11244 Ulloa, J. J., and A. Voyage to South America. Tyndall, John. Faraday as å discoverer. N. Y., 1868

Pinkerton's voyages.


Dg 1-5839 Dc 2–5099 Ulysses. N. Rowe

Hb 1-10734 – The glaciers of the Alps, being a narrative of ex- Uncle and nephew. Mrs. A. Opie Fa 13-14848

cursions and ascents, an account of the origin Uncle Jerry's letters to young mothers Hc 10–15548 and phenomena of glaciers, and an exposition Uncle Sam's palace. Emma Wellmont Fa 11-14799 of the physical principles to which they are Uncle Silas. J. S. Le Fanu

Fb 3-14346 related. B., 1861. 8°

Di 8-6772 Uncle Tom's cabin. G. L. Aiken Hb 9-10965 - Heat considered as a mode of motion; a course of Uncle Tom's cabin. H. B. Stowe Ff 11-14151 twelve lectures delivered in 1862. N. Y., 1863. Uncle Walter. T. A. Trollope

Fe 8-15305 Ea 3-7235 Uncommercial traveller. c. Dickens. Fa 10-15164 - Sound. A course of eight lectures delivered at Under the ban. L'Abbe Delson . Fd 5-14308

the royal institution of Great Britain. N. Y., Under the holly; a book for girls. By “a pair of 1867. go Ea 5-7236 hands." Ph., 1870

Fd 13-13909 Tyng, S. H. (Editor.) The four gospels; arranged Under the willows, and other poems. J. R. Lowell as a practical family commentary for every day

Hf 11-12468 in the year. By the author of " The peep of Under two flags. L. De Larame Fb 1-14320 day.” N. Y., 1853 Ad 4-13103 Undercurrents. R. B. Kimball

Fc 15-15099 Washington ; an exemplification of the principles Underground life. L. Simonin Gb 8-9103 of free masonry: an oration. N. Y., 1852 Undine. F. de la Motte Fouqué. Fa 15-14374 Bh 6-Pam. 13 Undine. G. Soane

Hb 9-10964 Tyngsborough, Mass. See Fox, C. J.

Une-fille d'Eve. Balzac

Aa 2-12543 Typee. Herman Melville

Fc 9-14989 Unfinished gentleman. C. Selby Hb 10-10997 Types of mankind. Nott and Gliddon Ch 9-4152 Ungarns Erster Wohlthater. Kotzebue Hb 8–10935 Typhaines abbey. Count A. de Gobineau Ha 9-10606 Unglucklichen. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10924 Typical forms and special ends in creation. J. McCosh Unholy alliance. W. G. Dix

Cg 1-3753 Ef 9-8374 Uniform des feldmarschalls Wellington. Kotzebue Typographia. J. Johnson Gb 5-16850

IIb 8-10937 - See Printing

Union college. Catalogue of officers and students, Typology of the scriptures. P. Fairbairn Ey 10-8604 1856

Bh 5-Pam. 76 Tyrtaeus. Elegies. "See Theocritus Ha 4-101191 Spencer, J. C. Argument in defense of E. Nott - See Idylls, and H42-10159

Bb 6–379 Tytler, Alexander F. Elements of general historv, Union pacific railroad.' Progress across the contiancient and modern. N. Y., 1819 Ca 3-2200

nent, 1868

Bh 5-Pam. 64 - Memoirs of the life and writings of the Hon. See Pacitic railroad.

Henry Home, of Kames. Second edition. E., , Unitarianism. Dewey, 0. Why am I a unitarian ? 1814. 3 v. 8° Dc 10-5331

Ef 5-8269 Tytler, Patrick F. History of Scotland, from the United Irishmen. R. R. Madden Dd 10-3369

accession of Alexander III. to the union. E., United service journal. A naval and military maga1864. 4 v.

Ce 12-16-21

zine. Jan., 1829 to Dec., 1866. L., n. d. – Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, with a view of the 112 v. 8°

Ge 13-10191 most important transactions in the reigns of United States. Administration of the governElizabeth and James I.; sketches of Burleigh,

ment. Essex, secretary Cecil, Sidney, Spenser, et al. · Address and messages of the presidents of the E., 1833

De 2-17602 United States, from Washington to Tyler. N. – Life ' of king Henry VIII., with biographical Y., 1843. Fourth edition. 8o. Bh 10-1619 sketches of Wolsey, More, Erasmus, Cromwell, - Jackson, A. Messages .

Ba 6-132. Cranmer, and other eminent contemporaries. Messages of the presidents of the United States to E., 1837

DI 2-17608 the two houses of congress, from the second Tytler, Patrick Fraser, and professor R. Jameson. session, 21th congress, 1836, to the third ses

Historical view of the progress of discovery on sion, 40th congress, 1835-9. W., 1836-69. 56 v. the more northern coasts of America, with

Bh 9-1622 descriptive sketches of the natural history of Message of the president of the United States to the North American regions, by James Wil- the two honges of congress at the commence.

and appendix containing remarks on a mont of the first session of the 16th congress. late memoir of Sabastian Cabot, with a vindi- | W., 1819. go

Bh 10-1620 cation of R. Hakluyt. E., 1832 . De 11-17608 - First session of 221 congress Bh 10-1621 Tytler, Sarah. Citoyenne Jacqueline Fe 12-15394 Speeches, altresses, and inessizes of the several - Huguenot family

Fe 13-15415 presidents of the United States, at the openings

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gress, 1850


11 v.

United States, continued.

of congress and at their respective inaugura-
tions, during the first half century of the union.
Ph., 1825. 8°

Bh 10–1618
Supplement to the statesman's manual Ba 5-95
Webster, Daniel. Diplomatic papers Ba 4-79
Acts and resolutions passed at the first session of

the 27th congress. W., 1841 Bh 6-Pam. 4 Acts and resolutions passed at the first session of

the 29th congress of the United States, 1846–47. W., 1846

Ba 6-118 Acts and resolutions of the second session of the

38th congress, begun on Monday, Dec., 5th, 1864, and ended on Saturday, March 4th, 1865. W., 1865. 8°

Ba 5-112 Acts and resolutions of the first session of the 39th

congress, begun on Monday, Dec. 7th, 1863, and ended on Monday, July 4th, 1864. W., 1864. 80

Ba 5-111 Acts and resolutions passed at the second session

of the 41st congress, begun Dec. 8th, 1869, and

ended July 15th, 1870. W., 1870 Ba 11-16733 - Acts passed at the second session of congress, beld at New York, 1790. Richmond, n. d. 1 v. 4°

Be 4-1042 Benton, T. H. Abridgement of debates Bd 1-663 Debates and proceedings in the congress of the

United States, with an appendix containing important state papers and public documents, and all the laws of a public nature, 1789-1837. W., 1834-1856. 70 v. 8°

BI 3-681-709, and 714–758 Directory for the first session of the 31st con

Bh 6-Pam. 6 Journal of the proceedings of the congress held in Philadelphia, Sept. 5, 1774. Ph., 1774. 8

Ba 6-140 - List of reports to be made to congress at the first

session of the 29th congress by public officers. W., 1845. 13 v. 89

Bh 12-1691 Reports of committees of second session, 2911 congress, 1846–47. W., 1816

Ba 6-117 Reports of committees of first and second sessions

39th congress, 1865–6. W., 1866. 8° Be 4-1041 Speeches, first session 29th congress. W., 1846

Bd 3–716 Speeches in congress, 1831–51. w., 1834–51. 6 v. 8°

Bd 3–710 - Senate. Senate documents, second session, 29th congress,

1847, and second session, 35th congress, 1858, to second session 39th congress, 1867. 55 v. 8°

Bg 10–1712 – Index to the reports of committees, first session, 36th congress, 1859. W., 1859. 2 v. 8°

Be 4-1033 Index to the reports of committees, second session, 36th congress, 1860. W., 1860. 89

Be 41021 Indexes to the executive documents of the senate

of the United States, for the first session of the 40th congress, and for the special session, 1867-8. W., 1868. 8°

Bf 4-13604 - Journal, from second session, ist congress, to first

session, 3d. N. Y. and Ph., 1790–93 Bg 1-1800 - Journal of the senate of the United States of

America, from 1858 to 1867. W., 1858–67. 10 v. go

Bf 5-999 - Journal of the executive proceedings of the senate

of the United States of America, from the commencement of the 1st to the termination of the 19th congress. W., 1828. 3 v.

Bh 11-1688 - Journal of the senate of the United States of

America from its first session, 1789, to third session of 13th congress, 1814 W., 1820–21. 5 v. 80

Bf 6-1044 From second session 16th congress, to first session of 18th, 1823. 4v.

Bf 6-1049

United States, continued.
Second session, 20th, 1828 .

Bf 6-1053
First session, 21st, 1829

Bf 6-1054 First session, 29th, 1845

Bf 6-1055 Second session, 29th, 1846 .

Bf 6-1056 - Journal of the senate of the United States of

America ; being the first session of the 40th

congress, 1867. W., 1867. 8° Bf 5-13614 - Journal of the senate of the United States of

America ; being the second session of the 40th congress, 1867-68. W., 1868. 1v. 8

Bf 5-13613 Miscellaneous documents of the senate of the

United States, 1858 to 1867. W., 1859-67. 95. 8o.

Bf 4-990 – Index to the miscellaneous senate documents

, second session, 40th congress, 1867—8. 8

Bf 4-13603 – Reports of committees first and second sessions 38th congress, 1863–5. W., 1865. 3 v. 8

Be 4-1037 Reports of committees second and third session 37th congress, 1861. W., 1861. 2 v. 8,

Be 4-1035 Reports of committees second session 35th congress, 1858. W., 1858. 8°

Be +1022 Reports of the committees of the senate of the

United States for the second session 38th congress, 1864-5. v. 1. No. 106 to 141. v. 2, 3, and 4. Conduct of the war. W., 1865. 45. 8°

Bt:-974 Third session 37th congress, 1862–3 Bf 3-978 Senate reports, first session 40th congress. W., 1868. 89

Be 4-13644
Second session

Be 4-13625
House of representatives.
The executive documents of the house of repre-

sentatives for the first session of the 40th con-
gress for 1867-8. W., 1868.


Bd 9-13388 – Index to the executive documents for the second session 40th congress, 1867–8. W., 1868. fe

Bi +-13605 Journal for 1789. N. Y., d. 40

Bg 1-1799 Journal from 1st to 13th congress, and 16th to 21st; also 29th to 39th.

28 v.


Bg 6-1451 - Journal of the house of representatives of the

United States, at first session of 16th congress, 1819. W., 1819. go

Bf 6-1013 - Journal of the house of representatives of the

United States; being the first session of the 40th congress begun and held at the city of Washington, March 4, 1867. W., 1867. 1 r.

Bg 7-13611 Second session

By 7-13612 A list of reports to be made to congress at the

second session of the 29th congress, by public

oflicers. W., 1846. 4 v. 80 Bů 10–16 Miscellaneous documents printed by order of the

house of representatives, 1858–1861. W.. 1859-61. 10 v. So

Bf 0-10) Miscellaneous documents of the house of repe

sentatives, 1861 to 1867. W., 1861-67. 11 v. go

Bf 5-1010 Miscellaneous documents of the house of repre

sentatives for the first session of the 40th congress for 1867–68. W., 1868. 4 y. 8°

Bf +-13599 – Miscellaneous reports, 1846. w., 1846. iv.

Be +984 Report of the committee on the affairs of Rhode

Island, Jan. 2, 1845. W., 1845. 8° Bd 10-683 - Report on the abstracted trust bonds, 1861. W.,

1861 – Reports of commitiees of 36th, 37th, and 38th

congresses, 1859-67, 18 v. 8° - Reports of house of representatives, first session, 29th congress, 1845. W., 1845. 8 v. 80

BL 12-1700


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By 5-1448

Bg 5-1390




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v. 1-4

United States, continued. – Reports of committees first session, 39th congress,

1865-6. W., 1866. 3 v. 8° Bg 5-1478 -- Reports of committees of the house of representa

tives for the first session of the 40th congress,

1867-8. W., 1868. 3 v. 8. Bf 3-13608 See Congress of United States. - Law. Dunlop, James. Digest of general laws

Ba 11-240 – Laws and resolutions relating to the direct and excise taxes, 1863

Bh 5-Pam. 58 - Story, J. Public and general statutes Ba 5-97 - Post office. - Report of P. M. general showing the revenues

and expenditures of the P. (. department from April 1, 1841, to June 30, 1844. W., 1845. 8°

Be 4-981 – Report of the P. M. general showing the number

of letters which passed through the post office during the month of October, 1845. W., 1846. 89

Be 4-987 - Report of the P. M. general for 1863-4 Be 5 1057 - Public lands. American state papers. v. 1-8

Bf 1-874 - General public acts of congress, respecting the

sale and disposition of the public lands, with instructions issued, from time to time, by the secretary of the treasury, and commissioner of the general land office, and official opinions of the attorney general on questions arising under the land laws. W., 1838. 2 v. 8°

Ba 11-238 - Laws of the United States, resolutions of con

gress under the contederation, treaties, proclamations, Spanish regulations, and other documents respecting the public lands. W., 1828. 80

Ba 11-241 - Report of the commissioners of the general land office for the year 1868. W., 1868. 8°

Bc 10-16732 Report of commissioners in reference to certain

reserved lands in St Stephen's land district, Alabama, April 22, 1846. W., 1846. go

Be 4-985 – Report of the commissioners of the general land

office for 1866. W., 1867. 8° Bb 12-481 - Court of claims. Reports from the court of claims, submitted to the

house of representatives, from second session, 35th congress, 1858, to third session, 38th, 1863. W., 1859-63.

80. Bf 7-1063 Government, politics, society. - The American statesman

Ba 5-107 – Benton, T. H. Thirty years' view Ba 4-81 - Bremer, F. Homes of ihe new world Df7-6014 - Brownson, 0. A. American republic Ba 4-88 - Calhoun, J. C. Works .

Ba 2-31 – Cooper, J. F. Notions of the Americans

Df 10-6134 – Dicey, E. Six months in the federal states

Df 8–6068 - Franklin, B. Works

Ha 7-10552 – Greeley, H., and J. F. Cleveland. Political textbook for 1860

Ba 5-101 – Gurowski, A. G. de. America and Europe

Ba 3-55 - Hamilton, A. Works

Ba 1-18 - History of congress.

Ba 4-78 - Hopkins, J. H. American citizen. Ba 6-146 - Jefferson, T. Works

Ba 1-5 - Laboulaye, E. R. L. Paris in America Df 7-6034 - Madison, J. Letters and other writings Ba 1-1 -- Papers purchased by order of congress

Ba 5-102 Marsball, John. Writings

Ba 4-72 - Sanderson, J. P. Republican landmarks Ba 5–105 - Seward, Wm. H. Works

Ba 2-40 – Toqueville, A. de Democracy in America

Ba 4-83

United States, continued. Van Buren, Martin. Origin and course of political parties

Ba 5-114 Webster, D. Works

Ba 2-25 Woodbury, Levi. Writings

Ba 2-37 Young, A. W. Introduction to the science of government

Ba 3-60
Barnard, H. Report, June 2, 1868 Bb 6-378
Schaff, Philip. Political, social, and religious

Ba 6–136 - Siljeström, P. A. Educational institutions of the United States

Hc 12–11339 Military and naval affairs. American state papers: Military. v.1-7.

Be 1-867 Naval,

Bf 1-873 - Boynton, C. B. Navy during the rebellion

Cb 8-2709 Bowen, A. Naval monumeni Cb 8-2714 Brackett, A. G. History of the United States cavalry

Ch 8-2722 Clark, T. Sketches of naval history Cb 8-2721 · Cooper, J. F. History of the navy

Cb 8-2711, and 2713 - Gardner, C. K. Dictionary of officers Ab 6–12660 Lawson, T. Statistical report on sickness and mortality, 1840

Gb 1-8827 McCall, G. A. Letters from the frontiers

Cb 5–3160 Message of the president of the United States com

municating the proceedings of the two courts of inquiry in the case of G. J. Pillow, Aug. 2, 1848

Bb 3-323 – Mordecai, Maj. A. Report on the military commission to Europe in 1855–56

Be 3-972 Official army register, 1870

Ck 9-16235 Peterson, C. J. American navy Cb 8-15524 Proceedings of the naval court martial in the case

of Alexander Slidell Mackenzie, including the charges and specifications of charges preferred against him by the secretary of the navy. To which is annexed an elaborate review, by James Fennimore Cooper. N. Y., 1844. 8

Bb 3-320 Punishments in the navy. Ex. doc. No. 51, 30th congress, second session. 8°

Ba 9-211 – Register of the commissioned, warrant, and volun.

teer officers of the navy of the United States, including officers of the marine corps, and oth

ers, 1863-5. W., 1863-5. 2 v. 80 Gb 11-9171 – Register of the commissioned, warrant and volunteer officers of the United States navy. 1870

Ck 9-16198 - Regulations for the uniform and dress of the army

of the United States, June, 1851. From the original text and drawings in the war department. Ph., 1851. 4°

Af 6-13576 Regulations of the army of the United States. 1857. N. Y., 1857

Gb 10-9151 Report of the secretary of the treasury in relation to armored vessels. W., 1864. go

Gb 11-9173 Report of the secretary of war in reference to the

strengthening of the fortifications at the outlet of lake Huron, called fort Gratiot, December 3, 1845. W., 1846. 8°

Be 4-984 — Report of the secretary of the navy, communica

iing a plan and estimate for the improvement of the navy yard at Pensacola, June 1, 1844. W., 1845.80

Be 4-981 Revised regulations of the army, 1861. Ph., 1861

Gb 10-9149 Semmes, R. Service afloat and ashore (Mexican war)

Cb 8-2715 Commerce and navigation. Annual report of the director of the bureau of sta

tistics on the commerce and navigation of the United States, for the year ending June 30, 1867. W., 1868. 8°

Be 5-13623

12 v.

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United States, continued.

Chamberlin, F. Commercial law . Ba 11-248
Moses, M. Commercial directory Ba 11-247
Winterbotham, W. Commercial view Cb 3–2569
Foreign affairs.
American state papers.

v. 1-6

Be 1-856 Andrews, J. D. Trade and commerce of the British N. A. colonies

Bb 12–478 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, late president

of the United States, and the attempted assassination of Wm. H. Seward, secretary of the state, and Fred. W. Seward, assistant secretary, on the evening of the 14th of April, 1865. Expressions of condolence and sympathy in

spired by these events. W., 1867 At 6-13484 American institute report

Bh 6-Pam. 19 Commercial relations of the United States with

foreign countries for the years 1863-67 inclusive. W., 4 v. 89

Bh 12–467 Commercial relations with letter of secretary of state, for 1864. go

Bb 10-428 - Same for 1862 .

Bb 10-427 Correspondence on Mexican affairs, 1865-7. 3 v.

Be 5–1089 - Diplomatic correspondence from the treaty of peace, 1783 to 1789. W., 1833-4. î v. 80

Bg 4-1362 Diplomatic correspondence from 1862 to 1867. W., 1862–7. 20 v. 8°

Bg 4-1369 Diplomatic correspondence, second session, 40th

congress. 2 v. 89. W., 1868 Bg 3–13606 Flagg, E. Report on the commercial relations of the United States, with all foreign nations

Be 3-905 Hatch, 1. T. Relations of the United States with Canada

Bh 5-Pam. 64 Letter of the secretary of state, transmitting a re

port on the commercial relations of the United States with foreign nations for the year ending September 30, 1867. W., 1868. go

Be 5-13622 - Letter of the secretary of state, transmitting a

statement of the commercial relations of the United States with foreign nations. W., 1859. 4 v. 4°

Be 3-968 Madisor, James. Message

Ba 6-125 Message of A. Lincoln on the present condition of Mexico, April 14, 1862

Ch 4 4034 Monroe, James. View of the conduct of the ex

ecutive in the foreign affairs of the United States

Ba 5-100 - Papers relating to foreign affairs, accompanying

the annual message of the president to the first session of the 38th congress, 1863. W., 1864. 8°

Bb 10-426 Remarks on a war with America

Bh 6-Pam. 6 Report on the commercial regulations of foreign nations. Pub. Doc. 80

Bb 10-423 State papers and public documents of the United

States, from the accession of George Washington to the presidency, exhibiting a complete view of our foreign relations since that time. B., 1817. 10 v. 89

Bh 11-1678 Statistics of the foreign and domestic commerce

of the United States. W., 1864. 8° Bb 12-480 Finance, industry, and resources. American bond detector

Bc 2-16696 American state papers.

Be 1-862 Bonynge, F. Future wealth of America Ba 6–139 Bristed, John. View of the resources of the United States

Ba 7-164 - De Bow, J. D. B. Industrial resources of the southern and western states

Ba 7-159 Reports of a commission appointed for a revision

of the revenue system of the United States, 1865–66, W., 1866. 89

Bc 1-485 Report of the commissioner of internal revenue

on the operations of the internal revenue system for the years 1863-4. W. 2 v. 8°

Bc 1-486

United States, continued. Report of the secretary of the treasury on the state of the finances, Dec. 3, 1845. W., 1846. go

Be 4982 Report of the secretary of the treasury on the

state of the finances, 1813–69. W., 1814-70. 19 v. 80

Bc 2-507 Report for 1870

Bc 2-17798 Report on mineral resources west of the Rocky mountains

Gb 11-9165 Trotter, A. Financial position and credit of the states that have contracted public debts

Be 2–16217 Wyse, F. America; its realities and resources

Dt 4–5929 Internal affairs. - Annual report of the secretary of the interior, 1867-68. W., 1868. 8°

Be 5-13619 - Report of the secretary of the interior, 1864-5

Be 5-1059 - Antiquities. · Haven, S. F. Archaeology of the United States S. C. to K. Vol. 8, Art. 2

Ae 1-1345 History, general. - Bancroft, G. History of the United States

Cb 4-2506 Bogart, W. H. Who goes


Cb 5-2706 Buckingham, J. S. America, historical, statistical, and descriptive

Cb 3-2,561 - Cobbett, Wm. Porcupine's works Cb 3-2572 Darby, Wm. View of the

Ci 4287 Douglass, Wm. Summary of British colonial history

Cb 2-15898 Davis, E. Half century of history Cb 5-2700 Frost, John. Book of the colonies Cb 4-2664 Goodrich, C. A. History

Cb 5-8705 – Grahame, James. History

Cb 42613 Rise and progress of

Cb 3-2587 Hale, Salma. History from settlement to close of the war of 1812-15

Cb 5-16576 Hall, James. Romance of western history

Cb 5-15296 Halliburton, T. c. English in America

Cb 4-2663 Hamilton, J. C. History as traced in the writ ings of A. Hamilton

Cb 42616 Hildreth, R. History of the United States

Cb 4-2618, and 2615 Hinton, J. H. History and topography

Cb 1-2472 Howitt, Mary Popular history Cb j-2702 · Knox, John. Historical Journal, 1757-60

Cb 1-2474 Lossing, B. J. History for families and libraries

Cb 6-2020 Mackenzie, Robert.' History: Cb 5-16719 Marshall, John. IIistory of the colonies

Cb 4-2639 Murray, H. llistory with illustrations of natural history

Cb 5-17609 Raumer, F. von. America and the American people

Cb 3-3586 Rochelle, M. Roux de. Etats-Unis d'Amerique

Cb 5–2699 Tanner, H. s. General outline

Cb 3-2559 Reminiscences of 65 years .

Cb 3-2590 Walsh, R. Appeal.

Cb 2-2533 Warden, D. B. Statistical, political, and histori cal account of

Cb3-2769 - Willard, Emma. Compendio de la historia de los Estados Unidos

Cb 5-3701 Winterbotham, W. View of the United States

Cb 3-2565 Territorial history. Albach, James R. Annals of the west Cb +2619 · Bradford, W. J. A. Notes on the northwest

Cb +2653 · Burnet, Jacob.' Noies on the early settlement of the north-western territory

Cb 42648 - Flint, T. Indian wars of the west Cb 42651

v. 1-5

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