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Theatre, continued.

Theology, continued.
Kelley, M. Reminiscences of the king's theatre — Tyler, W. S. Theology of the Greek poets
Hb 4-13778

Eg 3-8457 - Logan, Olive. ·Apropos of women and theatres

Hb 11-11025 - Bell, C. The hand

Ga 6-8357 -- Before the foot-lights

Hb 11-15769 Brougham, H. Discourse on natural theology German theatre Hb 8-10941

Ef 9-8383 - Greek tragic theatre Hb 3-10849 The above, with dialogues on instinct

, strucSkottowe, A. Essays on the ancient theatre

ture of cells of bees, and on fossil osteology Hb 6–10857

Ef9-8383 See Actors ; Drama; Stage.

Buckland, w. Geology and mineralogy Theatre of the empire of Great Britain. J. Speed

Eb 4-7465 Ca 1-2171 Burr, E. F. Pater mundi

Ef 9-8379 Thebes. 'Wilkinson, I. G. Description of Ck 7-4589 Bushnell, H. Moral uses of dark things Ef 9–8391 Theed, M. F. What she did with her life. L., 1870

Butler, J. Analogy of religion

Ef 9-8388 Fe 10-16830 Cheever, G. B. Voices of nature Ef 9-8382 Theism. Parker, T. Sermons of

Eg 9–8565 - Cooke, J. P. Religion and chemistry Eb 2–7394 Thompson, R. A. Christian theism Eg 2–8430 - Davies, T. A. Answer to H. Miller Eb 5-8359 Theller, E. A. Canada in 1837–8, showing by histor- - Dick, T. Christian philosophy Ef 9-15554

ical facts, the causes of the late attempted revo- - Gosse, P. H. Life in all its forms Er 9-8377 lution, and of its failure, with the personal ad- - Harris, J. Pre-Adamite earth

Ea 8-7311 ventures of the author and others who were Hitchcock, E. Religion of geology Eb 5-7505 connected with the revolution. Ph., 1841. 2 v. McCosh, James, and Dickie, G. Typical forms and Ch 3–4024 special ends in creation

Ef 9-8374 Thema coeli . ' F. Bacon. Works. v. ii Hd 1-11393

McDonald, J. S. Vital philosophy Et 9-16801 Theobald, Electra. Trag.

Hb 1-10732 Miller, H. Foot-prints of the creator Eb 5-8391 Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus. Idyllia, epigrams, Testimony of the rocks

Eb 5-8390 and fragments, and the elegies of Tyrtaeus. Molloy, G. Geology and revelation Ef 5-10154 Trans. by Richard Polwhele. Chis., 1822

Murphey, J. Creation

Ef 9-8378 Ila 4-10419 Paley, W. Works .

Ef 2-8121 See Idylls, and

Ha 2-10459 Prout, Wm. Chemistry, meteorology, and the Theodore; or, the skeptic's conversion. W. M. L.

functions of digestion, with reference to natDe Wette

Eg 10–8629
ural theology

Eb 3-7387 Theodoret. History of the church from A. D., 322, — Roget, P. M. "Animal and vegetable physiose to the death of Theodore of Mopsuestia, A. D.,

Ga 5-8375 427, and Evagrius; history of the church from Taylor, G. Indications of a creator Eg 2-8441 A. D., 431 to 594. Trans. from the Greek, Wallace, W. C. The eye, with reference to natwith memoirs of the authors. L., 1864

ural theology

Ga 6-8356 Ed 3-7837 Whewell

, W. Astronomy, with reference to natTheodosius. Trag. n. Lee Hb 1-10730 ural theology

Eb 9-8392 Theognis; a lamp in the cavern of evil. By Catius See Astronomy; Bridgewater treatises ; ChrisJunior,

He 6–11981 tianity ; Cosmology; Creation ; Geology ; Man. Theognis. See Hesiod.

Pastoral. Theoklesia. J, P. Labagh

Ee 2-8034 Shedd, W. G. T. Homiletics and pastoral theTheology. Cyclopaedias and Dictionaries.


Ef 8-8260 Buck, c. Theological dictionary Ad 1-13187 - Vinet, A. Theory of the evangelical ministry - Edwards, B. B. Encyclopaedia of religious knowl

Ef 8-8263 edge

Ad 1-13184 Philosophical - Hook, W.F. Church dictionary : Ad 1-13200 - Armstrong, G. D. Theology of Christian experi- Darling, James. Cyclopaedia bibliographica

Ef 11-13937 Ad 1-13196 --Blaikie, A. The philosophy of sectarianism Kitto, J. Cyclopaedia of biblical literature

Ef 5-8268 Ad 1-13198 – Burton, w. Origin, uses, and remedies of evil MacClintock, J., and J. Strong. Cyclopaedia

Ef 7-8365 Ab 2-16236 Butler, J. Analogy of religion Ef 10-S414 Historical.

Cobbe, F. P. Dawning light

Ee 12–8185 Baird, R. Religion in America Ed 10_7970 Cudworth, R. Intellectual system HC 8-11232 · Baring-Gould, S. Origin of religious belief

- Denominational reason why

Ed 11-13725 Eg 3–11247 - De Quincey, T. Essays .

Hd 2-11434 Benedict, D. History of the Baptist denomina- Frothingham, E. L., and A. . Ontology, theoltion

Ed 10–11809 ogy, and psychology made one. Hc 6-11198 - Child, L. M. Progress of religious ideas

Garbeit, E. "The dogmatic faith Ef 7-8336 Eg 3–13984 James, H. The nature of evil

Ef 6-8314 Evans, J. Sketch of the denominations of the Manning, H. E. Reason and revelation world. Ed 11-7958

Ef 10-8414 — Forrest, J. Origin of trinitarian theology

Müller, Max Chips from a German workshop Eg 11-8641

Ef 10-8406 Hagenbach, K. R. History of doctrines Eg 3-8450 Renan, E. Studies of religious history Eg 3-8454 Hequembourg, C. L. Plan of the creation

Squier, M. P. Reason and the bible

Eg 2-8436 Eg 3–8458 Taylor, I. Spiritual despotism Ef 10_8410 Muhleisen, J. Genuine and spurious religion See Christianity; Philosophy; Skepticism.

Eg 3–8452

Systematic Neander, A. History of Christian dogmas

Auberlen, C. A. The foundations of our faith Eg 3–7983

Ef 10-8109 – Parker, Joel. Denominations of the United States Ballou, M. The divine character vindicated Ed 10-7969

Ef 8-9631 Rupp, J. D. History of the religious denomina- Beecher, C. Investigation of the atonement tions of the United States Ed 10–7978

Ef 5-8277 Shedd, W. G. T. History of Christian doctrine Beecher, C. Concord of ages

Ef 83398
Eg 3–8455
Conflict of ages.

ET 8-8101



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Theology, continued

Theology, continued. - Bellows, H. W. Restatement of Christian doc- Warner, Susan. The law and the testimony trine Eg 9-8563

Eg 6–8582 – Bushnell, H. The vicarious sacrifice Eg 4-8461 Educational. - Eadie, John. The divine love

Ef 7-8344 Barnes, G. S. Ilustrative gatherings for teachers - Egar, J. H. Three-fold grace of the holy trinity

Eg 7–8493 Ef 8-2772

Collected Works. – Goodie, F. The better covenant Ef 7-8342 Baxter, R. Works.

Ef 1-8187 – Jenkyn, T. W. Extent of the atonement

Bunyan, J. Works

Ef 1-8194 Ef 8-8304 Chalkley, T. Collection

Ef 2-8224 – Malcom, H. Extent and efficacy of the atonement Chalmers, T. Works

Ef 2–8223 Ef 8-8394 Channing, W. E. Works Ef 3–8232, and 82:37 – Pretyman, G. Elements of Christian theology Chillingworth, W. Works

Ef 1-8202 Ef 8-8397 Edwards, J. Works

Ef 2-8209 - Smith, G. The barmony of the divine dispen- Fuller A. Principal works

Ef 3-8250 sations. Eg 9-8633 Hall, R. Works

Ef 3-8579 – Walker, J. B. Doctrine of the holy spirit

Hasted, F. Writings

Er 2-8225 Ef 8-15982 Hooker, R. Works

Ef 1-8200 The living questions of the age Ef 8-15983 Leighton, R. Works

Eg 6-8581 - Watson, R Theological institutes Eg 2–8422 Paley, W. Works

Ef 2-8421, and 8213 - Exegetical.

Taylor, J. Works

Ef 1-8191 - Alexander, J. A. Acts of the apostles explained Tillotson, J. Works

Eg 1-8560 Eg 7-8528 Wesley, J. Works

Ef 2-8227 Isaiah translated and explained Eg 7-8526 See, also, Ante Nicene Christian library ; Exeter Gospel of St. Mark explained Eg 7-8522

hall lectures ; Library of the fathers; Works The Psalms translated and explained

of the English puritan divines.

Eg 7-8523 Theology of Christ from his own words. J. P. - Barnes, A. Notes on the acts of the apostles


Eg 4-16544 Eg 7-8502 Theophrastus. Characters of; an English translation Notes on the book of Daniel Ey 7-8516

from a revised text, by R. C. Jebb. L., 1870 Notes on the book of Isaiah Eg 7-8512

Ha 4-15501 Notes on the epistles of James, Peter, John Theophilus. Writings of. A. N. c. 1. v. 3 and Jude Eg 7-8510

Ef 4-8259 Notes on the book of Job Ey 7-8514 Theory of agreeable sensations. Trans. from the Notes on the first epistle of Paul to the Corin- French. L., 1849

lic 10-13793 thians.

Eg 7-8509 Theory of the firmament. F. Bacon. 'Works. v. 15 Notes on the second epistle of Paul to the Cor

Hd 1-11397 inthians, and the epistle to the Galatians Theory of natural selections. A. R. Wallace Eg 7–8.504

Dk 2-15500 Notes on the epistles of Paul to the Ephesians Therapeutics. Morgan, c. E. Electro-physiology Philippians, and Colossians Ey 7-8508 and therapeutics

Gä 4-8692 Notes on the epistle to the Romans Ey 7–8507 Nettel, Wm. B. Galvano-therapeutics Ga 4–17551 Notes on the book of revelations Ey 7-8506 Therese. J. H. Payne

Hb 9-10958 Notes on the epistles to the Thessalonians, to Thermometer. See Library of useful knowledge Timothy, to Titus, and to Philemon

Ea 5-7241 Eg 7-8505 Thesaurus of English words. P. M. Roget – Bethune. ' Lectures on the Heidelberg catechism

Ac 2-11768 Ey 6-8593 Thesmophoriazusae. Com. Aristophanes Ila 2-10491 Bush, G. Notes on the book of Exodus Eg 728520 Thessalonians. Auberlen, C. A. Paul to the Notes on the book of Joshua Eg 7-8518

Ad 3-13368 Notes on the book of judges Eg 7-8517 Thibet. Goez, B. Travels from Lahor to China. Notes on the book of numbers Eg 7–8.519

Pinkerton's voyages. 7

Df 1-5832 - Colenso, J. W. Pentateuch and book of Joshua, Huc, M. Journey in 1844–6

Dh 2-6418 critically examined

Eg 6–8590 Thiebault, Dieudonné. Original anecdotes of FrederSee Silver, Abiel.

ick the Great, king of Prussia. Ph., 1806. 2 v. Cowles, H. Notes on proverbs, ecclesiastes, and

De 7-10908 the song of Solomon Eg 6-8601 Thierry, Augustin.

History of the conquest - Dix, Morgan. Exposition of the epistles of St. of England by the Normans ; its causes and Paul to the Galatians, and Colossians

its consequences in England, Scotland, IreEg 6-8599

land, and on the continent. Trans. from the - Fowler, c. u. 'Colenso's fallacies

Eg 11-8639 seventh Paris edition, by Wm. Hazlitt. L., - Guthrie, T. Parables read in the light of the present

1847-56. 2 v.

Cf 8-3623 day

Eg 7-8494 Thierry de Menonville, N. J. Travels to Guaxaca in – Jacobus, M. W. Notes on Genesis

Eg 7–8501 Mexico, 1777. Pinkerton's voyages. 13
Eg 7-8499

Df 1-5836
Mark and Luke :

Eg 7-8498 Thierry and Theodoret. Beaumont and Fletcher
Eg 7–8497

Hb 7-10883 - Silver, A. The holy word in its own defence Thiers, Adolphe. History of the consulate and the

Eg 11–8588 empire; or, France under Napoleon. Trans. – Trench, R. C. 'Notes on the miracles of our Lord by D. F. Campbell and H. W. Herbert. Ph.,

Eg 6–8597
1861-63. 5 v. 80

Cg 2–3760
Notes on the parables of our Lord Eg 6-8598 – History of the French revolution. Trans. with
Studies in the gospels

Eg 6-8602 notes and illustrations by F. Shoberl. N. Y., – Tyndale, Wm. Expositions and notes on sundry 1870. 4 v. 8°

Cg 3–7644 portions of scripture

Eg 12-16289 – The Mississippi bubble ; a memoir of John Law. - Wheden, D. D. Commentary on the gospels :

Trans. by F. S. Fisk. N. Y., 1859 Ci 9-4390 Mathew and Mark

Eg 7–8495 Things new and old. J. Spencer . He 7-12014 Luke and John.

Eg 7–8496 Things not generally known. Timbs, J. - Whiston, Wm. Essays on the revelation of St. Curiosities of science

Ea 7--12021

Eg 6–8603
Curiosities of history

Ca 4-12022

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2 v.

Things not generally known, continued.

Thompson, D. P., continued. - Familiarity explained

He 7-12020 History of the town of Montpelier, from the time Think and act. V. Penny

Bb 5-14431

it was first chartered in 1781 to 1860. MontThinking bayonet. James K. Hosmer Fe 3-15204 pelier, 1860. 89

Cb 9-2968 Thirlwall, Rev. Connop. History of Greece, N. Y., - May Martin, and other tales of the Green moun1835. 2 v. 80

Ca 8-2384
tains. B., 1869

Fe 10-17481
Thirty-five years of a dramatic author's life. E. Fitz- – The rangers'; or, the tory's daughter
Hb 11-15952

Fe 10-17483 Thirty-nine articles. Browne, E. H. Exposition of

Thompson, H., et al. History of Roman literature,

Eg 6-6331 with an introductory dissertation on the sources – Rogers, T. Exposition of

Eg 12–16285 and formation of the language. L., 1852 Thirty years of army life. R. B. Marcy Df 6-5975

Ha 6-10914 Thirty years' view. T. H. Benton Ba 4-81 Thompson, J. P. Man in Genesis and geology: or, Thomas, Annic. (Mrs. P. Cudlip.) Called to account the biblical account of man's creation, tested

Fe 11-13339 by scientific theories of his origin and antiquity. Cross of honor

Fe 10-15344
N. Y., 1870

Ch 944167 Denis Donne

Fe 10–15312 · Memoir of David Hale. n. Y., 1850
On guard .
Fe 10–15343

Da 10_4808 Only herself

Fe 10–15341 Memoir of David Tappan Stoddard, missionary Played out

Fe 10–15306

to the Nestorians. N. Y., 1858 Db 9-5029 Walter Goring

Fe 10–15340 The theology of Christ from his own words. V. Thomas, E. S. Reminiscences of the last sixty-five Y., 1870.80

Eg 4-16514 years, commencing with the battle of Lexing- Young men admonished, in a series of lectures ion ; also sketches of his own life and times.

But., 1852

Ha 11-11825 Hart., 1810. 2 v. 8°

Cb) 3-2590 Thompson, M. Lady of the lake. F's M. D. v. 22 Thomas, Gabriel. Historical and geographical fac

Hb 10-11000 count of the province and country of Pensil- - Sophonisba. Trag.

Hb 1-10734 vania, and West-New-Jersey in America, with Tancred and Sigismunda. Trag. Hb 1-10723 maps of both countries. L., 1698

Thompson, M. La Rue P. The church, its ministry

Cc 11-16109 and worship; a reply to the work of MontThomas, Isaiah. History of printing in America, with gomery Schuyler on the same subject. But, a biography of printers, etc. Worcester, 1810.


Ey 11-8635 8°

Gb 6-9063 Thompson, R. a. ' Christian theism ; the jestimony Thomas, J., and T. Baldwin.' Complete pronouncing of reason and revelation to the existence and

gazetteer or geographical dictionary of the character of the supreme being. Vol. I. On world. Ellited by J. Thomas and T. Baldwin. the existence of the supreme being. Vol. II. Revised edition, 1866. 8o. Ac 0-13210

On the character of the supreme being. L., Thomas, John J. The American fruit culturist con

1855. 2 y. 8°

Eg 2–3130 taining practical directions for the propagation | Thompson, Robert D. Experimental researches on and culture of fruit-trees in the nursery, orch- the food of animals, and the fattening of cattle

, ard, and garden. N. Y., 1867 Ec 7-7712 with remarks on the food of man. N. Y., 1846 – Farm implements, and the principles of their con

Dk 5-69.52 struction and use; a treatise on mechanics as Thompson, Thomas si Coast-pilot for the upper applied to agriculture. N. Y., 1854

Takes, on both shores, from Chicago to Buffalo,

Ec 11-7797 Green bay, Georgian bay, and lake Superior, Rural affairs ; à practical and copiously illustrated with description of all the lights and light

register of rural economy and rural taste. Alb., houses, on both shores, from Ogdensburgh to 1858 to 68. 4 v..

Ec 10–7771 Superior city, with charts. Detroit, 1865. go Thomas, Joseph. Comprehensive medical diction

Eb 9-7603 ary. Ph., 1867. go

Ac 5-13104 Thompson, W. Works. British poets Hf 1-1021 Thomas, J. Universal pronouncing dictionary of Thompson, Waddie. Recollections of Mexico. N. biography and mythology. Ph., 1870.80

Y., 1816

Ch 039 Ac 7–16144 Thompson, Zadock. History of the state of Vermont. Thomas, J. H. See Coke, E.

Burlington, 1858

Cb 9-2734 Thomas, R. Hand-book of fictitious names; being a Thoms, W.J. Book of the court, exhibiting the his

guide to authors chiefly in the lighter literature tory, duties, and privileges of the several ranks of the 18th century, who have written under of the English nobility and gentry, particularly assumed names; and to literary forgers, im

of the great officers of state and members of posters, plagiarists, and imitators. L., 1868. 8° the royal household. Second edition. L.,

Ab 6-16630
1844. 8°

Ch 11-4204 Thomes, Wm. H. Bushrangers Fe 12-15385 Thomson, Mrs. A. T. Memoirs of the Jacobites of Gold hunters' adventures

Fe 12–15965

1715–1745. L., 1845. 3 v. 8°. Ce 9-3767 Gold hunters in Europe .

Fe 12-15386 Memoirs of the life of Sir Walter Raleigh, with Thompson, Arthur Bailey. The Victoria history of some account of the period in which he lived. England, from the landing of Julius Caesar to Ph., 1831

Dd 9-5.594 the marriage of Albert Edward, prince of

- Memoirs of Sarah, duchess of Marlborough, and Wales. L., 1865

Ce 4-3267

of the court of queen Anne. L., 1839. 23. & Thompson, A. C.' Lyra coelestis. Hymns on heaven

Dc 45181 (selected). B., 1863

Hf 6–12333 Thomson, Edward. Our oriental missions. Cin., Seeds and sheaves; or, words of scripture; their 1871. 2 v. Vol. I. India and China. Vol. II. history and fruits. B., 1869

Ef 6-8306
China and Bulgaria

FI 2-5094 Thompson, Benjamin. Renwick, James. Life of. Thomson, James. Works. British poets Hf 1-12276 S. A. B. V. 15 .

Da 844705 Poetical works. B., 1865. 2 v. Hf2-12113 Thompson, B. F. History of Long Island. N. Y.,

Contents.-Vol. I. Memoir of Thompson, by 1839. 80

Cc 2-2886

Sir H. Nicolas; Juvenile poems; MiscellaneThompson, David. History of the late war between

ous poems; Songs; Songs in the masqne of

“ Alfred;" Prologues and epilogues; Liberty. Great Britain and the United States. Niagara,

II. The seasons ; Castle of indolence. 18:32

Cb 7-2697 Thomson, M. M. Doesticks' letters, and what he Thompson, D. P. Cenicola, and other tales

says, containing the whole of his celebrated Fe 13-15407 and original letters. Ph., 1855. He 9-12063


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Thomson, M. M., continued.

Three Bernices. Mrs. A. M. Bright. Fa 6-14683 The history and records of the elephant club, Three cities in Russia. C. P. Smythe Cf 9-3655 compiled from authentic documents in possess! Three clerks. A. Trollope .

Fe 8-15360 sion of the Zoological society. By Q. K. P. Three courses and a dessert. G. Cruikshank Doestieks, P. B. N. Y., 1856 Ne 9-12059

Ha 9-10607 – The witches of New York. N. Y., 18.59

Three English statesmen. G. Smith

Cf 8-5271 He 9–13796 Three expeditions into the interior of eastern AusThomson, Spencer. Wayside weeds; or, botanical tralia. T. L. Mitchell

Dh 9-6551 lessons from the lanes and hedgerows, with a Three guardsmen. Drama. Charles Rice Hb 9-10960 chapter on classification. L., 1864 Ec 2-7042 Three musketeers. A. Dumas

Fd 11-16450 Thomson, W.M. The land and the book; or, bibli- Three oceans and two continents. T. R. Warren cal illustrations drawn from the manners and

Dg 3-6208 customs, the scenes and scenery of the holy Three ordeals. A. Clarke

Hf 7-15929 land. N. Y., 18.59. 2 v.

Dg 5–6267 Three presidencies of India. Account of Ck 7–4590 Thorburn, Grant. Forty years' residence in America; Three presidencies of India. John Capper Cf 11-3700

or, the doctrine of a particular providence ex- Three seasons in European vineyards. W. J. Flagg emplitied. B., 1834 Da 9-4784

Di 3-11868 Thoreau, Henry D. Cape Cod. 'B., 1865 Dt 7-6023 Three seis of medals illustrated by ancient poets. J. Excursions. B., 1863

DE 7-6037

Hd 4-11486 - Letters to various persons. B., 1865 He 5-12003 Three Thayers. Narrative of the murder of John Walden; or, life in the woods. B., 1854

Love by the

Bh 5--Pam 62 DE 6-6024 Sheldon, J. Trial for the murder of John Love. - A week on the Concord and Merrimack rivers.

Bh 5-Pam. 74, and Cc 3-2883 B., 1868

DE 7-6029 | Three thousand miles through the Rocky mountains. A Yankee in Canada, with anti-slavery and re- A. K. McClure

Df 9-6092 form papers. B., 1866

Þr 7-10:30 Three visits to Madagascar. Rev. W. Ellis Dh 8-6508 Thoresen, Magdalene. 'Old Olaf. Fd 6-16577 Three weeks after marriage. Com. A. Murphy Thornbury, G. W. Haunted London. L., 1865. 89

Hb 1-10729 Ce 3-3233 Three years in California. w. Colton

Df 9-6088 - Shakespeare's England, sketches of social history Three years in Canada. J. Mactaggart Df 11-6158 in the reign of Elizabeth. L., 1856. 2 v. Three years in Chili. N. Y., 1863. go Df 8-6076

Ce 4-3272 Three years in North America. J. Stuart Df 7–6031 Thorndale. Wm. Smith

Ff 15-14440 Three years in the Pacific, including notices of BraThornton, Edward. History of the British empire in zil, Chili, Bolivia, and Peru, by an officer of India L., 1811. 6 v. 8°

CI 10-3687 the United States navy. Ph., 1834. 8° Thornton, Henry. Enquiry into the nature and ef

Dg 2-6103 fect of the paper credit of Great Britain. L., Three years in Persia. G. Fowler Dh 4-6153 1802. go

Be 1-4208 Three-fold grace of the holy trinity. J. H. Eyar Thornton, William Thomas. On labour ; its wrong

Ef 8-2772 ful claims and rightful dues, its actual, present Three-fold test of modern spiritualism. W. R. Gorand possible future. L., 1870. 8° Ba 7-165:36


Ed 13-7996 Thornton Abbey. John Satchel He 14-12119 Throop, E. T. Jenkins, J. S. Life Db 1-4880 Thorpe. Wm. Mountford.

Fc 11-15073 | Throop, M. II. The future; a political essay. N. Y., Thorpe, Benjamin. Northern mythology, comprising 1864. 8°

Ba 6-137 the principal popular traditions and supersti Through night to light. F. Spielhagen Ff 12–14164 tions of Scandinavia, North Germany and the Through Scotland and England. D. C. Eddy Netherlands. L., 1851. 3 v.

Di 415478 - Yule-tide stories A collection of Scandinavian Thrupp, John. The Anglo-Saxon home; a history and North German popular tales and traditions of the domestic institutions and customs of

Fe 10-16852 England, from the fifth to the eleventh cenThorpe, Charles, et al. British marine conchology; tury. L., 1863. 8°

Ci 10-16479 being a descriptive catalogue arranged accoril- Thucydides. History of the Grecian war.

Trans. by ing to the Lamarckian system of the salt water T. Hobbes. See Hobbes, T. Works shells of Great Britain. L., 1844 Dk 11-7110

HD 3-11457 Thorpe, Kamba. Four-Oaks

Fe 12-15389 History of the Peloponnesian war. Trans. by Thought. Everett, C.C. Science of IIc 9-11290

Wm. Smith. 8° Ph., 1836

Ca 8-2407 Thoughts. B. Pascal

Ey 5–8482 Thumping legacy. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-10997 Thoughts. Mme. Swetchine

He 5-11986 Thunberg, C. P. Account of the cape of Good Hope, Thoughts and things at home and abroad. E. Burritt 1772. Pinkerton's voyages. 16 Dg 1-5841

Di 3-6632 Thunder and lightning. W. de Fonvielle Ea 10-7416 Thoughts for the Christian life. J. Drummond Thynn, Francis. The debate between Pride and Low

Ef 7-4311

liness. Reprinted from the edition by John Thoughts for a young man.

H. Mann

He +-11935 Charlwood, with introduction and notes by J. Thoughts in my garden. M. G. Ware Ef 7-3337

Payne Collier. L., 1841. 8° Hb 3-10805 Thoughts on the constitution, and strictures on the Tibet. Turner, S. Journey through . Cb 1-2456

pourt of chancery. Alb., 1821 , Bh 6-Pam 2 See Thibet. Thoughts on the nature of things. F. Bacon, v. 14 Tibullus, A. Elegies, and the poems of Sulpicia.

Hd 1-11396 Trans. by James Granger. Chis., 1822 Thoughts on preaching J. W. Alexander Er 8-8110

Ha 4-10419 Thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe. J. Macgre- Poems. l., 1854

Ila 1-10 149 gor

Di 4-13739 Tickell, Thomas. Works. British poets Hf 1-12286 Thousand miles' walk' across South America. N. | Ticket-of-leave-man. Drama. T. Taylor Hb 9-10972 Bishop

Df 12-6035 Ticklish times. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-11003 Thracian wonders. Drama. J. Webster, and W. Ticknor, George. History of Spanish literature. N. Rowley

IIb 9-12462
Y., 1819. 3 v.

Ila 5-10503 Thrale, Mirs. H. L. Piozzi.' Autobiography, letters, Life of W. H. Prescott. B., 1864. 8. Db 5-4948

and literary remains ; edited, with an account Tidal observations in the Arctic seas. E. K. Kane. of her life and writings, by A. Haywarıl. B., S. C. to K. Vol. 13, Art. 2. Ae 1-13188 1861

Dc 6–5329 Tides. Bacon, F. De fluxu et refluxu maris. Works. Three beauties. E. D. E. ni Southworth Fr 7-14078

Hd 1-11388



V. 11

[blocks in formation]


Tides, continued.

Timothy Titcomb's letters. J. G. Holland - Davis, C. H. Law of deposit of flood tide. S. C.

Hc 10-11259 to K. Vol. 3, Art. 6

Ae 1-13477 Timpson, Rev. Thomas. Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Tiger hunters. M. Reid

Fc 2-14872
Fry. N. Y., 1847

Db 45399 Tighe, Mrs. H. Psyche, or the legend of love; and Tim's troubles. M. A. Paull

Fb 12-15988 miscellaneous poems. Halifax, 1852 Hf 5-11846 Tin. Hunt, R. Treatise on manufactures in tin - Psyche; or, the legend of love; a poem in six

Gb 9-9189 cantos, written in the Spenserian stanza. L., Tin trumpet. Paul Chatfield

He 2-11892 1869. (See Apuleius.)

Ha 3–16350 Tindal, Wm. Writings. Ph., n. d. Ee 6-8084 Tigris. Tweedie, W. K. Rivers of scripture

Contents.-Life of Wm. Tindal; Parable of
Dg 6-6330

the wicked mammon; From the obedience of a Tilbury Nogo. G: J. W. Melville

Fc 7-14944

Christian man; Pathway into the holy scrip

ture; Exposition of the fifth, sixth, and sevenih Tile drainage. Hoskyns, C. W. Two prize essays chapters of Matthew ; Prologue of the prophet

Ec 11-7799

Jonas; A lively description of our justification ; Tilley, H. A.' Eastern Europe and western Asia. Prologue showing the use of scripture: Testa. Political and social sketches on Russia, Greece,

ment of Wm. Tracy, esq., expounded by Wm.

Tindal, wherein thou shalt perceive with what and Syria in 1861-3. L., 1864 . Di 4-6616

charity the chancellor of Worcester burned, when - Japan, the Amoor, and the Pacific; with notices he took up the dead carcase, and made ashes of of other places, comprised in a voyage of cir

it, after it was buried; Protestation of Wm. Tin

dal, touching the resurrection of the bodies, and cumnavigation in the imperial Russian “ Cor

the state of souls after death; Letters to Frith vetto Rynda.” L., 1861. 8° Dh 5–6488

and Vaughan; Extracts from other writinge. Tillotson, John. Stories of the wars 1574, 1658, from See Tyndall and Tyndale. the rise of the Dutch republic to the death of Tiresias. Com. op. A. Piron.

Hb 2-10788 Oliver Cromwell. L., 1865. 8° Cg 2–3765 'Tis pity she's a whore. J. Ford

Hb 7-10584 - Works. Vol. I. Containing fifty-four sermons, Titan. J. P. F. Richter

Fc 5–11922 with the rule of faith. Vol. ÎI. Containing Titcomb's letters. J. G. Holland Hc 10-11259 two hundred sermons. Vol. III. Containing Title hunting. E. L. Llewellyn

Fb 3-14334 ninety-six sermons. L., 1735. 3 v. 4° Titus. Oosterzee, J. J. von. Epistle of Paul to Eg 1-8560

Ad 3-13369 Tilton, Theodore.' Sanctum sanctorum ; or, proof- Titus and Berenice. Trag. 'T. Otway Ab 1-10745 sheets from an editor's table. N. Y., 1870 Titus Andronicus. Shakespeare Hb 5-10635

He 10–7150 To love and to be loved. A. S. Roe FC 3-14900 The sexton's tale, and other poems. N. Y., 1867 To oblige Benson. T. Taylor Hb 10-10996

Hf 11-12492 To parents and guardians. Drama. J. S. Coy Tim Bunker papers. W. Clift Ec 10–7778

Hb 9-10959 Timber. Barlow, P. Strength and stress of

To Paris and back. Far. j. M. Morion

Hb 10-10996 Timbs, John. Curiosities of history; or, the new Tobacco. Baldwin, D. Evils of tobacco lights. L., 1869. Ca 4-12022

Bh 6-Pam. 27 - Curiosities of science; past and present. L., 1869 - Trall

, R. T. History, nature and effects Ea 7-12021

Bh 6-Pam. 27 Historic ninepins; containing characters and Tobin, J. Honey moon. Com..

Hb 1-10756 chronicles, fiction and fabulous histories. L., Benger, Miss E. O. Memoir.

Dc 1-09 1869

He 7–12016 Tobin, J. J. Journal of a tour made in the years Knowledge for the time; a manual of reading, 1828–9, through Styria, Carniola, and Italy,

reference, and conversation on subjects of liv. whilst accompanying the late Sir Humphrey ing interest, useful curiosity, and amusing re- Davy. L., 1832 .

Di 8-6753 search. L., 1864.

He 7-16497 Tochter Pharaonis. L. Kotzebue Hb 8-109:29 Romance of London ; strange stories, scenes, and Tocqueville, Alexis Charles Henri Clerel de. Deremarkable persons of the great town. L., 1865. mocracy in America. Trans. by H. Reere,

Ce 3–3240
N. Y., 1840, 89 .

Ba +83 School days of eminent men; sketches of the Memoirs, letters, and remains. Trans. from the

progress of education in England, and early French ; with large additions (of G. de Beau-
lives of celebrated British authors, etc. N. Y., mont, Ed.) Cam., 1861. 2 v. De 2-5629
Hc 12–11346 To-day. R. B. Kimball

Fc 15-15097 Stories of inventors and discoverers in science, To-day, a Boston literary journal, edited by Charles and the useful arts. L., 1863 Ga 11-16511 Hale. B., 1852. 2 v. go

Bi 10–1994 – Things not generally known familiarly explained. Todd, H. J. Some account of the life and writings L., n. d.

He 7-12020 of John Milton, derived principally from docuYear-book of facts in science and art, exhibiting ments in his majesty's state-paper office. L., the most important discoveries and improve

1826. 8°

Da 9-17459 ments in mechanics, natural philosophy, etc. Todd, John. The sunset land; or the great Pacific L., 1853, and 1861–70. 11 v.

slope. B., 1870 .

Df 10-6619 Ea 7–7382, and 16409 Todd, R. B. Cyclopaedia of anatomy and physiol Time and tide. A. S. Roe FC 3-14884 ogy. Edited by Robert B. Todd.

L., 1835Time and tide. J. Ruskin

Hc 2-11073
59. 6 v. 8°

Ab 8-13819 Time tries all. J. Courtney .

Hb 9-10969 Todd, Sereno E. Country homes, and how to save Timmins, Samuel. Resources, products, and indus- money to buy a home; how to build neat and

trial history of Birmingham, and the midland cheap cottages. N. Y., 1868 Ga 10-890 hardware district, a series of reports. L., 1866. Young farmer's manual; embracing, also, the 8o.

Gb 5-16333 Timon. Drama. 'Edited by A. Dyce. s. S. Pub.

young farmer's workshop. N. Y., 1860

Ec 11-7804 Hb 3-10811 Todte Nesse. L. Kotzebue

Hb & 1099 Timon, John. Deuther, C. G. Life and time

Toilers of the sea. V. Hugo

Fe +15233 Db 6–17738 Toilet. Cooley, A. J. The toilet

Gb 5-9054 Timon, the new. E. Bulwer-Lytton Hf 7-13802 Toledo. Annual statement of the trade and comTimon. See Cormenin, L. M. de la Haye, vicomte de. merce of, 1862

Bh 5-Pam. 43 Timon of Athens. Shakespeare Hb 5-10635 Tolla ; a tale of modern Rome. E. About Timothy. Oosterzee, J. J. von. Two epistles of

Fd 3-14293 Ad 3-13368 To-morrow. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-14547

3 v.

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