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Tom and Jerry. Drama. W. T. Moncrieff

Topin, Marius. The man with the iron mask. Trans.

Hb 10-10999 and edited by Henry Vizetelly. L., 1870 Tom Brown at Oxford.' T. Hughes Fe 2-15202

De 5-16795 Tom Burke of " Ours." Charles Lever Fb &–14402 Topographer and genealogist. J. G. Nichols Tom Cringle. E. Fitzball Hb 9-10960

Ch 8-4009 Tom Noddy's secret. Far. T. H. Bayley Topographical dictionary of Great Britain. J. Gor. Ib 10-11004

Ab 8-12825 Tom Thumb the Great. Drama.' H. Fielding Topographical drawing: W. E. Worthen Hc 2-16728

Hd 13-11728 Toqneville, A. de. See Tocqueville.
Tomes, Robert. Panama in 1855; an account of the Torchlight. H. A. Olcott

Fa 13-14838 Panama railroad; with sketches of life and Tornadoes. Chappelsmith, J. Tornado near New character on the Isthmus. N. Y., 1855

Harmony, Ind. S. Ć. to K. Vol. 7, Art. 2 Ch 5-4083

Ae 1-13481 – War with the Southi; a history of the late rebel- Toronto mechanics’ institute. Thirty-fourth annual lion with biographical sketches of leading report. 1865

Bh 5-Pam. 52 statesmen, naval and military commanders, Torquato Tasso. Goethe

Hb 9-11627 etc.; continued from the beginning of 1864 to Torrey, John. Botanical report. See Report of exend of the war, by Benjamin G. Smith. N. Y., plorations, etc., v. 7.

Ae 4-13537 n. d. 3 v. 4°

Cd 3-16004 Flora of New York. Nat. Hist., N. Y.
Tomlinson, Charles. The chess player's annual for

Dk 13–13817 1856. L., 1856

Gb 12-9190 General description of botanical collections. See Cyclopaedia of useful arts; mechanical and chem- Report of explorations, etc. V. 4 Ae 4-13534

ical, manufactures, mining and engineering. - Observations on the Batis maritima of Linnaeus. L., 1854. 2 v. 8°

Ad 7-13450

S. C. to K. Vol. 6, Art. 3 Ae 1-13480 See Five black arts.

On the Darlingtonia Californica, a new pitcher Tommiebeg shootings. Thomas Jeans Fb 11-14636 plant from Northern California. S. C. to K. Tommy Fry and what he did in science. C. 0. G. Vol. 6, Art. 4

Ae 1-13480 Napier

Dk 3-14570 – Plantae Fremontianae. S. c. to K. Vol. 6, Art. 2 Tompkins, Daniel D. Letter to Archibald M'Intyre,

Ae 1-13480 comptroller of the state of New York, Oct

! Torrey, J., and Asa Gray. Report on botany. Uni30th, 1819

Bh 6-Pam. 1 ted States Ex. Ex. See Report, etc. Ac 4-13532
Jenkins, J. S. Life
Db 1-4880 Tour through Sicily and Malta

Di 6-6725
Tone, T. W. Memoirs written by himself: compris Tour to Prairie du Chien. C. Atwater Df 7-6040

ing an account of the rebellion of 1798, with Tourists guide to the upper Mississippi river, giving selections from his diary. Edited by W. T. W. the railroad and steamboat routes diverging Tone. L., 1827. 2 v. 80

Dd 10–5541 from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Dubuque, toTone masters. C. Barnard

Hb 10–16807 ward St. Paul and the falls of St. Anthony.
Tone masters. Jane Kingsford

Hb 10-10989
N. Y., 1869.

Ck 11-4623
Tonga islands. Mariner, W. Account of the natives Toussaint L'Ouverture (emperor of Hayti). A bi-

Dh 8-6516 ography and autobiography. B., 1863
Tongue of fire. W. Arihur:
Ef 7-4351

Da 11-4832
Tonna, C. E. Works; with an introduction by Mrs. Tower, Col. R. Appeal to the people of the state of
H. B. Stowe. N. Y., 1845. 3 v. 89

New York, in favor of the construction of the
HD 4-11482
Chenango canal

Bh 6-Pam. 30
Contents.- Vol. I. Personal recollections ;

Tower of London. W. H. Ainsworth Fd 3-15777 Osric, & poem; The rockite; Siege of Derry;

– Britton, J., and E. W. Brayley. Memoirs of the Letters from Ireland; Miscellaneous poems.

Ce 3–3246
II. Izram, a Mexican tale: Helen Fleetwood;
Passing thoughts; Flower garden: Poems on

– Dixon, W. H. 'Her majesty's tower Ce 5-3266 the peninsula war; Principalities and powers in Town and country.

Drama. T. Morton heavenly places; Second causes, or up and be

Hb 7-10956 doing. II. Judata capta; Deserter; Falsehood and truth; Judah's lion ; Conformity; The

Towne, P. A. Algebra ; adapted to the course of inwronge of woman.

struction usually pursued in the colleges and Osric, a missionary tale; with the garden and academies of the United States. Louisville, other poems. N. Y., 1846 . Hf 6-12316


Eb 10–7683 Tonquin. Baron, S. Description of Pinkertoit's · Arithmetic; adapted to the course of instruction voyages. 9

Df 1-5834 usually pursued in academies and common - Richard, J. l'Abbé. History of Df 1-5834 schools. Louisville, 1867

Eb 10–7579 Tony Butler. Charles Lever

Fb 6-14413 Intermediate arithmetic; for use in common Tony Lumpkin in town. J. O'Keeffe. Hb 7-10396 schools, etc. Louisville, 1867 Eb 10–7581 Too much for good nature. Far. E. Falconer

Mental arithmetic Louisville, 1870 Eb 10-5812

Hb 10-11005 Primary arithmetic ; for use in common schools, Too strange not to be true. 'Georgiana Fullerton

etc. Louisville, 1867.

Eb 10–7580 Fa 15–14361 Townsend, G. The new testament arranged in hisToo true, a story of to-day

Fd 13-13936 torical and chronological order; with copious Toodles. Drama

Hb 10-10995

notes. Revised by T. W. Coit. B., 1837. go Tooke, J. Horne. History, political and personal of

Ad 1-13188 the boroughs of Great Britain and the Cinque

- The old testament arranged in historical and ports. L., 1792. 3 v. 8°

Cf 5-3558 chronological order, in such a manner that the - Graham, J. Á. Memoirs

Dc 9–15533 books, chapters, psalms, prophecies, etc., may Tooke, Thomas History of prices and of the state

be read as one connected history, in the of the circulation from 1793 to 1839. L., 1838 words of the authorized translation. Revised

Ba 7-167 by T. W. Coit. B., 1839. 8°. Ad 1-13188 Tooke, Wm. View of the Russian empire during Townsend, G. A. Campaigns of a non-combatant,

the reign of Catherine II., and to the close of and his romaunt abroad during the war. N. the 18th century. L., 1800. 3 v. 8°

Y., 1866

Cd 1-3136 Cf 8-3633

- New world compared with the old; a description

of the American government, institutions, and Toplom, J. Chemistry made easy for the use of enterprises, and those of our great rivals at the

agriculturists. Ñ. Y., 1856 Ec 11-7800 present time, particularly England and France. Topics for teachers. J. C. Gray.

Hc 12-11347
Hart., 1870.80 :

Ca 9-2417

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Tools See Machinery

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cess. B.

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Townsend, M. A. Xariffa's poems. Ph., 1870 Travels, continued.

Hf 11-12502 Charles, Mrs. E. Wanderings over bible lands Townsend, T. Lost ship. F's s. D. v. 39

and seas

Dg 3–6205 Hb 9-10971 Clarke, E. D. Travels in Greece, Egypt, and the Townsend, V. F. Battle-fields of our fathers

holy land

Dg 2-6087 Fe 13-15410 – Coflin, C. C. Our new way round the world The Hollands : Fe 13-15409

Dg 2-6216 Janet Strong

Fe 13-15412

Dickens, C. The world here and there Dg 3-6209 - Temptation and triumph Fe 13-15408 Heine, H. Pictures of travel

Dg 3–6199 - Temptation and truth, with other stories

Hoppin, J. M. Notes of a theological student
Fe 8-15417

Dg 3-6190 Townsend, wm. c. Lives of twelve eminent judges of Langsdorff

, G. H. von. Voyages and travels the last and the present century. L., 1846. 2 v.

Dg 2-6212 8°

Du 3–5477 Lockman, J. Travels of the Jesuits Dg 1-16038 Contents.- Vol. I. Francis Buller; Lloyd Ken

MacGavock, R. W. Letters from Europe, Africa, yon; Richard Pepper Arden, lord Alvanley;

and Asia

Dg 3–6189
Alexander Wedderburn, lord Loughborougb; Vi. - Maundeville, J. The voïage and travaile
cary Gibbs: Edward Law, lord Ellenborough;
Thomas Erskine. II. John Mitford, lord Redes-

Dg 6–15786 dale; Sir Wm. Grant ; Mr. Abbott, lord Tenter

Moorcroft, w., and G. Trebeck. Travels in Asia den; Wm. Scott, lord Stowell; John Scott, lord

Db 5-6473 Eldon.

Over the ocean

Dg 3-6200 Toxophilus; shooting with the bow. R. Ascham

Pfeiffer, Ida. Lady's second journey round the HA 7-11577

world Toy. Drama. J. O'Keeffe

Dg 3-6183 Hb 7-10898

- S.

Prime, s. I. Travels in Europe and the east
Toy-shop. Far. R. Dodsley
Hlb 1-10738

Dg 3-6202 Trachiniae. Trag. Sophocles

Ha 2-10187 - Pumpelly, R. "Across America and Asia Trade. Twiss, R. Miscellanies. v.1 He 15-12149

Dh 2-6104 Trades' unions. Brentano Lujo. History of gilds Rockwell, c. Sketches of foreign travel Ba 7-15503

Di 2–6605 Tragedian. T. R. Gould

Hb 1-10740 Simpson, Sir G. Overland journey round the Tragedy. Voltaire. Discours sur la tragédie


Ig 2-6232
Aa 12-13240
Dissertation la tragédie ancienne et mod-

Thackeray, w. M. From Cornhill to Grand Cairo.

Dg 2-6233
Aa 12-13242
De la tragédie anglaise

Train, G. F. American merchant in Europe

, Asia

, Aa 12-13286 and Australia

Dg 3–6151 Tragedy of errors. M. L. Putnam Hb 11-11024 – Tyerman, D., and G. Bennett. Journal of travels Tragedy of Garbadue. Norton and Sackville

in 1821-9

Dg 3-6191
Hb 3-10834
Walpole, F. Ansayrii

Dh 3-6427 Tragedy of success. 1862

Hf 11-12467

Ward, M. F. Letters from three continents Tragic dramas from history. R. Buchanan

Dg 3-6188 IIb 12-16552 Warren, T. R.' Dust and foam Tragical history of Dr. Faustus. Drama. C. Marlowe

Dg 3-6308 Wilson, W. R. Travels.

Dg +6249 Hb 11-11016 Trail, W. Literary characteristics and achievements Travels and adventures of Monsieur Violet. Fred.

Wolff, Joseph. Travels and adventures Di 3-6425 of the bible. Cin., n. d. Ee 7-8100 Marryat

Fc 12-11319 Train, George F. American merchant in Europe, Travels at home, and voyages by the fireside, for the Asia, and Australia ; series of letters from

instruction and entertainment of young per: Java, Singapore, China, etc. N. Y., 1857

sons. Ph., 1816. 2 y.

Dg 7-6305 Dg 3–6184 | Travels in town. James Grant

Ce8_16220 Traitor. Drama. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10887 Travelyan papers prior to 1558. Cam. Soc. Pub. 5.67 Traits and traditions of Portugal. Miss J. Pardoe

Ce 9-16028 Trall, R. T. Tobacco; its history, nature, and ef

Cg 7–3877 Treason.' Erskine, T. Speeches against constructive treason

Bb 3-14984 fects. N. Y., 1854

Bh 6-Pam. 27
Transactions of the medical society of the state of Treasures of the earth. Wm. Jones

Pitman, Ben. Trials for

Bb 3-318

Gb 9-9143 N. Y., 1857–58–59–62–63–64-65. Alb. 7 v. 8° Treasury of the animal world. Wm. Anderson

Gb 1-8814 Transactions of the New York state homoeopathic Treasury of history and biography for the young

Dk 2-16614 medical society, 1863-64–65–66. Alb. 4 v.

Wm. Anderson

Ca 10–16616 Gb 1–8821 Treatise on the manufacture, imitation, adulteration, Transactions of the society for the promotion of the and reduction of foreign wines, brandies, gins, useful arts in the state of New York. Alb., rums, etc.; including “old rye” whisky, “old

Gb 3-8935 Transcendental gastronomy: A. Brillat-Savarin

rye Monongahela,” etc., based upon the French

system, by a practical chemist and experienced Ga 5-8716 liquor dealer. Ph., 1860

Gb 5-17631 Translators revived. A. W. McClure

Dd 2–5429 | Treatise on the origin and present state of silk manu. Transylvania. Paget, John. Remarks on

facture. Ph., 1832

Gb 6-9111 Cg 9-3942 | Tredgold, Thomas Trappers' guide. S. Newhouse

Practical essay on the strength Ga 8-8800

of cast iron, and other metals; containing prac. Trappers of New York. J. R. Simms Db 3-4904

tical rules, tables, etc., founded on a series of Trask, John B. Register of earthquakes in California, experiments. Edited, with notes, by Eaton from 1800 to 1863

. Bh 5--Pam. 65 Hodgkinson. L., 1860-1. 80 Gb 10-16521 Travel. Galton, F. Art of

Dg 7-16199 Practical treatise on railroads and carriages. V Traveller, the. 0. Goldsmith

Hd 2-11420
Y., 1825. 8°

Ga 12-8963 Travellers. Brightwell, C. L. Romantic incidents - The principles, and practice, and explanation, of in the lives of

Dd 1-14691 — St. John, J. A. Lives of celebrated travellers

the machinery of the locomotive and marine

engines. L., 1850. 2 v. 4° Gb 2-15631 Dd 1-3113 Plates

Gb 2-15031 Travels. ' Badia y Leblich, D. Travels Dg 11-6372 Trees. Bigelow, J. M.' Report on forest trees - Bryant, W. C. Letters of a traveller Dg 3–6194

Ae 4-13534


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Trees, continued.

Trials, continued. - Browne, D. J. The Sylva-Americana Ec 4-7674 Parker, T. Trial for “ misdemeanor," of a speech Clark, A. Gospel in the trees

Ef 5-8287
in Faneuil hall

Bb 3-8686 - Coleman, W.S. Popular description of English - Proceedings of the general court martial convened

Ec 3-7629

for the trial of commodore James Barron, - Coultas, H. What may be learned from a tree captain Charles Gordon, Mr. Wm. Hook, and

Ec 4-7667 captain John Llall, of the United States ship – Emerson, G. B. Trees and shrubs of Massachu- Chesapeake, in the month of January, 1808. 8° seits

Ec 1-7617
W., 1822

Bb 3-330 English forests and forest trees Ec 4-7672 — Remarkable trials of all countries, particularly Lorimer, Mary. Among the trees. Ec 4-7677 of the United States, Great Britain, Ireland,

Michaux, F. A. North American sylva Ec 1-7607 and France; with notes and speeches of counTrees, plants, and flowers. W. L. Baily Ec 3–7627

sel. Compiled by Thomas Dunphy, and Thos. Trelawny, C. T.C. Perranzabuloe; the lost church J. Cummins. N. Y., 1870. 8. BL 3-13631

found; or, the church of England not a new Robertson, D. Trials of Col. Burr Bb 3-333
church, but ancient, apostolical, and independ- Sheldon, James. Trial of the three Thayers
ent, and a protesting church nine hundred

Ce 3-2883 years before the reformation. L., 1868 Trials of an inventor. B. K. Pierce:

Da 9-4787 Ed 5-3230 Trials of temper. James llogg

FJ-16628 Trelawny, E. J. Recollections of the last days of Tribune almanac, comprehending the politician's regShelley and Byron. B., 1859 Dd 9-5592

ister, and the whig almanac. 1838-68. N. Trelawny, Jonathan. Strickland, A. Lives of the Y., 1868. 2 v.

(k 6-4501 seven bishops.

Ed 8-79:28 ' Tribune essays. C.T. Congdon. Ila 11-10656 Trelawny papers. Cam. Soc. Pub. v.5.) C'e 6–3346 Tribute to the memory of De Witt Clinton, being a Trembley, J. B. Annual meteorological synopsis for comprehensive sketch of his life, by a citizen 1866-7-8

Bh 5-Pam. 69
of Albany. Alb., 1828

Da 10-4821 Tremendous adventures of Major Gahagan. W. M. Tricolored skeiches in Paris during the years 1851 Thackeray

Fe 9-15324
2-3. N. Y., 1817

Di 6-6724 Tremenheere, H. S Political experience of the an- Tricotrin. L. De Larame

Fb 1-14321 cients, in its bearing upon modern times. L., Tried and true. Bella 2. Spencer Ff 12-14158 1852

Ba 3–61 Trigonometry. Airy, G. B. Treatise on Eb 10–7590 Trench, Francis. A walk around Mont Blanc. L., Lardner, D. An analytical treatise on plane and 1817. 89

Di 9-6799

Eb 10-7594 Trench, R. C. English, past and present. N. Y., 1835 Young, J. R. Elements of plane and spherical Ha 13-10713

Eb 10-7595 -Lessons in proverbs. N. v., 1853 la 13-10701 Trilobites. Burmeister, 11. Organization of of our Lord. ,

Dk 13-7600 8°

Eg 6–8597 Trimble, Isaac P. Treatise on the insect enemies of Notes on the parables of our Lord. n. Y., 1863. fruit and fruit trees. N. Y., 1865. 4° go Eg 6–8598

Ae 2–13504 – A select glossary of English words, used formerly Trimmer

, Joshua. Practical geology and mineralogy. in senses different from their present. N. Y., Ph., 1842. 8

Eb 4-7164 1859

Ha 13-10704 Trimmer, Mrs. S. Sacred history selected from the Studies in the gospel. N.Y., 1867. 8. Eg 6-8602 holy scriptures. Ninth edition, L., 1810. 5 v. - The study of words. N. Y., 1852 Ha 13-10710

Ed 12-7988 - Synonyms of the new testament; a course of lec- Trinidad. Carmichael, Mrs. Five years in tures addressed to the theological students,

Ch 7-4121 King's college, London. N. Y., 1854

Trinitarianism. Forrest, James Origin and pro

Eg 3–8144 gress of trinitarian theology Eg 11-8641 Same. N. y. 1864

Ha 13-10714 Trinity. Egar, J. H. Threefold grace Ef 8-2772 Trenck, baron Frederick. Life; containing his Trinity and a Christian. J. Bunyan Ef 3-8942

adventures and cruel sufferings during an im- Trip of the steamer Oceanus to fort Sumter and

prisonment of ten years. Ph., 1818 De 12-5891 Charleston, S. C.; comprising the incidents of Trenery, Gordon, O. L. Ġ. The city of the crescent, the excursion, the appearance, at that time, of with pictures of harem lite, 1851. L., 1875. 2 v. the city, and the entire programme of exercises

Dh 10-6510 at the re-raising of the flag over the ruins of Tressilian and his friends. R. S. McKenzie

fort Sumter, April 14, 1865. By a committee

Fc 11-11974 appointed by the passengers. Brooklyn, 1865. Trevlyn hold (same as Squire Trevlyn's heir). Mrs.


Dr 6-5979 H. Wood

Fa 12–14817 Trip to Calais. Drama. s. Foote Hb 7-10901 Trial. Com. J. Baillie

HD 7-10885 Trip to Scarborough. Com. R. B. Sheridan Trial of the constitution. S. G. Fisher Ba 4-73

Hb 11-11026 Trials. Amos, A. The great oyer of poisoning Triplet, J. Call at No. 1-7. F's M. D. v. 36 Bb 3–324

IIb 10-11004 Celebrated trials

Bb 4-16425 Supper in Dixie. F's M. D. v. 37 Ib 10–11005 - Criminal trials, illustrative of the tile entitled | Tripole. Badia y Leblich, D. Travels Dg 11-6373

" The heart of Mid-Lothian," published from – Capture and destruction of frigate Philadelphia the original record ; with a prefatory notice,

Bh 6-Pam. 37 including some particulars of the life of cap

Letters during ten years' residence in Ca 12-2597 tain John Porteous. E., 1818 Bb 3-332 Tripp, A. Crests from the ocean-world; or, experi– Erskine, T. Speeches against constructive trea- ences in a voyage to Europe. B., 1854 Bb 3-14984.

Di 4-6617 - Farrar, T. Dartmouth college vs. Wm. H. Tristram Shandy. See Laurence Sterne. Woodward. Bb 6–398 Tritogenea. G. Field

He 6-11203 - Howell, T. B. State trials Bli 8-1581. Triumph of beauty. J. Shirley

1 7-10891 Leland, T. C. Trial of Levi Hubbell Bh 3–331 | Triumph of peace. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10891 - Minutes of proceedings of the courts of inquiry Triumphs of temper. Wm. Ilayley Hf 11-12507 and court martial in relation to captain David Triumvirat. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13244
Porter, convened at Washington, D. C., July | Triumvirat ou la mort de Ciceron. Trag: Crebillon
30, 1825. W., 1825. 8°
Bb 3-329

Hb 2-10773


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Troades, the. Trag. Euripides. Ha 1-10457 Troy young men's association, continued.
Troil, U. von. Letters on Iceland, 1772. Pinker- - Annual report for 18650

Bh 5-Pam. 50 ton's voyages. 1

Df 1-1826 - Catalogue of the library. Troy, N. Y., 1859 Troilut and Cressida. Shakespeare Hb 5 106:35

Bi 2-2154 Trojan captives. Euripides

Hb 3-1048 Constitution and by-laws, 1853 Bh 5–Pam, 50 Trollope, Anthony. Barchester towers Fe 8–15399 Troyes, Jean de. Memoirs of Philip de Commines, Belton estate

Fe 7-15.)

lord of Argenton. Edited by A. R. Scoble. L., Bertrams,

Fe 7-15358
1855. 2 v.

Dc 6–5718 Can you forgive her?

Fe 7-15353 Truculentus, the churl.' Com. Plautus Ha 2-10464 Castle Richmond

Fe 8–15396 | True and the beautiful. J. Ruskin Hc 3-11115 The Claverings

Fe 6–15348 True, beautiful, and good. V. Cousin HC 6–11205 The commentaries of Caesar. L., 1870 Hd 9–16498 'True' born Englishman. D. De Foe Hd 7-11583 Doctor Thorne Fe 8–15398 i True manhood. W. Landels

Hc 10–11272 - Framley parsonage

Fe 7-15351 True Robinson Crusoe. C. Russell Di 4-16809 He knew he was right

Fe 7–15316 True stories from history. H. De Normand
Kellys and O'Kellys
Fe 8-15397

Cg 5-3842
Last chronicle of Barset
Fe 7-15350 True to the last. A. s. Roe

Fc 5-14913 Lotta Schmidt, and other stories Fe 8–153.55 True tragedy of Richard III.

Hb 3-10521 North America. Leip., 1862 . Df 11-14295 Trumbull, Benjamin, D. D. Complete history of Same. Ph., 1862

Df 9-6100 Connecticut, civil and ecclesiastical, from 1630 Orley farm

Fe 7-12137 to the year 1764. New Haven, 1818. 2 v. 80 Rachel Ray Fe 7-15356

Cc 10-3074 Small house at Allington

Fe & 15349 Trumbuli, h Clay. The knightly soldier ; a biograThree clerks

Fe 8–16360 phy of major Henry Ward Camp, 10th Con. Vicar of Bullhampton

Fe 7-15636

necticut volunteers. B., 1865 Db 544957 Warden .

Fe 7-15359 Trumbull, John. Poetical works, containing M'FinWest Indies and the Spanish main. X. Y., 1860 gal, a modern epic poem; the progress of

Ch 1-4130 dullness; and a collection of poems on various Same. Leip., 1860

Fe 7-15359 subjects. Hartford, 1820. 2 v. in 1 Hf 10–12435 See Taylor, Theodore.

- Autobiography, reminiscences, and letters from Trollope, Mrs. F. Belgium and western Germany in 1756 to 1841. N. Y., 1841. 8° Da 7-4731

1833 ; visits to Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden, Čas- – Lester, C. E. Artists of America Hc 3-11110 sel, Hanover, the Hartz mountains, etc., etc. Trumbull, J., sr. Stuart, J. W. Life of Db 844919 L., 1835. 2 v.

Di 11-6816 Trumbull, J. Hammond, Public records of the colo– Paris and the Parisians in 1835. N. Y., 1835. go

ny of Connecticut prior to the union with New

Di 6-6604 Haven colony, 1665. Hartford, 1850. go Trollope, Theodosia. Social aspects of the Italian

Cc 10_3065 revolution in a series of letters from Florence, Same, from 1665 to 1678. Hartford, 1852. go with a sketch of subsequent events up to the

Ce 10_3066 present time. L., 1861

Cg's-3935 Trumpeter's daughter. Far. J.S. Coyne Hb 10-11004 Trollope, T. A. La Beata Fe 8–15402 Trumps. G. W. Curtis

Ff 4-14006 - Beppo the conscript Fe 8–15401 Trunkenbold. Kotzebue

Hb 8-109:29 - Dream numbers

Fe 8-15403 Truran, W. The iron manufacture of Great Britain Garstangs of Garstang grange

theoretically and practically considered. ReFe 8–15404, and 17646

vised by J. Arthur Phillips and William H. -- Gemma

Fe 8-15400
Donovan. N. Y., 1863. 8°

Gb 8-9104 History of the commonwealth of Florence, from Trusedale, Pheleg van. Life and adventures of ma

the earliest independence of the commune to jor Roger Sherman Potter. N. Y., 1858 the fall of the republic in 1531. L., 1865. 4 v.

Da 9-4795 80. Og 8–3917 Truth. C. B. Tayler

Fe 12-15391 Lindisfarn chase

Fe 8–15304 Truth. Bailey, S. Essays on the pursuit of - Paul the pope, and Paul the friar. A story of an

Ha 11-10661 interdict. L., 1870 De 11-15639 Beattie, J. Essay on

Hd 13–11741 Trollope, Mrs. T. A. Life and adventures of Michael Essay on

. Bh 6-Pam. 20 Armstrong the factory boy Fe 8-15317 Fuller, A. Essay on

Ef 11-13987 Uncle Walter Fe 8–15305 Scott, T. Force of

Ef 7-8352 Tronson, J. M. Personal narrative of a voyage to Tucker, H. H. Truth in the concrete Ef 10-8411

Japan, Kamtschatka, Siberia, Tartary, and Truths for the day of life and the hour of death. coast of China. L., 1859. 8° Dg 2–6215

James Grant

Ef 6–8325 Tropical fibres. E. G. Squier

Ec 4_7668 Tryall and conviction of count Tariff. J. Addison Tropical sketches. W. Knighton Dh 8-6518

Hd 4-11499 Tropical world. G. Hartwig

Dk 4-6921 Trying it on." Far. w. Brough Hb 10-11001 Trotter, Alexander. Observations on the financial Tschudi, J. J. von. Travels in Peru, during the

position and credit of such of the states of the years 1838–42, on the coast, in the sierra, acNorth American union as have contracted cross the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the

public debts. L., 1839. 80 Bc 2-16217 primeval forests. 2 parts in 1 v. N. Y.,1847 Trotter, John Bernard.' Memoirs of the latter years

Df 12-11844 of Charles James Fox. Bal., 1812. 8° Tubber Derg.' Wm. Carleton

Ff 4-14035 Dc 9-15531 Tucker, Miss C. Claudia

Fe 11-12454 Trotting horse of America. II. Woodruff Ga 8-8789 - Cyril Ashley

Fe 11-16766 Trowbridge, J. S. Biographical sketch of the late Hebrew heroes

Fe 12-15358 Josiah Trowbridge. Buf., 1869 Bh 5-Pam. 63 Shepherd of Bethlehem .

Fe 12-15387 Trowbridge, J. T. Martin Merrivale . Fe 12–15405 Tucker, Geo. The devoted bride Fe 13-15406 Neighbor Jackwood

Fe 12-15393 Life of Thomas Jefferson. L., 1837. 2 v. 8° Neighbor Jackwood. Drama. Hb 9–10970

Da 5-4633 Neighbor's wives

Fe 12-15392 - Theory of money and banks investigated. B., Trow's New York city directory. H. Wilson

1839. 80

Bc 1-502 Ck 2-4432 Tucker, St. George. Dissertation on slavery, with : Troy young men's association. Annual

report, 1845.

proposal for its gradual abolition in Virginia. Bh 6-Pam. 5 Ph., 1796

Bb 7-417

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Tucker, Henry H. Gospel in Enoch; or, truth in Turenne, Marshal. See Henry de la Tour d'Auverne.

the concerte; a doctrinal and biographical Turf. Whyte, J. C. History of the British turf
sketch. Ph., 1869
Ef 10-8411

Ga 8-8787 Tuckerman, H. T. Book of the artists; American See Horses and horsemanship.

artist life, with an account of notable pictures Turgenet, Ivan Sergheievitch. Fathers and sons.
and private collections. N. Y., 1867. 8°

Trans. from the Russian by E. Schuyler
Hc 4-11146

Fe 13-15411

Turk and the Greek. S. G. W. Benjamin Di 4-16141
Contents. - EARLY

Turkey. History.
Pratt-Wright-Charles Wilson Peale-Dunlap

Jacob, S., et al. Ottoman empire
-Fulton-Sargent-Jarvis, Fraser-Frothing-

Cf 11-3709 ham — Rembrandt Peale - Harding – Newton

- Khalifeh, Haji. History of the maritime wars of -Neagle-Waldo-Alexander-Fisher-Ames

the Turks

Cf 12-15575
Jouet-Ingham. Copley; Trumbull; West;

Lamartine, A. de. History of Cf 11-3710
Stuart; Malbone; Vanderlyn ; Allston; Sully;
Morse; Leslie; Durand; W. E. West; Weir;

Travels and description.
Chapman: Cole; Inman,
Greenough; Powers

Andrews, M. Series of views Af 5-13566
Page; Elliot; Crawford ; Huntingdon; Leutze;

Badia y Leblich, D. Travels
Brown; Palmer; Church ; Bierstadt. PORTRAIT-

Dg 11-6372

Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the Greek URE, GENRE, AND HISTORICAL PAINTERS:-Jocelyn-Oliver Stone-Agate-Healy-Ver Bryck

Dh 10-6578 Fink — Flagg Jared B. Flag Woodville

Davy, John. Remarks on

Di 4-6628 - Edmonds -- Freeman Latilla Mount Glass Catlin - Kellogg - Deas -- Cheney

De Kay, J. E. Sketches

Dh 10–6566 Duggan - Rowse Ranney Matteson

Dorr, B. Notes of travel

Dg 5–6277 Lang - - Rossiter - J. H eard Rothermel

Howe, F. Oriental scenes - Edwin White - Le Clear – Gray - Staigg

Dg 5-6266 Hunt-Lambdin -- Terry-- Vedder - Hennessy

- Leech, H. H. Letters from

Dg 6-6341 - Boughton--C. C. Coleman-Powell-Ames

MacFarlane, C. Kismet; or, the doom of TurWenzler-Read-Cranch - Ehninger - Hicks


Cf 11-3713 Eastman Johnson, Darley-- Phillips- Carpen

- Madden, R. R.' Travels in 1824-7 ter-Furness-Hall- Dana- Hoppin-Tiffany

Dh 10–6568 Whistler-Wilde- Bellows-- Blauvelt- Benson

Neale, A. Travels

Di 1-6565 -J. G. Brown--Walter Brown-J. F. Weir

Quinn, M. J. Sketches of

Di 10-6815

Saint John, Bayle. The Turks in Europe
son-Guy-Homer - Forbes — Copeland - Fal-
coner-Butler-Gould-Nehlig-J. O'B. Inman

Di 3-6659
-Yewell-Julian Scott-Mayer-Genin-Bing-

Slade, A. Turkey and the Turks

Dh 10-6572 ham-Audubon-Tait-Bispham-Brackett--W.

Records of travel
H. Beard-May-Wight. LANDSCAPE PAINT-

Dh 10-0555
ERS:- Doughty - Gignoux - Kensett - Whit-

Slave provinces. tredge-Russell-Smith-Casilear -- Hubbard

Ranke, L. History

CI 8-3632
W. T. Richards-T. A. Richards--Gifford-In-

Turkish baths. See Baths
Dess-- Cropsey-Suydam-Wenzler - Heade -
McEntee-w. Hart-J. M. Hart- Birch-Sal. Turkoman desert. Vámbéry, A. Across, in 1863
mon-R. Bonfield-De Haas-Dix-Warren-

Dh 6-6499
Bradford - Haseltine-Williamson - Bristol

Turn him out. Far. T. J. Williams

Ilb 10-11005
Tilton- Colman-Shattuck- Griswold --Gay-
Mignot - Hamilton - Brevoort - Sontag - Bel-

Turnbull, D. French revolution of 1830, the events lows-Cole-Ropes-Thorndike-Ruggles-Mo.

which produced it, and the scenes by which it ran-Hotchkiss. SCULPTORS, FOREIGN :-Rush

was accompanied. L., 1830. 8° Čg 5–15920 Frazee-Augur-Hart- Brown - Story- Ball --Ward -- Ives - Mills- Dexter-Volk- Mozier

- Travels in the west. Cuba, with notices of Porto Randolph Rogers - Rhinehardt -- R. S. Green

Rico, and the slave trade. L., 1840. 8° ough-Jackson-Rimmer-Thompson-- Rogers

Ch 7-4110 - Veade - Hereltine --- Connolly Brackett

Turnbull, Peter Evans. Austria ; narrative of travGould-Millmore, FEMALE SCULPTORS :- Harriet Hosmer-Emma Stebbins-Margaret Foley

els. L., 1840. 2 v. 8°

Cg 9-3954 -Edmonia Lewis- Mrs. Freeman-Anne Whit- Turnbull

, Robert. Christ in history; or, the central ney-Clevenger---Bartholomew-Akers.

power among men. B., 1854

Eg 4–8463 America and her commentators, with a critical

– World we live in; or, the home and foreign travsketch of travel in the United States. N. Y.,

eler; being a survey of the principal countries 1864. 8

Cb 2-2534

in the world, with notices of distinguished men, - Essays, biographical and critical; or, studies of

etc. Hart., 1852. 8°.

Ca 9-2427 character. B., 1857. 8°

Dd 1-5385 Turned head. Far. G. A. A'Beckett' Hb 10-11002
Contents.-George Washington; Lord Ches. Turner, Edward. Elements of chemistry; including
terfield; Daniel Boone: Robert Southey; Sir
Kenelm Digby; Jacques Lafitte; Edmund

the recent discoveries and doctrines of the Kean; Theodore Körner: Robert Fulton; John

science, with notes by F. Bache. Ph., 1835 Constable; Chateaubriand; Francis Jeffrey ;

Eb 3-7373 Roger Williams; Richard 'Savage; De Witt

Turner, F. Strickland, A. Lives of the seven bishops Clinton; Jenny Lind; George Berkeley ; Gia. como Leopardi: Daniel De Foe; John James

Ed 8-7928 Audubon, Laurence Sterne; Massimo D'Azeg. Turner, 'o. History of the pioneer settlement of lio; Sydney Smith; C. B. Brown; Sir David

Phelps and Gorham's purchase, and Morris'
Wilkie; Joseph Addison ; Governeur Morris;
Silvio Pellico; Thomas Campbell; Benjamin

reserve; to which is added a pioneer history Franklin.

of Ontario, Wayne, Livingston, Yates, and AlMemorial of Horatio Greenough. N. Y., 1853

legany; with sketches of the war of 1812. Da 10-4814 Rochester, 1852. 8°

Cc 3-2872 The Optim ist: N. Y., 1850

He 14-12113 History of the pioneer settlement of Phelps and Tudor, Henry. Tour in North America, comprising Gorham's purchase, and Morris' reserve; em

Mexico, with an excursion to the island of bracing the counties of Monroe, Ontario, Liv-
Cuba. L., 1834. 2 y. 8°

Df 8-6059 ingston, Yates, Steuben, Wayne, Allegany, OrTuflongbo and little Content. H. Parr Fb 13-16606 leans, Genesee, and Wyoming, with suppleTumble-down Dick. Drama. H. Fielding

ment of pioneer history of Monroe county. Hd 13-11730 Rochester, 1851 .

Cc 3-2851 Tunneling. Simms, F. w. 'Practical tunneling Pioneer history of the Holland purchase of western

Gb 2-16466 New York, and history of pioneer settlement Tupper, M. F. An author's mind; the book of under the auspices of the Holland company. title pages. Ph., 1847 He 1-11780 Buf., 1850. 8

Cc 5-2887 - Probabilities; an aid to faith. N. Y., 1847 Turner, Samuel. Account of an embassy to the court

He 1-11780 of the Teshoo Lama in Tibet, containing a nar. - Proverbial philosophy ; a book of thoughts and rative of a journey through Bootan and part of arguments. N. Y., 1845 Hf 9-124061 Tibet. L., 1800. 4°

Cb 1-2456

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